Pinocchio's Knives

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Pinocchio's Knives

Post by Guest on Wed 24 Feb 2010 - 23:00

Hey, I recently got hooked to gunslinger girl and thought it was a great manga/anime series. While going through the series I noticed that one of the characters, Pinocchio uses a bunch of knives that are actually real made knives. I know the throwing knives that he uses are called uc1255 made by United Cutlery (which I coincidentally have since I do knife throwing as a hobby), and his main combat knife is called the Smith and Wesson HRT combat survival knife. I wanted to know if the HRT is a good knife since it is relatively cheap (priced around 50 to 80 dollars depending on the retailer). I'd like to use it for hunting (skinning and gutting) mainly and possibly for home defense if it ever comes to that. I have a really good knife called the Mercworx sniper, but it's too good to use.

Any inputs you guys?

btw heres a link to a pic of the knife


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Re: Pinocchio's Knives

Post by boomer_gonz on Thu 25 Feb 2010 - 1:08

It's actually not a bad knife overall. One of my uncles likes to call it the civilian issue K-Bar.

My personal model is one with a pistol grip handle with the finished wood grip.


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