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sasha official info

Post by ebitempura966 on Sun 14 Nov 2010 - 9:00

this is info of every char:
Sasha Mirajane
nationality=before cyborg(france) after cyborg(SWA,in italy)
weapon of choice:knife=wakizashi(given by daughter of SWA technology Japan branch company former)
- FN minimi
- stinger AA missile launcher
- javelin heat AT\AA seeking missile launcher
- MK 19(on certain purpose)
- clot python sidearm
- last but not least M4A1 Beowulf (50 cal rifle)

info=she is the renew version of luca's generation, more controlled power,and stable emotion, still with the agreement, she love her handler, but she is envious to his handler assistant .
power:spontaneous power(controlled) fast respond 2x lucas version, light exo skeleton and just updating lucas version of 2+ generation, wich is make sasha is 2++ (cyborg genesis project)

her handler
Name=Keith Sebastian Roland
nationality=America and France
weapon of choice=aa12
-usp 45 with corner in special condition
info= keith is a top navy seal, that quits when he killed his commander in the law of task that given by the big commander of navy seal, and then he meets "Francesca" in France which is his assistant by now, for the detail, check out Francesca info



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