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Welcome to Cyborg Central - the forum for Yu Aida's Gunslinger Girl. At the forum we discuss various aspects of the series ranging from the technology behind the cyborgs to the weapons used to what cars handlers drive. We also have sections for fan art and fan fiction. We even have Gunslinger Girl RPGs. But we don't just talk about GSG all day - we also talk about our real lives and random things. Everyone is friendly here so feel free to jump in and join the conversation. People here are more like family than just fellow fans. Here's a quick run down of who's who here on the board:
  • Red = Admins
  • Purple = Moderators
  • Green = Scanlation Team
  • Pink = Voting game moderators
  • Gray = Everyone else
Some of our members are also the major contributors to the Wikipedia article on Gunslinger Girl. One member also hosts our Gunslinger Girl Original Character Wiki - wiki edited by several members about the original characters in our fan fictions and RPGs.

Well that's who we are, but if you're a new member we want to know about you too. So please say hi in the Greetings thread so we can give you a proper welcome to the forum.

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