"Music of the Wind" - Sora no Woto alternative lyrics

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"Music of the Wind" - Sora no Woto alternative lyrics

Post by Robert Frazer on Thu 25 Mar 2010 - 19:21

This isn't actually a GSG-related thread, but in the abscence of a more specific forum I felt that it would be best placed here, as it's just a little idle doodling fragment and nothing too set or serious.

It's not to my credit, but I have limited patience for poetry, and whenever I've sat down to attempt some myself I've found it to be totally baffling. Even though I've been singing in choirs and theatre groups for years I have to admit that I've never been much for songwriting either, and when it comes to composing I don't know one piano key from another. However, I found the new anime Sora no Woto to be quite affecting, its conclusion leaving me in that sombre, reflective state you get when something engaging has passed. A muse must have been passing, though, because I started to fill that hollow feeling with thoughts about music, leadng to me metering out this "second season OP".

Again, I'm no composer so these lyrics are just set to "Hikari no Senritsu", Sora no Woto's actual opening theme.

Music of the wind
What news do you bring?
What scent can I taste in this cool, heady air?
The golden stalks rustle, stirred by your touch,
The chimes cheer at the return of a friend.

The time when my heart broke
And anguish clenched my breast
You snatched the cries from my mouth
And stifled sorrow's sounds

And when rapture filled me
My voice giving praise
You carried my joy further still!


Music of the wind
Sing your song
May it echo from mountaintop to valley dale
Dancing on surf 'cross sea and shore
The breath of far and foreign lands.

Kiss my lips with your gentle breeze
Fire my soul with your fierce gales and storms
This gift from Hea'en must be God's grace
Bring us life
Bring us love
Bear us home.


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Re: "Music of the Wind" - Sora no Woto alternative lyrics

Post by Danjo3 on Fri 26 Mar 2010 - 4:01

After reading your above post I decided to give Sora no Woto a try, and though I’ve only just started, I’m really enjoying it. Reminds me a bit of Haibane Renmei.


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Re: "Music of the Wind" - Sora no Woto alternative lyrics

Post by emperor on Sun 4 Apr 2010 - 8:45

Is this anime about the girl band in the army?

The song resemble to the GG season 2's theme.


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Re: "Music of the Wind" - Sora no Woto alternative lyrics

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