Facing down the final boss (semi-Audition' *Spoilers*)

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Facing down the final boss (semi-Audition' *Spoilers*)

Post by MP5 on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 15:56

As some of you from the chatbox might know, I've made plans to feature a future chapter (or it might even be its own side-story) of Tire Tracks and Spent Casings in the locale of San Esperito, an island nation where the video game Just Cause is set. Without going too much into detail, the SWA's mission here is to orchestrate the overthrow of the local dictator's regime for the CIA in addition to finding and exterminating Five Republics members being backed and supplied by said dictator. By doing all the dirty work, the SWA gets a bit of a financial and technical bonus from the Americans as well as much-needed intel on their enemies, and of course a reason to go to an exotic tropical locale for a month. In exchange, the Americans get the credit for deposing an evil dictator and stopping a WMD threat and at the same time clean up a holdover 'ally' from the days of the cold war--less blowback is always welcome.

Now Just Cause is a game that does not take itself seriously, and to prove this, the final mission pits the protagonist against the big bad himself, President Salvador Mendoza, a San Esperitian General who launched a coup d' etat against the previous government in order to bring himself to power. The following exchange occurs when the protagonist, 'Agency' operative Rico Velasquez corners the president on his personal aircraft after moking out his mercenary bodyguards:

Just Cause wrote:

Presidente Mendoza: (Striking a feeble-looking martial arts stance) I must warn you, Señor-- I have seen 'Air Force One' at least six times, and I can assure you that the president always wins.

Rico Velasquez: You know, it didn't matter that he was the president. It's always the good guy who wins. And today, that's me.

The president then runs for it and jumps out the plane with no parachute, leaving Rico to skydive after him, plant an explosive charge on his back, and then parachute to safety as Mendoza explodes into tiny little pieces, raining him all over San Esperito.

So now that's all out of the way, my question to you is this: placed in a similar situation, what would your OC say and/or do when facing down an obviously-cowardly final villain? I don't want my characters taking the glory, so I leave this to everyone else. The person to come up with the best lines and/or overall ending gets the glory of the final kill.


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Re: Facing down the final boss (semi-Audition' *Spoilers*)

Post by Robert Frazer on Fri 8 Apr 2011 - 22:06

El Presidenté: You... you... you c-c-c-can't do this! It's... it's... wait, that crucifix! A-ha! You're a Christian! This is murder! A sin!

Agapita: Oh shit, he's right! I never thought about it that way. What are we going to do now?

Avise: Agapita, dear, you're a Catholic. You can just go to Confession at the weekend. Five Hail Marys and three Sacred Hearts is about the going rate nowadays.

Agapita: Geez, and there I was worrying about having to do a whole boring Rosary. Okay, let's go skydiving!


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Re: Facing down the final boss (semi-Audition' *Spoilers*)

Post by Kiskaloo on Fri 8 Apr 2011 - 22:20

Kara would go for the lame CSI: Miami ending:

[Kara stands in front of the open door, parachute strapped to her back and a lens flare partially silhouetting her.]

"Well Mr. President, it looks like it's time for..."

[She removedsa pair of dark glasses from her front pocket and dons them. She then drops a block of plastic explosive and kicks it under the couch.]

"...term limits."


[She then drops back out of the plane and into the slipstream as the charge detonates, blowing the aircraft apart.]


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Re: Facing down the final boss (semi-Audition' *Spoilers*)

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