What "Star Trek" race would the Junior Operatives be? (canon OR fanon)

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What "Star Trek" race would the Junior Operatives be? (canon OR fanon)

Post by Angiegarde on Sat 4 Jul 2009 - 22:50

A couple of years ago, Nachtsider and I talked about over e-mail what races from "Star Trek" would the various junior operatives be and/or are similar to in terms of personality.

Recently, I've re-thought this question and decided to ask everyone here this very question.

Here are my picks.......

Henrietta would be Bajoran as she's deep into culture (she plays the violin) and is kind and generous but has been through great trauma and isn't someone that you want to be up against in combat.

Rico would be a Trill as she's normal in appearance and a pleasant demeanor but has a hidden side to her.

Triela would be a Tellarite as she's quite quarrelsome yet is quite friendly and independent minded.

Claes would be a Romulan as she's cool and calculating yet shows emotions and is capable of both ruthlessness and kindness.

Angelica would be a Betazed as she's kind, gentle and very much a people person yet has been through a great deal.

Elsa would be a Jem'hadar as she's cold and icy but quite aggressive in battle and she's focused solely on pleasing someone higher then herself.

Beatrice would be a Vulcan as like them, she seemingly has no emotions.

Petrushka is hard for me to determine as I don't know much about her.

As for my fanmade characters, Clarissa would be a Klingon as she's violent and aggressive in combat but makes the most out of life and is honorable. As for Anastasia, she'd be a Vorta as she's sneaky but seemingly polite and friendly while sincerely loyal to someone higher then herself.

How about you guys?


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Re: What "Star Trek" race would the Junior Operatives be? (canon OR fanon)

Post by Awinnell on Sun 5 Jul 2009 - 3:57

Petras a definite Orion slave girl


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Re: What "Star Trek" race would the Junior Operatives be? (canon OR fanon)

Post by sasahara17 on Sun 5 Jul 2009 - 4:08

What Star Trek Races are my OCs?

Victoria would be a vulcan. She is a nice girl who has a strict no killing rule... Up until you push the right buttons, at which point she's like angry Spock out of Captain Kirk's blood.

Iris? Dead riniger for a Klingon. More fight = Huzzah!

Rebecca loves bombs and explosions. They make her all tingily and fuzzy and make bright colours. Buit since she is part of the Church of Violanece, she's automatically a Ferengi whether she likes it or not.

Megumi... is wierd.

As a side note, Elisabeth C. Freeman of I-CARE is a massive Trekkie. She worships the ground William Shatner walks on, and sleeps with a picture of Leonard Nimoy under her pillow and has... dreams... about Chris Pine. And let's not get into her collection of rare and expensive and sometimes illegally obatined Star Trek memorbillia.

She's so bad, other Trekkies are scared of her.

Yes, she is meant to freak people out with her 'eccentric' (obsessive) behavior, least of all her roomate Wil.


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Re: What "Star Trek" race would the Junior Operatives be? (canon OR fanon)

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