Chris' Adventures in the Multiverse Part 2: The Traveler, the Girl and the Gunslinger

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Chris' Adventures in the Multiverse Part 2: The Traveler, the Girl and the Gunslinger

Post by Ridler on Thu 22 Apr 2010 - 11:07

Author wrote:Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been really active for a while. Had a lot of other stuff to do... Yeah, I know, it sucks. But anyways. This lil' story right here is the second part of an on-going series of mine. You can read the first one right here. As you can see, every part is in a different anime universe, thus each one is uploaded on a different site depending on the subject matter. GSG kind of got the short end of the stick here, as I really didn't focus quite as much on it. I needed a universe that will serve as a tutorial, a one-shot for my character to learn the basics of what he's doing. That's why there isn't much focus on the GSG crew, but I think I've put enough description for you guys to get exactly what's going on. I originally planned to up it on, but ultimately decided to post it here. That's why the style is like a Fan Fiction (much different than any other chapter in the story). So, do you like it? Probably not, but still - I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments. And now, the story...

PS: Apologies to Italians everywhere...


Chris rose from the ground and took off the dust from his
clothes with a few slaps.

‘Why the hell did you have to drop me from this high?!?’ the boy yelled.

‘I’m sorry. I will try to land you closer to the ground next
time’ a voice was heard.

‘Whatever. Alright. What am I supposed to do here?’

‘You have to find the power crystal’

‘I know that! But where is it?’

‘That… is for you… to find out…’ Uatu said mysteriously.

‘Oh, come ON! There’s an entire universe here, remember! How
am I gonna find this crystal!’

‘On your own!’

‘Please tell me!’

‘I’m afraid I can’t do that!’

‘Pretty please?’


‘Pretty please with a cherry on top?’

‘Listen, I’m not allowed to give you any information! Just
my presence here is breaking the laws of the multiverse!’

‘Pretty please with a cherry AND sugar on top?’

‘FINE!!!’ the Watcher yelled. ‘It’s in that building, OK?
Goddamn, you are such an idiot! Why did I choose such a sucker! I should have
chosen Villy D. Datzov… at least he’s a Lord!’

Chris couldn’t quite understand what this was supposed to
mean, but ultimately decided it was just Watcher business, and went to the
building Uatu pointed him. It wasn’t very far from his landing spot. Maybe the
Watcher was just making it easy for him, with that being his first crystal and
all. The boy looked at the huge structure – it kind of resembled a mansion. But
a mansion in the middle of the city…?

Chris looked around. The streets looked kind of normal. In
fact, they looked quite normal for an alternative universe. They were almost
exactly identical to the ones in his home. The only difference was that there
were no shops – no grocery stores, no clothes stores… only Pizza restaurants.

And that’s when it hit him.

‘OH MY GOD, I’M IN ITALY!!!!!!’ he said and started to
run, but soon realized the power of the pasta was far too powerful for him to
deal with, so he went back to the mansion.

He gazed at it for a few moments, thinking of the
possibilities. Was this just a country, or was the entire universe one huge Italy? The

‘Well, let’s just steal the crystal and get out of here’

He slowly and carefully pushed the door to the mansion and
entered. Inside, he several buildings and a lawn that united them. On the lawn
was a little girl, maybe 8-9 year old, with short, brown hair and in a school
girl outfit. Next to her was an Amati violin in its case. However, what was
more important – in her hands was a big, white, glowing crystal.

‘Hey, that was easy’ Chris thought and approached the girl.
‘Hey, little girl! Are you alone?’

She looked at him, then moved her attention back at the

‘Hey! How about you give me that crystal you’re holding? I
really, really need it right about now’

Another stare, then back to the crystal.

‘How about a hug? I’ll trade you the crystal for a hug, what
do you say?’

The girl sighed and left the crystal by her side. Chris
yelled happily and spread his hands for a hug. She, however, turned the other
way, picked up her violin, opened the case and took out an FN P90.

‘Oh crap OH CRAP!!!!’ Chris screamed and started to run, as
the little girl was chasing him and firing at him. Soon other little girls
heard the gunfire and joined in the chase. In only a few minutes the boy found
himself being chased by 5-6 children, each of them with a machine gun.

‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!!!’ Chris
repeated, trying to escape. Finally, he came up with a plan. He kept on
running, but slightly altered the direction. In 2-3 minutes, he was already
running towards his destination. When he reached it, the boy snatched the
crystal with one quick movement. He looked backwards and saw that about 20-30
people with guns were chasing him and shooting at him. So he ran.

In a wall.

‘We have you surrounded!’ a black-haired man shouted. ‘Hand
over the crystal and give up!’

‘Like hell I will!!!’ responded Chris and lifted the item
above his head. ‘UATU!!!’ he shouted.

Complete silence.

‘I can’t believe you really did that’ a voice was heard from
the sky.

LITTLE *** *** ****** ***** ********** **** ************* ** ******** ******
****** ****** TULIP **** * ************ ******** ****** SUNFLOWER **** ** *****

Even more awkward silence than before. A few of the girls
were watching motionless. 2-3 had their ears covered by someone, and the rest
of the older people had dropped their guns.

‘Alright, I guess I overdid it a little…’

One of the girls started crying.

“Gee, I feel a little guilty now…” he thought. ‘I’m sorry!’

One of the men hugged the crying girl and looked at Chris.

‘How COULD you?!?’

‘I said I’m sorry! Besides, you’re training them how to kill

‘Are you retarded? Extreme violence and gore is OK unless
there aren’t any naughty words!’

Chris thought.

‘Makes sense. Alright, can I go now? I really, really need
this crystal to save my homeworld from a giant creature with a dragon on its
crotch. And no, I’m not making this up’

Everybody looked at him angrily.

‘Go! And don’t come back! Not until you do something about
that potty mouth of yours!’

‘Alright, alright’

Chris lifted the crystal up again.

‘Uatu, can you please get my a… butt out of here ASAP?’

A stream of light engulfed the boy and he was lifted up.
Before he could realize what was going on, Chris was already in the sky. There,
the bald Watcher was waiting for him.

‘Can I please see the crystal?’ he demanded. Chris obeyed.

‘That was too easy’

‘Indeed it was. That’s why, next time I am NOT telling you
where that crystal is’

‘Oh? But why?’

‘Because shut up’


‘Alright, you ready now?’

‘More than ever! What’s my next destination! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!’ Chris yelled as he fell
through the floor. After the harsh landing, he slowly pulled himself up and
looked around. He was in a dark room, maybe a basement… and next to him was a
dead body.

Immediately, the door was burst open.

‘Freeze! You’re under arrest for murder!’

‘Aw, ****’





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