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[FF Discussion] Partners

Post by sasahara17 on Mon 13 Jul 2009 - 3:53

Need some help regarding the next installment of partners.

I'll start off wit a spoiler free summary: It's set in then near future. The main character of the piece is a motherly but haunted handler named Robin and her cyborg Andrew who is never allowed to go on missions (or leave the premises) because he is 'defective'. It involves heavy themes, angst, a male cyborg and no gun play whatsoever.

Now for those who seriously want to help out;

The story takes place is a possible ending for the latest Black Lagoon arc. It explores the possibility of Garcia getting mortally wounded in bringing Roberta back to her senses. Naturally, desperate to save the only family she has left, Roberta turns to the oh-so-helpful Social Welfare Agency.

You can guess what happens next.

Because Garcia is dependent on their 'medical expertise' to stay alive, they effectively have her by the throat. Roberta (under the alias Robin) has to be a bloodhound again, except this time she's the SWA's bloodhound... and a reliable one too seeing as how if she misbehaves it will be Garcia (now being by Andrew) will pay dearly for it.

Now here's the problem:

I can't decide if I should focus on Robin's POV or Andrew's POV for my first installment of this three stage arc.

+ Robin's story is intended to show her day to day life as an agent of the SWA . It focuses on her guilt, her inability to absolve herself of that guilt, and the mental strain of killing people for a cause she doesn't even believe in. The narrative follows just one typical day in her life and ends just as she is about to go back to sleep. If you read the above spoiler, you should pretty much guess a typical day for Robin is proabaly the closest thing she has to a living hell.

+ Officially Andrew is a 'defective' cyborg. Poor Andrew is confied much like Claes to the SWA premises. Considering for all intents he seems perfectly healthy (hell, he can outpace Henrietta anyday), Andrew is left wondering why they won't let him go on missions like the others. His investigation, over a period of a few weeks, leads him to the horrifying realisation of his true purpose in the SWA.

I also have a third idea, where
An enraged Fabiola catches up with Roberta after a year of looking for the head maid, and detailing their confrontation.
But obviously, that comes later.

More importantly, I know some of the forum goers here 'dislike' male cyborgs (*coughdanjocough*). As I have ZERO experience in that area, I'd really like some suggestions from them on how to make this workable even to that audience.

BTW, writing this won't start anytimes soon (considering I'm working on BIG). I'd just like to get some feedback first.


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Re: [FF Discussion] Partners

Post by Ghostfriendly on Mon 13 Jul 2009 - 20:30

Sounds promising, lots of drama and suffering. I think the idea with Andrew's POV, with an ignorant narrator and revelation of the key points with the main character's realisation. You could include plenty of visits from Roberta and Andrew's impression of how she is.


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