On a desperate search for a figure

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On a desperate search for a figure

Post by Nuke is Good on Wed 29 Jul 2009 - 13:54

Thanks to a theft of credit cards (no monetary loss was done at least to my knowledge but we had to change all the cards out) my parents didn't give me anything for my 21st. I need help finding a particular item.

Picture in question:

Do you folks know any sites where I can get it for a reasonable price? Yesasia has the suspicious 30 day shipping wait (they screwed me over on the Persona 4 Yukiko figure with that) and BeNippon has it backordered 2nd hand which claims it would have it in one of their other warehouses.

I was looking at this figure for a month with so many promises from my parents they'd get it for my birthday and now I'm left to attempt to get it on my own, any help on tracking one down would be appreciated. The 500 dollar one makes me want to cry on ebay.
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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

Post by rusty-spring on Wed 29 Jul 2009 - 14:29

I dunno about reasonable prices, but after a 3 second google search, I found this site.

Of course it's 249.99, but they have it in stock.

Admittedly, I didn't look much beyond the first page google gave me.

Oops, just realized this was that site you already mentioned. I don't collect figures, but I suspect it's a case of limited run like all collectible items and if you don't rush for them it's hard to find. I guess unless a good ebay deal shows up, you might have to deal with a high premium.


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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

Post by boomer_gonz on Wed 29 Jul 2009 - 15:46

Holy shit, I'm officially hot for Roberta. Sorry Eda, but that figure, that pose, those...ummm...; I mean just wow.

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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

Post by sasahara17 on Thu 30 Jul 2009 - 3:15

Roberta is so many attractive things rolled into one super hot package. Glasses? Check. Guns? Check. Meido Uniform? Check. Super destructive skills? Check!

Someone please stop tempting me with these products I really like looking at but can never own.


Who is that hot glasses wearing babe I wonder...


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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

Post by Triela on Thu 30 Jul 2009 - 12:19

I just spent a half hour trying to find something Nuke. I feel your pain, I know what it feels like to want a figure that you can't find ANYWHERE (or it's not a reasonable price) It really is a beautiful figure. I would buy it as well, if not only for the craftsmanship!!

I'll keep my eyes out for you, I say keep looking on ebay, or you can find someone on ebay that sells figures for a reasonable price and send them a note asking them to look out for that figure if they come across it. You never know! ^_~


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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

Post by tsundere9kagami2 on Thu 30 Jul 2009 - 12:52


is it a resin kit?


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Re: On a desperate search for a figure

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