Updating the chart

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Updating the chart

Post by SPARTAN 119 on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 1:23

Above is a chart of harem anime, eroge protagonists and other individuals that pose a grave threat to the genetic diversity of the human race. But this chart is a few years old. Add updates like the one below.

Name: Itou, Makoto
Series School Days
Bounty: Case terminated due to death of subject
Status: Deceased
A sex addict known to sleep with anything that moves. Has had sex with several female classmates, including two yanderes, one of which is from a wealthy family and owns a very nice boat. Confirmed lolicon.


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Re: Updating the chart

Post by Five_X on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 3:23

Kazushi from Edelweiss has to be on this. He's had crazy sex romps with seven different women, some of which were in strange places such as inside gymnastics equipment. In one scenario, his dick was snapped in half, but was healed.



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Re: Updating the chart

Post by Piero on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 14:00

Here's a couple based on some series I like:

Macross Frontier

Alto Saotome
Former kabuki actor specialising in female impersonation turned mercenary fighter pilot. Banged the galaxy's most popular idol and has also attracted the attention of a loli pop idol, bridge bunnies, high school girls, and other males. Seems to get along awfully well with his best friend's Meltrandi girlfriend/stalker. Easily mistaken for a girl, may be difficult to identify. When in doubt target the prettiest person in the general vicinity. Known to possess a next generation superfighter with the ability to transform into a giant robot. Assume to be armed and dangerous.
Threat Level: Medium
Bounty: US $12,500,000

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Erio Mondial
Ten year old magical boy/special forces operative and ward of the hottest magical girl ever. Is a member of a unit that is almost entirely female whose older members seem to want to pair him with his guardian's other ward. Has also attracted the attention of an extremely powerful dark magical girl and is known to have rescued his extremely hot legal guardian using a princess carry.
Time Sensitive Case
Despite their apparent lesbian tendencies, there are fears he could convert the rest of his unit into a gigantic harem if allowed to reach puberty.

Known to keep the company of a girl with the ability to summon Godzilla, a combat cyborg with mecha level durability, and a veteran magical girl with the firepower of a Gundam and a knack for fighting dirty. Use extreme caution. Failure to neutralise the target is likely to result in him converting you into an ally.
Threat Level: Variable
Bounty: US $15,000,000

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Re: Updating the chart

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