The Unoffical Winners are...

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The Unoffical Winners are...

Post by ElfenMagix on Sat 17 Apr 2010 - 11:48


Because of the events in my life slowing this thing down to a nonexistent reality, I'm going to give it to all the nominees who worked hard in the past year, making GsG what it is.

I'll have a 2009 trophy ready by next week and hopefully a grandstand finale of an award show.


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Re: The Unoffical Winners are...

Post by Professor Voodoo on Sat 17 Apr 2010 - 18:10

There are certainly more important things for you to be focusing on right now Elfen...we all understand that.

Again, hope everything is going well, or as well as can be expected.

Professor Voodoo


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Re: The Unoffical Winners are...

Post by taerKitty on Sat 2 May 2015 - 20:05

Any reasons why these are still pinned to the front page?


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