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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Wed 21 Dec 2011 - 2:23

@tremec6speed wrote:Wow Danjo, what do you think poor Britney might say to the cyborg psychiatrist when it's her time to discuss 'what's new in her life?'
Dr. Bianchi: So, what’s new Britney?

Britney: Well, the other day I discovered this new way to have absolutely mind-blowing sex.

Dr. Bianchi: Is that right?

Britney: Yeah, and I’m going to try it tonight with Amadeo. By the way, if he like owes you money or anything, now would be a good time to settle up.

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 8 Jan 2012 - 13:17


Ya’ll should know the drill by now.

The Struggle of Darkness and Light

At her Glendale estate, Britney lay back on a lounge chair by the pool side, soaking up the warm California sun. In order to avoid tan lines, her bikini top sat on the table next to her. She drew a deep satisfying breath, taking in the air that was fragrant with the smell of the blooming poppy’s and the pools chlorine. She turned in her chair at the sound of an Italian male voice. It was her new lover, Lt. Luchino Pasolini. He was thanking one of the maids for opening the French doors as he stepped onto the patio, two strawberry daiquiris in hand. Britney had told him to let the staff handle the beverages, however, he had insisted on preparing them personally. She allowed her eyes to linger on him as he approached, captivated by his handsome face and beautiful physique.

“Here you go my lady.” He said as he handed her one of the frosty drinks. “Sweets for my sweet.”

“Thank you.” She smiled.

The soldier stretched out on the lounge next to her and watched as she took a sip. “How is it?” He asked.

“It’s perfect.” She replied licking her lips. “Just like you.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the MP’s.” He joked.

Britney then looked down at the beads of sweat between her bare breasts and pushed her sunglasses up onto her head. “I haven’t put any suntan lotion on my front yet.” She laid her head back and closed her eyes. “Would you mind helping me out?”

“I’d love too.” He said. “But I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why not?” She asked, still contented and warm.

“Don’t you remember?” His voice was suddenly void of any emotion. “You killed me, Britney.”

The girl’s head turned with a jerk. Pasolini lay motionless in the chair next to her, his once tanned skin was now a ghostly ashen. His lifeless eyes were half open, staring up at the sky, and a small trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. Britney’s drink slipped from her trembling hand and shattered on the pool deck.

“No!” She said in a frantic voice. “You’re not dead! You can’t be!”

Britney jumped up and threw herself on the man. She worked her arms underneath him and pulled him up to a sitting position. The girl hugged his cold body tightly while rocking him back and forth.

“I’m sorry, Luchino!” She cried. “I didn’t mean to… they made me do it! I’m sorry!”

Just then, Britney heard a familiar voice calling from somewhere in the distance. “Brit?” The voice beckoned. “Brit?”

She suddenly felt herself being drawn up high into the air, her estate far below swirling into gray. She helplessly thrashed about, trying to claw her way towards the comforting voice that was calling her. “It‘s alright sweetheart...” She knew the voice, knew it like she did her own soul, but for some reason, could not put a name or face to it. He was a man, and he was so close she could smell lingering traces of his aftershave, only barely detectible now from having been worn for so long. It was a warm, safe smell. If she could just reach out to him, maybe he would take her hand and pull her away from this terrible place. Britney tried, but this time she could no longer raise her arms, they seemed to be fused to her sides. Some unseen force was holding them fast.

There was someone else there, a person whom she had had heard so many time before. His voice was calm and patient. “Take it easy, Biff.” He said. “She should be coming up now.”

That was it. Biff. That was the voice she was trying to get to. Her big brother. He was so close she could feel his heat. Why could she not move?

“This is so fucked up.” Her brother sounded completely exhausted. “I hope you’re all happy now.”

“I never signed off on this shit.” The other man insisted. “I was with Jean on this one - she should’ve never been put in the field. I only told the Chief that she wanted to work, not that she should.”

Britney started to feel the weight of her body slowly come to rest. She was surrounded by soft linen and the smell of antiseptic. A large strong hand was tenderly rubbing her shoulder. She strained to lift her hands, but still found it impossible.

“Sorry, Doc.” Biff said. “It’s just been a really long night.”

Britney slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the sharp white light being generated by the overhead florescent tubes. The disoriented cyborg felt as though her head was packed with cotton. She worked some saliva down her dried out throat. “Biff?” She half whispered.

“Hey there sleepy head.” He put his hand on the side of her face. “About time you decide to join us.”

“Where are we?” Britney croaked from a mouth that to her felt like sandpaper. She struggle to emerge from the hazy stupor that seemed to be intent on once again dragging her under.

“We’re in the clinic, sweetheart.” Biff took a glass of water from the night stand and put the straw to her lips. “Here, take a drink.”

Britney sucked on the straw and was relieved to feel the cool liquid flow down and coat her sore throat. She then gritted her teeth and shook he head, determined to fight her bodies desperate effort to fall back asleep.

“It’s okay, Brit.” To the young girl, the big man’s words sounded like a comforting lullaby. “Everything’s alright… you’re going to be fine… go ahead and sleep for a little while… I‘m right here…”

The young girl was again unsuccessful when she tried to raise her hands. She then tilted her head up off the pillow and once her eyes had focused, saw that her wrists were securely bound to the bed by heavy leather straps. “Wh… why are these on me?” She looked over at her big brother, fear starting in her eyes. “What’s going on?”

“Relax, sweetheart, it’s just a precaution.” He said reassuringly. “You got a little upset last night, remember?”

Britney suddenly recalled part of what had transpired the previous evening. With her brain on fire with anxiety, she had nervously sat on the examination table, waiting for Doctor Bianchi to check her out. Just then, an intern made the mistake of congratulating her on her ‘first kill’. At this, the young girl had flown into a rage. “The man’s dead!” She screamed hysterically. “You’re congratulating me for that?! What the fuck’s wrong with you?!”

Biff tried desperately to calm his little sister, but she had already spun out of control. After she had pushed over a glass cabinet full of medical supplies, it took the efforts of Biff, Bianchi, and two other interns to hold her down while a nurse administered a fast acting sedative. When the struggling girl felt the sting of the needle being thrust into her arm, she spit in the woman’s face. “Fucking bitch!” she shouted defiantly. “I’ll shove that up your ass!”

This was all she could remember. Once Britney had lost consciousness, she was quickly hustled to the ward where she was placed in four point restraints, followed by an IV to keep her anesthetized until morning.

“How are you felling, Britney?” Dr. Bianchi asked. He lifted one her eyelids with his thumb, and with his pen light, tested her pupils reaction.

“I’m fine, sir.” She responded, feeling the fog in her head finally starting to clear.

“You seem to be doing a lot better today.” Brianchi straighten up and studied her for a moment before asking. “Is it going to be alright if I take these off of you?”

“Yes, sir.” Her previous night‘s behavior was only now starting to sink in. “I’m fine, really.”

“Good.” He and Biff then went about the task of unbuckling the restraints from her wrists and ankles. She was an Agency operative, a supposed professional. Nothing like this had ever happened to any of the other girls. There had been handlers who had taken their girls out for dinner after their first kill. None of them had ever thrown a violent tantrum, wreaking havoc on the examination room, and most certainly none had been doped up by force and tied down like an animal. Once unfettered, Britney rubbed her wrists which were sore and bruised from having spent the night pulling against the cuffs.

Britney then started to squirm as she suddenly became aware of a more critical matter. “Doctor?” She said urgently. “I have to go to the bathroom… really bad!”

“That’s fine, go ahead.” Bianchi gave Biff a quick nod. The handler helped her out of bed and followed close behind.

Britney was almost running by the time she reached the bathroom. Once the girl was inside, she tried to close the door, only to have Biff hold up his hand and pushed it back open. He then stepped into the small bathroom with her, closing the door behind him. “What are you doing?” Britney asked, hopping from one foot to the other.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” He replied. “Doctors orders.”

Even though Britney found this ‘order’ upsetting, and was not too keen on using the bathroom while her big brother was practically sitting on her lap, the emergency call of nature was her top priority. When the urine began flowing even before her bottom was on the seat, Britney was suddendly grateful that all she had on was an open back hospital gown. She breathed a long sigh of relief as her over-filled bladder started to empty.

The previous night, Bianchi informed Biff that until he was satisfied the girl was no longer in an overly agitated state, and posed no threat to herself or the staff, she would be placed on what they call a suicide watch. In Britney’s case, this meant she would have an authorized person with her at all times, stopping her if she tried to hurt herself, or raising the alarm if she again became violent. When she finished urinating, Britney hung her head and began to cry, realizing they did not even trust her enough to let her go to the restroom on her own. Biff bent down and gently rubbed her back. “It’s alright, Brit.” He said softly. “Everything’s going to be alright…”

When they made it back to the bed, and Biff had helped her slide under the covers, Britney was again disheartened to see a waiting syringe in Doctor Bianchi’s hand. “I really don’t need any more of that. “I’m okay now.” She implored, tears still on her damp cheeks.

Biff then took her hand. “Brit?” When she saw her brother’s eyes, the look in them told her that at this point, cooperation was their best course of action.

The girl seemed to go limp. “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t worry, Britney, this isn’t going to knock you out.” The Doctor pushed the needle into the muscle of her arm. “It’s just something to help you relax.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We’re going to talk a little later.” Bianchi patted her shoulder. “But for now, I just want you to try and rest, okay?”

“Yes, sir.” She replied.

Once the Doctor had left, Biff leaned forward and softly kissed her forehead, causing her to again break down into tears. “Biff?” She sobbed. “I’m sorry I disobeyed you.... please don’t hate me anymore.”

“I don’t hate you, sweetheart, I love you.” He replied, his own eyes starting to mist over. “And I’m the one who’s sorry for acting like such a jackass.”

“No, it was my fault.” Britney insisted. “I wouldn’t listen.”

“I was the one who should have been listening.” Biff gently took the girl’s face in his hands. “I turned my back on you when you needed me most.”

“I don’t care about that.” She said. “All that matters is you’re here now.”

“Believe it, Brit.” Biff wrapped his muscular arms around his sister and held her tight. “I’ll never leave your side again, not for as long as I live.”

The fratello embraced one another and wept, once again rejoicing it the unbreakable bound they shared. “I love you so much…” The young girl whispered through her tears.

Later, Britney sat up in bed eating her breakfast, while Biff, who had been awake all night standing watching over her, enjoyed a much needed cup of coffee.

“I guess I really put on a show last night, huh?” The girl said as she took a bite of a croissant.

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t entertaining.” The big man laughed. “But don’t worry about it. I always thought that exam room needed remodeling.”

Britney was now feeling somewhat euphoric from the heavy dose of Lorazepam the Doctor had administered. “I want you to tell Jean I’ll pay for everything I broke.”

"The hell with that." Biff said. "Anytime you feel a need to trash this place you go right on ahead. Anyone's got a problem with it they can take it up with me."

“I feel like a total idiot.” She said with a pout. “Some professional I am.”

“You did good, Brit.” The big picked up a napkin and wiped the corner of his sisters mouth. “Don’t let anyone tell you different. I’m very proud of you.”

The blond girl gave her brother a warm, loving smile. “Then that’s good enough for me.”

A few hours later, Britney’s spirits were somewhat lifted when Doctor Bianchi informed Biff and herself that the suicide watch he had imposed would no longer be necessary.

Across the compound, Paolo stepped out of the girl-boy dorm and into the warmth of the late-afternoon sun. Clutched in his hand was a green tinted glass vase, in which was arranged an assortment pink flowers - daisies, carnations and roses. Earlier that day, Maria had driven him to the florist before leaving to visit her family in Sicily.

As he entered the parking lot, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind. “Hey! Wait up Ringo!”

It was his trainer, the Puerto Rican cyborg Rachel. On their first day at the range, she had given him the moniker Ringo because of his obsession with firearms. However, the Wild West connotation was lost on the Italian boy who had never before heard the name. Paolo was relieved to find his instructor in high spirits. As of late, his relationship with her was becoming somewhat strange and unsettling. As it was with Maria, the boy could now sense the kind of mood she was in without the aid of any verbal or physical signals. There were other things happening that were just as confusing.

The day before, he was invited to join one of Rachel and Triela’s CQB training sessions. As he looked on, Triela flipped his instructor over her shoulder, the dark haired girl hitting the mat with a slap. Paolo suddenly found himself fighting a nagging urge to run to her defense. Eventually the feeling became so uncomfortable the boy had to leave the gym.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” Rachel had yelled after him.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t feel very good.” He said in a shaky voice. “I think I need to go lay down.”

“Too bad.” Triela said to her sister. “I was really looking forward to beating the shit out of him.”

“Yeah, so was I.” Rachel shook her head as the boy trotted away. "Lazy little bastard..." She grumbled to herself.

Logically, Paolo knew that the two girls were friends engaged in a simple sparing match, and could not for the life of him understand what had made him feel that way.

What neither of them knew was that the boy, without even meaning to, was in the early stages of forming a fratello like bond with his instructor. Maria’s new role as mother had left Paolo with an intense conditioning induced need for a handler – a need that Rachel was inadvertently satisfying.

“What’s with the flowers?” She asked.

“They’re for Britney,” The boy said. “Maria told me she was in the clinic, and I thought these would help.”

Rachel gave him a surprised look. “You thought flowers would help?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Paolo said, confused by her question. “Girls like flowers… don’t they?”

“I don’t understand this.” Rachel rubbed the back of her neck. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were being, dare I say it… sensitive?”

“Very funny.” He turned and continued on his way.

“I’m headed there to drop off her lap top.“ Rachel held up a pink Hello Kitty case. “We’ll go together.”

As they walked along she said. “I had a sit down with Maria before she left. She wanted me to give you a message.”

“What’s that?”

Rachel looked at his dirty, unkempt hair and took the opportunity to insert one of her own messages first. “She said you’re a filthy, disgusting little pig who needs to listen to Rachel and take a shower everyday like she told you to.”

“She didn’t say that.” The boy frowned.

“Have you taken a shower today?” She asked.

Paolo felt the anxiety start to build. “Not yet.”

Did you take one yesterday?” The girl pressed.

“No, ma’am, I kind of forgot.” He answered her honestly. Paolo was constantly falling short of all Rachel’s expectations, but he knew that lies were the one thing the Puerto Rican girl would never tolerate. She had warned him about it from the start, and it was something he took as seriously as she did.

“You’d forget your own head if it wasn’t screwed on." Rachel said. "Am I going to have to drag your ass in there and wash you myself?”

It was immediately obvious to the young Paolo that his exasperated senior girl had not thought this question through before asking it. He knew he was taking his life in his own hand by exploiting her mistake, but the boy simply could not resist the fun of ribbing her.

“That’d probably be best, ma’am.” He tried to hide his smile. “It’s the only way I’ll learn my lesson.”

Rachel was not at all amused. “You’re a funny guy.” She said. “Why don’t we see how funny you are after I slap the dog shit out of you?”

“Sorry, ma’am.” He hid his face behind the flowers. “So what did she really say?”

“She said she loves you, and if you behave yourself while she’s gone, she’ll bring you back a present.”

“What kind of present?” He excitedly asked.

“How the hell should I know?” Rachel snapped. “All I know is that it’s my decision whether you get it or not, so don’t fuck with me.”

“Why do you always think I’m going to fuck with you?” The boy hung his head and started to pout.

“Because that seems to be your mission in life.” The irritated girl said. “When we first started this arrangement it was with the understanding that you follow my orders without question. Has that happened yet? Hell no! All I ever get from you is a steady ration of lame excuses and back-sass. If I were asking you to part the Red Sea, I could understand where you might have a problem with it, but you can’t even handle something as simple as taking an occasional shower, or keeping your room clean. It’s like everything I tell you goes in one ear and right out the other.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” The young boy said quietly.

“Stop with the pouting already.” Even now, Rachel had to keep reminding herself that this boy was not Stefano, and that he took everything she said to heart. She found herself constantly walking the fine line between constructive criticism and unnecessary injury. “Listen, I don’t like ragging on you any more then you like hearing it, but you have to understand I’m not just training you to shoot guns and fight. I really do want to make you a good operative, but I also want you to be a good civilian once you leave here.”

“Yes, Miss Rachel.” Paolo brightened up a bit. “I promise I’ll try harder.”

“I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that.” She said. “There’s going to be an inspection tonight, so both you and that room better be immaculate, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Maria informed me you’re due for your first reward.” She added. “Apparently that’s also part of my job. I don‘t know exactly what is you‘ve done to deserve one, but she‘s running the show, so start think about what you want.”

“Can it be anything?” He asked.

“Anything within reason.” She replied.

As they continued on through the parking lot, Paolo asked. “Are you guys still going to Atlanta?”

“As far as I know.” She replied. “That’s still a ways off. I’m sure they won’t hold Brit that long.”

Paolo cautiously looked up at his instructor. “Maybe… I could come along?”

“Forget it shrimp.” Rachel said. “That’s not going to happen.”

“How come Marc always gets to go with you guys but not me?” He whined. “I’m his senior ya know.”

“You‘re not shit.” Rachel said. “We don’t get a whole lot of time off, and when it does come around, we don’t want to spend it babysitting. Besides, Maria would never let you go without her.”

“Maybe she could come along too?”

”Here’s the deal.” She explained. “We go on vacation to relax, and kind of let our hair down. That would be hard to do with Maria looking over our shoulders.”

“In other words, you party your butt’s off, right?”

“I guess that’s another way to put it.” Rachel said. “Certain things happen that you big sister would defiantly not approve of.”

“What kind of things?” The now curious boy asked.

“Well, I remember this one time at Brit’s estate some of her surfer-dude friends came over.” Rachel could not help but smile at the memory. “I guess we all got pretty lit, and by the end of the night, everyone was naked in the pool.” When she glanced over and saw how this had peaked Paolo’s interest, she quickly amended her story. “Before you get the wrong idea, nothing happened. Not with me anyway. I was just swimming… and maybe a little hot tubbing.”

Paolo grinned at this revelation. “I can’t believe you’d go skinny-dipping.”

“What’s not to believe?” She said defensively. “I’m not ashamed of my body.” Rachel did not want to admit to her subordinate that alcohol had played a key role in loosening her inhibitions.

“Sounds like it was a lot of fun.” The boy said, now starting to pout again. “I wish I could have been there.” More than anything, Paolo longed to shake the outsider stigma he had been branded with, and finally have the other cyborgs accept him as one of their own.

“I don't have a problem being naked in front of the other girls,” Rachel scowled, “But it’ll be a cold day in hell when you see me in the buff.”

“Oh, but it’s alright if it’s Marc?” He countered.

“I think you’re forgetting that I have nothing Marcello’s interested in.”

“What about the surfer-dudes?” He asked.

“What about them?” She shot back. “They happened to be very nice, and unlike some people, none of them tried to grope me.”

Paolo sighed. “You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Damn right I’m not.” Rachel said with a smirk. “I think I’ll even have it put on your tombstone – Here lies Paolo, the notorious boob bandit.”

Even though he hated being reminded of his past indiscretion, the boy was at least happy that his instructor was now comfortable joking about it.

“By the way, are you familiar with the cyborg code of silence?” She asked.

“Sure I am.”

“Good.” She said. “Keep your little trap shut about the pool party. I don’t want it getting back to Fernando.”

“Don’t worry.” Paola assured. “You know I’d never snitch you out.”

Upon arriving at the clinic, the two checked in at the receptionist deck, and then headed back to the ward. Little Britney, who had just returned from a trip to the bathroom, was bending over her bed. Paolo's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw that her untied hospital gown left the entire back of her bare body completely exposed. Rachel in turn gave the boy a sharp smack to the back of his head. "What are you looking at asshole?!" Paolo quickly buried his red face in the pink flower arrangement.

“Hey, Brit.” Rachel greeted.

“Oh, hey guys.” The startled girl said. She climbed into her bed and squirmed under the covers

“How are you feeling?” The older girl asked.

“I’m not really sure.” Britney smiled. “They got me so doped up I don’t even know what day it is… not that I’m complaining or anything.”

“This really sucks.” Rachel reached out and stoked her hair. “I go on missions all the time and they don’t do squat for me. You go on just one, and they let you lounge around the clinic and get stoned. Where’s the justice in that?”

Britney took her sisters hand and held it against her cheek. “I think it’s because you’re a bitch and no one likes you.”

This got a small chuckle from Paolo. However, when he saw his instructors menacing glare, the smile quickly melted from his face, and he gave a nervous cough.

“That maybe true,” Rachel said, turning her attention back to Britney, “But it’s still not fair.”

“The nurse should be by anytime to juice me up again.” Britney said. “Why don’t you ask her if you can have some?”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Rachel glanced back at Paolo. “Thanks to numb-nuts here, I’m all stressed out.”

“It’s not his fault.” Britney said. “If you’d just let me get you laid, you wouldn’t be having that problem.”

“Please, Brit!” Rachel put her hand on Paolo’s shoulder. “Not in front of the c-h-i-l-d.”

Paolo rolled his eyes. “I can spell you know.”

Rachel then gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Wasn’t there something you wanted to give her?”

“Oh, right.” He handed her the flower arrangement. “These are for you. Maria helped me get them, so they’re kind of from both of us.”

“That’s so sweet!” She gave the pink blooms a thorough sniff. “They’re beautiful.” She set the flowers on the night stand and held up her arms up to him. When the boy leaned forward to receive his hug, Britney gently kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Paolo.”

“You’re welcome.” The blushing boy said.

“And here’s the lap top you requested.” Rachel set the case on the bed next to her. “Are you sure it’s okay for you to have this?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Britney asked. “It’s not like I can kill myself with it. Can you believe they don’t have a single TV in this place? I’m bored out of my skull.”

“Take a load off, Ringo.” Rachel said as she pushed Paolo towards the chair. She then sat down on the side of Britney’s bed. When she did, her leg brushed up against one of the heavy leather straps that were still affixed to the bed frame.

“Damn girl.” Rachel said. “Did they have to tie you down?”

“For a little while.” The blond was suddenly very self-conscious of her bruised wrists and pushed them under the covers. “It really wasn’t any big deal.”

“Oh yeah?” Rachel laughed. “I‘ve already heard about the number you did on the ER. I guess you really are nuts. What’s next, shock treatment? A lobotomy?”

“No such luck.” Britney replied. “Dr. Biannchi says they’re just holding me for observation. If I can prove I’m not off my rocker, they’re going to turn me loose.”

“That’s a laugh.” Rachel said. “Being a member of Section 2 automatically make you insane. He of all people should know that.”

Paolo, hearing his phone start to ring, took it from his pocket and held it to his ear. “Hello?” After listening for a moment he responded. “Yes, sir. I’m on my way, sir.”

“Who was that?” Rachel asked.

“It’s Accorsi.” He replied with a frown. “He wants to see me and Marc for our weekly meeting.”

The irritated Puerto Rican shook her head. “I’m getting really sick of that bastard pushing you around.”

Paolo’s face suddenly lit up. “Really?”

“Settle down, Ringo.” She scowled. “I don’t give a shit about you; it’s the principle of the thing. He knows damn good and well that I’m in charge of you now, but he still keeps on trying to throw his weight around. I think he does it just to irritate me.”

“I don’t wanna tell you what to do, Miss Rachel,” Paolo said, still smiling, “But I think you ought to kick his ass!”

“And I think you need to get the hell out of here!” She scolded. “Soon as you finish with that prick, get started on your room.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The boy said as he stood up from his chair.

“And when you take your shower, try splashing on a little bleach.” She said sarcastically. “Maybe that’ll help cut though some of the grime.”

The boy shot her a dirty look. “Maybe you’d be happier if I just boiled myself?”

“Now you’re talking.” She replied. “About three minutes ought to do it.”

As Paolo walked away, he made a comical face, and started to quietly mumble under his breath. “Now you’re talking… about three minutes ought to do it…

“I heard that you little fuck!” Rachel called after him.

“Why are you so mean to him all the time?” Britney tried to conceal a smile. “He’s really trying hard.”

“No he’s not!” Rachel countered. “If that kid were any lazier, he’d be in a coma.”

“Well maybe if you’d stop exploiting him…”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw him out there the other day washing Fernando’s car.” Britney said. “What’s up with that?”

“That was part of his training.” She said trying to keep a straight face. “Like that karate movie with Chachi. You know, wax on wax off, that kind of shit.”

“Speaking of shit, you’re full of it.” Britney replied.

“Don’t get your thong in a twist.” She laughed. “As far as I’m concerned, any activity that gets that little pig close to soap and water is a good thing.”

“Alright then, why do you make him call you ma’am?” She asked. “You’re not an adult.”

“Hey, I never once told him he has to do that.” Rachel insisted. “That’s his idea, not mine. I couldn’t care less what he calls me.”

“I also know you make him clean your guns.”

“It’s good for him.” She said. “Builds character. And as long as we’re on the subject, you want to hear what I found out about your precious little brother?”

“What’s that?”

“Maria does his laundry.” The older girl shook her head in disgust. “Get this, she takes the shit home with her, washes it, irons it, folds it, brings it back here, and puts it away for him. How that for a kick in the ovaries?”

Britney shrugged her shoulders. “I think it’s kind of sweet.”

“It’s bogus! And I plan on putting a stop to it. No one else around her has maid service, why should he?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know how.”

“It’s laundry, Brit, not rocket science.” Rachel sighed. “I know the kid has the IQ of a turnip, but I think even he’s capable of grasping the concept. Anyway, you’ll be happy to know I’m going to be giving the nimrod his first reward.”

“Well, I hope you make it something nice.”

“Oh, it will be.” Rachel then got a sly look in her eyes. “Actually, he wants to come with us to Atlanta, and I think I’ll let him.”

“Oh, no you won’t!” Britney declared.

“Why ever not?” Rachel was starting to enjoy this. “Are you telling me you’d kick poor little Paolo to the curb just so you can enjoy a week of debauchery? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

“Fine then.” Britney countered. “Bring him along, I insist.”

Rachel started to laugh. “Brit, I wouldn’t take that kid to a dog show… even if I knew he could win.”

The younger girl was not able to keep from giggled along with her big sister.

It was ten o’clock at night, and Britney had just sent off an e-mail before calling it a day. It was to her brother Kevin, and in it she informed him that she had just completed her first kill mission. She knew how upsetting it would be to the boy, but felt it was something he had the right to know. She ended her message with ‘I love you’ and a smiley face emoticon.

At this point, she knew it would be best to close her laptop and go to sleep, but a burning curiosity within proved to be too strong. She took a deep breath and brought up the Rai News website. After scrolling half way down the page, she saw something that made her gasp out loud. She stared at a familiar face, and a headline that read: GIS OFFICER FOUND DEAD. Britney clicked on this and began to read the text. As she expected, the article gave very little information, only that the circumstances were suspicious, and Police were treating it as a homicide. It then went on to give a pitifully brief biography of Pasolini’s life. There was, however, one thing that caught Britney’s attention, something that Biff and Jean had failed to mention. While she knew the man was married, she had no idea he had two sons, just eight and five years old.

Britney realized that visiting this site was a mistake. When she scrolled back up to the top of the page, the sight of his image gave her a sudden adrenaline rush of excitement. It felt as though her body was starting to crackle with energy. If the present situation could somehow magically change, and the Lieutenant was still alive, she would do whatever it took to escape the compound, and like some mythical vampire, run through the night in search of him. Once she had captured her prey, she would make him her slave for all eternity.

After taking a quick look around the ward to make sure she was alone, the young girl discreetly slipped a hand under the covers and down between her legs. As Britney started to move her middle finger in a slow circular motion, she was surprised by how moist she had already become.

This activity was suddenly interrupted by a nearby voice that made her jump. It was an intern, the same man whose comment had ignited her anger the night before. He stood next to her bed with a somewhat hesitant look on his face. “How are you doing tonight, Britney?”

“I… I’m fine.” She slowly moved her hand to the side of her leg and wiped it on the sheet before bringing it out from underneath the covers. “Just messing around on the internet.”

“Cool.” After an awkward moment he continued. “Listen, I’m really sorry about the other night. I wasn’t trying to upset you…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Britney interjected. “I don’t know why I acted that way. You probably think I’m a total psycho, but I’m really not like that.”

“I don’t think that at all.” The man was well aware of how deadly the cyborgs were, but seeing her sweet, bashful smile immediately put him at ease. “I have a lot of respect for you girls, and what you do.”

“Thanks.” True to form, Britney incorporated some subtle flirtation. “I think you guys are pretty awesome too.”

By the time they were finished chatting, it was clear Britney had a new fan.

“I’m getting ready to take off for the night.” He said. “Is there anything I can get you before I go?”

“No, I’m fine. Thanks.”

“You sleep tight, okay? “ When he started to walk away, Britney reached up to scratch her nose. When she did, the scent on her fingers once again started the adrenaline pumping through her veins, and after her close call with the intern, it was clear she would now be needing some privacy. “Actually, there is one thing.” She called after him. “Do you think it would be alright for me to take a bath before turning in? I haven’t gotten a chance to clean up since the mission, and I feel all yucky.”

“Sure you can.” He cheerfully replied. “I’ll go let the nurse know.”

A short time later, Britney lay in the warm water trying to relax, hoping that just this once, the state of arousal would dissipate and leave her in peace, but deep down she knew better. The young girl closed her eyes as she began to pinch one of her nipples, all the while imagining it was not her own fingers, but Pasolini’s mouth, alternately sucking and nibbling, just as he had done on that terrible night. On this evening, her self-stimulation was being done out of nothing more than pure necessity. Experience had taught her that trying to ignore it was an exercise in futility, and once her sexual excitement had reached this level, there was no turning back - the incessant craving would continue on unabated until she did what was needed to bring it under control. If she ever hoped to fall asleep that night, it would have to be dealt with.

She leaned forward and flipped up the drain lever, allowing the water level to drop. Britney then turned on the faucet, and after adjusting the temperature, scooted her bottom underneath the warm torrent of water. With her feet up on the edge of the tub, the young girl closed her eyes and lay back, once again becoming an obedient slave to her body’s demands. Since the clinic personnel were busily going about the business of shift change, she tried to be as quite as possible while the tension within her rapidly intensified like an ever tightening spring. Usually when Britney pleasured herself, she would draw it out for as long as she possibly could, slowly stimulating her body until it became unendurable. That night in the clinic was different story - all she wanted to do was get it over with as quickly as possible so she could return to her bed and go to sleep. As the sickening images from the mission played out in her head, Britney found herself being torn between feelings of intense excitement, and utter revulsion. When the young girl felt her body start to spasm, she hastily clamped her free hand over her mouth in an effort to muffle her voice. Once it was finally over, the dazed girl lay in the now empty tub, warm water cascading over her stomach and breasts.

The orgasm gave the young cyborg some temporary relief, but it still paled in comparison to what she had experienced with the Lieutenant. There was a plain, terrible and ugly truth Britney finally had to face – she wanted to do it again. She longed to be in the throes of the amazing gift the demon child had given her, a feeling that could only be described as a thousand climaxes simultaneously exploding within her. A nearly unbearable, almost frightening ecstasy without equal. The girl felt as though she were a heroin addict who had just gotten her first fix, and now thirsted for more.

Still lying in the tub, Britney wondered if she should approach Father De Luca, the old priest who came every week to celebrate mass with her sisters. She was beginning to seriously wonder whether or not her behavior was conditioning induced, or the result of true demonic possession. All of her sister received the exact same medication she did, but none of them would ever kill in the sick and twisted way she did. Not only had she murdered a man while having sex with him, but she had found it to be the most amazing thing she had ever experienced, a pure ecstasy that seemed to be more spiritual then physical. On top of everything else, she had just masturbated while reliving the horrific event in her mind. It was true that every Christian denomination had their men of the cloth who claimed they could drive out the devil, her own faith included, but she believed that the Catholics and their ancient Rite of Exorcism was the best bet.

It did not take long for Britney to dismiss the entire idea outright. An exorcism was a long and drawn out process that would require the authorization of adults, something she knew was out of the question. She would also be compelled to explain to the old Priest just why it was she felt she was possessed, something she could not honestly do. Even when her sisters entered to sanctity of the confessional, they were forbidden from confessing to anything work related, a situation that devout girl’s like Henrietta found extremely frustrating. Perhaps she would just ask the old man for a simple blessing, and hope that in some small way it might help.

Britney would spend two more days in the clinic before the medical staff was satisfied she was fit leave. During that time, she was visited by every one of her sisters who were not out on missions, Petrushka being the obvious exception. One of the provisions for her release was a requirement she report back each day for a quick assessment by Doctor Bianchi. To Britney, this was a further humiliation, a situation she likened to a criminal having to check in with a parole officer. Each day she would dutifully sit down with the Doctor and answer a battery of assorted questions, all of which were meant to evaluate her mental stability: How are you feeling today? How did you sleep last night? How’s your appetite? How are things with you and Biff? Have you been taking your medication? Have you been going to all your classes? Are you having any thoughts about hurting anyone? Have you been thinking about hurting yourself?

This would go on for the next two weeks, and by the time of their last session, little Britney was able to give the correct answers without even hearing the questions.


A Britney and Rachel GSG fanfic? Seriouly folks, what more could you ask for?

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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Perfection as impossible as it is to obtain, this approaches it greatly with excellence!

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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One soldier down, one entire Italian Mechanised Liberation Brigade to go...


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by tremec6speed on Mon 9 Jan 2012 - 23:45

Poor Britney, what a predicament she is in.
Great story, in particular the opening scene which had me thinkin' everything was cool till the part where the man announces he cannot grant her simple request to apply the lotion as he was now a .... corpse.
More than an assassin, a predator of men.
Luv that kind of reading! study

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Wed 11 Jan 2012 - 3:06

@ Elfen, Odon and tremec6speed. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Very Happy
@tremec6speed wrote:More than an assassin, a predator of men.
She did seem to take the old adage ‘love ’em and leave ‘em’ to the extreme.

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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 29 Jan 2012 - 12:16

Friends and Freedom

Not long after Britney was released from the clinic, Biff sat down to a meeting with Jean. The big man felt certain it would be in regards to his little sister’s next mission, just one more in a long line of missions yet to come. But this was not to be. By what seemed a miracle of providence, Biff’s fratello was granted a reprieve.

“It shouldn’t have taken her anymore than ten minutes tops.” Jean said. “Instead, she was in there for almost forty-five minutes. Now I’ve questioned her several times about what went on in there, and she insists that all they did was talk. I’ve also seen the Police report, and there are some major inconsistencies between the crime scene investigation and her story. In other words, your little sister is trying to cover something up.” He closed the folder and tossed it on the desk in front of Biff. “Look it over when you get a chance and you’ll see what I mean.”

“The fucker’s dead isn’t he?” Biff said. “What difference does it make if…”

Jean held up his hand to silence the big man. “I don’t know what it is she’s trying to hide, and to be honest, I don’t want to know. All I’m really concerned about is her competency. There’s no way in hell I’m going to send a cyborg out on a mission, then sit back and hope for the best. And I’m not even going to get into the way she lost her mind afterwards. The stakes in this game are too damn high to be flipping a coin, and that’s exactly what we did with Britney.”

“What’s this we shit?” Biff said. “I never wanted it to happen.”

“Neither did I.” Jean leaned forward and folded his hands on the desk. “I know you think I’m a total asshole for the way I treated you and Britney, and I don’t blame you, but for all it’s worth, I didn’t have any more choice in it then you did.”

“Jean, if you’re planning on sending that girl home, I want you to know you’ll have no problems with me. I’ll stay as long as you want, and do whatever the fuck you want me to do.”

“I wish I could.” He started to rub his temples with the heels of his hands. “But the Chief has other ideas. He still thinks Britney has potential, and with a little more work, could still be a valuable asset. I don’t think he knows what the hell he’s talking about, but there it is.”

“So you’re giving her another mission?”

“No, I’m not.” Jean said. “You’ll be happy to know I’m taking her off the roster and putting her back on reserve. She’s to continue her training regiment just as before. She’s going to monitored and given regular evaluations, just like always. If at sometime in the future they feel she’s ready to try again… I’m sorry, but that’s just life.”

The guilt Biff had been feeling prior to his little sisters mission was nothing compared to what he was going through now. The big man had no intension of reading the Police report – he could not care less what happened in that room. All he knew for sure was that his little sisters once innocent hands were now stained with blood, and the responsibility for that fell square on his shoulders. If there was truly a heaven, he thought to himself, God’s judgment on him would be totally void of mercy. He stood up and walked to the door.

“Biff?” Jean said. “When you see Britney, let her know as far as she’s concerned, the matter‘s closed. I don’t want her worrying about this anymore then she has to.”

“Sure.” Biff said as he exited the room.

As always, time seemed to have a way of smoothing over the rough stretches in life, and so it was at the Agency. It had been three months since the mission, and Britney was finally coming to terms with her inner demon. This did not mean the feelings had gone away - in fact she did battle with them on a daily basis. She had gotten a taste for the hunt, and no amount of self loathing could ever stop her from fantasizing about killing again. However, Britney realized that she could no longer go on beating herself up over feelings she had no control over. If she did, the two sides of her soul would eventually consume one another. If she were ever going to live anything resembling a normal life, she would have to embrace the demon child and take ownership of it. Only in this way could she keep her dark side under control.

The news of her active status being revoked brought on a host of conflicting emotions. On one hand she was thankful she would not be called upon to commit another act of murder, while on the other was a deep seated frustration at being denied the opportunity to satisfy her new and frightening blood-lust. Britney was also thoroughly sickened by the realization that her victim did not have to be a man – a woman or even a child would give her the same sexual thrill. If it was ordered by the Agency, she would throw herself into the task with complete and total abandon. All she could do now was take comfort in the knowledge that it was their filthy conditioning that was responsible for what she had become.

Just when she needed it most, Britney’s spirits were lifted by a much welcomed distraction – the day had come for the cyborg trip to Atlanta. She would be making the trek to the United States with her sisters Triela, Claes, and Rachel, along with the girl-boy Marcello. They were to assemble in front of the administrative building at seven o’clock in the morning to load their bags into one of the Agencies vans, and then be driven to Fiumicino Airport by Biff. The only glitch in the operation occurred when Biff arrived but Marcello did not.

Since Marcello was Triela’s charge, it fell to her to find out what the problem was. She sprinted to the girl-boy dorm and barged into his darkened room without knocking. There she saw the boy curled up under his covers, softly snoring. She quickly flipped on the lights and tore off his blankets.

“What the fuck, Marc!” She yelled. “Get your ass up! It’s time to go!”

Wh… what?” The bleary eyed boy said.

“Don’t what me!” She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet. “We’re all waiting on you!”

“I’m sorry.” He tried to shake to sleep from his head. “I guess my alarm didn’t go off.”

The girl was already at his dresser pulling out clothes. “I think you’re just trying to make me look bad.” Once she had assembled his outfit, she turned to him and started unbuttoning his pajama top.

The boy backed away and said. “I think I can do it myself.”

“Then do it!” The blond picked up the underwear she had taken from his drawer and stood in front of him. She became even more frustrated when he did not comply. “Well, what are you waiting for?”

“I’d kind of like a little privacy.”

“Oh for crying out loud!” She threw the underwear at him and bent down to pick up his bags which he had packed the night before. “Just hurry it up will ya?!”

Once she had left the room, Paolo, who had been roused from sleep by the commotion, stated to laugh. “I can’t believe you’d pass up a chance to be dressed by Triela. You’re not just gay, you’re like… super gay.”

“Fuck you.” He replied as he hurriedly slipped into his clothes.

Marcello ran across the parking lot as fast as his feet would carry him, only to be met by a clearly unhappy Biff. “Can we go now?” He asked the boy. “Or do you need a little more time?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” He mumbled with his head down. “My alarm didn’t go off.”

Biff grunted and headed to the front of the van while Britney slid open the side door. As they waited to climb inside, Marcello handed Rachel a copy of PC World magazine. “What’s this?” She asked.

“It’s from Paolo. He wanted you to have something to read on the plane.”

She was more than a little surprised as she took the magazine, and in spite of herself, started to smile. “That was nice of him.”

“Ah, isn’t that just so sweet.” Triela said as she puckered her lips and started to make kissing sounds.

Rachel gave the girl a menacing stare. “That’s right, keep it up blondie.”

After they had made it to the highway, Triela fished a brush from one of Britney’s bags and went about the task of taming Marcello’s unruly ‘bed hair’. The boy winced with every pull of the brush. “It looks like someone stuck a mop on your head. When we get back, you‘re getting a haircut.” This situation gave Rachel a perfect opportunity to pay her sister back for the comment she had made concerning Paolo and his gift, but in the end she decided that Triela’s mothering of the boy was simply something that should not be interfered with. She lightly caressed the magazine in her lap while watching the Italian countryside flow past the window.

Once they had arrived at the airport, Biff had the unenviable task of not only dealing with the authorities, but also wrangling a group of overly exited cyborgs. It seemed to be one thing right after another. Just getting their luggage checked at the gate was a monumental ordeal. Both Triela and Rachel had packed pistols and assumed they could carry them on, while Biff struggled to understand why it even mattered. “They have an in flight movie, alright? You don’t need guns!”

“Can we stop at the gift shop?” Triela asked

“We really don’t have time…”

“I need to go to the bathroom.” Claes announced.

“Of course you do.” Biff said as he hung his head. “Brit?”

“Yes sir, we’ll be right back.” His sister said as the two scurried off.

“Anyone else?” The exacerbated handler asked. “Anyone? Now’s the time to speak up. You won’t get another chance after this, so let’s hear it!”

Needless to say, none of them was foolhardy enough to open their mouths. Once the other two had rejoined the group, Biff did his best to give them one last briefing before their departure. “Alright ladies, listen up. I know you’re on vacation and the whole point is to relax and have a good time, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d all at least try and make an effort to behave yourselves.”

“What’re you talking about?” Britney asked innocently.

“Don’t play dumb with me.” Biff scowled. “If you think I’m just some clueless old fogey, you’re wrong. I have a pretty good idea what you mice do when there aren’t any cats around.”

“Like what?” Rachel asked as innocently as her little sister.

“Like sex, drugs, and rock and roll!” He snapped at the Puerto Rican girl. “I’m surprised you savages haven’t turned up on a Girls Gone Wild video.”

“I’d never do anything like that.” Britney smiled. “Besides, they said my boobs were too small.”

“I’m serious young lady.” He said. “If you guys have another run-in with the Police, don’t even bother coming back."

Triela could not resist joining in. “Why, what’ll happen?”

“I’ll be waiting here to kick your asses as soon as you step off the plane!” Biff growled at the senior cyborg.

“It’s alright, Mr. Steele,” Claes announced in her most authoritarian voice, “I’ll make sure they behave.”

“Uh, huh.” Biff replied flatly. “I recall hearing that on the last outing you went missing one night. Didn’t they finally find you on the roof?”

The bespectacled girl was caught completely off guard, as were her friends. “I… I was just stargazing.”

“Buck naked?” Biff replied. “Tell me, are the stars really easier to see in your birthday suit?”

“She wasn’t completely naked, sir.” Marcello made an ill advised attempt at humor. “She still had her glasses on.”

“Put a sock in it, smartass!” The handler barked. “It's not too late to send you back!” Marcello might have been popular with the girl’s, but to Biff he was still a girl-boy, and not a person to be trusted. Even though he knew the boy was a homosexual, he was still not comfortable having him tag along with his precious sister and her friends, and only allowed it at their insistence.

“Yes, sir.” The weak boy slid closer to Triela, seeking the comfort of his senior girl‘s protection. The blond in turn gave him a smile and a reassuring pat on the back.

“Stop worrying.” Britney put her hand on his arm. “Remember, I have some of the best lawyers in the country. If anyone can get us out of jail, they can”

“If that was supposed to make me feel better, it didn’t work.”

“By the way, do you have any cigarettes with you?” Britney asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“I wanted to borrow some.” The girl leaned in close to her brother and whispered. “It’s what the con’s use for money in the big house.”

“Just because we’re in a public place, don’t think I won’t put you over my knee.” Biff let out a long sigh. “Listen, I want you guys to have a good time, just not too good a time. Remember, you’re respectable young ladies, and need to conduct yourselves with a certain amount of decorum.”

Marcello gave the man a puzzled look. “What’s decorum?”

“I thought I told up to shut up!” Biff shot back.

“Relax, Biff, everything will be fine, I promise.” She then turned to the others and said. “You guys go on to the gate, I’ll be right there.”

When they were alone, Biff looked down at his sister. She seemed to be as small and fragile looking as a china doll. There was nothing about her outward appearance to betray what lay within. He took her soft face into his hands. “Be careful, Brit, I’m serious.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And call me as soon as you get there.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Call me if you have any problems at all.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And stop calling me sir!”

“Yes, sir.” The girl laughed as the two hugged each other. Only when she was lost in her brother muscular arms and being squeezed to the point of suffocation did Britney ever know anything approaching pure and clean happiness. No sexuality, no demon child, no Agency. Just her big brother, and all of the unconditional love he radiated. It was always so hard to let go.

“I love you, Brit.”

“I love you too.”

When Britney joined the others at the gate, she inadvertently stumbled on to a conversation between Triela and Marcello. It was obvious neither of them noticed she had joined them.

“I happen to like Biff.” Triela said. “I think he’s pretty cool.”

“Not me.”

Triela then glanced up and saw her startled little sister standing behind her boy. “I think he’s an asshole.” Marcello said.

“Uh, Marc?” Triela nodded her head past the boy’s shoulder. When he turned around, Britney was standing there, arms folded, and an ominous look in her eyes that could be considered a lethal weapon. The boy suddenly felt a panic induced sweat start on his forehead.

“Oh, don’t let me interrupt.” Britney said in an icy tone. “Please, go on. I want to hear more about how big an asshole my brother is.”

“I… I’m sorry, Britney. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Really? Is there another definition of that word I’m not aware of?”

“No, what I meant was…”

“I go to all the trouble of bring you along on this trip, and this is the thanks I get? Bad mouthing Biff behind my back? That’s messed up, Marc!”

“Settle down, Brit.” Triela said.

“I’m really sorry.” The boy pouted. “It’s just that he’s so… scary.”

“Of course he’s scary!” Britney scolded. “That’s his job, you moron!”

Triela, realizing that her sister was genuinely angry, put her hands on his shoulders and drew him close. She then tried to diffuse the situation by asserting her authority as senior girl. “Cool it, Brit!” She ordered. “He’s just a little upset because Biff yelled at him. There’s no reason for you to be going off like this. You need to back off!”

Her big sisters admonishment shamed the girl to silence.

The boy tried his best to speak. “What I meant was… he’s really nice to you girls… but just cause I’m a boy…” After a moment of trying to put his thoughts into words, Marcello gave up the attempt to explain and hung his head, hoping he would not start to cry. “I’m really sorry, Britney. I guess… I don’t know what I meant.”

The bottom suddenly dropped out of Britney‘s anger. If it had been a fellow girl who had made this derogatory comment, they would have incurred her full wrath, but Marcello was a male, and as such, had a large amount of automatic immunity. Not only that, but Britney had to admit to herself that Biff’s earlier treatment of the boy was definitely harsh and uncalled for. Besides, it had not been so long ago that Marcello had extended her his own forgiveness after she had so callously forced him from his room.

“It’s alright.” She took a deep breath. “It was wrong of Biff to talk to you that way.”

“No it wasn’t.” The boy sniffled. “He’s your handler.”

“That’s not an excuse. You’re a person, just like the rest of us, and you’re entitled to the same respect. I’m sorry I yelled at you, Marc, you didn‘t deserve that.”

A slight smile played on Triela’s face as she listened to Britney. She was proud of how much maturing her little sister had done during her time at the Agency.

“I’m just happy you didn’t kill me.” The boy gave his sister a weak chuckle. “I really am sorry.”

“So am I.” Britney leaned forward and gave the boy a soft peck on the cheek. “Let’s just forget about it, okay?”


“God, I think I‘m going to throw-up.” Rachel grumbled. “If you two are done slobbering on each other, can we please get this show on the road? I think some Hare Krishna’s are headed this way.”

The young group of Section 2 cyborgs walked through the gate and into the jetway. As they boarded their American Airlines flight and took their seats in the first class section, each felt the same gowning buzz of excitement. Soon they would be beyond the influence of the Agency, and for a precious short time, could forget the harsh reality of their profession. From that point on, they were able to allow themselves to enjoy what so many others took for granted - being nothing more than plain everyday teenagers.

The flight across the ocean was uneventful and seemingly endless. Most of them only half paid attention to the in flight movie, which happened to be the animated feature, Rango. Their lunch was a choice between steak and fillet of grouper, the girls all opting for the beef, while Marcello went with the fish. When asked what kind of beverage she would like with her meal, Britney casually ordered red wine. “The Cabernet Sauvignon will be fine.”

When the steward informed her she was not old enough, Britney tried another approach. She gestured to Rachel who was seated next to her and said. “Me and my sister here happen to be the daughters of the Ambassador to Luxembourg.” She explained. “We’re exempt from those kind of rules because of our diplomatic immunity.”

The man was clearly unimpressed. “That’s all fine and good, but I still can’t serve you any alcohol.”

“Oh really?” The blond girl said in mock indignation. “So you’d rather cause an international incident, is that it?”

“You’ll have to forgive my sister." Rachel forced an irritated smile. "She's been skipping her medication again. We’ll just have ice tea please.” Once the man had left, the older girl hissed at the now laughing Britney. “You can’t go two minutes without embarrassing me, can you?”

Several hours later, Britney checked her watch and calculated that their long journey was nearly over. She glanced across the aisle and saw that Marcello had fallen asleep with his head on Triela’s shoulder. She could tell that the older girl was taking care not to disturb him, something Britney found rather touching

It came as a great relief when the captain finally came over the intercom, informing the passengers that they were about to make land fall. Britney noticed Rachel put her head to the window and eagerly watch the Manhattan skyline come into view. As always seemed to happen, her eyes misted as she caught sight of the Statue of Liberty on their final approach to Kennedy International. This was her true home, something the other girls could never understand. To many outsiders, the city was a cold, hard place, but to Rachel, it was as comforting as a security blanket is to a child.

Britney put her hand on Rachel’s arm. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” There was a warm smile on her face. “It just feels really good to be home again, ya know?”

“I Know.” Britney reached over and wiped a tear from the girl’s cheek. “This is Biff’s hometown too. I’ve only visited a few times, but I’ll take it over Rome any day of the week.”

“You and me both kid.” Rachel put her arm around her little sister. “One of these days I’m going to take you to the Carnegie Deli. They have Pastrami there that’s better than sex.”

“Now that soundsgood Pastrami!” She giggled.

When the attendant announced the seatbelt sigh was on, Triela gently nudged her boy awake. “Rise and shine, dude.” She said. “We have arrived.”

When the boy realized where his head was, he quickly lifted it, saying. “Sorry about that…”

“It’s cool.” Triela smiled. “I wasn’t using that shoulder anyway.”

As they disembarked, the cyborg’s were infused with a renewed sense of excitement.

When Britney entered the terminal, she easily identified two men as FBI Agents, one of whom she recognized from her last visit. She gave the man a friendly wave, and he in turn smiled and nodded his head. From here on in, there would be Agents tailing them wherever they went. They would stakeout her Atlanta home, and every time her limousine pulled out of the front gates, an unmarked car would be following close behind. But this was not any kind of a problem. Britney and her friends were so used to a Bureau presence that they hardly noticed them anymore. However, it was this very situation that had caused Marcello’s boyfriend Nuncio to cancel his trip to the States. While he was certain the FBI would have no real interest in their illicit relationship, it was still a chance he was not willing to take. While Marcello was greatly disappointed by this turn of events, he none the less understood the reasoning behind it.

Britney turned to Claes and said. “I’m going to try inviting the G-men to swim with us again.”

“If they wouldn’t do it last time, what makes you think they’d do it now?”

“There’s no harm in asking is there?” Britney let out a wistful sigh. “I hope the cute one's going to Atlanta.”

Scrutinizing the handsome Agent put Claes in mind of the skinny-dipping she had done with Britney's surfer friends, and the surprising feelings of arousal the experience had sparked within her. There was one boy in particular who had made his interest in her abundantly clear. At one point in the evening, as she gazed at his attractive tanned body, she had come perilously close to inviting him up to her room. She wondered if such an opportunity might again present itself on this outing, and if it did, would she finally give in her desires? After all, the chances of having her first sexual experience back at the Agency were slim to none. If Claes ever hoped to lose her virginity, she would have to make good use of the freedom these rare vacations afforded her.

As had been pre-arranged, the young cyborgs bypassed security and were met by Britney’s chauffer, who in turn led them out to a waiting limousine. They were then ferried to Republic Airport located on Long Island, where her corporate jet stood ready on the tarmac. Once on board, the group had a slight delay as they waited for their luggage to catch up with them.

“This is more like it.” Triela arched her back in a full body stretch and put on her best snob act. “I’ve always so detested flying commercial. Being forced to hobnob with commoners is simply dreadful.”

“Especially if one of them is a crying brat.” Rachel eased into one of the plush armchairs. “That kid kept it up all the way across the freaking ocean. I thought I was going to lose my mind. There should be a law against babies in first class.”

“And how about that steak?” Claes added. “It was like gnawing on a piece of shoe leather.”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch! Is that all you people can do?” Britney chastised. “It was better swimming, wasn’t it?”

“Not by much.” Claes commented as she headed back to the bathroom.

“I thought it was nice, Britney, I really did.” Marcello was still trying to make amends for having earlier offended her.

“That’s the spirit.” She gave his arm a quick squeeze. “You all need to follow this young man’s lead.”

As Triela passed the boy, she leaned over and playfully whispered in his ear. “Kiss ass!” The blond then plopped down onto the leather couch and put her hands behind her head. “I wonder what the poor people are doing today.”

As short time later, Britney’s jet roared off the runway and into the sky on its way to Atlanta, passing the other commercial liners as if they were standing still.

Towards the back of cabin was a fully stocked wet bar, the counter laden with the kind of edibles her staff felt young people would enjoy - candy bars, salty snacks, a large tray of various cookies, and a bowl of fresh fruit. In the refrigerator, there was an assortment of soft drinks and juices. Britney’s people had also seen to it that their mistress had her favorite on board - a small silver plate with a doily, upon which was a stack of rice crispy treats. Marcello stepped up to the bar and stood eyeing the spread. Being a girl-boy meant that junk food such as this was hard to come by back at the Agency.

“Do you want something, Marc?” Britney asked. “Go on, help yourself.”

“Is it alright?” He asked.

“Of course it is.” Britney sighed. “Why do you think it‘s there.”

“I just didn’t want to...”

“Got any Red Bull?” Rachel asked.

“What do you think?” Britney replied.

“Cool.” The older girl said. “Toss me one will ya, Marc?”

“Make it two.” Triela requested.

The boy opened the refrigerator and fished out the cans. After delivering them to the girls, he chose a Snickers bar for himself and peeled off the wrapper.

“How about you, Claes, want anything?” Britney asked. “I hear Marc make a mean Tom Collins.”

“No thanks, I’m good.” She replied. “I’m saving that for later.”

“Plan on doing some more stargazing?” Rachel smiled.

“I still don’t remember doing that.” Claes began to chuckle. “What I want to know is how did Biff find out about it?”

“I’m not sure.” Britney scrunched her brow. “But If I find out one of my staff is a spy, I’m going to toss them out on their ear.”

It was then Marcello decided he could no longer maintain his silence on this matter. Britney and her staff had always been so kind to him, and he could in no good conscience be the one responsible for sewing any seeds of distrust between them. Once again his loose talk was about to land him in hot water. He sat down close to Triela, and after mustering up his courage, began to speak. “I think… it might have been me.”

“What?!” Britney exclaimed.

“I didn’t mean to!” For the second time that day, Marcello found himself squirming. “I kind of mentioned it to Nuncio one day in the cafeteria… and I guess Biff kind of overheard me. I didn’t even know he was there until it was too late.”

“Why to hell would you even tell Nuncio?” A clearly irritated Claes asked.

“Because he’s cool.” Marcello quietly insisted. “He’d never snitch on us.”

“You fucking blabber mouth!” Rachel snapped. “I ought to kick your ass!”

“Hey, take it easy guys.” Triela said, again coming to her boy’s defense. “It’s not that big a deal. Alright, so he fucked up, but that’s what girl-boy’s do. There’s no real harm done. It obliviously didn’t go any farther than Biff - if it did, we wouldn’t be here right now. This isn’t worth spoiling everything over. Why don’t we just all agree that he’s a complete idiot and leave it at that?”

After giving the matter a moment of thought, and seeing the state the boy was in, Claes was the first to speak up. "I guess he can't help being stupid."

Triela nodded in agreement. "He really can't."

"And he is awfully cute." Britney added. Triela and Claes then stared at her as if she were the true idiot. "What?" The girl shrugged her shoulders. "I’m just saying..."

“Don’t help me, Brit.” Triela responded. The three girls then simultaneously glanced at Rachel.

“Why are you looking at me?” The Puerto Rican girl asked. “I say we pop the hatch and throw his sorry butt overboard. That seems like a fair punishment for treason.”

“Come on.” Triela implored. “Why don’t you stop being a bitch for once in your life? You might actually like it.”

It did not take Rachel long to decide that the incident was not worth putting a damper her vacation. She was there to have a good time, and no mere girl-boy was going to stand in her way. “Whatever.” She then turned and glared at Marcello. “But if you ever decide to run your mouth again, and I mean to anyone, you’ll be signing your own death warrant.”

The pitiful boy simply nodded his head. Triela reached behind him and started to gently rub his back. “Then it’s settled. Everything’s hunky-dory now and we’re all buddy-buddy like.”

“I wouldn’t go that far…” Rachel muttered to herself.

“Shut up!” Triela barked her sister. “As your superior, I’m giving you a direct order to stop tripping and start livin' la vida loca. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal, ma’am.” She gave her sister a military style salute using only her middle finger.

“As my beloved handler put it, there are no longer any cats around.” Britney stood up and retrieved a cigar box from one of the overhead cabinets. Inside were several neatly rolled marijuana cigarettes. “I say we get this party started.”

As the illicit weed was being passed between them, the girls chatted among themselves. Because they had switched from Italian to English, a language Marcello did not understand, he could not help but feel somewhat left out.

“I lined up a very special activity for us.” Britney announced. “On Wednesday, we’re going to Falcon Ridge Stables.”

“What’s there?” Triela asked.

“What do you think?” Britney replied. “It’s where Jumping Jack lives.”

“And who exactly is Jumping Jack?” Rachel inquired as she exhaled a cloud of smoke.

“He’s my horse.” Britney answered. “We’re all going to spend the day horseback riding.”

“I don’t know how to ride a horse.” Claes said.

“Neither do I.” Rachel added. “I’m from New York, the only thing I know about horses is that they always have cops on their backs.”

“Then this is a perfect time for you guy’s to learn. It’s not hard at all.” Britney’s enthusiasm was plain to see. “They have these really neat trails, and the scenery is totally awesome. We’re even going to have box lunches for a picnic and everything.”

“Oh great, pony rides.” Rachel cracked open her energy drink. “What are we, like nine years old?”

“Just give it a chance.” Britney replied. “You’ll love it. I actually had my first orgasm riding a horse.”

“You’re kidding?” Triela found this somewhat amusing.

“No, I’m serious.” She took the joint Claes handed her. “I was right in the middle of a full gallop, and BAM! Man, talk about holding on for dear life.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “Leave it to you to get freaky with a horse.”

“Hey, give me a break, I was just a little kid.” Britney explained. “At the time, I didn’t even know what was happening.”

“You’d better not be doing any saddle humping this time.” Rachel warned. “You embarrass me enough as it is.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Britney laughed. “Me and JJ are just friends now.”

When the joint came back around to the ignored Marcello, he asked Triela what they were talking about.

“Nothing special.” The blond replied in nonchalant Italian. “Brit was just telling us that her first sexual experience was with a horse.”

The look of shock on the boys face caused the girls to breakdown into uncontrollable fits of laughter.


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Glad to see it up!


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Friends and Freedom

Part II

Andrew Morrison was the second in command of Britney’s domestic staff, answering only to Jeremy Davies, who had over all charge. While Jeremy based himself at the Kensington’s California estate, Andrew was appointed to oversee their Atlanta property. He also had the unique distinction of being the only staff member not hired by Jeremy. He had in fact been hand picked by Britney’s father, the late Mathew Kensington, and for good reason.

The man was practically legendary for blending high-class elegance with down home Southern hospitality. He could make his guest feel like royalty and family all at the same time, and it was for this very reason Mathew Kensington had sought him out. It was exactly this kind of feeling he wanted his Georgia home to impress on people. This was no more evident then when Mathew had invited Ted Turner to the estate for dinner. So impressed was the Atlanta mogul with Andrew’s handling of the evening that he made it a point to shake the mans hand before departing. “Let your people know they put on a mighty fine spread.”

“Well I’m much obliged for that.” He replied. “I’ll be sure to pass it on.”

Though Jeremy and Andrew were in the same line of work, their personalities could not be any different. Jeremy, who originally haled from England, adhered to a very strict code of conduct when it came to domestic servitude. He ran the California estate in an almost military style fashion, and had no qualms about disciplining any individual who stepped out of line.

Andrew on the hand ran a very laid back shop. He truly believed in his people’s talent and creativity, and constantly encouraged them to make the job their own. While Jeremy required that all staff members address him as Mister Davies, Andrew was perfectly comfortable being on a first name basis. The differences also shown in their interaction with the Kensington children. Jeremy never strayed from formal titles, but it was not at all usual for Andrew to call Britney ‘Sweet Pea’ or Kevin ‘Rooster’. It was something that had always made the siblings feel very much at home.

Not long after being made aware that little Britney and her friends from Italy would be coming for another visit, Andrew received a call from his superior, informing him that he would be flying out to oversee the operation.

“Simmer down now, Jerry.” Andrew knew this event would be stressful enough on his people as it was. The last thing he needed was to have his boss thrown into the mix. “I know how these spouts are. They’re just blowin’ off a little steam is all. Ya’ll just relax and leave everything to me.”

“Believe me, Mr. Morrison, I have complete faith in your abilities. I would just feel more comfortable if I were there in person… just in case.”

“Suite yourself.” Andrew replied. “Ya know we’re always glad to have ya.”

On the night of Britney’s arrival, Jeremy called the staff together in the kitchen for one last briefing. Unlike Andrew, the head butler felt it necessary to rehash instructions over and over again, making the Atlanta people feel as though they were being treated more like children then professionals.

“Now remember, with the exception of Miss Kensington, you will be addressing our guests by their first names, preceded of course by the proper honorific” He explained. “Let’s review - the blonde is Triela, the Latino is Rachel, the girl with glasses is Claes, and the boy is Marcello. Keep in mind that Marcello does not speak English. The girls are generally very mindful of him, but if a situation should arise where you find it necessary to communicate with him, you’ll have to enlist their help.”

“Most of you have been employed here long enough to know what’s expected of you, so I’ll keep this brief. Miss Kensington and her friends will be arriving shortly, so you all need to be on your toes. As you are already aware, these events can sometimes get rather… complicated. Yes, there will be drinking and smoking and several other unsavory activities that children should probably not be involved in, but as always, you are to turn a blind eye to it. On a previous occasion, one of my staff in California thought it would be a good idea to make a comment to Miss Kensington in regards to her marijuana use. Needless to say, I immediately terminated that individual. She has no interest in your personal opinions, nor is it your place to offer them.”

In truth, Britney had a very friendly and open relationship with her domestic staff, and had not even been the one responsible for the person in question losing her job. It had been a fellow maid who had overheard the exchange, and fearing quilt by association, had turned her co-worker in.

“This will no doubt be a very long week, but that is our problem, not Miss Kensington’s. Our job is to see to it that things go as smoothly for her as possible. If you have any problems or concerns you are to bring them directly to Mr. Morrison or myself, not Miss Kensington. As far as she’s concerned, there are no problems. I also want to remind you that she and her friends enjoy a certain measure of privacy, so please do not hover around them. If they want something they’ll ask for it. However, anticipating their needs should always be a top priority. If she or her guests make a request, it should happen immediately. There’s no excuse for a situation where they are kept waiting on you. And lastly, never forget our golden rule: Whatever Miss Kensington wants, Miss Kensington gets. The word impossible does not exist in our vocabulary.”

He then turned his attention the Chef. “Mr. Bradsher, I’m leaving the kitchen to you. Just bear in mind that someone is to be on staff 24 hours. This is to remain in effect for the duration of Miss Kensington’s stay.”

“I’m on it.” The man responded.

“Excellent.” He replied. “Does anyone have any questions?”

When it was clear there were none, Jeremy asked. “Do you have anything to add, Mr. Morrison?”

“I think you pretty much hit the high points.” He said in his easy Georgian drawl. “I just want to say that everything ya’ll do, no matter how small, is a direct reflection on the whole team, so let’s get out there and show ‘em we’re worth our salt. Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Manning will be dropping in for a visit sometime tomorrow afternoon. Now ya’ll know that when the little lady isn’t happy, he’s not happy, and when he’s not happy heads roll, so let’s keep on our game.”

“Well said.” Jeremy then pulled back his coat sleeve and glanced at his watch. “We have approximately thirty minutes. I want everyone assembled in the main hall at ten o’clock sharp. All except you two.” He said to the two young men who seemed somewhat bored by the meeting. “I want you gentlemen on the front drive. As soon as the party is in the house, get their luggage inside as quickly as possible. Again, wait until they are all in the house. I don’t want you running over them. Miss Kensington insists that they carry their own bags to their rooms, so just arrange in all neatly at the foot of the stairs in one layer. No bags on top of each other. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And gentlemen?” He added ominously. “I trust you know what will happen if I catch you smoking in front of this house again?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very good.” He took a deep breath. “That will be all - everyone to work.”

After the last of the staff had scurried off, Andrew stepped up and gave his boss a thump on the back. “What’d ya think, Jerry?” He grinned. “We gonna have to fish any little girls off the roof?”

The head butler had always found his second’s lack of formality somewhat annoying. “Let’s hope not, Mr. Morrison.”

The front gate to Britney’s estate was already open, so the limousine was able to pass straight through and up the long drive to the stone steps leading to the front doors. There, Jeremy stood to one side with his hands folded behind his back as the group made their way into the house.

“So good to have you home again, Miss Britney.” Jeremy and Andrew were the only two members of the staff who were allowed to address the girl by her first name. This was a holdover from the days when her parents were still alive.

“It’s good to be home, Jeremy.” It was a response she had given him more times then she could remember, however on this occasion it was followed by something so shocking, it nearly gave the man a heart attack.

Britney put her arms around his waist and gave him a gentle hug. It was something she felt was long overdue.

Jeremy, having no idea what so ever on how to handle such a situation, began to awkwardly pat her on the back. “Yes… of course… Miss Britney…”

Andrew hid a smile as he watched his rattled boss blush with embarrassment. When she greeted him the same way she had Jeremy, also for the first time, the man easily put his arms around her saying. “Welcome home little darlin’.”

These arrival ceremonies were something Britney had grown up with and hardly even paid attention to, but to her friends, it always seemed surreal. The head butler greeting each of them with a bow at the waist and the entire household staff standing at attention in the grand front hall made them feel awkward. The teenagers almost felt as if they were obligated to show the strange gathering of adults that they were worthy of all the attention being lavished on them. It was after all, a cyborgs natural compulsion.

Britney then put her hand on Jeremy’s arm saying. “You can go ahead and dismiss them now.”

“Yes, Miss Britney.“ Jeremy clapped his hands twice and said. “That will be all.” They instantly broke rank and headed to their various destinations - some back to work, some to the servants quarts, and others to their own homes. As Jeremy had said, it would be a long week, but for them, it would also be a profitable one. Not only would there be overtime, but a bonus as well. Jeremy did not simply hire people off the street. In order to work for the Kensington’s you had to have an impressive resume and references, not to mention being subjected to an intensive background check. If you passed muster, you would enjoy the type of employment that was very rare for an industry that had a dark reputation for exploiting it’s workers - a handsome salary, full medical and dental insurance, 401K, and a matching funds program for your children’s college education.

“Miss Britney,” Jeremy said, “I took the liberty of posting Master Marcello’s name on his respective room. It’s the second one on the right hand side, next to Master Kevin‘s. All of the others have been prepared for your lady friends.”

“You rock as usual, Jeremy.” She said.

“Ya’ll should hit the sack, but can tell ya got a bad case of ants in your pants.” Andrew ruffled Britney hair and followed the rest of the staff. “Call me if ya need me.”

“Good night, Andy.” Britney called after him. “Thanks for staying up for us.”

“Will there be anything else, Miss Britney?” Jeremy asked.

“Nope, we’re good.” She replied. “Thanks for everything.”

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Britney.” He gave the girl a slight bow and upon turning, did the same for the other cyborgs. The man then strode from the room with his usual grace and dignity.

“Enough of that." Britney rubbed her hands together. “Okay people, here’s the game plan - get your bags, head on up and grab a room. Once you’ve settled in, you are to report directly to Kevin’s man cave for happy hour.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Rachel said as she slung a bag over her shoulder.

Triela followed suit saying. “Last one down’s a rotten egg!”

Britney quickly threw her own luggage on the bed and made her way back downstairs. As she did, she came across one of the servants on his way up carrying two bags. At first she assumed that the luggage had been forgotten by one of her friends, but on closer inspection, she recognized them instantly. “Is Kevin here?!” She asked the man excitedly.

“Yes, ma’am.” He replied. “He just now got here.”

Britney nearly leapt down the flight of stairs and stopped on the landing. Looking down to the front hall, she spotted her brother talking with Jeremy.

“So good to see you again, Master Kevin.” The man said.

“Good to see you too.” Kevin smiled. “Has Brit gotten here yet?”

“Yes, sir.” Jeremy replied. “Your sister and her guests…”

The two suddenly jumped at the sound of a shrill voice coming from the top of the stairs. “Kevin!” The young girl scrambled down the stairs and raced across the hall. She collided with her brother and threw her arms around his neck, nearly knocking him off his feet. Jeremy smiled to himself as he quietly slipped away.

“Kevin!" The teary eyed girl said as she squeezed him. “I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too.” He gasped. “I also miss breathing!”

Britney kissed his cheek and took a step back, holding his face in her hands. “I thought you weren’t coming till Tuesday.”

“That was the plan,” He smiled, “But I just couldn’t stay away.” As he looked into his sister’s gentle eyes, the thought of the Agency subjecting her to a kill mission was impossible to dispel. Though he would never tell Britney, his anger was not directed solely at the Agency. He also blamed her handler Biff, who he felt shouldered to same amount of responsibility for allowing such a thing to happen to a girl he was suppose to be protecting.

“This is so awesome!” Britney grabbed his hand and gave it a tug. “Let’s go! Everyone’s meeting downstairs to get hammered.”

"Cool.” He replied. “But I need to call Cassia first."

“Can’t it wait?” She said in a clearly irritated tone.

“Not really.” He replied. “I promised I’d call as soon as I got here.”

“Sounds like she’s got you on a short leash.”

“Come on, give me a break.”

"I planned on having you all to myself this week." She put on her best pout. "Who's more important anyway, me or her?" Britney had already met her brothers girlfriend and, for reasons she herself did not even understand, had taken an instant disliking to her. And what’s more, Cassia was not the first of his female acquaintances she had felt this way about.

"You are." He patted her shoulder reassuringly. “I’ll make it quick and then I’ll be right down.”

“You’d better.” She gave an aloof toss of her hair as she turned. “After this, your sorry butt belongs to me.”

Kevin chuckled to himself as he started jogging towards his room. It was becoming clear that as far as Britney was concerned, no girl would ever be good enough for him.

It was almost t forty-five minute later when Kevin finally joined the rest of the cyborg’s in his basement recreation room. The first person he turned his attention to was Marcello. "What's up, asshole?" The two clasped hands and exchanged a traditional one armed male embrace, complete with slaps on the back.

“How ya doing, bro?” Marcello asked.

“Maintaining, bro, maintaining.” He replied. “How about you?”

“You know me.” The weak boy replied. “Can’t complain but I still do.”

“Hey man, I’m sorry to hear Nuncio bailed on you. I tried to get the Feds called off, but they were total pricks about it. I ought to cut their asses off.” He was referring to the food and beverages that he and Britney regularly sent to the Agents on stake-out.

“Settle down.” Britney said from behind the bar. “It’s not their fault. They’re just doing their job.”

“Yeah right.” Kevin grumbled. “Aren’t there enough terrorist running around for them to follow? Do they really think you guys are some kind of threat to national security?”

“We’re all mad-dog killers.” Triela chimed in. “You never know when one us will snap and go on a rampage. It only makes sense to have someone on hand to take us out.”

“It’s cool, Kevin.” Marcello laughed. “I’m sure Nuncio will still be there when I get back.”

“No doubt.” Kevin gave his friend a punch on the arm. “Who could resist a sweet piece of tail like you?”

Kevin also greeted Triela and Claes with a hug, a gesture they returned without any hesitation. Back at the Agency, his relationship with the girls had been frosty at best, but this had more to do with his affiliation with Stefano and Paolo then his own personal actions. During his time as a civilian, he had proven to them that he was more than worthy of their friendship. And of course it did not hurt that he had a girlfriend back in Los Angeles they all knew he was very serious about.

When Kevin walked up to Rachel, she stared at him with her arms crossed. “Can a guy get a little lovin’?” He asked. When the girl rolled her eyes and lifted her arms, he took a step back. “Hang on, are you sure you’ve had all your shots?”

Rachel glared at the boy. “Do you want a hug, or a punch in the mouth?”

As the two exchanged a quick embrace Kevin asked. “How’re you doing, Rachel?”

“I just spent the last twelve hours sitting next to you sister on a plane. How do you think I’m doing?”

“Yikes!" He exclaimed. “That’s enough to drive anyone to drink.”

Britney again pouted as she handed her brother a bottle of beer. “If you don’t quit being mean, I going to stop speaking to you.”

“What a bunch of bullshit.” Rachel said. “How come you never stop running your yap when I’m mean to you?”

Britney gave her brother a dangerous look when she noticed he was trying to keep from laughing. He reached over and squeezed the back of her neck. “Sorry, Brit, I’ll be nice.”

For almost the entire first hour, Kevin bombarded his fellow cyborgs with a myriad of questions in an effort to catch up on current events at the Agency. However, this particular part of the conversation came to an abrupt end when Triela asked him if he was aware of Rachel and Paolo’s new relationship. The Puerto Rican girl watched closely as a shadow passed across the boys face. “Fuck that little bastard.” He quietly said.

Britney quickly stepped in and changed the subject.

The next morning was so beautiful that Britney had requested the breakfast be served poolside, causing a last minute scramble as the staff relocated from the dining room. A larger table had been brought out to accommodate them all. It was set with a white linen table cloth, Wedgwood china, vintage Gorham silverware, and Waterford crystal glasses.

The Chef had already set the dinner menu, and had been careful to keep young people’s palates in mind. For instance, while one of the meals featured bacon wrapped filet mignon, it would be served with a side of French fries, and still another was comprised of basic Southern fried chicken accompanied by cèpe fricassee with truffles. But when it came to breakfast, Britney had her own ideas. She had insisted on short-order, greasy spoon type fare. Something she jokingly referred to as hang-over food. The text message she sent Jeremy summed it up nicely:

Go to a Denny’s and steal a menu. That’s what I want.

He wasted little time in complying with the wishes of his Mistress. While Jeremy was in charge of the entire staff, there was an unwritten rule that the kitchen was the Chef’s domain, and as such, the butler was always careful to tread lightly while on his turf. When he handed over the menu, the puzzled Chef looked up and asked which of the many listed items she wanted.

“All of it, Mr. Bradsher,” He replied as he walked away, “All of it.”

Britney, Kevin and Rachel had just been served their breakfast when they looked over and saw Triela drag herself out the doors and onto the patio. She was shielding her blood shot eyes against the morning sun. The girl sank down into one of the chairs with a grunt.

“Damn, girl.” Rachel commented. “You look like crap.”

“I feel even worse.” The blond lamented.

One of the younger maids quickly trotted up with a silver carafe and filled the blonde’s cup with coffee. “Can I get you some breakfast, Miss Triela?”

“No thank you. Coffee is fine.”

The maid quickly scanned the table, and after topping off Rachel’s cup, retreated back into the house to fetch more orange juice.

“You’d better start pacing yourself a little.” Britney said as she sunk her fork into a stack of pancakes. “You still got a whole week to go.”

“I know.” Triela said. “I guess I got a little carried away.” The senior girl had just come off an unusually busy month at the Agency, and was more then ready to kick up her heels.

“You think?” Kevin said. “I don’t care what anyone says, that little dance number you did on the pool table was awesome. If you ever lose your day job, you could definitely go professional.”

“Oh, god…” The blonde dropped her head into her hands as she suddenly experienced total recall of the previous night.

“I can’t believe you pulled her down before she got all her clothes off.” Rachel said to the boy. “I’m actually impressed.”

“I think you’re forgetting I’ve already seen her naked.” He was referring to the California pool party. In fact, all of the cyborgs who had made this trip had ended up shedding their clothes that night. “Besides, I am a co-host, so it was kind of my duty.”

“Thanks, Kevin.” Triela did her best to smile through the malaise of her hangover. “I owe you one.”

“Hey, I do what I can.”

Claes then walked up and took a seat at the table. “Good morning.” She then turned to Triela. “How goes it Stripperella?”

“Don’t start with me Claes.” The blonde moaned.

“Why are you getting pissy with me?” She picked up her napkin and placed it on her lap. “I was the only one shoving dollar bills in your underwear. Everyone else was too cheap to pony-up.”

This got a laugh from everyone at the table except Triela. “Gee thanks.” She replied sarcastically. “You’re a true friend.”

Marcello was the last to join the group. “Hey guys.” He took a seat next to his senior girl. “Are you alright?” He asked her. “You don’t look so good.”

“I swear to god, Marc, if you say one word about last night I’m going to throw-up on you!”

“Hey, chill-out.” He smiled. “I wasn’t going to say anything… except that those Smurf panties were a really nice touch.”

This was good for another round of laughter at Triela’s expense. “I happen to like the Smurf’s, okay? And for the record, I hate you all!”

The maid returned and took Claes and Marcello’s breakfast orders, Claes acting as the boy‘s translator. The girl requested two eggs sunny side up with hash browns, while he asked for a ham and cheese omelet and toast.

Once the first three cyborgs had finished their meals, Rachel saw the maid reemerge and trot towards the table. She leaned over to Britney and under her breath asked. “What’s her name again?”

“Laura.” Britney replied.

“Let me get these out of the way for you.” The girl said as she went about collecting and stacking the now empty plates.

“Thank you, Laura.” Rachel said.

The maid was pleasingly surprised that one of her Mistresses guests would actually address her by name. She did not know that it had only been obtained just prior to her coming to the table. “It‘s my pleasure, Miss Rachel.” She knew all of the guest names by heart - Jeremy had seen to that.

Once she was gone Rachel shook her head. “I feel like I should be leaving her a tip or something.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Kevin said. “I always make sure the staff gets a little bonus. It’s the least I can do after you guys are finished trashing this place.”

“You’re over exaggerating.” Triela said as she nursed her coffee.

“Oh yeah?” He countered. “When we’re done here, take a stroll down to the cave and check out the felt on my pool table.”

Triela cringed with embarrassment. “Is it really that bad?”

Kevin nodded. “Don’t get me wrong – I think you look totally hot in those boots, but would it have killed you to take them off before your performance? Hell, you practically took everything else off.”

Triela let her head drop down on the table as she was again the focal point of her friend’s collective laughter.



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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by ElfenMagix on Sat 18 Feb 2012 - 0:19

Is it Sunday already?

Gotta love it Danjo!


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sat 18 Feb 2012 - 9:37

@ElfenMagix wrote:Is it Sunday already?
I thought I’d try a little break from tradition. Besides, the story was getting too long, so I had to cut myself off. Laughing


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by boomer_gonz on Sun 4 Mar 2012 - 13:22

I absolutely LOVED this chapter; especially the image of Triela table dancing had my grabbing my sides.

Heck; according to a popular meme; a certain somebody might have even received a first rate lap dance. Fortunately for him; he's not big on babysitting. Wink


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Mon 5 Mar 2012 - 7:11

@boomer_gonz wrote:I absolutely LOVED this chapter; especially the image of Triela table dancing had my grabbing my sides.
Don’t you just love how a bit of alcohol can bring out a girl’s wild side.


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 11 Mar 2012 - 10:24

Friends and Freedom
Part III

It had been another full day for the Section 2 cyborgs. As had been prearranged, they had spent the entire day at a local stable enjoying the equestrian pursuit of trail riding. While Britney was quite accomplished when it came to riding, her friends were not, and as a result were assigned horses who basically ran on autopilot, dutifully following the wrangler who led the way. They had to be content with taking in the scenery while their mounts took charge of the excursion.

Originally, they had planned on following this up with a night of visiting several elite night clubs for an evening of drinking and dancing. Even though they were all underage, the Kensington name was not only good enough to gain them entrance to the clubs, but also the VIP rooms. The cyborgs loved the attention their fellow bar patrons paid them as they tried to figure out who these obviously influential teenagers were. One of their favorite games was pretending to be child actors who had recently been signed to a major Hollywood movie project. Without fail, this little ruse almost always insured them a steady supply of free drinks.

However, once they arrived back at Britney’s estate, there was a change of plans. They had been partying excessively ever since they arrived in Atlanta, and spending a full day in the hot sun on horseback had effectively zapped the last of their energy reserves. By a unanimous vote, it was decided that the outing would be rescheduled for the following night, and for now they would relax at home. However, the cyborgs idea of relaxation had nothing to do with abstaining from alcohol consumption, and on this particular night, Britney was hitting it hard.

Around one o’clock in the morning, Britney and Rachel decided to retire to the jaccuzi. After going to their rooms to make a quick change, they rendezvoused on the back patio. The Puerto Rican girl removed her robe and draped it on a nearby deck chair. Gazing at Rachel’s alluring figure, which was clad in a sleek red Speedo, Britney suddenly found herself having some rather lurid thoughts that were anything but sisterly. Though she had only had one sexual experience with another woman, her alcohol impaired mind was now hungry for any type of stimulation that was available, be it male, female… or sister. Britney, being aware that Rachel was also intoxicated, hoped that the older girl’s inhibitions were similarly compromised. Impulsively, she decided to try and transform the innocent situation into one she felt sure would be intensely satisfying for the both of them.

Britney undid the sash of her robe and let it fall to the ground. Rachel was only half surprised to see her sister had nothing on underneath. “Where’s your swimsuit?”

“In my room.” Britney replied. “I only wear it when I’m swimming.”

“What’s the difference?” Rachel inquired. “It’s still water, isn’t it?”

“Don’t be silly. Hot-tubbing in a swimsuit is like taking a shower in a raincoat. You just don’t get the full experience. Why don’t we get you a little more comfortable?” Britney reached over and pulled the straps of Rachel’s suit off her shoulders.

“That’s alright.” The older girl backed off and readjusted herself. “I think I’ll pass on the full experience tonight.”

Britney then flashed a seductive smile and stepped up close to her sister, reaching out and twirling a strand of her long dark hair around her finger. “What’s the matter, don’t trust me?”

“No, I don’t.” Rachel swatted her hand away. “I know how you get when you’ve had a few too many… actually, make that a lot too many.”

“Looks who’s talking.” The blonde countered. “You’ve had more than me.”

That’s true.” Rachel eased herself down into the roiling water. “But I’m not the one trying to have a lesbian romp in the hot tub, now am I?”

“Don’t be such a prude.” Britney purred as she slipped into the tub next to Rachel and started to softly rub her breasts against her sister’s arm. “You’ll never know if you like it or not until you give it a try. Come on, let’s just say fuck-it and go crazy.”

“I don’t have to try it.” With her foot, Rachel shoved the younger girl to the opposite side. “I’ve never slammed my hand in a car door, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like that either. And it’s that ‘fuck-it and go crazy’ attitude of yours that’s always getting you in trouble. What the hell am I going to do with you?”

“I don't even know why I bothered.” The disappointed girl said. "You have absolutely no sense of adventure."

Rachel scowled and replied. “And you’re totally soused.”

“Fine then.” Britney said. “I’ll stop drinking as long as you do too.”

“No deal. I don’t plan on stopping until I’m comatose.”

“Cool.” The blond girl said mischievously. “But don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow morning naked and handcuffed to my bed.”

Rachel started to chuckle in spite of herself. “Just don't expect me to cuddle with you afterwards.”

After little Britney had finally managed to calm down, the two girls sat and soaked, engaged in casual chatter about nothing in particular, such as how nice the soothing effect of the hot water felt on their saddle-sore bottoms. “Admit it.” Britney said. “It was funner then you thought it was going to be.”

“I guess.” Rachel replied. “But you were having the most fun. You were galloping all over the place, while our brain-dead horses did nothing but play follow the leader.”

“They’re trained to stay on the trail.”

“No shit.” Rachel said. “I could have lit my horse’s ass on fire and it wouldn’t have made any difference. Kind of ironic his name was ‘Lightning’.

“It’s a liability thing.” Britney laughed. “They don’t want beginners to get thrown, and then turn around and sue them. Oh, and Lighting was a mare.”

“A what?”

“A girl horse.” Britney replied.

“Then what’s your horse?”

“Well duh!” Britney said. “His name is Jack, so what do you think?”

“No, I mean what do they call guy horses?”

“That depends.” Britney explained. “Jack still has his balls so he’s called a stallion. If they’re castrated, like Claes and Marcello’s were, they’re called geldings.”

“Then that’s what I should have had.” Rachel declared. “A stallion with some nuts.”

“Lighting could have been a boy with nuts the size of Amadeo’s, and he still would’ve only done what he’s trained to do.”

“Yeah, but still…” Rachel suddenly thought about what he sister had just said and back tracked. “Hang on a sec… are you saying Amadeo’s nuts are as big as a horse’s?”

“Well, not all horses, but they’re pretty impressive.”

After giving the matter a little more thought, curiosity got the better of the girl. With a very casual air she asked. “So how well is he… you know… hung?”

“That’s pretty impressive too.” Britney informed her. “Let’s just say him and Jack have something in common.”

“Really?” Rachel quickly checked her overreaction to Britney’s answer. “Huh, that’s interesting.”

"Wanna see for yourself?" The younger girl leaned towards her sister. “I could arrange for a private screening.”

"Forget it!" Rachel snapped. "Jesus, why are you so obsessed with getting me laid?"

"Hey, you're the one asking all the questions about the guy's junk."

“I was just making conversation.” Rachel said as she waved the girl off. “Just because I’m curious about his equipment, doesn’t mean I want it in me.”

“Too bad.” Britney laid her head back and closed her eyes. “If you’d let Amadeo plow you just once, it would change your life – or at least keep you from losing your marbles.”

“I’m perfectly sane, thank you.”

“No you’re not.” Britney insisted. “And if you think finger painting alone is going save you from going totally bananas, you’d better think again.”

“Finger painting?” Rachel tried her best to keep from laughing. “Did you just say finger painting?”

“Call it whatever you want.” Britney gave her sister a playful kick under the water. “You know damn well it’s no substitute for a good old fashion pounding.”

“I never said it was.” The older girl took a long drink of her beer. “There’s times when I need to be with someone so bad it almost does drive me crazy, and I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I have to take care of it myself, then afterwards I forget it and move on with my life. I just don’t have the same problem dealing with it that you do.”

Little Britney began to pout. “So you’re saying I’m a pervert with no self-control, is that it?”

“I didn’t say that, Brit.” Rachel instinctively flowed to a reassuring tone. “There’s nothing at all wrong with the way you are. It’s just how you’re wired. Your sex drive is as natural for you as mine is for me. Of course the conditioning makes things a little more intense for us, but that can’t be helped.”

“I wish I had your drive instead of mine.” Britney lamented, her mind becoming more muddled by her alcohol intake. “All it ever does is stress me out and get me in trouble. It’s like it won’t give me a minute’s peace. Hell, I came on to you, my own sister.”

“Don’t even worry about it.” Rachel would never admit it, but she found her sister’s drunken attempt to seduce her somewhat cute. “I’m chalking that one up to the beer.”

“I almost killed that Kamelia bitch, and on my mission I actually…” Britney, suddenly realizing what she was about to divulge, went dead silent. In her inebriated state, the girl had let her defenses down to the point of recklessness.

“You actually what?” Britney had already confided in Rachel about the Kamelia Maggio incident, and the fact that she was referencing in along with her mission caused the older girl instant concern. She was well aware of the fact that after the mission, her sister had been confined to the clinic on a suicide watch, then subsequently removed from active duty. Whatever it was that had happened was clearly something ominous and deeply troubling to the younger girl.

“N… nothing… it’s nothing.” Britney looked nervously down at the water.

“Are you sure?” Rachel gently coaxed. “I’m a pretty good listener you know.”

“I know.” Britney looked up with a weak smile and bleary eyes. “You’re a good friend, Rachel, and I promise one day I’ll tell you… it’s just that… I’m not ready to yet.”

“That’s cool.” The older girl reached over and squeezed her shoulder. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Britney leaned her head over and rested her cheek on her sister’s hand.

A while later, the two cyborg’s mood had brightened considerably, and they were once again laughing and joking with one another. Rachel held up her now empty bottle to the light and gave it a quick shake. “I’m going for another beer.” She said. “Want one?”

“Sure.” Britney responded. She then thought better of the situation and grabbed her friend’s wrist. “Hang on, I’ve got a another idea.” With a tipsy giggle, she retrieved her cell phone from the pocket of her robe and placed a call.

“Hey, Kevin.” She said. “Me and Rachel are in the hot tub and we really could use another round.” After listening to her brother for a moment she continued. “What do you think? I want you to bring us a couple of beers.”

After another pause Britney let out an irritated sigh. “Stop being a dick and get out here!” She hung up on him and tossed the phone over her shoulder. It landed on the stone deck with a clatter. “Man, it’s like pulling teeth with that guy.”

“And you call me a bitch.” Rachel hung her head and started to snicker.

A short time later, Kevin came strolling out of the house, also clad in a robe and carrying his sisters requested order

“Here’s your beverages your highness.” He said sarcastically.

“Thank you, slave.” She took two of the bottles and handed one to Rachel. "Took you long enough."

“You guy’s mind if I join you?” The boy asked.

“That depends.” Rachel eyed the boy suspiciously. “Whatcha got on under the robe?”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” He said as he flashed the robe open to reveal a pair of knee length swim trunks, “But I’m totally decent.”

“Alright then.” Rachel said. “I just wanted to make sure it didn’t run it the family.” She then turned to Britney. “Speaking of family…”

“Yeah Brit.” The boy twisted open his beer and set it on the deck. “Hide your shame.”

“Why should I?” She sat up enough to expose her chest. “Tell me, Kevin, does the sight of my breasts upset you?”

“No, it doesn’t.” He said stepping down into the vigorously bubbling water. Kevin, like Rachel, was aware of how impaired Britney was, and was simply content to humor her.

“Do they arouse you in any way?” She further inquired.

“Of course not.” Kevin realized too late that he should have taken more care in phrasing his answer. He watched as his sisters eyes narrowed.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” The offended girl asked. “What’s wrong with them?”

“Nothing.” He tried to explain. “All I said was…”

“Oh, I get it.” Britney interrupted. “Well forgive me for not having balloon boobs like your precious Cassia.”

Kevin sighed and picked up his beer. "She does not have balloon boobs"

"Yes she does." Britney said. "They're at least as big as Rachel's."

"Hey!" Rachel said. "Don't drag me into this."

"No way." Kevin countered. "Rachel's a good cup size bigger."

"Hello?!" Rachel sharply rapped on the side of the tub. "I'm right here!"

“Do you mind?” Kevin winked at the Puerto Rican girl. “We’re trying to have a serious discussion about Brit's breast envy.”

“Asshole!” Britney used both hands to send a wave crashing over her brother. She then stepped out of the tub and picked up her robe saying. “I’m taking my tits somewhere they’ll be appreciated.”

“Get back here, Brit.” Kevin called after her. “Come on, I was just teasing.”

“Rachel, would you please inform the person you're with that I'm no longer speaking to him?” Britney said over her shoulder as she slipped into the robe and sauntered away.

"Uh, Kevin, Brit says she's no longer..."

"Yeah yeah, I heard." He put his hand on his forehead. "God, there’s no winning with that girl."

“It’s because you’re a guy.” Rachel explained. “Believe it or not, she’s completely sane when she’s with us.”

“Yeah I know, but I'm her freaking brother. You'd think she'd cut me a little slack.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are.” She laughed. “Every time she’s exposed to male pheromones it drives her crazy. But I wouldn’t worry about it; she’s so wasted she won’t even remember it in the morning.”

“I sure hope not.” He mumbled.

“Actually, I’m glad she’s gone.” Rachel swished her fingers in the water. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?”

She took a deep breath. “What’s up with you and Paolo?”

“You should already know the answer to that.” He grimly replied. “It’s the way he treated Brit after I left.”

“That’s what I thought.” She said. His adverse reaction to the news of her training relationship with the boy had left little doubt in her mind. “You know that’s all in the past, right? Brit’s really close to him now.”

“If that makes her happy, then I’m cool with it.” Kevin said. “I won’t say anything to her. But it doesn’t change the way I feel about him. The guy was supposed to be my brother. I figured that after they kicked me out, he’d kind of help look after her, you know? The way Marc did. Instead, he turned around and pulled that shit. He bullied her, Rachel. Why the fuck would he do something like that? Forget she’s my sister - she’s a goddamn girl! I don’t know about you, but that’s not my idea of a friend. As far as I’m concerned, that fucker can go eat a dick.”

“I don’t blame you for feeling that way.” After saying this Rachel was silent for a moment, thinking about how in the past she herself had come close to intervening, and stopping Paolo‘s abuse by force. “Kevin, I hope you don’t hold it against me that I’m…”

“Nah, it’s cool.” The boy now started to brighten up again. “Don‘t even trip. I know you, and I know if you’re doing this, you have a good reason for it.”

“I wonder.” She said, retuning his smile. “I sometimes think I’m just being selfish.”

“Sometimes that’s the best reason of all.” Kevin assured. “So tell me, are you doing the Triela thing, or are you going the whole nine yards?”

“The whole shebang.” The girl replied. “He doesn’t have much time, so I’m squeezing in everything I can.”

“That’s good.” Kevin said as he thought back on his own miserable time at the Agency. “I wish you could've been my senior instead of Petra. I still don’t understand why she hated me so much. If I’d been a total douche bag like Stef, it would have made sense, but I wasn’t. She had no right to treat me the way she did.”

“No she didn’t.” Rachel quietly agreed. “For all it’s worth, I wish I’d had you too. It sure as hell would’ve made my life a lot easier.”

“You think?” Kevin laughed. “Don’t forget I was the biggest fuck-up of all the girl-boys.”

“That I can deal with. I don’t care if anyone is any good or not - as long as I know they’re giving it their best shot I’m okay with it. Hey, I helped train Brit, didn’t I?” When she saw the boys smile start to fade she added. “I’m sorry they sent her on a mission, that was fucked up. I had no idea they were going to do that, I really didn’t. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to see happen.”

“I know.” He said, touched by his fellow cyborg‘s devotion to his sister. “I’m just glad Brit has you for a friend. I’m glad she has all you guys. I mean, if she can’t be here, it’s good to know that…”

“Don’t worry.” Rachel warmly interjected. “One of these days, she‘ll be coming home to stay. Then you‘ll get to put with her shit full-time.”

This tickled the boy. “I Think the Agency should give you a special commendation for putting up with her for as long as you have.”

“She’s a good kid.” Rachel smiled. “A bit of a ditz, but a good kid.”

After another pause, Kevin said. “A while back, I tried to check up on Stef.”

“Really?” This clearly peaked the girl’s interest. “Did you find anything out?”

“Not much.” He replied. “His name is Raphael Foscaldi now, and he lives in Milan with his adoptive parents. His folks are pretty well off. He’s also going to school.”

Rachel sighed and stared down at the bubbling water. “I know me and him had our... differences, but I really do hope he’s happy now.”

“Yeah, so do I.” He then went on the say something he more than likely would not have had he not been drinking. “I don’t know if you know this, but Brit slept with him.”

“I know.” Rachel affirmed. “She told me.”

“I wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear that, but at least he was always nice to her. He was the same way with me, and the other girl-boys. He looked out for us when no one else would. That guy got me through some really rough times.”

“It’s too bad he could never show me that side of himself.” She said with a sad smile. “Paolo used to be the same way, but now he’s starting to open up to me. Don’t tell anyone I said this… but it feels kind of good.”

Kevin shook his head. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

“You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that.”

After studying Rachel for a moment, Kevin decided it was time to take the evening in a new direction. He suddenly reached out and deliberately splashed water in the unsuspecting girls face.

“What the fuck?!” She exclaimed as she wiped her eyes.

“Exactly!” He responded. “What the fuck are we doing sitting here crying in our beer? We’re supposed to be partying, right? This is a vacation, not a wake.” He stood up and pulled her to her feet. “Come on, let’s go see what the other losers are up to.”

Rachel could not help but smile as she stepped out of the tub. “If we’re lucky, Triela’s putting on another show.”

“If she decides to go full Monty, I ain’t stopping her this time.” He said. “And I plan on catching those Smurf panties when she tosses them.”

“Not if I get ‘em first.” The two cyborgs laughed as they made their way towards the house.



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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by boomer_gonz on Sun 11 Mar 2012 - 13:53

Supreme I must say. Good stuff all around.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by tremec6speed on Tue 13 Mar 2012 - 4:03

Powerful reading, Danjo. I just finished all three Friends and Freedom.
It's the kind of story collection that made me stop and think of all the situations Britney can find herself in when:
"On one hand she was thankful she would not be called upon to commit another act of murder, while on the other was a deep seated frustration at being denied the opportunity to satisfy her new and frightening blood-lust. Britney was also thoroughly sickened by the realization that her victim did not have to be a man – a woman or even a child would give her the same sexual thrill. If it was ordered by the Agency, she would throw herself into the task with complete and total abandon."
I was like, wow. Again, powerful stuff. head bang


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Wed 14 Mar 2012 - 3:03

@ Boomer & tremec6speed – Thanks guys. Glad you liked it. Very Happy


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by ElfenMagix on Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 17:42



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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Three Dog on Sun 1 Apr 2012 - 7:17

Only just finished cating up. I been reading for some time now Danjo, 'bout six or seven months now I reckon, and now that I finaly have an acount, I will buy a hat so that I may tip it to you, good sir. This was the first FanFic i read and is still one of me faves. keep up the good work man.

And anyone who says I shouldn't read this can shove a pinaple up themselves because it's educational. A male horse with nuts is a Stalion, and a horse without is a Gelding.Very Happy


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Thu 5 Apr 2012 - 2:11

Destroyer of Worlds ;D wrote:Only just finished cating up. I been reading for some time now Danjo, 'bout six or seven months now I reckon, and now that I finaly have an acount, I will buy a hat so that I may tip it to you, good sir. This was the first FanFic i read and is still one of me faves. keep up the good work man.
Thanks Destroyer. Your kind words are much appreciated.Very Happy

Destroyer of Worlds ;D wrote:And anyone who says I shouldn't read this can shove a pinaple up themselves because it's educational. A male horse with nuts is a Stalion, and a horse without is a Gelding.Very Happy
Britney is an accomplished equestrian, so she’s very knowledgeable on the subject. As for me, I don’t know jack-shit about horses, and had to take a crash course on the filthy beasts. Laughing


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 8 Apr 2012 - 20:28

To my fellow forum mates,

I’ve decided to pull the plug on Biff & Britney. Hopefully I’ll post the last story next Sunday. It’s been a lot of fun writing it, but I feel it’s pretty much been played out. I just don’t have the passion for it a that I used to have. I’m sure you guy’s know how that goes. It’s pretty good timing when you think about the way GSG is playing out. What a long strange trip it’s been.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Three Dog on Sun 8 Apr 2012 - 21:31

@Danjo3 wrote:To my fellow forum mates,

I’ve decided to pull the plug on Biff & Britney. Hopefully I’ll post the last story next Sunday. It’s been a lot of fun writing it, but I feel it’s pretty much been played out. I just don’t have the passion for it a that I used to have. I’m sure you guy’s know how that goes. It’s pretty good timing when you think about the way GSG is playing out. What a long strange trip it’s been.
Fair enough. I'll miss it, but I do know what you mean, I understand completely.
And strange seems like a harsh word, how 'bout peculiar? Or interseting?


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Alfisti on Sun 8 Apr 2012 - 22:19

@Danjo3 wrote:To my fellow forum mates,

I’ve decided to pull the plug on Biff & Britney. Hopefully I’ll post the last story next Sunday. It’s been a lot of fun writing it, but I feel it’s pretty much been played out. I just don’t have the passion for it a that I used to have. I’m sure you guy’s know how that goes. It’s pretty good timing when you think about the way GSG is playing out. What a long strange trip it’s been.
Damn, and just as I'd finally managed to catch up with it as well...

Really enjoyed the last few chapters of the story, and as always I'm in awe of your ability to write a rollercoaster of emotions into your work. It'll be a shame to see it end, but I know where you're coming from: best to wrap it up while its still something of a pleasure rather than allowing it to become a chore.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by ElfenMagix on Mon 9 Apr 2012 - 16:58

I'm deciding the same thing as well.
After UN Resolution, I'll be looking at my options.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Tue 10 Apr 2012 - 0:28

@Alfisti wrote:best to wrap it up while its still something of a pleasure rather than allowing it to become a chore.
You hit it right on the head mate.
@ElfenMagix wrote:I'm deciding the same thing as well.
After UN Resolution, I'll be looking at my options.
You’ll be happy to know Rachel makes an appearance in the finale.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Alfisti on Tue 10 Apr 2012 - 5:04

@Danjo3 wrote:
@Alfisti wrote:best to wrap it up while its still something of a pleasure rather than allowing it to become a chore.
You hit it right on the head mate.
Though curiosity is about to get the better of me: any other projects on the horizon? Or is this it for now?


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Tue 10 Apr 2012 - 10:52

@Alfisti wrote:Though curiosity is about to get the better of me: any other projects on the horizon? Or is this it for now?
Nothing at the moment. Somewhere down the road I may do a follow up to the story I’m doing now, but that’s pretty much it. For now, I’m just going sit back and enjoy everyone else’s work.


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by ElfenMagix on Tue 10 Apr 2012 - 20:36

@Danjo3 wrote:
@ElfenMagix wrote:I'm deciding the same thing as well.
After UN Resolution, I'll be looking at my options.
You’ll be happy to know Rachel makes an appearance in the finale.
Thank you for the honor.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by tremec6speed on Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 2:00

Sad to hear your ending the story of Biff and Britney. I agree that it's best to do what you feel is right. Looking forward to reading the end. head bang


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 10:46


My name is Britney Elizabeth Kensington-Calabrese. But I generally just go with Brit Calabrese - saves a lot of time when I’m signing checks.

I’m lounging by the pool with my husband, my belly swollen and heavy with his child. Our first. The little guy’s due any day now, and I’m ready for him to finally get his lazy butt out here. I reach over and take Amadeo’s wrist, placing his hand on my stomach where his son is once again kicking me. Yes, me and Amadeo are man and wife, have been for the last four years. There are few things in this world I love more than seeing his beautiful smile, and the way he’s been fussing over me during my pregnancy is absolutely adorable. Now that I‘m due, the poor guy’s completely stressed out. I spend most of my time now trying to calm him down. You would think by the way he’s acting, I’m the only woman this has ever happened to. I guess when you think about it, little Mathew is unique to the entire world, so in a way, it kind of is.

It all seems like a dream now, but at one time in the hazy past, I worked for the Italian government. I was only a child then, and with my partner, Biff Steel, did terrible things to people. When I think back on it, and I often do, I like to pretend it was someone else instead of me, which is surprisingly easy now.

During my time at the Agency, I went on a total of four kill mission, resulting in the murder of six people by my own hand. With each life I took, my desperate grip on sanity became weaker. On my last outing I inadvertently killed an innocent child. As a result, I suffered a complete mental break-down, and after a few months with no sign of improvement, was unceremoniously discharged on the grounds I was no longer fit for duty. In other words, they believed I was mad as a hatter. I was just one week shy of my 19th birthday when it happened. Instead of going back to the States, I spent a year and a half in Rome living what I referred to as a Bohemian life style. What this really meant is that I slept all day, spent my nights prowling the seediest bars and clubs in town, and associated with people who at best could only be called unsavory. I tried to convince myself this was the way I wanted to live, but in reality, all I was doing was running away from my past. I know it sounds cliché, but I actually have a tattoo I don’t remember getting. It’s a beautiful butterfly on the small of my back. I didn’t even know it was there until a complete stranger complimented me on it. At the time, he had me bent over the hood of his car, banging me from behind. I shudder at the thought of the countless men and women I had unprotected sex with. I’m hardly exaggerating when I say it was someone new every night. Yes, I did somehow manage to stay on birth control, but how I made it through without contracting a single STD is a mystery for the ages.

This was a dark chapter in my life, and was only made more hellish when I picked up a nasty little heroin habit. Since money was no barrier, I was free to pump as much smack into my veins as I wanted. It wasn’t long before I was a full fledged junkie, and that was just fine with me. The wonderful thing about heroin is that it blots out everything else in your life, including ghosts. My only saving grace during this period was Amadeo and Biff. No matter how many times I hit rock bottom, they always seemed to be there to fish my sorry ass out of the gutter. It was only after a near fatal overdose that they finally forced me into rehab, where I was able to get clean and start on the long and painful road to recovery.

There was however a bright side to all of this. Even before that horrible last mission, I ‘d already started feeling it impossible to ignore the pangs of love I had for Amadeo. Our relationship had actually gotten pretty serious… well, as serious as an open relationship can get. But even then, I was not prepared to allow myself to be emotionally venerable to another person. Still, the burning jealousy I would feel knowing he was with another woman was undeniable. Not only that, but I was starting to have a hard time enjoying sex with other men, finding it increasingly difficult to shake the nagging feeling I was cheating on him.

It was while I was in the hospital recovering from the overdose that Amadeo finally laid it on the line. He took my hand, and with tears in his eyes, professed his love for me. As for my part, I pulled my hand away and callously told him I would never love anyone. If you can say nothing else about my Amadeo, he’s definitely persistent. Slowly but surely, he was able to gently chip away at the wall I had worked so long building around myself. In time, he made me feel strong enough to take a chance. I told him I’d be his girlfriend on one condition – that he promise to love me forever. He agreed, and then shocked me with a condition of his own.

"There can only be you and me, Brit, no one else." He looked deeply into my eyes. "There’s only room in my life for you now, and I refuse to share you with anyone. If that’s something you want as badly as I do, then I promise to love you forever."

To say I went completely head over heels is the understatement of the year. I guess Amadeo has an old fashion side to him after all. Back then, I figured if we ever did get hitched, a certain amount of infidelity would be tolerated, even expected. Amadeo made it crystal clear he was having none of that. As he had explained, I deserve better. Actually, I think we both do. Besides, with a man as wonderful as him at home, I have no reason to stray.

I remember the night he proposed to me as it were yesterday. I remember tears streaming down my cheeks, vigorously nodding my head up and down like an idiot because I was too choked up to even get out the word yes. I remember feeling a love so intense it hurt.

Way before that, while we were still dating, Amadeo asked me in an offhand way how I felt about having kids, family being very important to him. I then realized it was a subject we had never before discussed. "It all depends on the guy." I said with an air of superiority. "Keep in mind I'm a Kensington. I'm practically American royalty. The man in question would have to be of exceptional pedigree, and worthy of my blood line. I’m not going to let some commoner off the street impregnate me."

Suddenly, a pained look of rejection registered on his face. "Even if the commoner was someone like... I don't know... me?"

"You’re the one exception." I answered with a warm smile. "I'd give you all the babies you want." It was the first time I ever saw the man blush.

At first, I was a little weary of motherhood. After spending so many years having other people take care of me, I wasn’t sure I was up to the task. Being in charge of raising another human being is a daunting responsibility. But the love I already feel for this baby has put my fears to rest. And anyway, I have Amadeo by my side, and I happen to think we make one hell of a team. Even if my son grows up to be only half the man his father is, he'll still be a fantastic person. I’ve never seen him as happy as he was the night I let him know I was ready. As he lay in bed waiting for me, I stepped out of the bathroom with a waste basket in my hand. Then, without words, I very deliberately dropped my pill pack into it.

I had briefly toyed with the idea of naming our baby Silvano, as a kind of memorial to the little boy I accidentally killed in Italy, but in the end, I just couldn’t bear the thought of being reminded of it every time I called my son’s name. I even considered Biff, but to be honest, I think it’s kind of a goofy name. Instead, we settled on Mathew, in honor of my father. He’ll be Mathew Amadeo Kensington-Calabrese II. Or more succinctly, Mat Calabrese. Has a nice ring to it.

Amadeo’s mom arrived the other day and will be staying on to help with the baby once he decides to join us, a very sweet gesture when you consider she doesn’t like me all that much. I think she sees me as the Jezebel who stole her own baby, and don't even get me started on the whole she's not a Catholic business. Oh well, the latter won’t be a problem for much longer. Since I agreed to raise my son in the Catholic Church, I plan on eventually converting myself. It’s not that I have any particular preference for the religion, it’s simply because I want to share in every part of my husband and son’s life, including their faith. And of course it’ll earn me some serious brownie points with my mother-in-law. Who knows? Maybe one of these days she’ll refer to me as her daughter and really mean it.

When me and Amadeo picked her up at the airport, she was downright alarmed by how little weight I had put on. Aside from my protruding belly and engorged breasts, my appearance has not changed at all. I couldn't help but laugh when she scolded her son for not fattening me up properly. Now I'm basically being force fed a steady diet of her rich Italian cooking. "Eat!" She demands. "Eat! My grandson is starving in there!" She needn’t fret; prenatal care has been an obsession with me. My only vice since getting clean is caffeine, and I gave that up when I went off birth control. Once a got pregnant, I even stopped coloring my hair. Yes, I color my hair now. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as golden as it was when I was a girl, and there’s a little more gray involved then a woman my age should have to deal with. It’s been nine months now and my head‘s a fucking disaster area. I’ve already put my stylist on standby for a complete emergency overhaul after the delivery. It’s so wonderful to constantly hear my Amadeo tell me how beautiful I am, even though I know he’s lying.

I ‘d made plans to get that stupid tattoo removed, mainly because a lot of the clothes I wear expose my lower back, and I’m embarrassed to have people see it, but Amadeo talked me out of it, saying he thought it was sexy as hell. What can I say? I decided to keep it… for now anyway. I'm in my mid-twenties, and it's a beautiful butterfly. By the time I hit my saggy-sixties, it's going to look like some god awful vulture. Then there’s Mathew. I know how impressionable kids can be, and the last thing I want is for him to grow up thinking his Mother approves of tattoo’s. Amadeo has one, however, his is far different from mine. I got inked during a drug induced stupor, while he received his serving with the San Marco Regiment, and as such, is a badge of honor. I’ve never found tattoo’s to be attractive on anyone, men or women, but as you’ve probably already guessed, I’m very proud of his.

At first, Biff wasn’t too keen on me marrying Amadeo, being convinced I could do a lot better, not to mention the reservations he had about the 15 year gap in our ages. But he also knew how hopelessly in love I was, and how in Amadeo, I had found my one true soul mate and best friend. Before Biff walked me down the aisle, I found out that he had taken Amadeo aside and threatened to rip out his spine if he ever hurt me. You really gotta love the big lug. Our lavish wedding turned out to be the social event of the season. The society magazines wrote stories about the dashing Italian man who swept the young American heiress off her feet, as if it were some kind of fairytale. If only they knew. I was quite beautiful, if I do say so myself. Amadeo was so stunning that he actually made me weak at the knees. Biff beamed through the whole ceremony, and as I had expected, Tony wept.

We spent three weeks honeymooning in the Bahamas, not even leaving our bungalow for the first three days. We’d take quick breaks to eat or grab a nap, then jump right back in with both feet. Pure sexual energy is just one of a thousand ways we complement one another.

I can hardly wait until we get back in the saddle. It seems like an eternity since we’ve had regular sex, and I ache to feel him inside of me again. The Doctor says it’s alright, but Amadeo, being an extremely well endowed man, is afraid that in the heat of passion, he might accidentally skewer the baby. I tried to tell him not to worry, even quoting his own mother, who told me of an old wives tale she believes to be Gospel truth. According to her, semen loosens up the cervix. It didn't work. When it comes to me and the baby, Amadeo is on DEFCON 1, and any effort on my part to wear him down is a waste of time.

My big brother Biff and his boyfriend Tony now have their own home over in Los Feliz, not far from Griffith Park. At first the two were living in the guest house at my estate, then decided it was getting too crowded, which makes no sense at all. I get the feeling it was more about Biff’s pride then a lack of space. I suppose they could’ve moved anywhere they wanted, but I think the two of them are still somewhat traumatized by what happened to me in Italy, and want to stay close to home in order to keep an eye on me. In all his years of law enforcement, Biff has seen more than his share of junkies, and knew the odds of me shaking the monkey off my back were slim at best. I knew how terrified the poor man was of loosing me, and I’ll never forgive myself for putting him through such a nightmare. He never misses a chance to tell me how proud he is, but behind his smiling eyes, I still see a faint trace fear.

Biff’s hair has started to thin, and the once rock hard body is now going soft. He still works out, but not with anywhere near the zeal of the old days. But that’s okay. His muscles used to be a vital tool of his deadly trade, and I take a great deal of comfort in the fact that his now peaceful life no longer requires them. Even though Biff is not related to me by blood or marriage, my son will grow up calling him Grandpa, a title he already wears with pride.

And Tony? Well, he’s still Tony. He came with us to the States, uprooting his life in order to be with Biff. Everything was fine until Biff decided to spill his guts about us. And spill he did. I warned him against this, but it was something he felt he had to do. Tony, unable to deal with what my brother had done to me, fled back to Italy. It took many months of our combined efforts to finally bring him back. He eventually forgave Biff, but I sense there’s a small part of him, somewhere deep down, that never will.

The two are now content to grow old together. The guy’s so excited about the baby he’s literally beside himself. True to form, he’s bought Mathew enough clothes to get him through a dozen babyhoods. I’m forever telling him to knock it off already, but he always comes back with the same excuse.

"I wasn’t going to buy anything, but I just happened to see this little outfit and couldn’t resist." He says.

I look at the tag and see where he bought it. "If you weren't going to buy anything, why the hell were you in a baby store?"

"Shut up, that’s why." He grabs my arm, leads me to the couch, and orders me to lie down on my back.

"Do we have to do this now?" I whine. "My stories are on."

"That’s the last thing he needs to be listening to." He puts on a classical music CD, unbuttons my blouse to expose my belly, and places a purplish fabric swatch on it – Mathew’s soul color, he says. The dork then spends the next twenty minutes caressing my stomach and having a one-sided conversation with the baby. This little ritual has been happening once a week for the last four months. I would find this extremely irritating… if it wasn’t so goddamn sweet. Like I said, Tony is still Tony.

Sadly, I’ve lost all contact with my sisters at the Agency, save one. Once I left, I fell head first into a downward spiral that seemed bottomless. Jean had told all of the girls that I had gone home to the States, and was living happily ever after. None of them knew I was still in Rome, hell bent on destroying myself. However, Jean knew this all too well, and went to great lengths to shield my sisters from the awful truth. He knew how demoralizing it would be if they ever found out that Section 2 had reduced one of their own to so much street garbage. At the time, I was thankful he was doing it. Maybe I still am.

The only one of my sisters I actually saw before leaving Italy was Rachel, and that meeting was a total accident. She was closing in on a mark who had been alluding her for far too long. On this particular night, the chase led her to a rundown bar I happened to frequent. As her dark eyes quickly scanned the room, they locked onto someone familiar. As she slowly approached me, I'm sure she felt her eyes were playing tricks on her. They had to be.

"Brit?" She said cautiously.

At first I didn’t recognize the voice, nor did I care who it was. I was just getting ready to hit the bathroom for a much needed fix, and didn’t want to be bothered. Rachel swiveled my barstool around, and her face came into focus. The look of astonishment in her eyes said it all. There she was, healthy, fresh faced and beautiful as ever, and there I was, strung out and emaciated, looking more dead than alive. She blinked in disbelief as she ran her fingers over the track marks on my arm.

Rachel, like the others, assumed I was safe and sound in California. I could hear the quiver of emotion in her voice as she reached out and tenderly stroked my dirty hair. "Brit, wh… what happened to you?"

What could I possibly say to her? Tell her to give me a second while I go shoot up, then we’ll have a pleasant little chat? Let her know that suicide by needle was taking a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would? What I really wanted was for her to get the fuck out and leave me alone. I wanted her to forget she’d ever seen me like that, to remember me the way I used to be back at the Agency. As I dissolved into tears, she wrapped me in her arms and hugged me. Even though it completely scuttled her mission, my big sister used my cell phone to call Biff, and gently held me until he arrived to once again haul my worthless ass home.

I felt sure it was the last time I would ever see her. Thank God, I was wrong. A few weeks after I had made it back to the States, she called me from New York. The two of us sobbed over the phone as I assured her over and over again that I was alright. I told her what I should have that night in the bar, but was unable to. I told her how much I loved her. She made me promise I would never lose touch with her again, threatening to hunt me down if I did. Several years later, I was proud to have her standing by my side as my maid of honor. She spent the entire wedding bitching about how ugly her dress was, and truth be told, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I’m really looking forward to her next visit. It will be the day I introduce little Mathew to his Aunt Rachel. It’s nice to know he’ll have yet another person in his life to look up to.

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. It’s been one hell of a ride so far, but at least I’ve managed to come through it relativity intact, and for that I’m extremely grateful. I once told my little brother, Paolo, that sometimes you have to be happy with what you have, and I truly believe God’s given more than my share. Life may not be perfect, but it’s as perfect as I need it to be.

I suddenly become aware of Amadeo’s eyes on me. "What is it?" I ask.

He reaches over and squeezes my hand. "Have I told you you’re the most beautiful woman in the world?"

"About a hundred times." I laugh. "And that’s just today." I push myself up and start struggling to get to my feet. I can’t help but feel like a beached whale.

"Where ya going?" He asks.

"Just getting a little snack."

"I’ll get it, you just relax." He jumps up and eases me back onto to the lounger, pressing his warm lips to mine. It’s near impossible for me to even lift a finger when he’s around. "How does one of your special sandwiches sound?" By this he means headcheese and peanut butter. I know, it sounds disgusting, however, since my second trimester I have an uncontrollable craving for it.

"Like heaven." I give him a playful pat on the rear as he walks toward the house. I feel guilty about him constantly waiting on me, but he insists it’s one of the perks of being a first time mom. He jokes that the next time around I’ll be fending for myself.

As I watch the sun shimmer off the surface of the pool, I can’t help but be grateful for the life I now have, especially considering how things might have turned out. Yes, I’m a murderer and a recovering drug addict. But I’m also a wife and soon to be mother who, along with my brother, sits at the helm a Fortune 500 corporation. I still have bad days when the ghosts of the past rear their ugly heads, or when the specter of heroin reminds me that no matter how long I live, it will always be crouched in the shadows, waiting to pounce on me if I slip-up. But I’m also surrounded by a circle of precious people who have stuck by me when most others would have given up. And soon, the life I carry in me will join that loving circle. We’re family, plain and simple. That’s the way it is now, and the way it will always be.

When the tears start, I don't even try to resist. Instead, I stroke my belly and speak softly to my son. "You are one lucky little boy."


I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the forum who has read my stories over the years, and given me such incredible feedback. Your constant support and encouragement has been awesome. I would also like to give special thanks to ElfenMagix for allowing me to use his character Rachel. B&B just wouldn't have been the same without her. As I mentioned earlier, I may still do a follow-up story sometime in the future, but for now, I’m going to let little Britney enjoy her retirement.

And last but not least, submitted for your approval, Brit’s tramp stamp:


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Kiskaloo on Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 12:42

Been a great ride.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by ElfenMagix on Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 20:36

When ever you need Rachel or any other of my OCs, you have permission to do so.

It was a great series, Danjo. Sad to see it go. Glad that parts of it might comeback.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Three Dog on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 0:31

@Danjo3 wrote: Before Biff walked me down the aisle, I found out that he had taken Amadeo aside and threatened to rip out his spine if he ever hurt me. You really gotta love the big lug.
My fave part. Danjo, you have done a briliant job as usual .


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Alfisti on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 6:43

Nice wrap-up mate... it's definately been a rollercoaster ride.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Wed 18 Apr 2012 - 2:20

Many thanks to you all for the kind words. I’ll be sure to pass them on to Brit and her hubby. Laughing


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by tremec6speed on Thu 19 Apr 2012 - 1:49

Great work, Danjo. Considering how dangerous life in the SWA is, I'm happy to read Brit made it out of there well all things considered (one of the few). The scars are there, but hopefully in time she'll be the stronger for it.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sat 21 Apr 2012 - 1:42

Thanks treme6speed. Very Happy


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 21 Oct 2012 - 14:57

Just when you thought you’d heard the last from little Britney, here’s yet another installment. I must say, it was a lot more relaxing writing this over the course of four months as opposed to three weeks. You might say this story picks up where the last one left off… give or take twenty years.

They tell me this story is too long for one post, so I guess I’ll have to chop it in two.

Hope you all enjoy!


Epilogue, part II, part I

It was a Saturday afternoon at around 1:00 pm when Rachel was met at LAX airport by Britney, Amadeo and Biff. They would all be getting together in New York in a little over a month, but Britney had still insisted she come out for a visit. Even after so many years had passed, Rachel still found it hard to say no to her little sister.

While waiting at the gate for her big sister, Britney, seeing that her entourage was not drawing any attention from the other people at the gate, felt truly comfortable with the situation. It had been many years now, and it seemed as time went on, the fascination the press had with her had begun to wane. Maybe they had finally stopped caring. And why not? Britney was not some Kardashian or Hilton clown. She was a middle age mother who never involved herself in the kind of outrageous behavior the tabloids fed on. Alcohol, drugs, and wild partying were all things that had been relegated to her distant past. Not only did the Kensington’s fiercely protect their privacy, but on the whole, they were somewhat boring.

To Britney’s dismay, the calm did not last long. As the group greeted Rachel, two photographers seemed to materialize out of nowhere, furiously snapping their shutters. Britney’s bodyguards did their best to shield the group as they made their way to the waiting limousine. “Way too close asshole!” One of them growled as he shoved a camera into the face of a photographer. Britney could at least take some small comfort in the fact her picture no longer commanded the kind of money it once did. What really disturbed her was that her children were now the ones who were sparking their interest.

“Take it easy, Carl.” Amadeo spoke under his breath to the bodyguard. “We don’t need lawsuit.” Several year ago, a photographer had made the mistake of tugging on Britney's shirt sleeve in an attempt to turn her towards his lens. Seeing this, a furious Amadeo had punched the man in the jaw, sending both him and his camera crashing to the sidewalk. Afterwards, Britney had seen to it that the matter was quickly and quietly settled out of court.

“Yes, sir.”

An angry Rachel held her hand up to shield of her face. “I swear, this town is the moron capital of the world.”

“Maybe it’s Weekly World News.” Britney said. “According to them, I once had an affair with Bigfoot.”

“What was he like?” Rachel asked.

“Big and hairy.” Britney laughed. “Kind of like Amadeo.”

“Very funny.” The man replied.

Upon arriving at the Kensington estate, the group was met at the front door by Hanna Kendrick, the woman who replaced Jeremy Davies after he had passed on. Jeremy had held the title of Head Butler while in the position, but after Britney promoted Hanna, it was changed to Estate Manager, something the heiress felt was much more fitting. Hanna was now in complete command of Britney’s estates in California, Atlanta, and the Hamptons, along with their full complement of employees. The only exception being the Kensington Château in France, whose upkeep she had farmed out to several local contractors.

“Welcome back Miss Rachel.” Hanna knew times were changing, but always tried to hold on to a little bit of what her mentor had passed down. “So good to see you again.”

Rachel, who was now 43, had known Hanna since the two of them were sixteen years old, way back in the days when the Estate Manager was nothing more then a part time maid. “You’re never going to drop that Miss crap are you?”

Hanna did her best to keep a straight face as she professionally spoke. “If Madam does not wish for me to…”

“I don’t, but it never makes any difference.” Even though it was a blatant breach of etiquette, the two shared a hug. Hanna imagined that at that very moment, Jeremy was turning over in his grave.

As a Houseman took Rachel’s bags to her room, she was greeted by Britney’s 14 year old daughter, Elizabeth.

“Hey there kiddo.” The woman gave the young girl a tight hug. “How’ve you been?”

“Alright, I guess.” She answered glumly.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked. “You look like someone pissed in your post toasties.”

“I’m sorry.” The girl gave her aunt a rather pathetic smile. “I’m really happy to see you.”

Rachel then glanced over Elizabeth’s shoulder to see Britney silently mouthing the words ‘boy trouble’. She gave her an understanding nod.

“Let‘s talk.” Rachel took Elizabeth’s arm and the three walked to one of the living rooms. “I want to hear all about how you’re doing at that hoity-toity school of yours.”

The three sat down for a long chat, catching Rachel up on all the current events, careful to steer clear of the subject that was troubling the young girl. After a while, Elizabeth excused herself, using homework as the reason.

As she stood up, Rachel took her hand. “Hey, kiddo,” She gently said, “it’s going to be alright, okay?”

“Okay.“ Elizabeth gave her Aunt a warm embrace before leaving the room.

Once the girl was gone, Rachel turned to her sister. “So, what’s the story?”

“She had a falling out with Craig.” Britney replied.

“He’s that boy she hangs around with, right?”

“That would be the one.”

Elizabeth’s troubles all started several weeks prior the Rachel’s arrival. As usual, her best friend had come over to study with her. When the door bell chimed, Britney happened to be in the immediate vicinity. As she reached for the door, a young housekeeper came dashing into the front foyer.

“I’ve got it, Ashley.” Britney said.

“Yes, ma’am.” The girl curtsied and retreated.

When Britney opened the door, she saw an all too familiar young man standing there with a backpack slung on his shoulder. “Hi, Craig.” She greeted.

It was Craig Spencer, Elizabeth’s closest friend and confidante. The two had forged their friendship all the way back in preschool, and had been inseparable ever since. The boy had been such a familiar fixture around the Kensington estate for so long that Britney had almost come to think of him as one of her own children.

“Hi, Mrs. Calabrese.”

Britney gave him a warm smile. “Elizabeth is up in her room.”

“Um, did you ask Mr. Calabrese about shooting yet?” He asked.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I forgot all about it.” She gave him a pat on the shoulder, “I’ll talk to him right now.”

“Thanks!” He chirped.

Britney smiled as she watched the boy trot though the main hall and up the stairs. She then walked to the West terrace where she joined her husband, Amadeo.

“What do you think about letting Craig do some target practice?” She asked. “Katie said it was alright with her.”

“I take it he’s here?” He grumbled.

“Yeah, he’s upstairs studying with Elizabeth.” She said. “Is there a problem?”

“Why can’t she pal around with another girl?” Amadeo lowered his newspaper. “Tell me, are you comfortable with them being up there by themselves?”

“Sure,” Britney said, “why wouldn’t I be?”

Amadeo frowned. “I’m just wondering if there might be something other than just studying going on.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Britney assured. “Craig’s practically family. Those two have been best friends since they were toddlers.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Elizabeth isn’t exactly a toddler any more. She’s far from it.”

“Yes, I know.” Britney said. “She’s an early bloomer. She gets that from your side of the family.”

“Here we go again.” He sighed.

“You know it’s true.” She said. “That girl’s more Italian then you are, and what’s more, I think you did it on purpose.”

“This I gotta hear.” Amadeo never tired of hearing Britney’s unique slant on life.

“You had a bruised ego because Matt favors me instead of you.” She explained. Mathew, Their eighteen year old son, shared her fair complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.

“I still think you were fucking the milkman.” He said with a chuckle.

Britney ignored this. “So when you knocked me up with your Princess, you put your macho Italian sperm into attack mode. My DNA never stood a chance.”

“You’re right, Brit,” He replied, “I’m a superhero, with the power to communicate with my sperm. Now can we get back to the subject?”

“You’re being overly protective, just like always.” Britney said. “Why is it I never see you acting that way towards Matt?”

“Matt’s a boy.” Amadeo replied, turning his attention back to his newspaper. “And yes, there is a double standard, so spare me your feminist lecture.”

“Pig.” Britney picked up part of his newspaper and began to leaf through the adds. “Anyway, Craig’s a good boy, so just cool it. And try having a little faith in your daughter.”

“I have plenty of faith in her.” He replied. “It’s him I don’t trust.”

While it was true Amadeo had a tendency to be overly protective of his daughter, in this particular situation his suspicions were right on the mark. The boy was well aware of the stunning transformation his friend had undergone, and what’s more, the thoughts he was having about her were anything but plutonic. The young girl was strikingly beautiful, both in face and body, which was not at all unexpected considering how attractive her parents were. While her older brother clearly favored their mother, young Elizabeth was all Calabrese. Her body, perfect face, olive skin, and dark brunette hair all seemed to conspire to create a dazzling, almost exotic kind of beauty. A family acquaintance had once likened her to a fourteen year old Sophia Loren. Even at her age, she was already the kind of girl who all eyes turned to whenever she entered a room. However, this was not always the case.

Back in grade school, she was nothing but a scrawny tomboy, who seemed to be all but invisible to the other boys. A proverbial ugly duckling. That all changed when she began to blossom into young womanhood. The turn of events happen as quickly as the onset of puberty. In a remarkably short amount of time, she had gone from forgettable to absolutely breathtaking. She had shot up several inches, and her once featureless, boy like body now sported alluring curves and jutting breasts. At the start of a new school year, the bewildered girl suddenly found herself at the center of everyone’s attention.

“Holy shit!” One of her classmates commented to a friend. “Is that Elizabeth Calabrese?”

“Yeah, it is.” Was the reply. “Can you believe it?”

“No, I thought maybe it was her sister or something.”

Because of a mix up at the company that supplied the students with their uniforms, Elizabeth had yet to receive her new blouses, so she was forced to wear one from the previous year. The two boys gaped at how her once absent breasts were now impossible to ignore under the snug cloth.

“Damn she’s hot! I’m defiantly putting her on the invite list.” By this he meant the pool party he was throwing for his fellow popular classmates. Everyone considered it to be the social event of the fall season, and to be invited was a true sign of one’s status.

“I don’t think Jennie will be too happy about that.”

“Fuck it.” The boy said. “If I can hook-up with her, Jennie can kiss my ass.”

When one of the boys female intermediaries had personally delivered one of his invitations to Elizabeth, the girl snatched out of her hand, wadded it into a small tight ball, and with her Italian blood riled, pulled the girls chin down and stuffed it in her mouth. “Tell him that’s what I think of his invitation.”

The very boys who had once ignored her were now suddenly fighting each other to gain her attention. Even some of the older, more influential boys from the High School her brother was attending were being drawn to her. As for Elizabeth, she was not at all comfortable being suddenly thrust into the spotlight this way. She was much happier with the ways things used to be, when it was just herself and best friend Craig - the two of them against the world.

Elizabeth, along with Craig, attended a very exclusive private middle school by the name of The Willowbrook Academy, located in the upscale enclave of Bel Air. Elizabeth’s mother had once commented that if you had to ask how much tuition is, you need not apply. There was also an incredibly long list of children waiting to get in, but of course Elizabeth, being a Kensington, never had to worry about lists.

Craig, who also came from a very wealthy family, found that being so close to the beautiful and seemingly unattainable Elizabeth Calabrese, gave him a decided status boost amongst his peers. They would constantly badger the boy, wanting to know when he planned on pushing things past the friendship stage. Craig was succumbing to a type of mob mentality, and as of late, was starting to see his friend more through the eyes of the student body then his own. More and more he was viewing their relationship in terms of how it would benefit him socially. For Craig, childhood bonds were giving way to the pressure teenage politics.

“The general consensus is that you knocked Debbie Harrison off her thrown.” He had once informed her. “Looks like you’re the new ‘it girl’.”

Elizabeth found this bit of information extremely irritating. “Well I sure as hell never asked to be. I wish they‘d all just leave me alone.”

Craig shook his head. He knew that if his friend took advantage of her situation, the entire school would be at her feet, and he would be right there by her side. “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to be a little more sociable.”

“Fuck them!” She said in a huff. “I’m Italian, Catholic and new money. As far as they’re concerned, I might as well be from another freaking planet.” It was ironic that Elizabeth’s antisocial behavior, which was a direct result of her own mistaken feelings of alienation, was in fact fueling people’s fascination with her.

“Okay, so you’re a wop,” He said, “and you may also be new money, but when you’re the richest kid in school, who the hell cares?”

Sometime prior to his study date with Elizabeth, Craig had decided it was finally time to put his rising star on the fast track. He knew how deeply Elizabeth cared for him, and would use that affection to obtain what so many others considered to be the Holy Grail. Damaging their relationship was a chance he was more than willing to take. Once Craig had established himself as Elizabeth’s lover, he would no longer be one of the sheep in the herd – he would become one of the elite who set the standards.

The first thing he noticed when Elizabeth opened the door to her bedroom was that she held a bra in her hand, and was obliviously in the process of changing out of her school clothes. While she was still wearing her plaid uniform skirt, she had already shed her blouse and tie. This left only the clingy and threadbare tank top she wore as a pajama top. The sheer cotton did very little to conceal the details of her burgeoning young breasts. However, Elizabeth did not even give her provocative appearance a second thought. After all, this was Craig, her best friend whom she had taken baths with when they were children.

“Hey, Craigster.” Elizabeth warmly greeted as she tossed her bra into the hamper. “What’s up?”

“Hey, Liz.” He replied. Elizabeth could not stand it when people shortened her name, and was always quick to correct anyone who did. Craig was the exception – he had been calling her Liz for so long she did not even notice it.

Craig set his backpack on the bed and retrieved a marijuana cigarette from a side pocket before following her across the room to the open French doors, and then out onto her exterior balcony. The boy was almost hypnotized by how the cool air was affecting the peaks of her breasts. “I like the wife beater.” He said with a sly grin. “Why is it mine never look that good on me?”

Elizabeth gave him a strange look as the late afternoon breeze played with her long dark hair. “What are you talking about? It’s all worn out.”

“Tell me about it.” His slightly lasciviouslaugh did not produce the desired effect.

“You’re a weirdo.” Elizabeth took the joint from his hand and placed it between her lips. Lighting it, she inhaled deeply before passing it to her friend. Once finished, the two came back into the room and closed the doors behind them.

“Let’s hit it.” Elizabeth hoped onto her large canopied bed and sat cross legged amidst the books spread out before her.

“I wish I could.” When he saw that his sexual innuendo had fallen flat, he sighed and joined her on the bed.

They had been studying for almost a half hour when Elizabeth leaned over to point out a particular math problem in the boy’s book. When she did, Craig’s mouth dropped open as he was treated to a titillating view down the front of her shirt. When Elizabeth noticed he was not looking at the book, she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Hello, earth to Craig.”

“What?” He quickly answered.

“You’re spacing off again.” She replied. “What’s your problem? Why have you been acting so weird lately?”

“It’s nothing, I guess.” He scooted up to the front of her bed and leaned back against the headboard next to the girl. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs, exposing the shapely tan legs she had stretched out on the brightly colored quilt. Even though they were the same age, her flowering body made him feel as though she were light years ahead of him.

“Liz… do you like me?” He quietly asked.

“What kind of stupid question is that?” She answered, still writing in her note book.

“I just wanted to know.”

“Of course I do. Why do you think I’ve put up with you for all these years?” She put the end of her pen between her teeth. “What did you get for number 36?”

After taking a moment to steel up his courage, he reached over and cupped her breast, gently pinching the perky nipple through the thin fabric. Elizabeth jumped before grabbing his wrist and yanking his hand away. “Cut it out.”

“I’m sorry.” He ducked his head to hide his embarrassment. “I just thought… you might like it.”

“Well I don’t.” She said. “Now stop playing around and concentrate. We’ve got a test tomorrow.” Even though Elizabeth had always been a straight A student, she still obsessed about her scholastic performance. Even then the fiercely independent girl was determined to make her own mark in the world, by her own hard won merit, and not the free ride the Kensington family would give her. Elizabeth had even decided that she would never hyphenate her last name to include Kensington, a decision her mother was not at all pleased with.

“I…I wasn’t playing.” The boy said solemnly.

When she saw the serious look on the boys face, Elizabeth sat up and turned towards him, gently putting her hand on his leg. “Craig, why have you been acting so strange lately? What’s wrong?”

“Well, it’s just that…” He started nervously, “I was thinking it would be kind of cool if we fooled around a little.” If anyone was now in a position to do so, it was him.

“Are you serious?” She asked. “You and me?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“That would just be creepy.” She explained. “It would be like doing it with my own brother.”

“Come on.” He begged. “We used to play doctor when we were little. What’s the difference?”

“We’re not little anymore.” When she saw her friend look down with a pout, she sighed and said. “Listen, if you’re that fascinated with my boobs, I’ll be happy to show them to you…”

“I wanted to do a lot more than that.” He whined.

“If you’re talking about fucking me, I can tell you right now it’s not gonna happen.” She let out a long breath. “Where did all of this come from anyway? You never used to be like this.”

“And you never used to be… like you are now.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t know if you’ve looked in the mirror lately, but you’re like, smoking hot. How do you expect me to feel?”

Elizabeth looked him in disbelief. “Are you trying to say it’s my fault you’re horny?”

“You know what? Just forget it.” He got up from the bed and start jamming books into his back pack. “I’m sorry I even brought it up.”

“Craig, wait!” The girl grasped him by the wrist and pulled him back down. “Stop being such a big baby!” After giving it some thought, she decided that compared to her friends happiness, this would be a minor inconvenience. As he had pointed out, they had played doctor as children, and that had never made any difference. Their friendship was rock solid, and there was no way anything would ever change that. “If I were t give you a quick hand job, would that shut up?”

“Sure!” The boy was pleased with himself, seeing how his ploy had paid off. “That’d be cool.”

“Alright then, but this a onetime deal, okay? After this I don’t want you to ever bring it up again. Got it?” Even then Elizabeth had a gut feeling this was probably not a good idea.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” He promised as he crossed his heart. “Um, do you think I could also… touch you under your shirt?”

The girl hung her head. “Craig…”

“I’ll make it go quicker.” He assured her. “It really will.”

“Whatever.” She pulled off her wispy tank top and tossed it aside. “But only my tits, nothing else.”

The boy was spellbound by the perfection of her beautiful firm breasts, which seemed to defy gravity. “They’re awesome...” He said in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Well don’t just sit there gawking like some kind of a moron,” She snapped, “let’s hurry up and get this over with.”

He reached out and caressed her experimentally. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

“I said it was didn’t I?” She said in an irritated voice. “Just don’t be man-handling me. I’ve kind of been going through a little growth spurt lately, and they’re very sensitive.”

Elizabeth had not seen Craig naked since they were both small, and for some reason she half-expected to see the same child like anatomy. After he had unfastened and pulled down his shorts, she was genuinely startled by how much the boy had matured. They had in fact played Doctor when they were little kids, but that was nothing more than innocent curiosity. Now, even though it was Craig, taking him in her hand gave the girl a sudden adrenalin rush of excitement that was anything but innocent. As Elizabeth worked diligently on her friend, he in turn began to message her breasts. When he bent down, intent on using his mouth, he abruptly stopped himself and glanced up at her for permission.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Go ahead, I mean if you really feel it necessary.”

On that particular day, Elizabeth’s developing breasts were much more sensitive then she had anticipated, and was taken by surprise when a beautiful tingling sensation began to spread throughout her body. This was not only confusing, but also a bit troubling. How could she possibly be having this kind of physical reaction to Craig? The girl felt as though she were enjoying an act of incest. When she let out a small involuntary moan, he again looked up and saw that her head was slightly back and her eyes were closed. “Does that feel good?” He asked.

The sound of his voice snapped the girl back to reality. “Don’t worry about me, stupid, just hurry up!” It was the first time her breasts had ever been stimulated in such a way, and even though she had insisted the boy finish quickly, deep down she hoped it would go on for as long as possible. Elizabeth found it difficult to keep her voice from betraying how intense the feeling actually was. “If my Dad catches us doing this, you‘ll be leaving here in a body bag!”

She did not expect Craig to have such staying power, and as time went on, Elizabeth’s level of arousal began to cloud her mind. She suddenly found herself being swept up by an electrifying urgency she had never felt before. Throwing caution to the wind, she surrendered herself to her body’s demands.

“It’s not fair that you’re the only one getting off.” The girl said with a scowl. She reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles, slipping one foot out. “Do me too.” As Craig moved his hand between her legs, she could immediately feel the experience he had garnered from his string girlfriends. Elizabeth was soon lost in the beautiful sensation, and in time was no longer able to suppress the sounds of pleasure that escaped her lips.

The girl knew what was about to happen as Crag’s entire body tensed, and she watched with a hungry fascination. Elizabeth was caught completely off guard when the mere sight of him ejaculating was enough to trigger her own, surprisingly powerful orgasm. It was not her first climax – Elizabeth had discovered masturbation nearly three years prior to this. It was however the first time she had ever experienced one with another person.

As for Craig, he was downright elated. This was Elizabeth Calabrese, the hottest, most sought after girl at Willowbrook Academy, and not only had she just given him a hand job, but he in turn had brought her to a shuddering orgasm. He now felt certain that this was only a preview of thing to come. “Wow, you just came.”

“Brilliant observation, Sherlock.” She curtly answered, still trying to catch her breath. “It’s not like I wanted to… it just happened.” Her dizzying sexual excitement had now evaporated, leaving only shame.

“But you were the one who said…”

“Shut up!” Elizabeth scolded as she plucked several Kleenex from a box on the night stand. “Now can we just forget about all this bullshit and get back to work?”

“Alright, take it easy…” He watched as she wiped the semen off her hand and wiggled back into her panties.

“And look at this!” Elizabeth hissed. “You jizzed all over my algebra book!”

It was the first and only time the girl would engage in any kind sexual activity with her friend. Despite his constant pleads, her answer was always an emphatic no, reminding him about the one time deal arrangement he had agreed to. She now deeply regretted ever having done it. “That’s all you ever think about any more!”

It was not that she disliked the pleasure she had received – in fact she had enjoyed it a great deal – it was more the fear she harbored about the negative ramifications it might have on their friendship, that it might somehow change things. As it turned out, these fears were well founded. It seemed that every time she shot down one of his advances, he would become a little bit colder towards her. This went on until eventually he turned his back on her altogether. She would later be told by a mutual acquaintance that her once best friend had actually called her a stuck-up bitch. The girl had to hear this from several other people before she could resign herself to the truth. To his credit, Craig never told anyone of their sexual encounter together, and for that much, she was grateful. Never the less, ten years of friendship came to a devastating end, leaving young Elizabeth absolutely heartbroken. She now had to face the incessant bombardment of unwanted attention on her own, constantly having to remind herself that Craig was no longer there for her to run to.

To be continued.


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 21 Oct 2012 - 15:25

Epilogue, part II, part II

During this time, Britney had done her very best to comfort her daughter. When Britney’s own mother and father were alive, they were so seldom around that she considered them to be absentee parents. Her father seemed to be all consumed with Kensington Technologies, while her mother was more interested in leading the life of a socialite than she was in her children. Consequently, she formed a stronger emotional bond with her nannies then she did her parents. It was for this reason Britney went out of her way to make her children the number one priority in her life. If Elizabeth ever needed a shoulder to cry on, it would be Britney’s, and not some Filipino woman who was on the Kensington payroll.

“It’s not fair.” Elizabeth said to her mother. “He’s the last person I thought would start acting all stupid. Is that the only thing any of them care about? Getting in my fucking pants? I hate his guts…!” The young girl’s eyes began to brim with tears, her chin quivering, “…and I miss him.” She found it impossible to believe it was really over.

“I know.” Britney put her arm around her daughter’s shoulder and pulled her close. “I miss him too.”

“Why does everything have to change?” She wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands. “We used to tell each other everything. I thought he’d always be a part of my life, now he’s gone. When we pass each other in the halls, he won’t even look at me. We’ve been best friend since before I can even remember, and now he acts like he doesn’t even know me!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but if this the way he wants it, there’s not much you can do about it.” Britney had initially thought about talking to Craig’s mother, but soon came to the realization that this would do nothing more than cause embarrassment for all concerned. “You just have to remember that none of this is your fault. Real friendships are unconditional. It was wrong of him to try and pressure you into something you didn‘t want.”

“I hate boys!” Elizabeth sniffled. “Maybe I should just become a Nun.” Fortunately for Elizabeth, she had not inherited her mother’s voracious sexual appetite. While she might have engaged in self-stimulation more frequently than the average girl her age, it was far from anything that would ever be considered excessive. In fact, she usually only resorted to it when her pent-up sexual tension became a distraction. The young girl often felt it was more of a chore then a pleasurable activity.

“I wouldn’t do anything that drastic.” Britney kissed her daughter on the forehead. “But I think from now on you’re going to have a hard time finding anymore boys who just want to be friends with you.”

“I’ve already figured that one out.” The pitiful girl replied. “They’re all like a pack of hungry dogs sniffing around a piece of meat.”

“I’m afraid that’s pretty much the way it’s going to be from here on in.” Her mother knew all too well what her beautiful daughter could expect from members of the opposite sex.

“Great…” She muttered.

“Hey, it’s not all bad.” Britney assured. “You can have any guy you want. That means you can take your time and wait for the right one to come along – a special guy who’ll treat you with the love and respect you deserve.”

Elizabeth gave her mother a weak smile. “You mean someone like Daddy?”

“Exactly.” Britney replied.

Elizabeth sighed. “You guys are like, crazy in love, aren’t you?”

“Yes we are.” Britney said, stroking the young girl’s dark hair. “And you’re proof of that.”

Elizabeth started to blush. “I hope it’s like that for me someday.”

“It will be, you’ll see.” Britney assured.

“Mom, can I ask you a really personal question?”

“You know you can.”

“How old were you when you first slept with someone?”

Though it made Britney feel terrible, she lied to her daughter. “I was nineteen.” The now forty year old women had been sexually active since the age of eleven, but the last thing she wanted to do was give the girl any ideas. Britney's sorted sexual past, her unholy involvement with the SWA, and nightmarish heroin addiction were all things she was determined to shield her children from.

“Was it with Daddy?” She asked.

“No.” Britney said. “And when I look back on it now, I wish I had saved myself for him.”

“That’s kind of lame.” Elizabeth laughed.

“Oh really?” Her mother squeezed the back of her neck and gave her a gentle shake. “Well tell me this smarty pants – if you knew a man like your father was waiting for you somewhere in the future, would you still think it was lame?”

“Alright.” The young girl giggled. “You made your point.”

“Any idiot can lose their virginity.” Britney gave her daughter a tight hug. “It‘s holding on to it that makes a person special, and that’s exactly what you are. That and your still just a child.”

Elizabeth was pretty sure being masturbated by Craig did not void her virginity, but asking her mother about such things, even hypothetically would undoubtedly raise suspicion, something she was not willing to risk.

“I’m not a kid.” Elizabeth said smugly. “I’m a woman.”

Looking at her daughter, even Britney had to admit it was difficult to hang the diminutive title on her. ‘Woman’ was indeed closer to the truth. “Just because you're starting to look like a woman, it doesn't mean you are one.” She said to Elizabeth. “You only get to be a kid once, sweetheart, so enjoy it while you can.” Like most parents, Britney was amazed by how the years seemed to flow past her like water.

“I think I can do that.” Elizabeth was in no hurry. When she was old enough, she would be allowed to date anyone she wanted to. Marriage, however, would be a different story. The girl’s family would have to sign-off on the man who would become the young heiresses future husband, or as Craig had once joked, Mr. Calabrese. As a Kensington, it was something she had always understood and accepted. But this caused her little concern, considering her entire peer group was made up of the wealthy and affluent. None the less, it would be her Mother and Uncle Kevin who would be the forces to be reckoned with. The ultimate stamp of approval would have to come from them. But if circumstances were to take a different turn and Elizabeth were to stray out of bounds, she would still have allies. She was her father’s little Princess, and had him wrapped around her finger. And then there was Biff, her big teddy bear, who while not a blood Kensington, still held a great deal of sway in family matters. There was also her Aunt Rachel, who for reasons Elizabeth did not fully understand, almost seemed to become the family matriarch whenever she was present. A long time ago, during her first communion reception, she had overheard her mother say something very curious to her Aunt. “Even if the two of us live to be a hundred, you’ll still be my senior girl.”

Once, while discussing the future, Britney had quoted the old saying that it was just as easy to love a rich man as it was a poor one.

“You should know.” Elizabeth said slyly. “You not only fell in love with a poor man, but you married him to boot.”

“Your father was not poor.” Britney insisted.

“That’s not what Nonna tells me. She said if they had dirt for dinner, it was considered a luxury.” Elizabeth was referring to her Grandmother Calabrese. The old woman did not speak a word of English, but this did not matter seeing as how both she and her brother were raised bilingual.

“Your Nonna like to tell stories, you should know that by now.” Britney said. “When people get to be her age, they tend to exaggerate a little. When we got married, your Dad had a well established and successful career with the Italian government.”

“You guys always say that, but you never include any details.”

“What details?” Understandably, this particular subject always made Britney a bit nervous. “He fought against terrorists. He put his life on the line everyday to protect innocent people. Your father is a very brave man, and you should be proud of him.”

“And you met him while you were on vacation in Rome?”

“That’s right.” Britney said. “I was walking down the street, minding my own business when I saw him sitting at a sidewalk café. When he looked up at me with those roughish eyes of his, I went weak at the knees.”

Elizabeth could not help but smile. “So it was love at first sight, huh?”

“Yes it was, sweetheart.” Britney gave her daughter a gentle hug. “That’s exactly what it was.”

One last twist was in store for Elizabeth. Almost six months later, Craig had called her up, and crying over the phone, told of how he had been dumped his girlfriend, the first girl he had ever truly been in love with. Craig knew this was a long shot, calling her after all he had done, but felt she was the only person on earth who could magically make the hurting stop, just like she always did . After listening to his sob story for a few minutes, she interrupted him asking. “What does any of this have to do with me?”

The boy was caught short by the ice in her voice. “I just thought… maybe we could talk, you know, like we used to.”

“You want to talk with me?” She laughed. “That’s interesting, because for the longest time, I wanted to talk to you, but that never happened because you were too busy shitting on me! I tried to talk to you, I tried calling you, I sent e-mails, I even wrote you letters! No matter what I did, you just blew me off!”

Elizabeth remembered a long time ago, back in their earlier years of grade school when one of the bullies kept pulling her hair. It was Craig who had sprung to the insignificant tomboy’s defense and punched the boy in the nose, making him cry. He always seemed to be there, always there to defend her. He never cared about all of the ridicule the other boys heaped on him, she was all that mattered.

“I’m really sorry, Liz, about everything…” By this time, Craig had effectively lost the elevated peer status his association with Elizabeth had provided him. In the school cast system, he was now nothing more than a commoner. It was this fall from grace that had played a direct role in the break-up with his girlfriend, who like himself, was obsessed with her standing in the social hierarchy.

“It’s Elizabeth, and I don’t care if you’re sorry or not.” She snarled. “How many times did I tell you I was sorry? Huh? I don’t know because I lost count, and I didn’t even have anything to apologize for! You were my best friend, but you ripped out my heart and stomped on it.” Elizabeth’s voice began to break with emotion. “All those years we stood by each other… took care of each other… and you just threw it all away as if it never even happened! Do you have any idea how much that hurts? Do you?!”

“I do!” The boy sobbed. “I was being stupid, I realize that now.”

“Well you’re too late.” She coldly replied. “You and me are finished.”

“Please, Elizabeth, give me one more chance…”

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you and Linda, but that’s not my problem… and neither are you, not anymore.” Elizabeth took a deep breath and said. “Don’t ever call me again.” Once she had hung up, Elizabeth buried her face in her pillow and bitterly wept.

Once the two had moved on to High School, Elizabeth would forgive Craig, and they slowly became more or less casual acquaintances. They would exchange pleasantries and even meet at Starbucks for the occasional after school cup of coffee. But this was a far as it would ever go. Craig knew that a door had been permanently closed, and never again would he occupy that special place in her heart. The boy learned a hard and painful lesson about the consequences of betraying a friend.

As Britney and Rachel enjoyed a spot of afternoon coffee, Biff set off to visit the grieving Elizabeth. As he made his way down one the long upper hallways towards her room, Mathew, Britney’s eighteen year old son popped out of his bedroom door in front of him.

“Hey, Biff!” The boy crouched down and started sparing with the elderly man like a boxer. Biff in turn held up his hands to fend off the playful jabs.

“What’s up, Mat?” He smiled.

“About time you show up.” The boy said excitedly.

Biff knew right away that Mathew had the wrong idea. “Sorry chief, but I’m here to see your sister.”

The boys enthusiasm suddenly wilted. “You’re always here for her.” He whined.

“Oh, bullshit.” He crooked his arm around the boy’s neck and playfully rubbed his scalp with his knuckles. “Stop being so dramatic.”

“It’s true.” Mathew insisted as he squirmed free of the hold. “Every time I ask you to do something with me you’re too busy. But if it’s Elizabeth, you drop everything and come running. What’s it this time? She break a nail?”

“Me? I’m too busy?” Biff countered. “How many hundreds of times have you blown me off because you and that damn surfboard are attached at the hip?”

Biff had the boy on this point. “Yeah… but I always invite you to come along with me.”

“Screw that.” Biff said. “I‘m an old man son, I tend to stand out a little in a group of teenage surfer dudes.”

“I’ll bet if it was Elizabeth you‘d go.”

“Alright, you got me.” Biff sighed. “You’re a rotten kid and I love her more then you. I always have, and I always will. I didn’t want you to find out about it this way, but there it is. I know this probably comes as a shock to you, but I hope we can still be friends.”

“Whatever.” Mathew said, in typical teenage fashion. “So when are we going to hang out?”

“Tony’s not doing anything right now.” Biff said. “Why don’t you hang out with him?”

“I love Tony, I really do,” Mathew genuinely said, “but he’s just not as fun as you are. His idea of a good time is buying me clothes. I know Elizabeth gets off on that, but it‘s really not my thing.”

“You should be happy just spending time with him.” Biff said. “You’re old enough now to understand that life isn‘t just about you, and what you want. Try thinking about other people for a change.”

The chastised boy lowered his head. “I know, I’m sorry.”

Biff, realizing he had been a bit to over bearing, gave the boy a soft punch on the arm. “It’s okay, Matt. Listen, I’m staying for dinner, after that you and me can do some shooting. How does that sound?”

When Mathew’s Uncle Kevin was a young boy, and still living at the estate, he had a very lavish indoor shooting range built on the property. Every now and then, Kevin and his son, along with Mathew, Amadeo, Biff, and sometimes even Britney, would all get together and have shooting tournaments. Elizabeth, however, always refused to participate. In addition to being a strict vegetarian, she was also a staunch pacifist, and could never understand how her family derived so much enjoyment out of discharging firearms.

“You mean tonight?” The boy started to fidget.

Biff was not at all surprised. “Is there a problem?”

“Well, it’s just that I kind of…” Mathew had already made plans to engage in some twilight surfing with his band of friends.

“That‘s exactly what I‘m talking about.” The frustrated man said. “Tell you what, you find open spot in your schedule and let me know. I promise I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and come running. That work for you?”

“Yeah, that works.” He responded sheepishly.

The two exchanged an embrace before Biff headed down the hall.

“I’m suspired you didn’t see that one coming.” Rachel said. A young female servant set a tray on the table in front of them. On it was a silver coffee carafe, cream and sugar, and a plate of small tea sandwiches. The girl was the sixteen year old daughter of Britney’s Estate Manager Hanna, who worked at the estate on the weekends. “What do you mean?” Britney asked, waiting for her coffee.

“Christ, Brit, it’s obvious.” Rachel replied. “Elizabeth is a total knock-out, and Craig is a red blooded American boy. How long did you seriously believe he’d be happy just being friends? He’s probably been thinking about it since the first day she had something to put in a bra.”

“I know, you’re right.” Britney said mournfully. “I guess I was just fooling myself. I thought it would be different with him.”

“Hormones wait for no one. Once the juices start flowing, it’s a whole new ballgame.” Rachel looked at the girl, then her cup, and then back at the girl, who simply gave her a smile. Rachel took this as a sign to serve herself and picked up the pot. The young servant, suddenly realizing her mistake, sprang forward and snatched it from Rachel’s hand.

“I’m sorry, ma’am!” She said, quickly filling their cups. “I’m really sorry.”

“Are you trying to put this girl out of work?” Britney said to Rachel, trying to keep from laughing. “Boy, you’re just straight up ghetto aren’t you?”

“Forgive me.” Rachel scowled. “I don‘t know what I was thinking.”

The rattled servant then asked. “Will there be anything else, ma’am?”

“No, I think we’re good.” Britney smiled. “Thank you Ashley.”

“You’re welcome, ma’am.” She gave a slight curtsy and exited the room.

Rachel picked up her cup and took a sip. “Where’d you find that one?”

“She’s Hanna’s kid.” Britney spooned sugar into her coffee. “From what I hear, she’s saving up to buy a car.”

“Interesting you should bring that up.” Rachel put her cup down and eased back on the sofa. “It’s nice to see a kid working for something like that, and not have it handed to them on a silver platter. That‘s how they learn to appreciate what hard work and money is all about.”

Britney’s eyes narrowed as she stared at her. “Got something on your mind, Sis?”

“Yeah, I do.” Rachel replied. “I’m thinking about Juan’s birthday.” She was speaking of her nineteen year old son, Juan Carlo.

“Funny, I‘ve been thinking about the same thing.” Britney said. “Should be a lot of fun. Cake and balloons, pin the tail on the donkey, maybe a clown or two…”

“Knock it off!” Rachel growled. “I know all about your little plan to buy him a car.”

“It‘s not a plan anymore - it’s a done deal.”

“He’s already got one.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not a car.” Britney said. “It’s more like rolling scrap metal.”

“Maybe so, but he bought it with his own money.” Rachel picked up one of the little sandwiches and studied it. “Besides, it would have been nice if you discussed it with me first."

“Why should I?” Britney responded. “He's an adult now, remember? You telling me mommy still needs to screen his gifts for him? Would you rather I got him a Mr. Potato Head?”

“Hey, I happen to like Mr. Potato Head.”

“Stop with the bitching." Britney said, waving her sister off. “It’s already bought and paid for. By this time next month my nephew’s going to be tooling around town in a car that’s worthy of him.”

“Oh brother.” Rachel rolled her eyes. “It’s probably a freaking Maserati, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not.” Britney said defensively. “It’s an Aston Martin, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I guarantee it’ll give that boy a spontaneous hard-on every time he gets behind the wheel.”

“I‘m sure it will, but I still think you …”

“Put a sock in it!” Britney scolded. “I wanted to pay for his whole tuition, Medical School and all. I wanted to send him to Harvard, but you shot all that down. The least you can do is let me give the kid one lousy car. Is that really too much to ask?”

After a short time of reflection, Rachel finally relented. “I guess not.” She could see that this was one battle she was not going to win. “I’m sure every time he uses it to pick up some co-ed bimbo he’ll be secretly thanking you.”

“Hey, I do what I can.” Britney laughed. “How did you find out about it anyway?”

“Miguel told me you called him.” Rachel was referring to Miguel Santiago, her one time husband and father of her son.

“That blabber mouth…” Britney muttered

“I can’t believe you’d talk to that rat-bastard behind my back.” Rachel had been married the Miguel for over ten years before finally filing for divorce. Though the two had been happy at first, but over the course of time, the differences in their personalities had driven a wedge between them. When Rachel was caught in the midst of a torrid extramarital affair, it proved to be the final nail in the union’s coffin.

“No offence,” Britney explained, “but he tends to be more reasonable when it comes to these kinds of things. He was actually very enthusiastic about it.”

“He’s a spineless pussy!” Rachel spat. “Why I ever got mixed up with that guy is beyond me.”

“It’s because he was devilishly handsome and you were madly in love with him, that’s why.” Britney reminded her sister. “I also recall something about mind-blowing sex.”

“He was awesome in bed, I’ll give him that… but that’s all I’m going to give the asshole.”

“I think you’re forgetting he’s a pretty good dad too.” Britney added.

“Why are you always standing up for him?” Rachel glared at her sister and asked. “Whose side are you on anyway?”

“I’m not on anyone‘s side.” Britney said. “I just always thought he was kind of a sweet guy. And you have to admit, you did have a tendency to bully him.”

“And whose fault was that?” Rachel replied. “He was the man in our relationship, right? He should have made an effort to act like one every now and then. I needed a real man, not a wuss. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Not really, no.”

“You’ve always had a weakness for alpha-males. That’s your thing. There’s no way you would’ve ever married Amadeo if he’d been some kind of lap dog. You love the fact he doesn’t put up with your crap, that he gives you a smack down when you need it.”

“He doesn’t smack me!” Britney insisted.

“I was speaking metaphorically.” Rachel explained. “Shit, if Miguel were half the man Amadeo is, we’d probably still be together.”

Britney could not argue this point. That Amado was the quintessential man’s man was something she found absolutely irresistible. “Anyway, you should at least try and keep it civil at the party.” Britney said. “Juan doesn’t need any of your drama.”

“Don’t worry, I‘ll behave.” Rachel replied. ”So what’s the word on Speranza?”

“She’ll be flying out with us.” Speranza Guellfi, who was now a successful actress, had her home in Beverly Hills, not all that far from the Kensington estate.

“So she’s definitely coming?” Rachel asked.

“That’s what she tells me.”

“Wow, it’s a miracle.” Rachel said. “I swear, you have to book that girl a year in advance. Just make sure you keep it top-secret, okay? I don’t want to deal with the damn paparazzi again. It’s bad enough when you’re around.”

“Oh please,” Britney said, “I’m yesterday’s news. It’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Now after me and Amadeo got married, they hounded the absolute shit out of us.”

“You mean like those racy pictures that limey rag published?”

“Don't remind me.” During her honeymoon, Britney caused a bit of a scandal when a photographer from the British tabloid The Sun had managed to get several pictures of the her as she engaged in some topless sunbathing on a beach in Aruba. “I never even saw him. The bastard must’ve been disguised as a dolphin.”

“It’s a good thing you didn’t.” Rachel replied. “Amadeo would’ve shot his ass. But I guess you can't blame them. After all, people love a good fairy tale.”

“Yeah, right.” Britney said. “Bet they didn’t know I was wearing that ugly long sleeve wedding gown to hide my track marks.” Once she was clean, Britney had wanted to immediately have the scares on her arms surgical fixed, but her sponsor had told her to wait a few years. They would serve as a stark reminder of what she had been through.

“You’re the only person I know who’d have enough nerve to call a $30,000 Mauro Adami ugly.”

“For your information, it was the cheapest one on my list” Britney said defensively. “I decided there was no reason to spend a lot of money on something I was only going to wear once.”

The Puerto Rican simply shook her head. “Unbelievable…”

After pouring a second cup of coffee Britney asked. “So, how’s Juan liking NYU?”

“He likes it fine so far.” Rachel replied. “It was a bit of a culture shock at first, but I think he’s got the hang of it now.”

“It’s hard to believe he’s already in college.” Britney sighed. “It seems like only yesterday I was changing his diapers.”

“They do grow up fast.” Rachel agreed. “If you blink you’re liable to miss it.”

“I’ll bet you can’t wait to start crowing to your friends about your son the Doctor.”

“I’m not one to crow.” She said, and then added. “But if anyone should ask…”

“That’s what I thought.” Britney laughed. “I really hope it works out for him, but no matter what happens, he’ll always have something to fall back on.”

“You mean KT, right?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Britney said, suddenly going serious.

“Juan’s not going to leach off you.”

“You still don’t get do you?” Britney put her cup down on its saucer with a clack. “We’re family, all of us, and I know it bugs the absolute shit out of you, but KT is that boy’s birthright.”

“I know it is,” Rachel sighed, “it’s just that you always freak me out a little when you talk like that.”

“Well I’m sorry.” Britney said. “I just sometimes think I have to pond it into your stupid head. I want him to be a Doctor as much as you do, but you know how it is with kids and collage. They go in wanting one thing, then flip-flop a half dozen times. I just don‘t want you telling him that taking his place at KT, his company, means that he’s somehow failed.”

“I‘ve never told him that, Brit, not once.” Rachel said. “Believe it or not… it’s comforting for me to know it’s always there for him.”

“And it always will be,” Britney assured, “no matter what.”

“Well, I guess it beats working for the Agency.”

“I like to think so.” The sisters shared a laugh over this.

After a moment Rachel said. “I know it may sound weird, but for a while after we left, I kind of missed it.”

Britney lowered her head and stared at h her coffee cup. “I didn’t.”

Rachel then realized she had inadvertently touched on a very sensitive subject. “Sorry, Brit, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright.” Britney quickly looked up with a smile. “If Naples hadn’t happened, I probably would’ve felt the same way.” This was not true, and her big sister knew it. Even before her final mission, her erratic and unpredictable behavior had given the medical staff cause to call her mental stability into question. They knew she was not a killer, nor would she ever be, but their emphatic warnings to the eroded upper echelons fell on deaf ears. Britney would continually volunteer for missions, and they in turn would send her back out into the field. While she still received a certain amount of sexual exhilaration each time she took a life, it was only a fleeting high - the subsequent feelings of crushing guilt, and the accumulative effects of post traumatic stress were taking a catastrophic toll on her.

Once, right after a mission debriefing, Dr. Bianchi had called her into his office and asked how she felt. The nervous girl had looked at him with glassy eyes, and with an eerie giggle said. “I feel like the Lakers are going to take it all this year.”

Then came the Naples mission, the highest profile assignment of the eighteen year olds career. She and her bother Biff were to storm the townhouse of the terrorist responsible for master minding the Roma Termini car bombing, which had killed eight people and left another thirty-five injured, seven of which were children. Against Biff’s strenuous objections, Britney was to be on point. Even Rachel tried to talk her out of it, but to no avail. “Screw you!” Britney had shouted at her sister with feral eyes. “That Petris bitch is going to pin a fucking medal on me for this!”

As the two started up the front stoop, Biff was shocked when his little sister suddenly bolted from his side and sprinted through the front door. She put a bullet into the head of the lone bodyguard before he could even reach his pistol. As Britney ran forward, Biff had to pump his legs with all his might just to keep up with her as she flew to the top of the stairs. The intelligence indicated that aside from the lone bodyguard, the target was the only other person in the house. There were two short hallways accessing two rooms. As Britney moved forward, Biff took her arm and in the half light spoke softly to her. “Brit, sweetheart, please let me do this.”

“Get your hands off me you fucking faggot!” She hissed in a whisper, pushing him away. “If you can’t deal it then go wait in the fucking car!” By this time, Britney wished he had not even come along. After killing the bodyguard, she was so aroused that she longed to sexually violate her mark before dispatching him with her bare hands. This had happened twice before – the first time, she had simply strangled her victim, but the second time around, the demon child had taught her that the more brutal the murder, the more intense her pleasure would be. On that particular occasion the deranged girl had raped her mark, forcing him to have sex with her at gun point. When Britney eventually felt herself starting to have an orgasm, she tossed the pistol to one side, and drove her thumbs through the man’s eye sockets and into his cranium. While the resulting climax was literally beyond all description, it was nothing compared to the horror she felt afterward. Little Britney, realizing she was no longer in control, actually stared to fear herself.

"Alright, alright,” Biff panted, holding his hands up, “Just let me secure my room first, then I’ll back you up, can I do that please?” According to almost three weeks of intelligence gathering and surveillance, his room would be empty. He could then concentrate his efforts on backing up his little sister as she took out the mark. Unfortunately, the intelligence done was shoddily at best. Even on so high profile a mission, grievous and downright lazy mistakes were made. It was yet another example of how the once well oiled machine that had been the Agency was now falling apart. Nobody was even aware that a third person was in the house.

Britney did not wait on her big brother. Finding the door of her room unlocked, she pushed it open. Just at that moment, she heard two suppressed shots fired from Biff’s pistol. Unfortunately, she was not the only one who heard it. Inside the room, the sound had panicked the six year old son of the intended target.

When the frightened little boy saw the feminine silhouette back lit in the doorway, he had assumed it was his mother, and darted towards her for protection. Britney instantly sensed movement in the darkened room, and acting on pure instinct, fired her weapon.

Britney could immediately tell by the sound the body made as it hit the floor that it was not a full grown adult. It was a soft, gentle thud. She then heard a small high pitch whimper, the kind of sound a puppy would make. After frantically fumbling on the wall next to the door, Britney found the light switch. What she saw horrified her. There, lying sprawled on the floor was a little boy, so small and fragile, blood spreading across his Spiderman pajama top. Britney had been in the game long enough to know that the wound she had inflicted on him was not survivable. His little body had been hit point blank with a 10mm round that had broken one of his ribs and tore into his heart. Not knowing what else to do, she knelt beside the boy, dropped her pistol to the floor, and used both of her hands to apply direct pressure to the wound, pointlessly assuring him over and over, “It‘s going to be okay, you’re going to be alright…” It was only after blood started to well from his mouth and flow into his open eyes that she began to scream.

This incident completely shattered Britney’s already fragile psyche, leaving her in an almost catatonic state. Several months later it became apparent to everyone that the teenage girl had been totally depleted, and was no longer of any use to the Agency. On a quiet afternoon in July, Biff had collected her from the clinic, and the two left the compound for the last time without even so much as a single thank you or goodbye.

“You should’ve never been there in the first place, Brit.” The years had softened the edges of Rachel’s anger, but nothing would ever completely take it away. “They didn‘t give a shit, they just chewed you up and spit you out.”

“It wasn’t any worse for me then any of the other girls.”

“I should have done more to protect you…”

“It wasn’t your responsibility.”

“Yes it was.” After the New Turin Nuclear Plant disaster, which among others had taken the lives of Triela and her hander Victor, Rachel had vowed to step into Triela’s shoes, and look after her remaining sisters. In this, she felt she had failed miserably. Nothing underscored this feeling more then when she had accidentally stumbled across the heroin ravaged Britney in a seedy Rome bar. Upon returning to the Agency, Jean had demanded to know why she had aborted her mission. The girl had turned on him with an unusually dangerous glare. “It’s because I was trying to help clean up the mess you made! Did you know Britney’s been in Rome all this time, and that she’s a fucking junkie now? My own sister… my sister… and I barely recognized her!”

“You need to stop beating yourself up over some you had no control of.” Britney said. “You didn’t pull the trigger that killed that little boy, and you weren’t the one sticking needles in my arm, just like you couldn’t help any of the people who died at New Turin.”

“Maybe if I’d been there…”

“Survivors guilt is a real bitch, isn’t it?” Britney said. “Listen, you can maybe yourself until the cows come home, but it’s not going to change anything. We’re alive, Rachel, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Not all of us made it out, and yeah, it hurts like hell, but we can honor the ones who didn’t make it by living our lives the best way we know how… and I think that’s what we’ve done.”

Rachel smiled warmly at her sister, “You know, for a total ditz, you’ve got a pretty good handle on things.”

“If it’s any consolation, I never would have stayed clean if it wasn’t for you. After I lost Emily, I completely flipped out." Britney was referring to her first Narcotics Anonymous sponsor who, without any warning, had suddenly relapsed one night and died of a fatal heroin overdose. "I wanted to use so bad, but you were right there to pull me through it. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.”

“Too many people were already dead.” The older woman replied grimly. “I’d be damned if I was going to lose you too.”

Almost ten years ago, at the end of one of her bi-weekly NA meetings, Britney was approached by twenty-one year old women by the name of Amanda. The woman had been deeply moved by the talk Britney had given that evening, and desperately wanted what she had achieved in the program. She was only a few weeks clean, and looked as wrecked as Britney had been at that same point in her own recovery. After much hesitation on her part, she finally worked up the courage to asked the heiress if she would consider being her sponsor.

“I know you’re really rich and important,” The woman sobbed, “And I’m nothing but a…”

Britney stoked the woman’s dirty hair. “A what?”

Her whimpered reply was almost painful. “A... prostitute…”

"What's your name?" Britney gently asked.


“Tell me, Amanda, do you want to get clean?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you want to stay clean?”

“More than anything.”

"Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen?"

"Yes, I am."

“Then that’s all that matters.” Britney smiled. “Yes, I’d very much like to be your sponsor.”

Amanda, with the help of Britney, was eventually able to turn her life around. Not only had she managed to stay clean, but she eventually married and started a family. One of Britney’s proudest days was when Amanda herself became a sponsor.

It was then Britney’s son Mathew crept into the room. He had come in late the previous night, and had not yet seen Rachel. The shaggy haired blond was wearing an Evolution Surf t-shirt, a pair of clam diggers, and sandals. Britney smiled as the boy snuck up on his aunt from behind and grabbed her shoulders.

“Well looky here.” Rachel said, craning her head. “If it isn’t the big kahuna.”

“Hi, Aunt Rachel.” The boy smiled, circling around the couch.

“Hi yourself.” After giving him a moment she scowled and said. “What’s your problem, you too cool to hug me now?” The boy dutifully bent down and gave her a warm embrace. As he pulled away, she delivered a sharp slap to the side of his head.

“Ow!” He exclaimed. “What was that for?”

“For all the trouble you’ve gotten into since that last time I was here.”

“I haven’t gotten into any trouble!” He claimed.

“Yeah, but you will.” She insisted. “You’re trouble waiting to happen.”

“Give him a break.” Britney laughed.

“I’ll break his head is what I’ll do.” Rachel replied. “No good beach bum.”

“Speaking of which,” Mathew said, sitting down on the couch next to her, “you brought your swimsuit, right?”

“Why do you want to know?” She said, brushing the shaggy hair off his forehead.

“Don’t you remember?” Mathew asked. “You promised to watch me surf.”

“I only said that to get you off my back.”

"Oh… okay." The boy put on an extremely effective pout, one he had obviously inherited from his mother. “I wouldn’t want to waste your time or anything.”

“I’ll say this, you’re definitely a Kensington.” Rachel grabbed the boy’s ear, pulled him down and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Yes, I brought my suit, and yes, I’m going to watch you play shark bait. Happy now?”

“Totally.” The excited boy said. “And this time, whether you like it or not, I‘m getting you on a board.”

“Dream on kahuna.” Rachel replied. “Your mom’s been trying to do that for the last twenty-seven years.”

“Don’t even bother, Matt.” Britney said. “Besides, she’s too top heavy to maintain balance. But you know, It‘s been ages since I’ve been out. How about I bring my board too? We can surf together, just like we used to. Wouldn‘t that be fun, Matt kitty-cat?”

“Kitty-cat?" Rachel began to chuckle and playfully poked the boy in the ribs. “She still calls you kitty-cat?”

“Mom, I’m eighteen years old now.” The embarrassed Mathew said, rubbing his temples. “I'm not exactly comfortable with that name anymore.”

“Too bad.” She said in a matter of fact way. “No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby.”

“Aw, little baby Mattie.” Rachel reached over and pinched his now red cheek. “Ain’t that sweet?”

“Hey, you still call Juan poco maní, and he can eat apples off the top of your head.” Britney countered. “Which isn’t saying much, considering how vertically challenged you are.”

“First my tits, now my height.” Rachel said, shaking her head. “Why ya gotta be such a hater?”

“If I wasn’t, you might think I don’t love you anymore.” Britney laughed.

“If you really do, then act your age and stay with me on the beach.” Rachel said. “Leave the surfing to the kids.”

“Oh please, I’m in my prime.” Britney said confidently. “I used to be semi-pro, remember? I’d like to see all those little hot-shots try to surf Cyclops, or Lunada Bay. When I was thirteen, I’d go to Mavericks and surf circles around the big boys. Now sets like those…”

“Can kill you.” Mathew finished for her, speaking as if he were reciting a tired history lesson. “Just like it did Foo, Milosky and Swanson.”

Rachel began to laugh. “Damn, Brit. Now you’re even starting to sound like an old lady.”

“Alright, fine!” The now embarrassed Britney said. “Me and the Puerto Rican bag will just lay our old asses in the sand and hope the fiddler crabs don’t eat us.”

“They won’t.” Rachel smiled. “We’re too tough and chewy.”

“Speak for yourself.” Britney replied.

“By the way,” Rachel turned back to Mathew, “Juan wants you to call him about your little vacation.” The two boys had planned a trip to Italy as an end of summer get away. Mathew came up with the idea as a way to connect with his roots.

“I called him last night.” The young boy said excitedly. “This trip is going to be epic!”

“If I know you two, it’s going to end up an epic disaster.” Rachel said. “Why can’t you take my advice and go to the Grand Canyon?”

“Well, for one my Dad’s wasn’t born there, and two, staring at a big hole in the ground isn’t my idea of a good time.”

“You keep running that smart mouth and hole in the ground is where you’re going to end up!” Mathew was not only her nephew, but her Godson as well. One thing she could never shake about the boy was how much he reminded her of another – Paolo. The young boy from the Agency who she had taken under her wing. At first she had done so grudgingly, but as time when on, they had formed a strong, almost fratello like bond. While she would never admit it to anyone, even Fernando, she eventually came to feel a genuine love for the boy, an emotion he also felt deeply for her. Even though it seemed everything the boy did aggravated her to no end, she still found herself enjoying the time she spent with him.

While they were together, she knew he would eventually be leaving the Agency to live as a civilian with his handler Maria, and she had no problem with this, knowing it was in his best interest. At least the girl could take solace in the fact that she would be allowed to stay in contact with him, even visiting from time to time. It was a promise they had made to her, one she had been foolish enough to believe.

Unfortunately, their relationship met very sudden and painful end. She had gone to his room one morning to pick him up, looking forward to spending time with him at the range. Upon entering his room, Rachel’s heart sank as she realized all of his things were gone. It was not supposed to happen this way. They had promised her she would be the first to know. When the girl exited the room, she slammed the door shut so hard it wrenched the jamb a half-inch off the wall. “Lying bastards!” Her scream echoed down the hall of the deserted girl-boy dorm.

As she stormed into Fernando’s room, the man who was already aware of the situation braced himself for what was coming. “Where is he?!” She demanded. “Where the fuck is he?!”

“He left last night with Maria.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?” She fumed.

The man stepped over to his desk, his back still to her, wishing he could be anywhere else then where he was at that moment. “They thought it would be easier this way.”

“Easier?!” Rachel was practically beside herself with rage. “Where did they go?!”

“Milan.” He answered quietly. “Maria transferred to the branch office.”

When she turned for the door, Fernando quickly pivoted around and caught her by the arm. “Where are you going?”

The girl glared at her handler “I’m going to call him.”

He slowly lowered his head. “You can’t.”

Rachel yanked her arm free of his grasp. “Watch me!”

“Rachel, stop!” This time Fernando grabbed her by both shoulders. He clapped down on her arms and shook her. “Even if you could talk to him it wouldn’t matter anymore!”

“Maybe not to you but…” That’s when it hit her. Rachel had been reading her handlers eyes for as long as she could remember. They spoke to her as clearly as any verbal language ever could, and what they told her now made her go numb. She slowly put her trembling hands over her mouth, wide eyes filling with tears. The girl began to shake, whispering through her fingers. “Oh my god…”

Rachel’s head seemed to start swirling into a bottomless whirl pool. Paolo Mastroianni, her little brother, had been rewritten. They had erased him. Taken him away from her forever. If she were to ever meet the little boy she so loved again, he would look at her and only see a stranger. The enormous scope of their betrayal was impossible for her to process. She felt physically sickened by their filthy web of lies.

Rachel ran from his room in a daze, ran out of the building and through the parking lot. She ran to the lake, to the place where the tree branches vaulted over a clearing like a cathedral, a place where her little brother and Annalillia had always done battle with imaginary mythical beasts.

Rachel, eyes blinded with tears, grabbed a large branch off the ground. “Who’s going to fight the dragons now?!” She began to violently strike one of the trees with the branch. “Who’s going to protect you now you dirty motherfuckers?!” The girl screamed with all her might as she beat the wood to splinters.

When Fernando finally caught up to his little sister, she was down her knees weeping, her back bent as if the weight of sorrow were crushing her. The man knelt beside his little sister and gently rubbed her back as she spoke. “He was a good boy. They didn‘t know him, like I did.” The now broken girl softly sobbed. “He never meant shit to them, did he? They never cared. They never… he had a security blanket, you know… it was nothing but a worn out dish towel, but he couldn’t sleep without it…they didn’t know that did they?” Rachel was the only person who knew this, a secret he had entrusted to her alone, never even confiding it to his best friend Annalillia. When he had accompanied Fernando and herself on overnight surveillance missions, she had always taken special care to make sure he packed it.

She looked up at her handler with hopeless eyes, and asked quietly. “Who do these people think they are… playing God like this?”

“I don’t like it anymore then you do, sweetheart,” Fernando said.” you know that.”

Rachel finally stood up and brushed the pieces of leaves off her pants, trying to compose herself, fighting to return to her professional persona. “Does Annie know yet?”

“Calvin is taking care of it.”

“Good.” She straightened up and took a deep breath. Hysterics would not bring her boy back. Nothing would. Ever. She turned from her handler and started back to the compound, autumn leaves crunching under her feet.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m going to find Brit.” Rachel replied, sounding as though she were completely exhausted. “She’s going to need a shoulder to cry on.”

That night she had taken a picture off her dresser, and after carefully wrapping it in newspaper, placed it in a shoe box, which she then put on the upper self of her closet. It was an image of a Puerto Rican teenager, and a young Italian boy, standing side by side. He had his arm around her waist, while she jokingly held two fingers up behind his head. The two were smiling, obliviously happy and carefree when the photo was taken. The picture would follow her all the way from the Agency to her retirement back in New York. During all of that time, she was could never bring herself to look at it again. It was only after the birth of her child that Rachel was finally able to take it from the box, and place it on her mantle, along with the other pictures of her family.

“I gotta get going.” Mathew said as he leaned over and gave Rachel a quick peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

“Don’t be late for dinner.” Britney called after him.

“I won’t.”

“That kids something else.” Rachel said with a smile. “I can’t believe I agreed to that Italy shit.”

“They’ll be fine.” Britney said.

“When those two get together, there’s no such thing as fine. Have you already forgotten about the Aspen debacle?”

“No I haven’t.” Britney laughed. “But you know as well as do that boy’s will be boys.”

“Being male’s no excuse for acting like idiots. We should send Elizabeth along; she’d keep their butts in line.”

“That’s an excellent suggestion.” Britney replied. “Why don’t you go let Amedeo know that his little princess is going to spend two weeks overseas with a couple of hooligans and see what happens.”

“You’re right, bad idea.”



After a gentle rap on the door, Biff walked into Elizabeth’s room. “Hey little pumpkin.” The big man sat next to her on the bed and enveloped her slight frame with his large arm. She in turn rested her head on him.

“Hi, Biff.” She pouted.

“Your mom tells me you’ve been feeling a little down.”

“It’s no big deal.” The young girl snuggled into his embrace. Never in a hundred years would she ever believe that this kind, gentle and loving man was once a brutal and prolific killer. Just like his little sister, Biff was determined to keep the families dark secrets forever buried.

“Want to talk about it?” He could see that the girl was starting to cry. “You’re sad about Craig, huh?” Elizabeth nodded as she reached up to wipe her eyes. To Biff, it almost felt as if he had been transported back in time, and was once again comforting his little Britney. “I know it hurts now, sweetheart, and it probably doesn’t help much to hear this, but it really will get better.”

“I’m going to have you as my best friend from now on.” The young girl lamented. “Everyone else can just piss-off!”

“You know I’ll always be your friend,” Biff said, “but you can’t use this as an excuse to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. You’re a wonderful girl with so much to offer. It would be a shame to keep it all to yourself.”

Elizabeth started to blush. “I’m not all that wonderful.”

“Horse hokey!” Biff insisted. “You’re warm, intelligent, kind, funny, loyal, and on top of all that, you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’re what I’d call the complete package.”

“I sometimes think the only thing people care about is the way I look.” She sniffled. “There’s this girl from the High school, a senior who helps coach my lacrosse team. I really liked her, and kind of thought we were friends. The other day, right out of the freaking blue, she asked if I wanted to sleep with her. Can you believe it? It’s like I can’t trust anyone, not even other girls!”

“You can’t let things like that discourage you, sweetheart.” Biff said. “Trust me, there’s a lot of good people out there, you just have to give them a chance. It’s not always going to work out the way you hope it will, but when it does, it’s going to be worth it.”

Elziabeth gave the big man a warm hug. “Okay, I’ll try.”

“That’s my girl.” He kissed her on the top of her head. “You know, when your mom was your age, and was bummed out about something, I’d take her out for ice cream. It worked every time. What’d you say?”

“That’d be cool.” She smiled.

On their way to the front door, they popped into the living room where Britney and Rachel were relaxing. “Brit, I’m barrowing your daughter for a little while.”

“Why don’t you try keeping her this time?” Britney joked.

“I might just do that.” He gave the girls shoulder a squeeze. “What do you think pumpkin, want to be my new little sister?”

“It would be an honor.” Elizabeth beamed.

“Whoa, back up old man.” Britney scolded. “You’re not getting shed of me that easy.”

“I wasn’t talking about replacing you,” He explained, “I'm just going to add her to the lineup. I mean seriously, check out how good she looks on my arm.”

“Yeah, I can see it.” Rachel scoffed. “Shaves at least ten years off. What would that make you, about ninety?”

"Quite you!" Biff snapped. "Come on pumpkin, let's blow this popsicle stand." Elizabeth put her arms around his waist and giggled as the two went on their way.

After watching the pair depart, Rachel turned back to Britney. “We got some pretty good kids don’t we?”

“That we do.”

“Maybe you’re right, Brit… maybe we have honored them after all.”

“Damn right we have.” Britney got up and sat next to her sister, put her arm around her. “We‘re not murders anymore, we‘re mothers. We brought life into the world instead of taking it away, and we nurtured that life. Can you think of anything that would make our sisters happier than that?”

“No, I can’t.” Rachel’s had to make a true effort to keep her eyes from misting over. “For a couple of broken down old cyborgs, I guess we did pretty good.”

“Yep, I’ll bet they’re all up there right now with great big smiles on their faces. One of these days they’re going to toss us in the recycle bin, and we’ll get to see them all again, but that’ll just be the end of us – our family will go on forever.”

Rachel returned her sisters hung and laughed. “I’ll tell you this much, if I don’t make it to see some Grandkids, I’m going to be one pissed-off angel.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve still got a few years left on our warranties. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Speranza made a little announcement at the party.”

Rachel gave her a surprise look. “You know something I don’t?”

“Nothing for sure, but when I talked to her, I got a definite vibe.”

“You telling me she sounded pregnant over the phone?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.” Britney confidently claimed.

“I have to admit, you’re never wrong about that. If I remember right, you knew I was pregnant before I did.”

“Call it a gift." The blond said with a wink. "I can sniff ‘em out a mile away."

"When Elizabeth’s time comes, at least try and act surprised."

"I promise I’ll squeal like a little schoolgirl."

Britney’s mind drifted back to the day she had told Amadeo she was pregnant with their first child. After a clandestine trip to the Doctors office, she had found him watching TV in his den, completely engrossed in the World Cup finals. She walked up behind his chair and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He gave her arm a quick rub. “Where’d you go?”

“Oh, just out and about.” She purred. “By the way, I need you to take me to the store a little later.”


“I need to pick up some yarn.”

“No problem.” He replied, still preoccupied with the game. “Why didn’t you get it when you were out and about?”

“It must have slipped my mind.” She started to gently rub his shoulders.

“What do you need yarn for?”

“I’m going to knit some booties.” She looked down at him and excitedly awaited his reaction.

“Booties?” He responded. “Brit, you’ve got twenty pairs of slippers. You saying none of them work anymore?”

“They’re not for me silly.” She took a deep breath and said, “They’re for the baby.”

“Oh, okay.” Britney felt herself deflate as the man leaned forward in his chair and slammed his hand on the end table next to him. “Come on, what the hell was that?!” He shouted at the TV.

In frustration, Britney reach down and plucked the remote off the table and clicked off the television. Amadeo spun around in disbelief. “What are you doing? Give me that!”

She held the remote up in the air just out of his reach. “Aren’t you at all curious about whose baby they’re for?”

“Fine, whatever,” The irritated man said, “whose fucking baby are they for?”

“Our fucking baby!” She shouted.

“Outstanding!” He shot back. “Now would you please…”

It was then Britney got the response she had been waiting for. It might have taken a second or two for it to sink in, but it finally did. Amadeo looked at her and started stammering. “You mean… you’re… you’re…”

A blush started on Britney’s cheeks as she nodded.

“You and me are going to…”

“Yep.” She smiled. “You’re going to be a daddy.”

This seemed to snap Amadeo out of his state of shock. He suddenly let out a whoop and sprang from his chair. He threw his arms around Britney, lifted her off her feet and spun her around. However, when he realized what he was doing, panic set in and he gently placed her back on the floor. “Shit! Did I hurt you?!”

“No, you didn’t.” She happily laughed.

He tenderly navigated Britney down onto his chair and knelt in front of her. “Are you sure you‘re okay?”

“Relax.” She said, taking his face in her hands. “I’m fine.”

There were only a few times in their relationship when she felt as close to him as she did watching the tears of joy begin to spill down his cheeks.



Later that night, after Britney had seen Rachel and her children off to bed, she and Amadeo retired to their own room.

Britney hopped onto the bed and crawled under the covers next to her husband. “I want to ask you a question.”

“What’s that?”

“I was wondering what you might say if I told you… I want another baby.”

Amadeo glanced at her over the top of his glasses. “I’d say we need to get you back to rehab, because you’ve obviously fallen off the wagon.”

“No, really.”

“Let me guess.” The man marked his place in the book and closed it. “Someone let you hold their newborn, and now you got a bad case of the baby cravings, right?” He then leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Just relax and take some deep breathes, it’ll pass in a few days.”

“I’m serious.” She insisted. “What would you think?”

“I’m happy with our family the way it is.” He explained. “I’m no spring chicken anymore, Brit. It’s a little late in the game for me to be starting over.” He was careful not to infer that the same went for his wife. “And what about the plans we made for our golden years? You know, traveling the world and all? That would be impossible to do with another kid.”

“Answer the question.” Britney insisted.

“I just did.” Amadeo let out a long breath before continuing. "Listen, I know you’re just yanking me here, but if for whatever reason you changed your mind, then I would hope you know how much I love you, and that's there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you. If you truly wanted another baby, then that's exactly what you'd get."

“Oooh, that’s so sweet!” Britney cooed as she snuggled up to him. “And I hope you know how much I love you.”

“I have a pretty good idea.” He said, slipping his arm underneath her. “So why are you asking me this?”

“Don’t worry, I’m happy with the way thing are too.” Britney began to kiss his chest as she slid her hand down to his crotch. “I was just curious is all.”

After enjoying this for a minute, Amadeo suddenly said. “Brit, I’m not really sure I’m in the mood tonight.”

“Excuse me?” She propped herself up on one elbow. “Since when have ever not been in the mood?”

“You’ve just got me a little suspicious of your true motives.”

“Would you cool it?” Britney had not necessarily been in the mood either, however, Amadeo’s answer to her question had effectively stirred up a flame within her. “I don’t want any more children, alright? All I want is for you to make mad, passionate love to me. That’s my one and only motive.”

Once she saw the hesitant look on his face she pulled away. “Have it your way, but we both know what’s going to happen next – I’ll roll over to go to sleep, and just as I’m starting to drift off, you’ll be all over me.”

Amadeo was secure in the fact that honesty was the cornerstone of their relationship, and that Britney would never do anything as deceitful as tricking him into impregnating her. “Am I really that predictable?”

“Yeah, you are.” She softly smiled. “Now why don’t you stop playing around and rock my world like only you can?”

As the two became intertwined in each other arms, Amadeo asked. “Where’s Rachel sleeping?” Britney was the kind of girl he had always categorized as a ‘screamer’, and even though she was very self-conscious of this fact, it was something she had never been able to successfully control. Several years back, Elizabeth had been forced to move from her favorite room in the house for this very reason. She found it hard to think of anything more nauseating than her mother and father having sex.

“She won’t hear us.” Britney took his hand and placed it on her breast. “She’s over in the other wing.”

“Cool.” A soft sigh escaped Britney’s lips when he started to kiss her neck. “Then let the games begin.”


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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Tying up loose ends like only you can. Good show Danjo. DAMN good show.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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Beautiful chapter, I almost shed a tear with the Elizebth parts (which is impressive considering I normaly don't cry for anything less than a dog dying like in Marly and Me). Well done, man, good work, as always.

EDIT: I just realised who Biff reminded me of. Through reading that I had that nagging fealling that just wouldn't go away. Biff reminds me of my Dad.


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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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@Boomer - Thanks man, glad you liked it.
Mr. Antonic wrote:EDIT: I just realised who Biff reminded me of. Through reading that I had that nagging fealling that just wouldn't go away. Biff reminds me of my Dad.
You’ve got an awesome dad bro. Good


“I don’t hate him specifically, it’s the rest of you selfish adults I hold a grudge against.”
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Re: Biff & Little Britney

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