Sound effects help

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Sound effects help

Post by Triela on Tue 5 Apr 2011 - 15:24

I need your help yet again for animation homework! >:3 I need sound effects of guns. Nice clear ones. No matter where I look I can't find good quality, or if I do I have to pay for it. >Sad

Do you guys know of, or have any good gun sounds?

Shots of a

would be most appreciated, as I don't know the exact gun I want to use yet. Razz


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Re: Sound effects help

Post by windfish55 on Tue 5 Apr 2011 - 15:42

Check this place out. It may have what you're looking for:
Good luck on your cartoon!


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Re: Sound effects help

Post by Nuke is Good on Tue 5 Apr 2011 - 16:42 second link

This is from my old counter-strike folder, it has an assortment of sounds for weapons in there. The mac10 folder should have Uzi sounds since thats the skin I use for the weapon. All the weapons you want in that list are in there.

I don't know why I'm getting the stupid things when I post the link just remove that part.
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Re: Sound effects help

Post by Five_X on Tue 5 Apr 2011 - 19:04 (not sure of the site is still working 100%) has helped me out a lot in the past. It's got pretty much everything you could need, and many of the gunshot files (of which there are too many to count) are really high quality.

Hope it helps!


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Re: Sound effects help

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