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Post by Kiskaloo on Sat 13 Dec 2008 - 12:09

While my Christmas story is complete, I want to wait until around Christmas to post it to

So I was thinking of something else to do and remembered the scene in the Volume 10 Libretto with Angelica enjoying a pasta dinner with Triela and Rico as her waiters. Perfect one-shot for the Carbon Fiber Chef series.

But then I thought about the other pictures in the Libretto. Maybe I could do a series of one-shot stories, each based on one of the pictures Yu-sensei drew. I could then do each as a chapter in a story called, in a sign of pure unoriginality, "Libretto".

I have working titles for three of them at the moment with the most basic of plot outlines:

"La Prinicipessa della Pasta" - Triela and Rico do a special dinner for Angelica.

"Respect My Authoriteh!" - Claes and Triela join the Carabinieri.

"The Streets of San Marco" - Petrushka and Triela go undercover in Venice - without much cover. sweat

I have at least two more that are possible: one with Rico and Angelica and the other with Alessandro and Petrushka, though that latter one might work with "Respect My Authoriteh!".

And I can't really leave Henrietta out, so maybe one with her and Rico.

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Re: Libretto...

Post by emperor on Sat 13 Dec 2008 - 13:46

I vote for "Respect My Authoriteh!" - Claes and Triela join the Carabinieri.

I would want to see how Triela thinking when she have to be police officer as well as Hilshire were being before.


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