Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

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Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Five_X on Fri 15 Apr 2011 - 21:07

If you remember, ADV went down two or three years ago. Now, in North America at least, manga/light novel publishing giant Tokyopop is gone...

A sad day for all us otaku.


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Triela on Fri 15 Apr 2011 - 21:50

Oh. My. God. So many titles I have yet to finish...


Oh NOOO future yaoi fans will never know the joy of Fake. ;_;


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Kiskaloo on Fri 15 Apr 2011 - 21:52

From what I've heard within the industry about Stu levy, I'm not surprised at this news.


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Guest on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 4:45

What!? The Tokyopop is shut down? Oh man that bad. It like Del Ray manga who was changed it to Kodansha USA.


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by TTIO on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 8:53

Well that sucks Sad

On the plus side, the european branch is staying open Very Happy
Even if I have to read in french, I will still have my chance Razz


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Entropy on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 11:14

Yeah they hadn't really picked up any new licenses in a while a let some of their others peter out into was only a matter of time.

The challenge is getting good licenses...I understand marketing and all that but it seems like there aren't many imports from any of the big, sought-after series in the last couple of years.

There's still Yen Press and Seven Seas for us GSG fans I guess though...




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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by Nuke is Good on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 14:17

With Borders restructuring this was going to happen.

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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

Post by maverick375 on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 17:02

Wow... I never thought I'd see the day.


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Re: Tokyopop NOOOOOO!!

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