What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

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What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Professor Voodoo on Wed 22 Dec 2010 - 22:37

From Hemmingway to L.M. Montgomery to Herman Melville writers have drawn from their own experience to construct characters. How about yourself?

  • Do your OC's share your real-life hobbies?
  • Personality traits?
  • Entertainment (music, movies, etc) preferences?

What about differences; where do you and your characters diverge?


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Officer_Charon on Wed 22 Dec 2010 - 22:42

It's still a little early with John, although his life experience is definitely drawn from mine, as well as his physical appearance.

It remains to be seen which direction I take him in, although preliminary runs through later scenes seem to show him going in a darker direction than I usually go myself. I may have to work to avoid him being "GrimDERP."


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Kiskaloo on Wed 22 Dec 2010 - 22:58

Certainly there is a bit of "Author Avatar" and "Life Embellished" tropes with Michele, more so in his original form than in Pactio.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by ElfenMagix on Wed 22 Dec 2010 - 23:12

This is easy.
Fernando is me. Everything he says, does and own, I have at one time or another (except when it stretches the limits like owning the Jaguar XJ13). He lives the life I once lived in my 20s.

Rachel is based of my real god-daughter, who I have known since my late teens. Yes, she did go through those things mentioned in the stories, and yes, I did rescue her from a couple of those attacks, she has had a crush on me but she grew out of it. I adopted her to take her out of the mess she was in and she has grown up to be a beautiful lady in her own right. She is portrayed accurately in the stories, but as in she is more serious in life than those of her age because she been through more. And yes, she can be a viscous prankster, and defend herself well.

Juanita is also a RL person the character is based on. Also portrayed accurately, we never got into the relationship others tried to push us in to, she regrets that it never did but I cherish every moment we had. She is an excellent friend.

Cathy and Kathy are based on my wife (rip girl...) and her twin. Two women who I could not love any more even without my limitations of character and person. They and Juanita know and met Rachel on several occasions.

Francesca is a mix of several past girlfriends. Leon is as crazy in RL as he is in the story with the exception being that in the story his wife left him and in RL it does not happen for many years later. Because of his agency status, his house had more arms than the SWA armory. I showed Voodoo the bullet holes the were plastered over during the years Leon lived next door.

Supervisor John G. was my agency supervisor. In the story he is played more lienant character than he was in RL. My cases mainly involved computer hacking cases, but there were things that I ran into that had to be taken cared off. He did not like having lose strings. To me he was a stick in the mud at times.

Meeshie the 7th is based in the RL Meeshie, the first, currently the next cat to be had will be Meeshie the 6th.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Danjo3 on Thu 23 Dec 2010 - 3:37

Biff is pretty much the polar opposite of me. He’s gay – I’m not. He’s a hulking bodybuilder – I’m definitely not. He’s the most talented and feared assassin on the planet – I’m obviously not. Oh, and he’s Jewish, which I’m also not. Laughing

Britney, aside from being a girl, is also obscenely wealthy, so I really don’t have much in common with her either.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by FearTheLASERFACE on Thu 23 Dec 2010 - 16:05

Johnathan(not to be confused with Officer Charon's John) is quite based off of myself. I also imagine him to look very much like me. Eh, Author Avatar I guess?
Differences.....well, he has life experiences different from myself, though they occur at an older age than I am right now. That's really it.

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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Jacen Starslayer on Thu 23 Dec 2010 - 16:48

Jay is an Author Avatar based on me when I was younger. He's got my looks, body, personality, quirks and some of my skills. I was a Boy Scout once (albeit a single year.) He however doesn't have my medical issues. And I don't have his skills at least to the extent that he does... I do however share his talent of having girls much younger than him develop crushes on him (much to my dismay...) Our history's are completely unrelated.

Simone and I share movie interests, and that's about it.

Julietta simply follows the Egomaniac Hunter and the Mafia Princess tropes.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by MP5 on Thu 23 Dec 2010 - 19:33

Allison is an expy from an original story I was working on when I decided to start trying out GSG fanfiction. What she takes from me is her diverse taste in music, and more obviously, her obsession with all things automotive. She is also a wish fulfillment character, because she can drive where I don't even have a license and handles the sorts of weaponry I'd love to even rent for a day.

Brian, on the other hand, does not have much taken from me, and if anything, from cues of things I have seen in my family. The mention of a Yamaha Virago in his Dossier is taken from my dad, who had one before I was born, and the specific brand of cigarette he smokes on occasion (Camel Turkish Jade, to be exact) comes from what I have seen my older brother smoke.

Everyone else just falls into some kind of trope category. Except for Chelsea, who is named and designed after an actual former classmate I had.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by hydra282 on Fri 24 Dec 2010 - 16:08

Blique shares my appearance and beliefs. Zaron is me at max potential; He killed his parents and seeks to rule the world justly. My parents piss me off, but I always stop myself from hurting them. I'm too lazy to take over the world, sorry everyone. Doh!
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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Good ol Boy on Mon 27 Dec 2010 - 21:28

Well, both of my cyborg characters borrow some aspects of my personality. Dusty shares my love of weaponry and all things 80s. Kit, unfortunately, shares many of my problems in the romantic department...

Murdoch shares many character traits with my father, a retired career soldier.

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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by Angiegarde on Sat 1 Jan 2011 - 2:10

Well, with my first OC Clarissa, she shares some of my interests, taste in food, combat preferences, desire for justice as well as my short temper and impatience. She also got some of her opinions on the other characters from me as well.

As for my second OC Anastasia, not so much. I based her off of snobbish and bratty but polite girls from anime and manga mostly.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

Post by tremec6speed on Tue 11 Jan 2011 - 4:03

I don't have any elements that I can identify in my characters.
Maybe on a subconscious level, but I doubt it.


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Re: What elements of yourself are found in your OC's?

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