Foam Dart Frenzy

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Foam Dart Frenzy

Post by MP5 on Sun 15 Aug 2010 - 0:37

This idea came to me after having a recent look at the current Nerf "N-Strike" line. It appears that the Hasbro company has managed to fill in every small-arms niche known to every standing army, from pistols (Maverick, Nite Finder, etc.), to rifles and carbines (Recon, Longstrike, etc.) to specialist weapons (Titan, Vulcan, et al.). So what happens when two bored cyborgs (Marisa and Scott) discover the wonders of these strange toys?

Productivity drops. Sides are taken. And all hell breaks loose.

It all begins with an emulation of Top Gear: Italy's car reviews. But then Q-branch takes an interest, and as usual, it all goes too far.

And just when you think it's harmless fun, and it's time for the darts to be cleaned up for re-use, Q-branch decides, "Hey! This would make a great undercover weapon!"

Thus begins the inclusion of the Nerf Nite Finder and specially-made impact-fuze plastic explosive Nerf darts as standard mission kit for all Fratelli.


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Re: Foam Dart Frenzy

Post by Professor Voodoo on Sun 15 Aug 2010 - 3:48

Does seem like a good hidden-in-plain-sight weapon.

Scene: A VIP is jogging through the park with his security detail. They notice a mother pushing a baby carriage, an old man feeding pigeons, a bunch of kids running around screeching and laughing, shooting eachother with Nerf guns, and a couple making out in the bushes. Nothing to worry about...

All of a sudden the VIP drops...he's hit by something. All the bystanders watch as an ambulance is called, all except the kids. Where the hell did those kids go?


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