The old "I have a family" excuse

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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Professor Voodoo on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 17:27

Took me a while to concoct an answer...hope this isn't too grim.

Marisa kicked the last door down and scanned the room for her target. "There he is" she thought, eyeing 2 shoes at the base of the draperies. Careful not to fall victim to the oldest trick in the book, she waited until Elio was there to watch her back, then approached with caution. She threw the drapes back, never taking her Beretta off the target. This time there was no trick, it really was him.

"Wait! Please don't shoot...I have a wife, and 2 children!" begged the target.
Mari was about to put 2 slugs into his heart when she heard her handler's voice behind her. "Hold your fire Marisa." Puzzled, She risked turning her head to give him a glance, but quickly returned her attention to the target.

"Sir...I'll do anything...I'm just an apprentice" he pleaded.
"Apprentice to a cleaner who is complicit to over 25 murders...he's already dead if you're wondering" Elio growled "You say you have a family? Do you have a cell phone?" He pressed his pistol against the target's forehead, so hard that it hurt.
"Y-y-yes!" stammered the man, still holding his hands up. Alboreto fished through the pockets of his sport coat and found it.
"Marisa, wait in the hall" he ordered.
"But Elio!"
The hander turned to his trainee and hissed through his teeth "Now!"

Once Marisa was gone Elio took the silver Motorola phone and thrust it into the hand of its owner. "Call your wife."
"I said call your fucking wife" Elio barked, "I'm offering you a chance to talk to her...or you can just have the bullet right away." He knocked the target down to his knees, and pressed the Beretta to the back of his head. "Any funny business and she gets to hear the slug enter your skull."
The target looked at him, the finality of his own imminent end sinking in. He chose to dial.

A sleepy voice answered; "Hello?"
"Deborah, it's Fausto..."
"Fausto!" she exclaimed, "Where have you been!? It's been 3 days, I'm getting worried!"
"Deborah, I don't have much time...I want you to know I love you."
"Don't have much time for what? Fausto, you're scaring me!"
"I'm sorry Deborah, I'm mixed up with a lot of terrible things that I can't take back."
"Fausto, whatever you've done, we can work it out! Please let me help you!"
"It's too late for that, " he wept, "tell Umberto & Gabrielle that Daddy will always love them, and I'm sorry I can't be there to see them grow up...and tell my Mother I'm sorry I couldn't be the man she & Dad raised me to be."
"Fausto, what's going on!?" shouted his wife, over the phone.
He took a deep breath and sighed, "Deborah, I love you..." and ended the call.

Elio did not wait, and draw this out any further. The second he heard the telephone disconnect he fired a 9mm bullet straight into the back of Fausto's skull. For a few moments, all was silent.

A board creaked, and Alboreto turned to see Marisa spying from the doorway. She tried to jump back out of sight, but realized that she'd been caught red-handed, disobeying his orders. "Sorry Elio..."
"It's alright lass." sighed the grey haired man.
"So...was that the right answer?" asked the cyborg, her voice full of uncertainty.
"I just don't know" he replied. "If you had just shot him right away that would have been perfectly alright, those were your orders." Elio put his left arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him for a few seconds. Mari liked that, it reassured her. "Okay, let's get him rolled up in this carpet and get him down to the van. We've still got 4 more to do before we can knock off tonight."
As for the innocent bystander, that's trickier. Marisa's first instinct would be to kill them, but not if it's a bad idea (i.e. It would attract more problems than it would alleviate). She did not kill an Algerian family that provided aid during her nearly-botched mission to Paris.
Elio...he's done a lot worse in the past.

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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Jacen Starslayer on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 18:01

If Jay was in this situation....

Mafia: I have a wife and kids, please don't kill me.
Jay: Then I'll give you a slow death, so that you can reflect on your past choices. [stabs the guy in the liver after cuffing them]

Innocent Bystander: Wait, I have a wife and kids, please don't kill.
Jay: Tell no one about this or you will become my prey. [disappears in the the crowd]

Jacen Starslayer

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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Alfisti on Fri 5 Mar 2010 - 6:21

J&M don't do a whole lot of assassinations, but if they had to:

Target - Please I have a... *insert sound of silenced PPK here*

As for innocent witnesses. Well if there's witnesses then something's gone wrong, which means Monty's probably already at least a little ticked:

Bystander - Please I have a... *insert sound of silenced PPK here*

Monty likes to think of herself as an equal opportunities assassin.


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by SPARTAN 119 on Thu 11 Mar 2010 - 0:54

I'm not sure how Daniella would react (if I ever finish that fic....) but David, would probably do something like this:

If bystander:

Bystander: "I have a wife and kids, please, spare me"
David: (hands him a 1000 Euro note he "liberated from a dead Global Military Solutions merc) "Nothing happened here. Understood?"

If terrorist:
Terrorist: (same line as bystander)
David: "Your lucky I disapprove of killing prisoners. And a bit of advice, I suggest you change you career, terrorism's about to get a lot less profitable!"

If GMS mercenary:
Merc: (says the old wife and kids line)
David: Fortunately for you, I don't approve of killing prisoners, even bastards like you who'll fight for anyone for the right price. I'd recomend you hand in your letter of resignation and seek another job. Now get out of here before I change my mind!"


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Marder on Tue 7 Dec 2010 - 17:23

For mine well lets see

Bad guy: Please don't kill me
Adeline: (puts gun to the head) Why should I let you live?
Bad guy: I got a wife and four kids! Please don't kill me...
Adeline: (shoves gun in mouth) Your words sicken me (shoots him)

For a very lightly conditioned cyborg like Jordan, I think it'll go differently

Bad guy: Please don't kill me
Jordan: (raises M4)
Bad guy: I have a wife and four kids
Jordan: What?
Bad guy: Come on, you got to let me live. For them, think of the children?
Jordan: (hesitates)
Daniel: (comes in and shoots down the guy for her) There. Lets go
Jordan: (nods and goes on)

Daniel loves Jordan so much that he would just do it himself, though he wouldn't like it.

I think for the civilian they'd either pay them of for just be on their way.


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by ElfenMagix on Tue 7 Dec 2010 - 17:36

Of all the OCs, I forgot to put Rachel... D'oh!
So for her it would be...

Bad Guy: Guh?
Rachel: *BANG!*


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by st_frantic on Thu 31 Mar 2011 - 11:11

@West Nile wrote:so here's the scenario:

your OC has a guy cornered (innocent target or mafia boss: up to you) as he/she trains his/her gun on his forehead he blurts out:

"Please, I have a wife... and kids!!!"

What would your OC do... what would he/she say?

Sergej: Terrible last words... *bang*


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Schaschanist on Thu 31 Mar 2011 - 11:42

@West Nile wrote:so here's the scenario:

your OC has a guy cornered (innocent target or mafia boss: up to you) as he/she trains his/her gun on his forehead he blurts out:

"Please, I have a wife... and kids!!!"

What would your OC do... what would he/she say?
Emilie pointing her suppressed FiveSeven onto the forehead of a culprit/bad guy/mafia boss.
The guy started to say something to safe his life. "Wait i have alot of Money, i give you all what you want but don't kill me!"
Emilie still pointing the gun. "I don't care about money."
The guy again. "I have a wife and two children!"
"Enough!" Emilile pulls the trigger of her gun and *ptui* (sound of silenced gun )the guy fall to the ground. "I don't like this kind of 'tough' guys, always whining when someone points a gun onto heir heads..."


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by theprodigalson on Thu 31 Mar 2011 - 11:44

Target: Please! I have a wife kids! Give me another chance...

Ana: It's your own fault. Blame yourself, or maybe God, but don't blame me.*BLAM*

I know, I know...pulled almost word for word from Final Fantasy Tactics. But it's a line that I always liked and it actually fits Ana.

In the event of an innocent bystander...well, I would have to actually sit down and write that.


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by ACH on Thu 31 Mar 2011 - 13:21

Unfortunate Guilty person: PLease! Stop I have a Family...
ELIZA: OH! Sorry.. Well this isnt my problem anymore is it? (Shoots person)

Unfortunate Bystander: .... DONT SHOOT! I have a wife and kids...
ELIZA: ........*Gives bystander a deathly stare and leaves*




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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by MP5 on Thu 31 Mar 2011 - 21:52

Since Charlie, Andy, and Nicolette are now up in my OC thread, I think Andy is the most suitable candidate for this...

Target: Ohshitohshitohshit! Oh god, don't kill me, man! I have a wife and kids! (desperately pulls out their picture) See?! I have a family to take care of!

Andy: *throws the target over the edge of the roof, the target screaming on the way down*
Innocent bystander (variation 1): Please don't kill me... I have a family, and I didn't see anything, I swear!

Andy: I see you again, you're dead. Now kindly piss off. *fires his shotgun just short of the bystander's feet*
Innocent Bystander (Variation 2): Please, I have a fami-- *Andy knocks the lone bystander out and loads them into the boot of Nicolette's XF-R*

Some time later...

(The innocent bystander comes to in a dark space that feels as if in motion. The motion suddenly ceases, and the bystander thumps against what feels like some sort of wall. footsteps are heard nearby, and before the bystander can realize they're in a car boot, light suddenly shines into their eyes as three masked figures stand over the bystander and blindfold their captive before one of them roughly haul the bystander out of the boot to their feet.

Andy: The nearest town is two kilometers away if you walk straight ahead. You will take off your blindfold exactly thirty seconds after I have finished speaking. Ignore any noise you hear behind you. If you look back, you will be killed. Nod once if you understand.

(The bystander nods. As the bystander begins to walk, Andy, Charlie, and Nicolette re-enter the XF-R and peel out, leaving the bystander to wander forward)


I aim to misbehave.



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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by st_frantic on Fri 1 Apr 2011 - 18:28

Guilty person: Please, don't kill me...I have a wife and five kids...
Claudia (points her pistol to his head): But you killed your brother.
Guilty person: He was a stupid and ignorant bastard. Please...just let me go away and you'll never see me again.
Claudia: Let me tell you something: Cain was the first man ever to strike down another and when the Lord came to him and said 'What have you done?' Cain could not hide his crime. For the voice of his brother's blood cried out from the very ground.
(Sergej smirked)
Guilty person: What the...(Claudia shoots him several times)


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by sage44 on Thu 24 Nov 2011 - 18:28


Michel: Oh and how many times do you think I heard that one before * shoots *
Fillala: * shoots *
Orchard : * kicks in stomach * HEY TILER I HAVE A HOSTAGE!!!!!!! Tiler: Aww great I get the softie.

Innocent Bystander

Michel: * rolls eyes * * Shoots in legs * That might make you live maybe

Fillala: You saw nothin'! * walks away *
Orchard: * runs away *


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by dragonfire238 on Tue 7 Aug 2012 - 2:49

bad guy: please no I have a family

Abigail: duly noted -boom-

Bystander: please dont kill me I have a family -starts crying-

Abigail: -keeps her gun trained on him- you never saw me, and just remember that family of yours if you even think of speaking of this. -she walks away but keeps an eye on him from the shadows-


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by Kurosaka "Ery" Erika on Tue 7 Aug 2012 - 4:00

Terrorist: please, i have family!..and Children!
Yuki: once,so do i....*pulling the trigger*

Bad guy: please...don't shoot me....i have money...take all of it....i have family...please don't shoot me!
Ai: so what? so i can enjoy with that? eat this *pointing her pistol barrel to the bad guy's mouth and pulled the trigger*

Innocent bystanders/witnesses: please..don't shoot me!...i swear,i don't see or hear anything! please....spare me....
Sherry: i'm sorry....*hitting them with the gun buttstock*

Villain: please! don't kill me...we can work together and rule the Italy!
Victoria Malashenko: sorry bro, i'm already owned *firing her Grenade launcher*

The Handler after executing the terrorist/subduing the witnesses
: good job *insert cyborg name here*
*insert cyborg name here* : thank you sir

My Enemy: please give me another chance,think for the future
Me: of course...i see in my future that you are suffering....
Kurosaka "Ery" Erika


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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

Post by topgearbrzgt86 on Wed 17 Apr 2013 - 14:24

If it were down to my OC's...

format: (terrorist/bystander)

Jim: Vaya con Dios. (shoots him)/My advice: forget all that you've seen here. (walks away)

Jamiebel: I had one, too. (silenced shot fired) But I didn't waste my life./I'm sorry. (silenced shot fired)

Davina: Good-bye, scum. (shoots him)/Just remember: nothing ever happened. (scarpers)

Bernan: (both cases) "..." (shoots him)



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Re: The old "I have a family" excuse

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