Psychology of the OCs

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Psychology of the OCs

Post by ElfenMagix on Sun 5 Sep 2010 - 11:52

If one has read enough of some of the stories and other works written by the other authors, what does one think of the OCs? Not hoping to start a flame war, OK maybe a small one... ROTFL

So here goes my thoughts:

  • Jethro/Monty: Probably one of the best groups out there because of no visible hang ups between them. Though Monty, as I see it, nearly has to question every run-in with Jethro's past, she accepts what is there with a grain of salt. Jethro though serious in his work, is very laid back. He is also very caring of his girl but wants her to be as independent as possible.

  • Eilo/Marisa: At best a father/rebellious daughter from what I see. Not intending too, he's making her like him, probably to make sure that given any situation she would think out of it like he would and hope for the damn best.

  • Michele/Kara: Daddy War Bucks and Little Orphan Annie of the group. Though their targets tend to be the upper echelon of the elite who funds and plans the terrorism of Padania, it sometimes irks the other teams at the expenses they throw at the agency. A million here, a million there, it just might add up to some real money. Despite that, the Michele/Kara fratello is one of the longest running and successful teams the SWA has.

  • Alpha: This lone cyborg can do no wrong. But granted Alpha was not a SWA Construct; built by a secretive group (the Chrysalis Foundation) using techno-organic systems, Alpha was given to the SWA as a test bed for future projects. Under the tutelage of Military Specialist Lt. Nyromi Lautani, who has a distinguished career in the RAF, Alpha has learned many fighting and survival techniques through her as well as running independent on missions without her suprevision. Alpha's history is wrapped in mystery, having left the SWA shortly after his handler's death, and returning back to the SWA after years of working as a lone operative for various agencies and for himself. His return marked him as a 'god' to some and as a deterrent to others. Eventually he was accepted back into the fold by the SWA Command, and has been on several missions, some with the Fernando/Rachel team.

  • Biff/Britney: For without them, the SWA would be a very lonely and sad place. Britney adds a humor to their predicament, and as well as showing off to the other cyborgs that there is more to life than just gardening and reading books between missions. She shows them how to live and love living, which gives doing every mission a salty taste. Britney is a fuck up as far as her abilities are, with a loving and caring handler, Biff, she is able to manage another day in SWA Hell. For without him, Britney would have been sent back and reconditioned several times over.

Right now my mind draws a blank, but this is how I see them. No disrespect to them or their authors. And finally, I dont mind if you are brutal with me as I was with you because in developing the characters, authors only see things their way and not how others would take it. This is an attempt to see things in that other perspective...


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Re: Psychology of the OCs

Post by Danjo3 on Sun 5 Sep 2010 - 12:29

Rachel: I hate to say it, but she’s a bit of a Mary Sue. And there’s nothing in this world I hate more then Mary Sue’s. Why then you ask do I love her so, and would include her in every one of my stories if it were possible? Well… let’s just say she’s my own guilty pleasure.


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