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Post by ElfenMagix on Wed 29 Sep 2010 - 19:00

Opening up a can or worms here, so bare with me.

Early on in the GsG fanfiction, in FF.net, the cyborg serving tea to Lorenzo and the others was named 'Tee' or 'Tea'. I figured that between Natchsider, Sintendo, Emperor and Boomer, the name was given to her, and the name stuck either version. I managed to use both for SWA Beginings: Francesca (on FF.Net).

Now, all these years, I, and many others, thought she was a Fanfict name given to a nameless canon character.


A few of weeks during the summer, I found and downloaded part of the BitterSweet Fools CD for the Nintendo Dreamcast. There were 5 files and I only got the first one... which I expanded. It contained part of the ISO and the CD Cover. Now you tell me... third girl from the left...

In comparison...
The CD Version

The Vol 1 Manga Versions

If this dont beat it all, Tea's an Actual Canon Character from BitterSweet Fools ported over to Gunslinger Girl!

Agree or Disagree...?

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Re: Tea

Post by crazyidiot78 on Wed 29 Sep 2010 - 19:08

I'm in agreement with you Elfen. This is to coincedent to be an accident.


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Re: Tea

Post by Nachtsider on Wed 29 Sep 2010 - 19:17

I opted for 'Tia', actually. And I'm still uncertain if she's a cyborg.

As for her resemblance to Tea from BF... I dunno. There's some similarity, but not enough for me to conclude that she's indeed the BF character.


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Re: Tea

Post by Jacen Starslayer on Wed 29 Sep 2010 - 20:08

I'm going to agree with Nacht's opinion.


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Re: Tea

Post by Kiskaloo on Thu 30 Sep 2010 - 0:40

I would say she was "inspired" by Tea from BSF, just as many of the Gen1 girls are "inspired" by BSF characters.


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Re: Tea

Post by Danjo3 on Thu 30 Sep 2010 - 1:11

Anime/manga characters are simply too generic. Outside of confirmation from Yu, there’s really no way of telling.


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Re: Tea

Post by Alfisti on Thu 30 Sep 2010 - 8:02

@Danjo3 wrote:Anime/manga characters are simply too generic. Outside of confirmation from Yu, there’s really no way of telling.
This I'd agree with.

Honestly though... I'm not seeing a whole heap of similarities.


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Re: Tea

Post by Robert Frazer on Thu 30 Sep 2010 - 11:05

As I see it, it's a hook for new readers. A new manga needs to make a splash, and that means that you have to hit on several touchstones to provoke general popular interest before you can establish your more particular and specific direction and quirks. Hence in Chapter One of GSG we've had girls, we've had guns, and little bit of a panty shot with Henrietta's skirt riding high in the chapter title splash page. You need one more thing to sucker in the otaku and keep them interested in the next issue... meido!

As for the character herself, I really don't see all that much of a resemblance to the BSF character, sorry.


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Re: Tea

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