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Story about Eliza and Lilith a Cyborg pair the former being the senior and the latter being the junior.
Its already complicated as it is but then a certain Sekine Eiko wants a piece of the action... all hell breaks loose

Feelings erupt, Things Explode and Stuff are destroyed. Oh and a Dirty Trailer that needs cleaning.

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Thanks for MP5 and his Characters

Episode 1- NEW MEMBER


"Where the shite are you!"
A strong piercing voice came blaring through my earpiece as Allison Radio for help. What was a routine extraction/rescue
mission has gone all but completely wrong. The provided intel that our informant is being held and guarded by just a dozen
men turned out to be false. Its utterly inaccurate-----a doze.. more like an entire platoon for gods sake.
"Im right outside with the cars and pinned, thank you very much"
I replied in a hush while I took cover as the mob of AR70 armed men opened up on me.
"Im afraid your gonna have to rescue me as well, Allison"
I radio the Brian/Allison fratello which was pinned down inside the house, at least they had walls, all I had was the Ford
steel between me and the bullets fired from the Five-Rep's Rifles
"Were Coming Out, Distract them from the door" This time its Brian who spoke through.
"Ja! Understood. Head out.......NOW!"
I replied and at that moment I went over and gave em Supressive covering fire kept the Gunmen down long enough for Brian,
Allison and the Informant, Belvedere Balbi make their way to the cars. As I ran out of ammo the Five-Reps started shooting again
but by that time we were already making tracks as fast as our vehicles would manage
with them leading the way in Allison's Lancia Beta HF and me being rear-guard with my 70 Mach-1 Ford Mustang.
"This is hardly a Textbook operation" Commented Brian.
"Lets just get outta here"
"Keep your foot down Allison.. your friends from the house is tailing us"
And tail us they did. A pair of Mercedes-Benz G Wagens came into the rearview. Still flushed with adrenaline, My mind and body
was performing well above that of a normal human. Especially my mind, Neurons fire at the speed of light. A plan was thought up
and immediately put it into action.

hit brakes, draw sidearm, shoot first vehicle's tires, let second vehicle pass, accelerate, perform PIT meneuver on second vehicle,
second vehicle crashes into the first, in summary: 2 shots fired broken front bumper, Both enemy vehicles taken out.

"Eliza!...Eliza!" Yelled Brian through the radio
"Im here"
"Are you alright?"
"Affirmative, Im fine!"
"What did you do?"
"I have succesfully taken care of our pursuers and am coming for an overtake"
"Copy that"
With that I took the usual driver side overtaking position and as I was passing....
It happened in a flash I vaguely remember seeing Allison's Lancia making a hard right and before I could even discern what she
was yelling about...BAMM and explosion went off between both cars. Without any evasive action an RPG has hit the Mach-1's Right
rear quarterpanel and sent the Ford over and cartwheeling across the road with me in it. And thats all I could recall. Apparently
one of the jerks on them SUV's were able enough to fire an RPG at us. Whoever he was, he took me out just as quick as I did to
take them out.


"And thats how it happened" We were having tea after a workthrough with the Obstacle course which was better than
yesterday's run.
"Uhm.. Im Sorry about that ma'am"
"Sorry? theres nothing to be sorry for. Its my fault that happened. Besides If that didnt happen, you wouldnt be here"
"Yes Ma'am"
"And just call me Eliza ok.. Its wierd being called 'maam'"
"Yes M...Eliza"
I was outside on a warm sunny afternoon. I was telling the events of a recent mission to my Charge, Lilith. Now it may seem odd but we are so far.. the only senior Cyborg + Junior Cyborg fratello (or in this case Sorella). It was a series of unfortunate events and decissions along the line that led to me (the usual backup or assist force of missions) to have my own cyborg. Well Its not like I dont want to have Lilith as my Cyborg but...
"Uh.. Miss Eliza" Lilith cuts me from my internal monologue "How did I came about as your charge?" She asked with innocent eyes.
"JUST Eliza.... Its was a decision from the higher ups" I started explaining
"Apparently they deemed me as a danger to myself and that I needed supervision"
I paused for a moment to look back at the Blonde sitting beside me her attention stilled on my words. I continued...
"As part of the agreement for me staying here, essentially on loan by the SWA in return that I be content with my strange insatiable hunger for destruction and violence and be kept safe in the process" I put emphasis on the last phrase
"Since my father prohibited me from being assigned a handler, big chief Lorenzo thought the best way to decrease my injury rate is to give me a cyborg to watch over"
I finished my heavily summarized explanation with a sip of tea.
"Im sorry If Im being a bother to you...Eliza"
I can see her look down upon herself as she started apologizing again.
This wont do....
"STOP apologizing.. I told you none of this is your fault" I finished my biscuit and tea as I stood up
"Now lets tidy up and get cracking with em targets"
"Y..yes" She stammered as she stood up and began putting away the tea kettle, cups and whatnot
"Meet me at the rifle range in 10 min. Ive got to get some stuff for our run"
"Y..yes Eliza" She replied with utter lack of energy. This put me off a bit
"Hey" I looked her in the eye, which wasnt very difficult since we were nearly the same height
"Now I appreciate this Tea time thing you learned from Henrietta but dont take after her shy nature"
"Have a bit more confidence in yourself" Said I in a manner as If Im giving out an inspirational Propaganda speech.
"YES" She replied now with a lot of forced confidence.

With that she hurried of to the Rifle range. 'I need to get that confidence of hers up or Im doomed" I thought to myself. However I had more pressing concerns to tend to at the moment. I needed to bring the weapons and ammo we will be using and the eventual armament that she will carry into battle with me. This could make or break our duo. Arm her with a weapon too big and she ends up like me, slow and unwieldy. Give her a weapon too light and she wont have enough range or power to properly support the power spearhead assaults Im fond with doing. It took the best part of 3 minutes and all my Processing power to think of the ideal primary weapon for her, a Heckler and Koch 417 and Lo and behold the armory didnt have one on stock, I needed something now for her to familiarize with so I grabbed the next best thing a Heckler and Koch G3K (Kurz with the 12.4 inch barrel) trying to take my mind of this snag in my arming scheme I proceeded to collect a PSG1 sniper Rifle, but I cant help but feel that this wont be enough. Knowing me, It IS not enough but I put that problem on queue. What cought my eye on the Armory was a piece of excellent weapons engineering that has lived on for more than 60 years a Rheinmetall MG3 General Purpose Machine Gun Its little more than an MG42 converted to use the NATO standard 7.62x51mm round, So I grabbed that along with a mountain of ammunition to waste.


I arrived at the rifle range looking like Rambo with ammo boxes and belts hanging around me and 3 awfully large and heavy weapons. It was a sight so ridiculus that it couldve caused anyone who sees me to laugh around like a hyena and yet there she was quietly waiting even tho Ive gone 2 min over my stated meeting time.
"Sorry for the wait" I apologized
"No need to...Eliza" she said lightly
"Right!" I exclaimed "Well then Lets see how you do with these lot of firepower" I said as we took position on a shooting booth, laying down the weapons and ammo on the table. I waved for her to come over as I prepared Magazines for the G3K.
"Ok the sorry gun hole we call an armory dont have a 417 right now so we will have to make do with this" I explained
"Lets start at them 50m targets" I explained gestured over the silhoette targets who were about to have a bad day "Start"
At the moment she pulled the trigger I couldnt help but grimace as I immedieately noticed something wrong 'Heavy' I thought and indeed she has a stiff stance and a heavy trigger finger. She went through 3 magazines and before she could load a 4th I intervened.
"You need to lighten up your hold on the rifle" I interupted.
"Y..yes" She was visibly startled by my intervention.
"It cant be helped. Everyone is like this on their first time" I comforted her" Hell I dropped my gun when I first fired a rifle" I tried to cheer her up and it worked.
"Hold it like this..."
And so I demonstrated the ideal way of holding and aiming a Rifle of this caliber and Size, not too tight that the gun is rigid and not too loose that the gun sways about in recoil.
"And also try practicing controlled bursts of fire" I added "Sure it may seem fun and it is, to hold down the trigger and let of a wall of lead at the enemy but but thats inefficient and will increase the wear on both the gun and yourself"
"Pick your targets and use short controlled bursts or better yet single shots" I took a moment to look at her and notice her undevided attention to my ramblings. This uneased me "Better yet... Ill show you"
I loaded up a magazine and started shooting at the targets hitting 10 targets twice ranging in distance from 50m all the way to the 250m targets. This made Lilith
stare in amazement as she watch me go through the entire magazine in less than 10 seconds delivering 20 carefully aimed shots.
"So Cool" I heard her murmur. That little bit of praise from her made me feel wierd. 'I could get used to this' I selfishly thought.
"Ok now You try it" I said as I handed over the the Rifle to her.
"Yes" she responded as she grabbed the rifle and loaded a new Magazine in and she proceeded to imitate my display as best as she could. She would still keep her trigger on too long and would miss a few shots since she was still firing as she shifted targets.
"Not Bad but you still lack finese" I told her
"Dont worry that problem will go away in time, You havent been broken in yet"
I assured
"B..b..broken in?" She asked with a scared look on her face..
Scheisse.. She misunderstood the term. I found myself stumbling in onto a psychological landmine in the girls head which I gingerly steered away from.
" Its a term used to define the period where inconsistent performance of things like automobiles are solved" I was sounding more and more like an encyclopedia, dictionary or whatnot.
"Well we will work on that later on"
After that we stopped with the the Automatic rifle and switched to the PSG1.. she did well apart from the fact that she's a bit sluggish on the target changes. Her moment of glory during her first live fire excercise tho was when she got a hold of the MG3. She handled it like a pro. I was so delighted at seeing her down the targets with the type of weapon Im fond of using that I gave her an involuntary hug. This had a queer effect on her.
"E...E..Eliza!" She yelpped as I let go of her
"Im sorry.. but that was a damn fine piece of shooting you did there" and with that praise I can see her eyes light up
"R..Really" She beamed with joy
"YES! Really.. but you still need to work on your target acquisition" I remarked in hopes of keeping her excitement at bay
"Yes! I will do my best" She replied
"This is enough for today" I said as I looked at the dwindling pile of ammunition and the increasingly tall mound of spent casings.
"Now head inside take a shower, there shouldnt be anybody in there at this time. I will follow shortly" I gave her instructions as I loaded the remaining rounds into the G3K and started to use up what little ammo that remained as she walked to the dorms.

I cant help but think of this weapon Im firing as it is Quite an excellent gun not too fast and controllable recoil. This could well be my replacement carry gun. But before I could think of it more the ammo runs out and.. 'damn practice ammo limiting..this aint practice' I spontaneously thought. 'well no use now' weve wasted enough ammo for one day. As I returned the weapons to the armory I made sure to fill out a request for that 417 that she will be using and reserved an H&K G3A3 for future evaluation, Why? partly coz I kinda like the gun and MOSTLY coz I currently have no weapon to lug around. That G3 shall be my assault rifle, as much as I want to use my Stg.44 The ammo is just WAAAAY too expensive. Then theres my MG34....PLOP! my thought was rudely interupted by a sharp pain and
"OWWWWWWW" I exclaimed as I trip over a very, very stubborn rock. Now I really need a Shower a damn lengthy one.


Lilith walked into the Dorm building and went down the endless corridors. Eliza's words ringin in her mind, the praise, the lectures, the advice. She was so deep in thought that she didnt notice that she has bypassed her room alltogether. It only came to her that she has bypast everything when she got to the end of the corridor. 'oh' she thought as she quickly turned back to her room. 'room 116' She thought as she went in and quickly got ready to take a shower. At the showers however She noticed that she wasnt alone as the stall next to her is occupied. She nevertheless took of her bath robe and opened the warm water taps. The warmth of the water running down her skin tickled her senses as little by little the stress built up was released by the water as it flowed down and over her skin.

"How did it go" a familiar voice came from the adjacent stall. "It went well... She Praised me" Lilith answered "Eliza isnt one to praise randomly, If she praises somone she means it" The girl answered. "She's a very nice person" Lilith commented "That she is" replied the girl "She can be boring when she's rambling but dont let that get to you" the girl added as she finished using the showers "Well Im off" she said as she went out "See ya later" Lilith cheerfully said as the girl exited the showers.

On the hallway while making way to her room Triela noticed Eliza in a very sorry state getting into her room "How'd it go" She asked "Good It went well" Eliza replied with a smile. "Thats what she said" Replied Triela "But it looks like she had a better day than you" She remarked as she took note of the dirty state of Eliza's hair and clothes. "That is the case... the klutz in me decided it was a good time to take control when I was ...navigating bad terrain" Eliza exclaimed. Triela couldnt suppress herself as she chuckled much to the chagrin of Eliza. "Excuse me as im gonna take a lenghty shower" Eliza said as she went in her room to get ready "Well take it easy Liz" Triela's remark goes unheard as she made her way to her room.

At the showers Lilith was still going over and over the words that Eliza said when she was interupted by somone entering the showers. "Hows the water?" her Handlers unmistakable voice rang out. Lilith can feel a chill go down her spine. "F...F...fine" she hasttily replied on Eliza's querry "Good, Coz this be a good end for our first live rifle fire practice" Eliza Replied. "Y..yes..I should go now" said an embarassed Lilith as she quickly got out of her stall and proceeded to the shower room's exit "Whats the matter?!" Asked a surprised Eliza as she opened her stall's door... right in front of her rushing charge. With the slippery floor Lilith was unable to stop in time to avoid the sudden obstacle. She smashes on the open door with enough force to tear the door of its hinges and knock Eliza off her feet.

As Lilith regains her composure.. she realizes what has happened "Im soo soory...Im sorry...Im sorry" She started apologizing. "Owowowow..." Exclaimed Eliza as she tries to stand up. Realizing the situation they were in Eliza went over to Lilith "Its ok.. twas an accident, was a silly and painful one but still an accident" She assured her. "Remember what I told you about apologizing and accidents?" Asked Eliza "To..not to" Answered Lilith with a small voice. 'what now' Lilith asked herself in thought 'this is awkward...she has long beautiful hair and its no no no no What am I thinking' her confused thoughts pondered on until it was interupted by a newcomer to the showers.

Claes entered the showers and noticed the two girls and the broken stall door "Was I interupting something?" She asked. " nothing here but an accident" Explained Eliza, an awkward silence followed. Eliza silently thought 'damn.. another landmine' while 'Its been 2 days and they're this close already?' ran in Claes's mind. The Silence was finally broken by Lilith as she stammered to exit "S..sorry Ille be heading out now" as she ran to her room. After clearing everything up with claes, making adhoc repairs on the stall door and finishing her extended shower Eliza was tired but there was still something that needs to be done after she could lay around and rest. Eliza began to write down in her training log the events of the day sans the incident in the showers. 'Ahh well.. this day has gone well' she pauses in her thought 'mostly'. After logging in she went out to her Lorry and waited for the dinner bell to ring...


Lilith scrambled into her room and breathe a sign of relief. She got dressed and layed flat on her back on her bed. Her room was the standard Agency dorm room but it was prefurnished with light blue curtains yellow sheets and in place of the usual wooden chairs she had a couch on the side along with additional pillows, all of this was prearranged by Eliza in advance. 'She is a very nice person' a thought ran in her mind.

Lilith layed on her bed as she began to recall the events yesterday, her awakening day. She let off a soft sigh as she recalled how she woke up and found herself inside a completely blank brightly lit room with a long mirror on one side, a few seconds later after her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, she saw a Young Girl about her age sitting beside her on the bed, she had brilliant red hair that reached her calves with gem like eyes one of which was emerald green and the other sapphire blue. She has never seen her before and yet she has this feeling that she has known this girl for a long time.

The thick silent atmosphere in the room was finally broken by the redhead. "How are you feeling" she asked "Im Fine" Lilith answered romptly. "Do you know who you are?" was the next question the girl asked "I am Lilith" she answered quickly. "Do you know who I am?" came the next question "Elizabeth S. Schneider, my assigned handler" She again responded then silence..... "Well then, with now that we know each other. Ive got something for you" Blurted Eliza as she took out a small silver case and set it beside her. "Open it" she said and so Lilith did, Inside was a black framed titanium slide Walther P99AS along with some magazines. "That will be your sidearm" Eliza Said. "Now.. theres somethin else Ive brought for you" Eliza said as she reached over and pulled out some garments from a paper bag. "This should fit" Eliza said before handing over the clothes "Come outside when your done changing" Eliza said as she exited the room. She proceeded to gingerly change into the clothes given her. After getting into the clothes she was given she proceeded to exit the room.

Outside the room there was no sign of Eliza anywhere. She decided to wait as she took notice of her outfit, It was a simple white tee with a tan cotton vest on top and a short red pleated skirt trimmed in white and blue and finished of with loose white socks and her sandals. Her train of thought was interupted by Eliza exiting the adjacent room "Looks good on you. better than it did on me" Eliza remarked while looking at how Lilith looked in her clothes "Wha..? Is.. this alright.. I mean this are your clothes ma'am" Lilith said as she realizes that she is wearing Eliza's clothes "Bah! Ive got plenty of clothes.. dont you worry. now come with me" Eliza gestured and grabbed Lilith's hand as she headed down the corridor and out of the medical building with Lilith in tow.

"W..where are we going ma'am" Lilith asked as she tried to keep up with the redhead "Were going to introduce you to the lot at the dorms" Eliza explained as they made their way into the housing unit. "Ive already gathered up everyone I can get a hold of today for you to get acquainted with" Eliza explained. As they made there way along the corridors Eliza suddenly stopped in front of a room and she gestured "This would be your room" Lilith looked at the door with the number 116 written on it in bold brass lettering "Dont worry my room..well whenever I use it is direct opposite" as Lilith switched her gaze on the opposite room 115 "If Im not in here..which would be the usual case. I would be at my trailer right outside" Eliza said as she began to move again towards a room with its door open. this little bit of information was enough to make Lilith beam with joy.

They entered the room and were greeted by 4 girls seated all over the room with a kettle of tea and biscuits on the round table. "Now these lot are the only ones I can get a hold of from your right the blonde in twintails is Triela, the short haired brunette there is Henrietta, the girl with glasses is Claes, the blonde with the bobcut is Rico. Girls.. this is Lilith Our newest addition and my charge now be nice to her. I need to prepare some things on the grounds" Eliza turned to Lilith "Now I presume they had put a mental map of the compound in your head. meet me at the Obby course in 30 minutes" As Eliza turned to leave "You wont join us?" Asked Triela "Sorry chaps I need to finish of some stuff" Replied Eliza as she left this left group disappointed but this was soon resolved when their attention was brought upon the green eyed blonde before them.

"Come and sit with us" Said Triela as she offered a chair. "Thank you" replied Lilith as she gladly took a seat. "So how did your awakening go?" querried Claes as she set the book she was reading down "It went well" Lilith replied as she served herself some tea "Did Eliza behave herself?" Asked a coy Rico "I bet she didnt" butted Triela which stopped Lilith mid sip " thats not true. She was nice" said Lilith in defense of her handler "Im joking, Im joking" countered Triela with a chuckle. She made new good friends there and she would meet more.

"Huh!" Lilith was disturbed in her train of thought as somone knocked on the door. "Dinner time" said Triela outside the door "Make your way downstairs now before you run out of food". "Ok Ille be right down" Replied Lilith as she perked herself up and prepared for supper. 'Ille make more memories' She thought as she went to the dining hall. "Triela disturbed you?" Asked Rico as soon as Lilith got to the dining hall "No I didnt" defended Triela as she walked over. "Lilith was sleeping and you woke her up" said Rico ignoring Triela's defence "If I didnt, you would have eaten all the food" shot Triela "No I wont" Rico was now on the defensive. "Guys..Its ok" Lilith tried to settle down her friends. This was in vain tho since she got dragged on with the friendly quarrel.


I sigh as I lay down into the soft cushion of the sofa, which was among the pile of debris consisting anywhere from glass jars, ammunition casings, cardboard boxes, and... so thats where my other pair of socks went. 'I need to clean up' I thought which would be par for the moment since it looks like rubbish dump in here. 'Might give of some more wrong ideas' I had enough misunderstandings today.

Silence filled my mind as I relaxed letting my neurons cool down. For some reason they started firing again this time recalling the events yesterday, Lilith's awakening day.

It was all going very wel untill Bianchi called me into the observation room. He went about rambling about the duties of a Handler and I sort of got bored and let passed everything he said, now I know how it feels like listening to a person rambling about uninteresting topics. I found an opening in one of his pauses and made a blitz rush to try stop him there "Can I introduce her to the group now?" I asked him and his reply was "Certainly" he said "Its best to develop social ties early on if not" He paused and then he uttered a name "Elsa..." that made me feel a bit uneased, who wouldnt? Elsa shot Lauro before proceeding to shoot her eye out. "Right, Dont remind me" I said as I head out. I wouldnt let the Elsa inccident happen again coz Im gonna make sure to reciprocate the affection I will get from her.

The sight that greeted me outside was to both behold and be dissapointed on. To behold because she looked utterly brilliant in those clothes and to be dissapointed in that I never looked as good in the same. "Looks good on you. better than it did on me" I remarked which seemed to embarass her but we had a schedule to conform to. I had everything already set up for this day and Im not gonna let it all go to waste. So I quite literally dragged her around the place till we get to the dorms. Ive had her accomodations set beforehand had it prefurnished with curtains a calendar, wallclock and such. I then proceeded to reveal to her that my room is right opposite her's. This had an effect akin to a moral boosting propaganda speech. Speaking of which I might soon need to make more use of my room, until that trailer cease to look like a dump

I got more things to do but first I got Lilith to the scheduled welcoming tea party that I had the lot set up for her. After a quick burst of introductions I left her in the care of the group who was slightly dissapointed that I wouldnt be joining them. I could only imagine what they talked about in there, who knows they must have thought how I cant join them anymore since Im now a Handler, of course that's not true. Handlers deserve more credit even after all the affection a cyborg shows them, well thats my opinion coz now Im going through this literal mountain of documents, papers, forms and the like. I know my brain's processing and calculating power is akin to that of a computer but even computers can be overwhelmed. It took me a good part of 20 minutes to finally finish all this forms and such. Now I AM a handler.

My Blitzkrieg assault on my paper enemy, after getting those files to the proper heads and departments in the SWA I was left with 8 spare minutes to catch my breath before our scheduled run on the obstacle course. I took the time to set up the Muscle Dyno that I borrowed from the tech blokes of the lab. While doing that my thought tried to jump forward in time to try to see my future as a handler and I can see nothing. which is to no surprise as I havent any clue if they constructed her to my specifications properly. I specified a hybrid usage of both Generation 1 and Generation 2 systems with some specific Schneider tech parts to help with her memory. I intentionaly have them leave out the 'Vomit when dissobeying' characteristic since I know I will make a mistake and she will try to correct me and I cant have her vomiting all over the place. I specified that we look close enough to each other to pass for sisters but not too close, they seem to have got that right but they made her blonde..IM NOT BLONDE. Then I will see if they adhered to my specification that she make up for my own deficiencies in the physical front.

"Um... I.. Im here.." came a stammering voice from behind in the distance. "I can see your there. Stop stammering and get over here" I said in a strong manner "YES!" it did the trick as she came rushing to my side. "Right now this will be the first time you will excert your physical systems" I started "Think of this as a baseline check to test your abilities. I want you to pull on this handle as hard as you could, without obviously overstraining yourself" I explained as I showed her the large metal handlebar connected to a burly steel cable on the machine. "Y..Yes" she said and began pulling as I gazed at the counter. 108-183-238-338-398-418-482-508-518 'this machine has a fondness for 8's' I thought but the machine topped out at 518 kg. "Very Good" I said to the now slightly exhausted Lilith. Now to see if they made you like they were suppose to I took my position and held on to the bars, gritted me teeth and pulled on it like tractor pulling a stubborn trailer up a steep hill. the readout went 88-108-158-188-218-248-298-308 and it stopped there as expected my power isnt at the same level as everybody else but 308 is as good as it gets. "Thats a nice start" I commented as we went on to a simple obstacle course that has been set up.

"As you can see this is an obstacle course" I began explaining "This will test how well you move and general agility among obstacles". "now this is quite simple first is a 2x10 feet long s curved pipe followed by a short dash towards some horizontal planks of wood, you need to jump over the first one, then under the second and then over the third, next is a crawl under some barb wire strung across some pegs 18 inches high and last is a climb over a wall and crossing over the next wall via 2 inch wide piece of wood and finally a jump and then strike a pose to signal that your done" I finished my lengthy description and looked at her. Before She could speak I said "Dont worry I will go first and you go try to mimic after" I gave her a stopwatch as I took position then a bit of silence and I looked at her "Aiihhh! Count down and say go!" I screamed "R..r.right, three, two, one, GO!" She shortly followed.

"GO!" and at that instant I made way by squirming my way through the curved pipe and made a dart towards the three boards jumping over the first one, rolling under the second and then bouncing over the third and straight into a crawl under the wire taking care not to snag my hair, after that I scaled the wall and sprinted across the 2inch bit of wood and then a simple pose after the final jump. Click goes the Stopwatch in her hand and it read 29 seconds. A stellar performance from myself tho the same cant be said at her pace which was half a minute longer. She did excellent with the tube run and the wall climb and board sprint but on the tri-board obstacle, she jumped over the first one but smashed into the second and her hair got stuck in the wire and finally, she failed to strike a pose at the end. "Well dont feel too bad, Its your first time, and everybody always gets better, your not an exception" I reassured Lilith as she moped on her performance on the Obstacle course. I called it a day and had her take a shower. With this First Impressions, I can now make a proper prediction......and it looks like a busy future.

An alarm brought my thought process to a screeching halt. The Digiclock on the shelf read 6:00 and It was time for dinner, good thing too since I was getting hungry after today's happening. 'heh.. Busy Future huh... I think that holds true'


"Ello there Claes" I greeted as she was the first one I met at the dining hall (or Cafeteria to some of you).
"Lilith's already here" She stated
"I can see that" I replied as I looked in the direction of a playful bunch, with Triela and Rico playfully arguing with each other
and Lilith in the middle.
"This is the first time Ive seen her laugh" I said
"Strange, I thought you two have grown close" Remarked Claes with a coy smirk which uneased me
"Can we not talk about that?" I asked.
"ok" She replied still wearing that god forbidden smirk.
"Right" I replied.
Dinner was something to be noted of. We had wait for it...........lasagna so much of it and to top it all of there were some baked macaroni and cheese Im not a fan of BMC, nerver touched the stuff. In any case this feast of pasta, meat and tomato sauce wouldve made a certain yellow glutton of a cat very happy but it did me no good whatsoever since halfway through my first plate saw me losing my appetite. There was nothing wrong with the food and most certainly nothing wrong with me, perhaps that recent event had changed me somewhat. With Lilith still with the bunch I headed out for my trailer. The evening air was a very refreshing change from the usual gunpowder smoke and explosive fumes as well as the unnatural air from AC units that I encounter on a daily basis. Its a shame how this beautiful country is being ravaged by this horrid political conflict that sees them having to kill each other just to prove a damn point the only possitive I see this has for me is.... It feeds my unsatiable hunger for destruction.......
'I really need to clean up that dump of a trailer'


Claes: You really do need to clean up Liz.
Allison: Yeah.. this place is a dump
Eliza: Im getting to that.
Lilith: J..juice anyone?
Claes: O thank you Lilith.
Allison: Claes. did you not disturb Lilith and Eliza while they were hacving a moment?
Eliza: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. Tell them Lilith tell them it was unintentional
Lilith: I...I..I and E..Eliza... *dizzy*-------*faints*
Eliza: Oi.. wake up... Wake up Tell em......
Rico: She's fallen asleep
Triela: She's just tired after all that.
Allison: After all what?
Eliza: Can we move on? I gotta get her on a bed.
Allison: You two need some privacy?
Triela: Your enjoying this. arent you?
Allison: Yup!
Claes: were seeing a new form of relationship form. Time will
tell if this holds up.

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Post by Professor Voodoo on Sun 12 Jun 2011 - 20:20

An interesting start...a cyborg supervising another cyborg is not really consistant with GsG canon themes so I think it's a good idea to give it a comedic twist like you have.

This feels like a nice selection of short sample action sequence, a few dorm scenes, one at the range. There were a few moments that really had me laughing.
!Achtung! wrote: I apologize for this one but this is still a non edited raw that has countless faults the most obvious of which is the format.
If you're concerned about the English I admit it's not 100% perfect but I did understand everything you were saying so no worries.

I'm eager to see a profile for will be difficult for Eliza if she's been placed in charge of a cyborg nearly her age. Either way I can see her spending a lot of time in Jean or Lorenzo's office making excuses for broken doors and messy quarters! Razz


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Post by ACH on Mon 13 Jun 2011 - 10:06

Trying to get a profile for Lilith but instead more story ideas come up in my head.

Its the Formatting failure thats buggin me like a .50 Cal to the side... Its horrible.

well anyways.. EP02 will have Explosions, Bigger Explosions and some really crossed SWA inhabitants.




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Post by ACH on Fri 17 Jun 2011 - 12:18

Bah... Im getting delayed in rewriting that mostly because of EP02 and still no Character sheet for Lilith... GRRRRRrrrrr




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Post by ACH on Sat 18 Jun 2011 - 23:02

Here we go.. This Episode sees the introduction of more characters and more Inter Sorella Interactions... some of which
occur in the Showers....again.



BAAAAAANG! An earth shattering explosion rocks the entire compound. "What the Hell is that?" Exclaimed a surprised Triela as her teddy bear collection is rearranged. "Eliza is teaching Lilith all about explosives" answered Claes who seem unbothered even taking the time to read a book. "Has she gotten permission for this?" Asked Triela as she tries to reposition her collection, to no avail as another explosion rocks through the building. "She has each blast scheduled to a timeline" said Claes. "This can not be good if she's teaching Lilith the devil's wonder" Sigh's Triela. "In another life, she would have been a very good terorist" Triela added but before she could speak again she was interrupted by Claes "here comes another one" and just on cue a third explosion ripples through the early morning air. "This is gonna be a long day" remarked Triela as she proceeds to tie down her collection with some twine.

BAAAAAAM! "Thats good..." Yelled Eliza "Thats VERY good" She added. Lilith has succesfully detonated her own explosive charge of 2 kilograms of C4. "T..t..Thanks" shyly replied Lilith. "I knew you can do it" Eliza started "The first thing to do to get a hang of explosives is to be on its good side ALL the time, and that usually means a good distance away" She paused "Nothing really to be afraid off so long as your on its good side, then you can make explosive do your bidding. now theres the next detonator over there" She finishes After detonating that charge Eliza had Lilith come over to a makeshift bunker. "This will be our finale I set that up to conclude today's explosive class" She said with a very proud grin on her face. "Thanks..I guess" said Lilith still visibly shaken by the numerous detonations. "Im not gonna let you have all the fun" spouted Eliza "This one needs a dual simultaneous trigger to detonate" said Eliza as she took of the cover of a second Plunger. "Count with me" chirped Eliza with excitement "3....2....1....FIRE IN THE HOLE" as their hands come down on the plungers a massive Explosion from 20 kilograms of C4 literally turned the dirt over in the epicenter.

"Jesus Christ!" Yelped Priscilla as the mountain of paper she was working on now covered half of her office floor. Her saving grace for her work was that the sprinkler and alarm systems were purposely shutdown for Eliza's scheduled Explosive class or otherwise the files she was working on would have been very...very wet. On the other hand everyone who forgot to turn their car alarms off now had to go through the trouble of shutting em down as the carpark came alive with the cacophony of buzzes, rings, squeels, and sirens as cars of all shapes and sizes mistakes the Explosive class for a carjacker. This is the usual Scene in the SWA whenever Eliza has her bouts of explosive mentality. No one can blame her tho since she takes every precausion to make sure that everyone knows what's to come. There are instances however that news dont get to select individuals soon enough for them to physically (and mentally) prepare for whats coming.

As the cloud of dust settled. "WOW!" Exclaimed Lilith at the spectacle that greeted her, "Oh yes" calmly said Eliza as she made her way to ground zero. A 20 feet diameter crater was in the spot where there used to be a pile of cinderblocks and grass. "Now that is why we should have exlosives as our close friend and ally" explained Eliza as she inspected the swath of destruction they have caused. "This is... actually kind of fun" said Lilith "Hah! It is.. and It looks like my condition is rubbing off on you" Eliza stated as she came over "Ille teach you how to make some of these some other time" They were interrupted by Triela who was quite crossed. "Your teaching her how to use the gift of the devil" She said angrily. "I take the news didnt get to you?" deducted Eliza as Triela walked towards them, "No it didnt" she replied. "Well.. nothing we can do, Ide try to pop the news a little earlier next time" Eliza smirked. "Please DO" as she walked back to her room to try and rearrange her bear collection....again.


After my encounter with the angry witch...I mean princess, I went over to Jean's office. He said to come to him as soon as my explosive spree was over. I told Lilith to go wait for me in the dining hall after all that (We have already done another rifle shooting course that saw her make use of the DSR series of sniper rifles. How does the armory have DSR's and not a 417...I wouldnt know).

At his office, I could see the extent of the damage (or annoyance) that my lesson has caused as he was busy trying to sort papers that I presume would have been scattered all over. The agency can construct, train, maintain highly efficient specialized cyborgs and yet they dont have enough paperweights to go around.

"Its about Lilith" He began.
"Yes?" I asked. 'now what?' I silently thought.
"Its about your scheduled activation" He said as he continued to sort through the paperwall
"Were due to be activated a 4 days from now" I said
"We've decided to chop 3 days of that on the grounds that she is progressing through training very quickly"
"Its much in due to your highly efficient methods, even if they are... quite destructive"
"Thats a day after tomorrow" I said as I confirmed what he said
I paused for a moment to think about what Jean Croce has said. It then hit me, I cant see him doing that just because Lilith's training was progressing well which actually it wasnt. There has to be something behind this and I intend to find out.
"Hmm. Surely you wouldnt call me all the way here just for this"
"Coz I recall that Lilith isnt doing any better at her training right now"
"What is the real reason you called me here?" I asked inquiringly
He took his turn at the 'pause, think, speak' game. This could be quite serious if he's doing all this and it was.
"We have an operation planned 2 days from now." He started
"We have located a local terror cell's hideout in the middle of Rome"
"They call themselves "Red Pheonix" and theyre cell head is Romeo Ferrero"
"We need to capture him and squeeze every bit of information we can"
"Have one fish spill out the details about the entire school" I said making an analogy
"We need as many team's in this as we could get"
"Thats why we are officially including you and Lilith in this operation"
"Think of it as a Trial run"
"Ill make it more than a trial run" I said.. To think these lot would use my moniker of 'Red Pheonix'
"That is all" He said and with that I went off to ponder as what to do for the next few days.

Number one on the list is to finally get that 417 I ordered. Armorer said it be in by morning but as is the usual case, delivery is late and still no 417. Another one that comes to mind is to get Lilith to go through the CQC course, I know she's good with rifles, machineguns and sniper rifles but still yet to find out how she does in an enclosed environment. So in summary, were not in any condition fit for a mission like this, gonna be a long day....again. But before all that lunch...

'And theres still that messy trailer....DAMN'


Lilith soon made her way to the dining hall. She didnt order any food but instead chose to wait for her handler to return. She was saved from imminent boredom when Rico came over with her usual smile. "Whatcha doing?" She asked with her innocent beaming blue eyes "Waiting for Eliza" She answered. "Oh! where is she anyways?" Rico asked. "She got called up by JEan" Lilith said showing concern. "Im sure its ok, Jean's not a bad person" Rico tried to comfort Lilith. "I wonder what would Jean want with her" Lilith wondered. "Maybe He needs help with something" Rico suggested "What kind of help?" Lilith's Imagination was starting to wander off again but was held in check by the Eliza's arrival.

"Hi Eliza" Rico greeted. "Yo, Whats up?" replied Eliza as she got a tray ready and began filling it with various food items. "What would you lot have?" She asked "They got the usual spaghetti and that white stuff, steak, beans, mashed potatoes and some sort of curry" Eliza said as she got what she wanted. At the table the trio proceeded to consume what was on their plate. Rico had White spaghetti and a plate of beans while Eliza had Steak and potatoes with Lilith asking for the same. "Lith, Its ok when I call you Lith as a nickname now?" Eliza asks as she thoughts up of a way to simplify conversations with a nickname "Lith.... its ok" Lilith replied with approval. "Why cant I get a Nickname?" Rico askes while she shifted pasta into her mouth. "Because your name cant be shortened without it sounding silly" Eliza replied with sarcasm "Oh Lith, I hear the guys call me Liz sometimes so you can consider that as my nickname" She added. "Liz...." Yours also sound silly said Rico "Its still better than Ric!" Chuckled Eliza much to Rico's chagrin.

"Jean told me that we can be active in 2 days" Eliza began after finishing lunch "We gotta fit a bit more trials in those 2 days". "Active? you going in your first mission together?" Rico playfully asked "Yes but Im most certainly gonna have you in it as well" Eliza Replied. "Now I scheduled us a CQC run after lunch... Which I think is right about now" Eliza stated and with that Lilith finished her lunch as quickly as she could. "Im ready Liz!" She stated with enthusiasm. "Well then.. Lets get crackin" as they left Rico.


"Alright! were gonna do this in a team entry manner. First run we do it with me on point and second is with you on the dot" I explained my planned agenda for this trial
"Your 417 hasnt arrived yet so make do with G3K for this one"
"Thats ok" Came her short reply while we were suiting up. 'Shes getting confident....good'
"Know the drill?" I asked her
"Bash door, clean sweep. Got it" She replied which I confirmed with a nod while reminding her that I would be using grenades to clear the rooms. We took our places at the starting point. She was armed with the G3K and 8 spare mags, her P99 and two KA-BAR knives. I let her set her own equipment to see what she prefered to use. I on the other hand was armed with a G3A3 which was a full sized rifle and not exactly what you expect to be used at CQC but thats how I work. I carried 5 mags for my G3 and my P.08 artillery as my sidearm tucked in a nice right cross draw holster, I carried a 13 in Kukri as my prefered sharp weapon as well as concussion grenades.

"5...4...3...2...1...GO!" I shouted as we counted down to the start of the run. I sent 3 7.62 slugs on the lockbar before I went forth and kicked the door down. Immdiately after that, Lith's rifle started its deadly chatter as she gunned down the mock targets on the immdiate front as I did the same with a pair of targets in the left positioned behind a turned over table. I quickly made my way to the first room on the right and threw in a concussion grenade. As we entered we found a trio of enemy targets on the right and one hostage target with its corresponding hostage taker on the left. Lith made a logical choice and took care of the trio while my aimed shots kept the hostage takers down and the hostage intact. As we continued down the corridor a couple of targets popped out from the sides meant as a surprise attack. Lith reacted instantly by slashing her target with her right hand Knife while I bashed down my target with the big heavy G3. Lith now went on point as we entered the next area of the course where she was met with simulated ambush fire from paintball guns manned by targets hiding behind a barricade. She instantly dropped to the right to make way as I chucked a grenade towards the targets. The cuncussion has rendered them useless and were made easy targets for my G3. I let her clear the rightside room as I made short work the nearest targets with my Kukri. 'OH YEAH' my mind ran with adrenaline as I wore a cynical grin while I hacked and slashed at the targets. My fury swipes went a bit too far as I seem to have chopped the targets all and including their motorized pop-up stands 'TOO MUCH'. We never encountered that particular set of targets again on the next runs.

The end of the CQC session brought about great news as the armorer informed me of the delivery of the 417 and my drum mags. I wasted no time as I sprinted to the armory, still wearing my combat overalls.

"OWWWWWWWW..... dumm, stur Stück Fels!" I have completely forgotten of that rock but now Ive gone and tripped over it again. Its a wonder how I could go through a CQC course flawlessly but then trip over a rock afterwards. That took most of the giddy excitement I had away but still, with the 417 already here Lith can finaly get some experience with this rifle. It was lighter than the G3 as well as being a lot more modern. The drum mags I had ordered were Allied Armaments X-91 50 round magazines. This would give my G3A3 a larger pool of ammo to drink from. This gives me more than double the ammo and firepower of the standard 20 round box mags.

I got the new equipment and immediately put them through their paces. The difference was that Lith's new weapon was lighter and yet retained the same firepower. This weight saving improved on her already stellar performance in the CQC run. My G3A3 on the other hand was now quite a lot heavier with a corresponding increase in firepower. Its extra weight slowed my aiming times but the firepower gained allowed me to provide excellent covering/supressive fire for Lith and her light, fast 417.

This is the setup ive been striving to get from Lilith and me. Combining overwhelming firepower with speed and agility. However, we still have quite a bit to go. She still needs to fine tune her movements and generally be quicker but other than some more random things that I need to teach her like how to drive, and fly a plane, and make a bomb, etc were quite prepped for a simple mission.

'In summary, her close combat skills and weapon handling in close quarters are excellent' I noted on Lith's training log. Its all going well, she's proven to be an excellent shot with a sniper rifle, a brilliant fire support gunner, and now she has shown that she is adept at Close Quarters Combat. As good as training is, we need to see some real action.


With ELiza and Lilith finished tidying things up at the CQC area and Eliza removing her rocky oponent off its misserable position in front of the armory they went back up to the dorms to prepare for a bath with Eliza going about on a lengthy inspirational speech for Lilith who takes it gleefully.

"Now that thats all done, Its time for a nice shower....without the running and the broken door and the embarrasment and the claes this time" Said Eliza as they both entered their respective rooms. "Im sorry about last time" Lilith spoke through the doors as they both got rid of their dirty, dusty and sweaty clothes. "There you go again with the apologies, but why is it that you went running?" Eliza got into her cream colored bathrobe. "I...I..ehhh" Lilith stammered as she finished preparing. "Ok. then I take that your just in a hurry" Eliza replied as she got out of her room, knowing about the affection Cyborgs give to their handlers.

They entered the shower room with Eliza in the lead. The trailing Lilith cant help but stare and think about Eliza's hair, which was dirty and dusty and yet it still manages to look gracefully elegant while it exudes power and ferocity with its now dirty red color. 'Its still beautiful even if its this dirty' Lilith thought as she stared at Eliza's hair. As if she read her mind Eliza started talking about it. "This will take quite a bit of washing now" Eliza said as she shifted through her mane removing loose dirt, and then.... "Right! I like my hair this long but sometimes, it just gets a bit ridiculus" as she pulled out some 7.62x51mm casings out from her hair. Lilith smirked "Now dont feel too smug with that. You could have some in your hair as well" Said Eliza in response. Lilith immediately scrounged through her bright blonde hair and sure enough she found casings in it as well. "Right then. We trained with a lot of combat related stuff but now its time to tackle the task of washing one's hair" Eliza said as she went in one of the stalls.

She turned on the hot water on. "Ok now Lith, get in here" Eliza signalled as she prepped the shampoo and conditioner. "Ah..ah..?" Lilith blushed as she obliges. "Relax now would you, Im gonna teach you how to wash that hair of yours" Eliza reassured Lilith. Lilith sat on a small stool as Eliza worked the water into her mane, soaking it thoroughly. "Ok. Pay attention coz Im gonna have you wash my hair afterwards". "Your hair is about 3 feet long so 30ml of shampoo would do, I want you to use 40ml on mine, got it......GOT IT?" Lilith was broken out of her daydream "Y..YES!". "Seriously, dont dream about something that is alreadyhappening" said Eliza as she gently massaged the shampoo into Lilith's scalp. "Ah.. I wasnt..." Lilith stammered as she tried to explain "Cmon, I KNOW you were thinking about me and how Im working through your hair" as Eliza worked the suds towards the ends of Lilith's hair. "Ok then, time to rinse" She said as she got the water back on and started to thogroughly rinse the shampoo off. "Now for the conditioner, Now Work the conditioner from the ends up to the roots with about as much conditioner as the shampoo" Eliza explained as she did what she said. She then piled Lilith's hair up on itself to set and proceeded to soak her own hair.

"Ok, Now Its your turn to do my hair. Just leave that conditioner on till later" Eliza instructed. "Ah..Ok...How much is 40ml?" Lilith asks to which Eliza pours the amount into Lilith's hands. "Now see how everybody gets a bit annoyed on how quickly we run out of Shampoo and conditioner?" Lilith smirked at this. "Now gently massage it into my scalp and work your way down...Ooooh Yeeeeaaah" As Lilith worked the shampoo down Eliza's hair. Lilith's thoughts began to wander off again 'OMG!, Im holding Eliza's hair...Its so Smooth, beautiful! Shining! I.....'. "OI, Your daydreaming again" She was interupted by Eliza "Now rinse it through" She added as she got the water running again. "Y..Yes" As Lilith began to rinse the suds and grit off and before her imagination could roam again "Put conditioner on after you rinse it. Ill let you admire its brilliance later" Eliza interupted "Remember apply the conditioner from the ends to the roots" She added. "Yes" Lilith replied as she did what she was told, and finally piling her handler's hair on itself after she was done.

"Right now for the best bit" Eliza said as she stood up and went behind a confused Lilith. She got out a wide tooth comb "Now, Use a comb to draw out and straighten the hair with the conditioner still on and" after combing she turned the hot water on and "Rinse" As she continued to comb Lilith's hair straight. "Hua...AAahhh!" screamed Lilith as cold water hit her. "Sorry but this is the last step blasting the hair with cool water for about 2 minutes will help it shine". As the cool blast was finished "Ok then, now you can proceed with taking the rest of the shower now that your hair is clean and done" Eliza said as she went over to the neighboring stall to continue her shower.

As they both finish up, Lilith takes note of the now Brilliant lusterous Red Shine of Eliza's Hair and a bright gleaming blonde version for her own. "This...this is magnificent" She said as she felt through her hair. "I told you I can teach more than just combat related lessons" Eliza grinned. "Now time for liesure"


After letting her hair dry, Lilith was now lying down on her bed with blank thoughts. She was trying to get a nap as Eliza said to get some rest after their busy day but no matter how much she tries she cant get her eyes to shut completely for more than a few minutes. She tries laying down prone, she tried to cover her head over with a pillow, she tried to count imaginary sheep, she tried to shuffle around her bed for a nice position. Even If she wanted to sleep, her body wont let her.

Finally utter boredom hits her and she decides to go out for a stroll. Her first stop was by Eliza's room, a little over 10 feet away. And as per the usual she wasnt in there. She continued to wander around the housing building until she managed to find herself in the lobby where Triela and Hillschire was relaxing after their range session. "Hello" the dark skinned blonde greeted. "Good afternoon" She politely greeted back. "What are you doing here?" asked Hillshire. "Nothing really. Just taking a stroll sir" She replied. "If your looking for Liz, we saw her on the grass outside" Triela said. "Oh!..Thanks" as she headed out, this time with a proper goal.

She saw Eliza lying on the grass, fearing something has happened, she rushed to her as fast as she could. She stopped on top of Eliza "ELIZA!...Are you alright" with a worried look on her face. "I was. till my view of the sky was replaced by a view up your skirt" Eliza replied. Now red with embarrasment Lilith stepped away "W..w..What are you doing anyways" She asked trying to change the subject "Im winding out, relaxing and I thought I told you to do the same" Eliza answered. "I cant sleep, Can I relax with you?" Lilith asked. "Be my guest" Lilith layed down beside her. They layed silently for what seemed like hours.

The silence was finally broken by Eliza. "So what do you think about your new life here?" She asked. "Its nice, everyone is friendly, Its either this or none at all" Lilith said in a very relaxed manner. "How about my training plan? Am I pushing you too much?" Eliza asks again. "Not really, I know its all for the better for me" Lilith answered with eyes scanning the sky. "Good then coz we got more to do tommorow" Eliza's tone changes as she stood up followed by Lilith. "Lets grab some dinner shall we?" She added to which Lilith nods in response.


"Ooooooh....yeeeeaaaah" Gone was the stuffy flour made pasta, in its place were quite a bit of red meat and salads. This is a welcome change. I proceeded to fill our plate with a selection of beef, potatoes and tomato salad.

"......" even without saying anything, I can tell that shes quite hungry by the expressions on her face. This is the first time Ive taken notice when were eating but she's like a little girl when it comes to it. The steak posed no resistance whatsoever to her knife, gripped by her prestine hands, in direct contrast to my worn out paws that sees constant handling of volatile materials.

I kind of felt envious of her innocence. She was given a second chance in life at the cost of having to work for the agency. I was the same the difference being that I had a choice and she didnt. Why did I chose this instead of a normal life? Its simply the fact that I LIKE the scenery as well as the job.

"That was good..." Lith commented as we finished our respective plates.
"Right now Ive got something planned for us tomorrow so you get some sleep" I instructed her
"Uh..a plan? some sort of new training?" She curiously asked
"Something like that" I replied.
"Ok.. then" She nodded as she left for her room "See ya, Liz" I detect enthusiasm in that. 'Im ironing out her shyness' I thought to myself as I cleaned up our table. Now shyness isnt really a bad thing but I want her to be more open and outgoing make friends and the lot but not too much that she turns brash and agressive which seems to be the case for me.

Being the first to grab dinner has its advantage of being able to disturb those who are still eating, and thats exactly what I did as I made way towards Claes and Triela's table.

"Oh great, the personification of destruction is here" Triela sighed as I took a seat.
"What, I scheduled every blast to specific time" I said recalling the events of this morning.
"I admire your ability to come up with this schedules and to adhere to them" Claes commented.
"Thank you" I responded
"Ok what do you want" Triela asked
"I want to know how Lith is doing with you guys, Is she being sociable?" I asked
"Well, she rarely talks to us but she is quite cheerful when she does" Triela answers
"Can you do me a favor and socialize with her more often?"
"Well we could but your hoggin her to yourself all the time, like just now for example, we could have socialized If both of you sat here instead of way over there" She explained gesturing towards the table.
"For a person with superhuman thinking speed, You lack a great bit of common sense Liz" Claes added, and she was partly right
coz Im.....Bah... She didnt have to rub it in like that.
"Right...." I pouted.
"We'll do what we can" Claes said in her typical elegantly frank way as she finished her meal.
"You can count on that" Triela followed in a not so elegant way (Dang I notice the strangest things)
"Advanced thanks to you both.." I replied as I made way outside.


The moon was shining in all its cresent brilliance as Eliza walked out into the cool evening breeze. Closing her eyes after taking a quick look at the infinity of space. She let go of all thoughts and cleared her mind. All this ended quite shortly after she was rudely disturbed by a phone call 'Damn, shouldve silenced it' she thought as she answered.

"Kon'nichiwa, dono yō ni, watashi no aisubeki o nēsan o yatte iru?!!!" A strong girl's voice pierced through the nightime air obviously speaking Nihongo. This visibly annoyed Eliza but then decided to strike back at this foreighn caller.
"Was zum Teufel tun Sie nun, verwöhnte kleine Schwester?" She shot back in strong German. "........" The caller became silent
"See, I told you, you shouldve learnt German, Ive learnt Nihongo since the last time we met" Eliza said.
"So hows that job in Italy coming?" The girl asks, Eliza thought for a proper answer for a bit and...
"Its quite Hectic coz of the political turmoil.... Do you not watch the news?" Eliza answered
"I do, In fact I have time to watch anything on the TV now since nothing is happening"
"Well enjoy your peace, Coz Im not finding any of it here" Eliza replied
"And we both know that is what you desire" The girl replied with an audible chuckle.
"Alright...What do you want?" Eliza said, sensing something to come up
"Since mother's Off underground again, Im left with watching over the estate and a city of boredom" before she could finish Eliza cuts in
".....And you want to come visit me again coz your bored?"
"Thats the idea" the girl replies
"And....?" Eliza said sensing more to this.
"I have taken an extended leave from shool, so Im all ready to go now"
"What does 'all ready to go' mean?" Eliza querried
"That means Im already prepared for your set meeting date, I know how much you like to make and adhere to schedules"
"Oh... right then, I think I can free up time a week from now" Eliza estimated the amount of time it would take for the upcoming mission.
"YAY!...Ill be seeing ya!" and with that the girl on the phone hang up.

"Ok.. that was unexpected" Eliza spoke out as she tried to recover from the phonecall.
"Eiko... your still as unexpected as always...and still as annoying"

'Hmmm...a week, Lots can happen in a week' Eliza grinned as she returned to her meditation.......
'SHITE.... now I cant stop thinking' as she abandoned that.


As Lilith left the dinning hall as she made way to her room, she was sidtracked however when she passed Rico and Henrietta's room "Hey, Lilith" Called out Rico through the open door. "Hello guys, whats up?" She greeted em as she entered the well lit room. "Henrietta is about to go to the roof to meet Jose" Rico gestured towards Henrietta who was preparing to leave. "So would you keep me company while she's away?". "Sure, I would love to" She replied as she took a seat, passing Henrietta who had an emotionless look in her eyes. "The rooftop?..." She gave Rico a questioning look. "Yes.. Jose and Henrietta used to stargaze on the rooftop often" Rico lost her cheerfulness. "What happened?" Lilith questioned, "She had problems....the doctors cured her but the reconditioning changed her....changed her a lot" Rico continued "She used to love to stargaze but now she has hardly any interest in it". "Oh.. Im sorry for that" Lilith felt sorry for Henrietta's situation while at the same time, fears that she would end up just like her. Its only been a few days but she has already developed a mountain of good memories with Eliza, and she wouldnt want to lose them.

"Anyways, While she is away lets talk about you then" Rico resumed her cheerfulness so quickly that it seems that she uses a switch to turn it on and off. "Uhh..." Before she could speak Rico cut her off with a question "Whats your favorite color?". "Yellow.." She responds "I like yellow too" Rico said and at her pause, seeing a chance to break through Lilith striked. "I.. I have to go now". "Awww... so soon but Etta's not back yet" dissapointed, Rico pouted as Lilith made false excuses. "Im sorry but I need to sleep early, Eliza and I are going to do more training tomorrow" Lilith said as she walked out of the door. Outside she sigh's a sign of relief from the overactive short haired blonde that is Rico. 'She's very talkative but friendly' she thought as she entered her room.

Lying down on her bed, her thoughts switched back to Henrietta's condition and her fears of becoming like her. Fears that the memories that she shared and the memories to be made with Eliza. 'NO..I wont turn out like Henrietta.. NEVER' her thoughts surged 'now about that new training' She switches tracks again as she wondered as to what new training they would do tommorow. 'knife fighting, Pistol shooting, Sniping, bomb making...' Her thoughts raced as her eyes began to feel heavy and dull. Her excitement for the future now resulted in her body trying to get her to sleep in hopes of passing the time of night as quickly as possible. 'New Memories' and with that she drops into the unconsciousness inactivity that is sleep.


"You didnt tell her you plan on moving, Is that really okay, mistress?" A Maid in blue and white apron asked
"If I did, Then she would have gotten all excited and wouldve stopped me" A girl in a light blue dress with long golden hair said
"Eliza, would never have let me moved there but she secretly loves to play around with me" She continued
"And besides, If she can find action there... I would to" She finishes as a knock reverberated through the massive marble clad room
to which the girl nods for the maid to signal that it was ok to enter. "You may enter" The maid said to the man on the other side.

An aged man with a mustache entered and kneeled before the girl, "Ojousama, the title of the land has been transfered to your name"
"800 million yen... Its not much but it would have to do" The girl gestured for her butler to stand.
"We have a week till we move.. are the preperations complete" She asked
"Yes we have completed preperations for the move, the guards have been instructed to stand by and watch the premises at your absence" her butler replied.
"How unfortunate" She said with a sigh
"Mistress?.." her butler, Alfred Monteberg asked in confusion
"She said a we have nothing else to do for a week, It would be quite boring" The girl said.
"Yes that is quite unfortunate" her butler agrees
"Aye.. Then lets party.." The girl Cheerfully said
"Get all the guards, maids, the gardener, and everybody else in here. tell them that I, Sekine Eiko have declared that we shall party tonight...." She ordered
"Yes mistress" as both her maid and butler went to do as she ordered.

Eiko began walking towards the balcony on the other side of the room, on the massive marble clad wall to her right were portraits of the heads of the Sekine houshold. Men in traditional Japanese attire. As she walked forth she the portraits made way to pictures and suits and then having women interspersed with the men. As she reached the balcony the line of portraits and pictures stops at the photo of Sekine Yuriko, Her mother under it was a smaller photo of herself. "This is one odd family" Eiko thought as she looked out into the sky on the large balcony overlooking the massive Sekine Estate. "How beautiful the moon is" She said as she looked at the cresent dist of light in the sky which reflected off of her Brilliant golden hair as the cool sea breeze buffeted it and her light blue silk dress. The sound of the preperations for the declared party got her attention. "Right.. Party time" she excalaimed as she rushed back into the Mansion.


Triela: When will you stop blowing everything up Eliza?
Eliza: Errr... never
Triela: *Facepalms*
Eliza: What? I schedule each blast so everyone can take cover properly
Claes: That is true. Triela just doesnt like schedules as much as you do..or she cant read them properly
Triela: I can read them properly. You just didnt warn me.
Claes: I did, and It went unheard
Triela: *------*
Eliza: See... told ya.
Lilith: Uhm.. what sort of new training are we gonna do?
Eliza: Wait and see.. Its something that everybody else hasnt done before.
Triela: Oh boy... I bet its diving into a vat of Sulphuric acid and surviving
Eliza: Well its not that extreme but... thats an idea...
Claes: Careful on what you suggest Triela, I heard they are planning on making Eliza make a training program for us
Triela: What?
Eliza: *Grins* Since I know what our limits are... I can formulate the best training program for us, but dont worry, there
will be no acid baths..
Triela: *Sigh...*




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Heres the 3rd Episode..

this one sees the duo as they go to an arcade and subsequent preparation for their first mission.

Episode 3- BEGINNING


Bang!! a Shot echoes as clay pieces rain down like flour. Eliza was out in the field preparing for the morning's training session. There were guns of all shapes, sizes, actions and calibers. A pump-action Ithaca M37 12Ga, a lever-action Rossi R92 in .454 Casull, a semi-automatic Hechler & Koch G41 firing 7.62x51mm NATO. Apart from the firearms she also prepared a number of darts and throwing knives. Perhaps the most unusual of her preperations was an electric trap shooter loaded with a few hundred standard sized clay pigeons. She fires at another skeet with a predictable hit. 'good, its all set' she thought as she went in to wake up Lilith making sure that all the weapons were unloaded and the trap thrower was unpowered.

"Uhh...ah!" Lilith sheepishly gazed up as she was awoken by light pokes to her cheeks. "Wake up sleeping beauty" She heard somone utter. As she opened her eyes wide, she saw Eliza with a playful smirk on her face. "Uh..AH.." She sits up as she forces the rest of her body awake. "Right, you were excited about the new training that were gonna do today, arent you?" Eliza asked as she went and looked out of the blue curtain clad windows. "Yes..Eliza" Lilith replied as she stood at attention. "Relax, get cleaned up and meet me at the range" Eliza orders as she exits, "Oh and dont forget to get some sandwitches from the cafeteria on your way". "Yes" Lilith answered as Eliza exited the room. After fixing her bed, she makes her way up to the bathroom to freshen up. She notices that even after a whole night her hair was still gleaming like before. She then suited up with her usual T-shirt a pair of shorts and her feet clad with black socks and rubber shoes.

As she made her way along the corridors and passing some of the rooms, she notices that everybody else is still asleep and in their respective rooms. 'How early is it?' a quick look at a clock in the lobby answered her questions, It was just quarter to five in the morning. 'No wonder everybody's still asleep' she thought as she went to the cafeteria, helping herself to a pair of chicken sandwitches. As she headed out into the low sunlit field, the distant sound of gunfire become aparent. The shots grew louder and louder untill she finally got to the range where her handler has set up for this morning's training.

"What kind?" ELiza asks. "uh.excuse me" she crooked her head in her confusion. "You look so cute like that" Eliza commented turning Lilith a bit red. "I meant the sandwitch you silly girl" Eliza Teased. "Ah...Its Chicken" She said as she handed out one of the sandwitches to her handler. "Thanks...alright" as Eliza began explaining what everything was all about while they were eating. "Right... The idea here is to see how well you do with moving targets. Now Im the best at this type of shooting because of how quickly I can calculate the trajectory of a moving object and formulate an interception" Eliza paused as she took a bit off of her sandwitch. "Now the basics of shooting a moving target is to give it a bit of lead, this is called deflection shooting" She continued.

After finishing their sandwitches. Eliza did a demonstration by firing at a few skeets with the Ithaca M37. "Now see a shotgun is the most forgiving since it fire a cone of shots". "Ok now you try it" Eliza handed the shotgun to Lilith. "Right!" Lilith prepped herself up as she took position. "REady!?" Eliza asks and was followed by a reply from Lilith "READY!" and at that moment ELiza released a skeet which zipped across the field as fast as a swallow would. Lilith shot the skeet mid-air with little difficulty, as predicted by Eliza. After shooting a couple more Eliza decided to increase the speed of which the skeets are launched.

"Right, now this would be a bit harder now" Eliza said as she released faster skeets from the trap shooter. It was a bit more difficult but Lilith still managed to hit five out of five launched. "Yes..." Lilith pumps her fist in the air as she celebrates her feat. "Hold your horsies" Eliza cut in "Lets see you do that with a rifle" she said as she handed Lilith the H&K41. "Horsies?" a querried look came on Lilith's face as Eliza answered "Theyre some form of animal, but anyways that is an accurate rifle, so it isnt as forgiving as the shotgun since you only a single round to hit with instead of a cone" Eliza finished by readying the trap shooter for the next round of shooting.

"READY!" and the clay flew off at birdspeed as Lilith profusely tried to hit them with the semi-auto. She found it to be much more difficult to hit the targets sometimes needing up to 4 shots to down one. "I told ya Its harder" teased Eliza as she launched a few more skeets. After getting the proper feel of the rifle, Lilith began to shoot true but before she could rack up more hits, Eliza interupted "Right, this next gun will be a lot harder to use" as she presented the Rossi R92 lever-action carbine. The gun fired very powerful pistol cartridges, the .454 Casull yet it still is a pistol round. "This gun fires a slower pistol round as opposed to the High velocity Rifle ammunition the G41 fired, you need to lead a lot farther with this" She finished.

"I can do that" Lilith confidently said. "Dont get cocky" said Eliza as she launched the first group of skeets. Lilith found out how hard it really was, the gun being a lever-action needed to be charged after each shot and the slow slugs were failing to intercept their targets. As she tried to shoot and miss more targets, her frustration grew and grew untill she snapped "Im sorry, but this is impossible" as she turned to Eliza, who laughed "Hah! now thats where your wrong" Eliza walked up "Now not a lot can do this but it is possible" Lilith handed her the R92 as she took position. "NOw!" and at that instance, Lilith released 5 skeets in an arc. As quickly as they were launched each one was blown to pieces by the massive yet slow .454 Casull Slugs. "WOW" Lilith stood in awe as Eliza continued the feat of marksmansip.

"See I told you its not impossible, but since you cant do it with calculation like I could, you should do it by estimation instead, However..." Eliza started as she walked to the table and picked up a number of darts and throwing knives "Now this is something that cannot be done by estimation, prepare to fire those skeets" Lilith knew what was about to happen but she cant comprehend how Eliza will do it. Nevertheless Lilith prepared the trap shooter and declared ready.

Eliza closed her eyes, and threw away all thoughts apart from the darts, her hand, and the clay targets. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and signalled Lilith to launch "NOW!" Lilith couldnt believe her eyes as the skeets were met mid air by darts flung from Eliza's right hand and knives from her left. The darts and knives were traveling far slower than any bullet yet her handler threw them with enough lead and elevation that the made an interception of each and every skeet thrown.

Eliza closed her eyes again, "Now that is leading a target" She spouted as she opened her eyes at Lilith. "" Lilith was still in awe at to what she just saw. "Dont let your jaw fall now, the day is just starting, we got more things to do, now help me put all of these away, We got to run you through them rifles again".


"Now clean up, I dont think Bianchi would want the smell of gunpowder in his lab" 'tho I prefer it in my own' I told Lith as I put away the guns that we used in this shooting session. She has gotten a lot better at handling her guns lately. This is probably the sign that her breaking in period is nearly over.

Lith had a scheduled apointment with the head doctor today. Bianchi wanted to check up on
how her systems are holding up to the training Im putting her through, so its ok to do it
after a bit of excertion.

As I finished putting away all the deadly rifles, ammo, optics and whatnot I proceeded to go
check on Lith. This intention however went unfounded as I found her decending the flight of
stairs of the housing building.

"Im ready.." she said with a hint of hesitation
"Its okay" I comforted her as we walked towards the medical department
"Its not like theyre gonna cut you open or anything" I said jokingly
"EH!!!...?" it did the job of getting her on her toes
"Hehe.. thats a joke, they wont dare hurt you"
"....." She sighs a sign of relief.

As we got to the medical department, we crossed paths with Claes. It seems she also had an
appointment with the doctor. Apart from my hair getting stuck on the automatic glass door
(which was incredibly embarassing and annoying, good thing Lilith was there as it got sorted
out quite quickly) the walk to examination room went without a hitch.

"Good morning Dr. Bianchi" I greeted the mustached Physician
"Good morning to both of you" He greeted back.
"Shall we start?" He asked
"Certainly" I responded

I turned to Lilith who was visibly nervous.

"Its okay now.. Ille be right outside, come to think of it thats what all handlers
do when their junior is in for checkups" I comforted her
"Thank you.." she said as she went into the medical room with the doctor.

I proceeded to sit down on one of the waiting benches on the corridor as I pondered on things
to prepare on Eiko's visit. This didnt get anywhere as some more of the medical staff came
around apparently looking for me.

"Good morning Eliza" Said Dr. Belisario as he came from the far end of the corridor
with Marianna. I could tell they wanted something from their looks and actions. So I got frank
"Good morning, now what can I do for you kind doctors?" I asked with a coy smirk.
"Nothing much, we just want to get another recording of your brainwave patterns" said
Marianna as she looked through her clipboard.
"That again?" I asked as weve just done that a week before Lilith's awakening.
"It is for developing a more potent conditioning drug with no harmful effects" Belisario
said. This was actually very important research.
"Well, This isnt in the schedule but I think we have a few more minutes before Dr.
Bianchi is finished with Lilith's checkup" I stood up and complied.

They went about attaching numerous probes on my head as they got the systems ready to measure my
brainwave patterns. They have given me a picture book, This was suppose to have some degree of
control as to what I would be thinking of.

"Alright Eliza, were taking the meassurements now" Marianna said as the hum of machines
fill the room. This hum might actually have more effect on my thinking process than the pictures.
At their signal, I started looking through the pictures, now when I say pictures I meant silhoettes
of random things anywhere from butterflies, to a distinctive shape of a Lamborghini Countach.
The room remained largely silent apart from the hum of the electronics till we finished with the
'brain reading' session.

"Thats ok for now Eliza. you want anything? a soda, coffee or a new body perhaps"
Marriana joked as they helped me off the reclined chair and the tangle of electrodes.

"No thank you..." I declined her offer as I fixed my clothes and hair. I went out
the door to see Lilith there waiting for me.
"Im sorry Lith. I got a bit sidetracked" I apologized
"Its ok, dont apologize. Its their fault not yours" she replied with a smile.
"So how did your meeting with Dr. Bianchi go?" I asked
"He asked about the recent things that we were doing and how its affecting me" she
began as we continued outside
"He also made a few test on my limbs and they seem to be ok. how about you?" she
returned the question at me
"Oh they just wanted to take some readouts of my brainwave functions, nothing much"
"Why? Is something wrong?" She asks with curious eyes
"Its to develop better conditioning drugs they say" I said. Tho I do think they
might just want to copy my hypercalculating brain.

It was nearly lunch time by the time her checkup was finished along with my unscheduled
meeting with them neurologists.


"Now Ive already got permission for us to go out of the compound today, so prep up and
get dressed, Its time to have fun after all of our training" Eliza excitedly said to
Lilith as she complied. 'This is the first time Im going outside...I wonder how its
like, alone with Eliza for the rest of the day' her mind began to wonder what the world
has in store for her and Eliza.

As Lilith exited her room she saw Eliza waiting for her on the hallway wearing a Tan
colored blazer a tartan skirt and black thigh-highs. Before she could do so, Eliza gave
her a compliment "You look good in that" as Eliza took notice of her white tee with a
blue vest finished off by light denim shorts and black/white striped knee-socks.
" to" She returned the compliment as they both walked out of the housing building
towards the parking lot.

Standing out from the usual modern European saloons, estates and sports cars was a 1968
Ford Ranchero GT with a descriptively evil black paintjob finished with gold trim.
"This is mine" Eliza proclaimed as she took on a more childish behavior. "a 331 cubic
inch BOSS motor tuned to the rythm of 600 horsepower" as they got in the Ranchero. Upon
starting, the entire parking lot was consumed by the audible aura of the mighty roaring
V8 that was making its lazy way towards the gates, which guards would rise as it came
by them.

The short drive to the center of Rome had given Lilith a very good idea of Eliza's
driving, It was fast yet quite gentle, her movements of the steering wheel were delicate
and careful. Another thing that she noticed was that Eliza seems to be more excited about
this trip than she was, with a grin on her handlers face all the way till they reached a
small restaurant near the historic city center. "Now Im not the type to be picky about
food so here we are, it aint much but order what you like" She offered as they sat down
in front of the small Pizzeria. After pondering on which type of cheese to have, they
were finally able to quell their hunger.

"Ok now for our main activity of the day" Said Eliza as she lead Lilith into a gaming
arcade. "It took a bit of finding but it turns out Rome does have one of these" she
finished "Ok.. what should I do?" Lilith asked with a confused look "Have fun. play
some of the games, break records, just dont break stuff, look for a game you want to
play while I get some gaming coins" Eliza hurried of to the booth with a sizeable
queue. 'games, have fun, huh!?' thought Lilith as she looked around.

And in no time at all a game cought her eye. It was none other than the classic
whack-a-mole. Lilith watched and observed the players as they tried profuriously to
hit the little brown things that popped up out of the holes. 'so thats how you play'
a slight smile formed on her face. "Here you go" Eliza's hand popped out from nowhere
handing her a gaming coin. "You go try your luck on that while go have fun myself
be sure not to forget to grab the tickets!" Eliza left with a gleeful smile and a
gaming coing in Lilith's hand.

Lilith took position and inserted the gaming coin, "READY!.....GO!" the machine blurted
as a steady stream of moles popped up out of the holes in quick succesion. At first
Lilith was befuddled by the machine, earning some chuckles at watching locals. These
however were replaced by awe when she finally got a hang of it and started hitting the
moles faster and faster....

After leaving Lilith a gaming coing, Eliza made a quick bout at the freestyle shooting
booth. "This would work" She exclaimed "You might not be able to handler it" a young
man's cocky voice called out. "You just wait and see" she gived the man a sly look as
she got the machine started. And as the first balls reached her, Eliza quickly unleashed
a barrage of carefully aimed throws that see her quickly surpass the all time high score.
Before she knew it, she was surrounded by people staring in awe as she finished up
due to the time limit. 'Ok.. thats quite a bit of unwanted attention' she hoped that
Lilith would attract less but it turns out that she has just broken the record on the
Whack-a-mole machine and is proceeding to collect a mile long ribbon of Tickets.
'Oh boy' Eliza thought.

"Save them tickets" Eliza said as she hastily dragged away a dumbfounded Lilith.
'This may not have been a good idea' Eliza thought as she took note of the attention
they were attracting. But this soon proved unfounded as she saw her Junior staring
through the glass of another machine with gleaming eyes. Upon closer inspection Eliza
found out that she was staring into one of the classic crane machines with prizes. This
particular one had stuffed animals in them. This gave her an idea..

"Wanna try it?" Eliza asked as Lilith pried her eyes from the machine. "YES...yes I want
to try it" She yelped. Handing over a few gaming coins Eliza remarked "Here, try your
luck at that while have fun myself" Eliza says as she heads over to the Battle Gear 3
driving game cabinet. Lilith eagerly started the crane up, she moved it over the prize
she has her eye on, a Little white stuffed rabbit. She pressed the grab button with
excitement. Her hopes went tumbling down however as the prize slipped off. 'GRRRRR'
she growled as she activated the crane again at the cost of another coin. This was
repeated countless times till she used up all her coins. "NOOOOOO....!!"

"Ughya..!" Came out of Lilith's mouth as she receives a smack to the back. "I figured
this would happen" Eliza came about with a coin ready. "Im gonna get whatever you want"
She offered. "REally..?" Lilith asked with joy in her eyes. "Yes of course, now which
one?" Eliza asked as she scanned over the field of prices under the god that is the
crane, now under her control. Lilith quickly pointed and exclaimed joyfully "That one,
The white rabbit". "Rabbit eh" Eliza exclaimed as she took note at its position. "Right"
she activated the crane, as she positioned it above the stuffed animal, "This one needed
to be grabbed by its body instead of its head" She said as the crane pulled up the
rabbit. Lilith snatched and hugged the now hers Rabbit, this sight brought a slight
smile on Eliza's face. "Come on, Lets go" She said as she lead Lilith outside.

"Uhm...Eliza" Came Lilith's voice softly as they walked, rabbit still in hand. "Yeah?"
Eliza responded as she steered them towards an ice cream shop. Lilith took a deep breath
in preperation of her answer "your so cruel!". "Eh!, What?" Eliza gaped in surprise.
"You knew I wouldnt be able to use it properly and yet you let me" Her eyes pierced
through Eliza's own. "Ehh..sorry" was the only thing Eliza could answer. Lilith smiled
at her handler "Thats alright". They got seated and were looking over the shop's menu
when Eliza's phone rings and shows its from Priscilla.

"Yeah! whats up Prisc?" Eliza answered as she turned away from Lilith who was just
served with the chocolate banana split she had ordered. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"
Priscilla yelled, "They are having a mission briefing in half an hour" She said as Eliza
repositioned herself on the chair "Oh god.. Why now?". "Apparently the cell assault
mission was moved to tonight" Priscilla gave the unwelcome information, Eliza winced
"Right then, Well be there". "You better be or Jean's gonna be furious" Priscilla
ended the call.

"Lilith..Sorry for this, we need to rush back" She she said reluctantly. "Ah..Now?"
Lilith replied. "Ill let you finish that first" Eliza said as she gestured towards
Lilith's banana split..."Actually lemme help you" She added as she readied a spoon.
"Ah.. right" Lilith can only exclaim as they began to consume the delight as fast as
humanly possible with their extra-human bodies.


After finishing that helping of Ice cream and banana's, and enduring the incredible
brain freeze headache that followed. We made it in time for the mission briefing.

After telling her to be ready for when we might need to head out, I left Lilith in
her room with her new fluffy white stuffed animal friend. Now when I got to the
briefing room, Jean has already assembled much of the team that was going in this
particular clearing mission and is setting up the projector on the massive wooden
table on the center of the white-walled room.

"The plan is simple, as it should be" He began as the lights in the room dimmed.
"Were going to rout out the Red Pheonix group that has been cited as responsible
for a number of bombings over the last few months" He activated the projector via remote
and an Image of a number of buildings were shown, the focus was a narrow rectangular
four story apartment building
"This is their headquarters, somewhere in there is a man named Romeo Ferrero
he is the head of this group and also their bomb maker, his recent activities involves
meeting with Padania representatives, We fear that he is to make a connection with them"
He paused as the image changed again, this time showing a brown haired middle aged man
with a mustache and wearing glasses.
"This is the man in question, We believe that he has valuable information regarding
the recent Padania activities, Our job is to shut down his group and take him alive"
The image went back to that of the building in question, Jean then started pointing out
positions and tasks for each and every team involved in this. This included Jean/Rico
Victor/Triela Jose/Henrietta Alessandro/Petra and off course Lilith and I.
"Eliza along with Lilith are to perform Overwatch duties at this building over here"
He pointed to a condemned building that overlooked the broadside of the target.
"Everyone else will storm through the building with help from Eliza's covering fire"
He continued.
"We will enter through here" He pointed to an entrance point perpendicular from our
overwatch position. I can see his reasoning in this, With them entering from there, Lith and
I can keep track of both their position's as well as the enemies that they would encounter.
This would give us valuable tactical advantage since we are sure to encounter a more numerous
"We will move out and set up in a few hours, Make needed preperations in that time,
that is all" He finished.

I proceeded to exit the room and make way for Lilith after returning gestures of good luck
from Hillshire and Alessandro. 'Right' I thought as I prepped myself and headed out.


Lilith found herself sitting on her bed with nothing to do as Eliza went off to the briefing.
She was still recovering from the massive headache they suffered from eating that banana split
a bit too quickly, which was not helped by Eliza's bout of speed concerned driving. Her thoughts
began to roam again as the sun casts an orange light upon the grassy fields of the agency grounds.

'This is my first mission... I must impress her... Remember the training' Her mind raced as she
thought of what her first mission has in store for her. Her anxiety built to the point where she
stood up and started pacing her room, taking quick glances at the pair of knives and the P99 on
her desk. Her glance switched to the White stuffed rabbit that Eliza got for her. This put a
slight smile onto her face, this was turned upsidedown however when her mind wandered into the
possible negatives 'What if I get shot?.. What if Liz get shot?.. What if we fail?.. What if I fail?'
Before her mind could wander completely out of her body, a knock on the door rang echoes through
the room.

"Come in" Lilith says as she stopped her pacing. "How are you doing" Priscilla entered the room.
Lilith paused for a moment before answering "Excited...". "Your not scared or anything" asked
Priscilla again. "Not really, This is my job after all" Lilith replies with as she looks out to the
setting sun "I actually fear more for Liz" She added. "Oh!.. Well if its Eliza, then theres nothing
to worry about" Priscilla started "She always gets back from the any mess she gets herself into, but try to keep her away from trouble since she's a bit hardheaded" the two let of a small chuckle as they continued their talk.

"What are you doing interrogating my junior before a mission?" Eliza's powerful voice rocketed
through as she entered the room. "Ahi..Were just talking Liz" Priscilla replied with am apologetic
smile. "Yes...well the mission would be at midnight so we need to prep everything now" Eliza
blabbered as Priscilla took her leave "Im going now, good luck to the both of you". "This is it,
our first mission" Eliza said as she stretched and snapped her fingers "Yes.." Replied Lilith as
she took her stuff and prepared. As they headed out, they met up with the rest of the group and
proceeded to get ready.


"...And thats why were overwatch on this mission" I just finished giving the details for
the mission to Lith. Overwatch usually means fire support with suppresive fire from a machine gun
or precission fire from sniper rifles. It seems that Jean preferred the latter in interest of
"so that means were gonna be using the DSR, specifically the DSR-1 Subsonic" The subsonic is a version of the DSR-1 sniper rifle specifically tailored for heavy subsonic ammunition. This makes it extremely quiet and the obvious choice for this mission.

We made our preperations for what we would be carrying. Now since we have to climb up stairs with the big heavy DSR's I have to opt for a lighter load, which means no body armor. What would be coming with me tho are my selection of various explosives, including the MK3A2 Concussion grenade and my digitaly timed Pipe bombs. Along with the explosives I would be carrying my Luger P.08 and my Kukri.

Lilith on the other hand opt to go fully laden with armor, knives, her H&K 417 and her sidearm.
She aint leaving anything, When I asked her why she would carry all of her weapons. Her answer
was a very confident and reassuring "Just in Case". 'Priscilla has done something to her'
I thought but it wasnt time for that, we needed to check on our mission vehicle.

Waiting outside was a nearly invisible 1968 Ford Ranchero GT with an engine that belongs in a
race car. Its presence was betrayed only by its golden trim accents as its black paint meld
with the night. Since it was a ute and therefore had a very spacious bed which I took advantage
of. I set in it a box of 7.62x51mm ammunition for both our rifles. I also made sure to bring
my G3A3 and her MG3 'Just in case' as well as more of my explosives.

As we finished preparing, I took a note of what everybody else were bringing. Hillshire was
bringing a G36C carbine, Triela with a H&K MP7, Jean was carrying an M4A1 with a SCAR-L by Rico, Jose carries another M4 and Henrietta has her signiture P90 now with a suppressor, Allesandro has an SC-70/90 and Petra is totting her Spectre M4. A prevalent piece of equipment among all of us are night vision goggles. I too am bringing a night vision goggle but I have a backup. My right eye is equiped with a simple Infra-Red detection system, Its not as sensitive as a full scale system but Its reassuring that I have such technology to back me up.

It was a few minutes before we head out to the site so Lilith and I took this time to double
check our equipment as well as have a bit of rest before we head out.

"Hmmmaaaaaah..Dont you love the nightime air?" I asked, trying to take our minds away
from the mission.
"I do.." Lith replied as our hair swayed and fluttered in the breeze.
"Its very relaxing...empties your mind" I said as I took a deep breath.
"Yeah..." as she to took a deep breath "You know what, Im not scared or nervous anymore"
"Why is that?" I asked.
"Coz your gonna be there with me" Her reply put a slight smile into my face she
reminded me of Eiko back when we were young, obviously not the Eiko now, which is just annoying.


The order to move out was passed as each fratello got in their respective transport. Eliza and
Lilith were the last to drive out as the massive 331 cubic Inch Race motor of the Ranchero took
a few minutes to fire up to life. "Is something wrong?" Lilith inquisitively asked as the ute
coughed and sputtered into life. "Nope, She's fine, she just need a bit to warm up" Eliza
reassured as they made tracks after the rest of the group with the Ranchero sputtering and
popping along.

After catching up to the group with another bout of 'exciting' driving, the Ranchero finally
started to run smoothly, smooth in a sense that it still sent shockwaves through the evening air
as they drove into Rome. "This is it, your baptism of fire" Eliza said as she stroked through
her hair which was being blown about by the draft throught the windows. "Fire...?" Asked Lilith
with a slightly confused look. "Im not actually gonna let anyone fire at you" Reassured Eliza as
she again tries to keep her hair from being blown out of order by the wind. "Were gonna be fine"
she added as reassurance. "I hope so" Lilith sighed as she remembers her talk with Priscilla
earlier. About how her handler gets into trouble quite often with her hardheadedness.

They reached the destination free of any notable incidents apart from repeated phonecalls on
Eliza's cellphone, which she just shuts off after a few calls. They made sure to park their cars
a few blocks away from the target site to prevent any suspicion and noise. The long walk to the
site had some of the gasping for breath but it was worse for Eliza and Lilith who were carrying
heavy sniper rifles as well as needing to climb up a four story building. "I should get a
silencer for that exhaust" Eliza exclaimed as she helped a breathless Lilith up the stairs.

As the both of them try to catch their breath, Jeans voice came ringing throught the radio.
"Eliza! You two better set up now, were moving into position". "Roger" Eliza replied, still
gasping for breath. "Right, now lets get these rifles sorted" Eliza began preparing her
DSR-1 Subsonic as Lilith did the same. The rifles were set near the edge of the rooftop but not
overhanging so as to lower visibility and detectability. "Its ready!" Lilith said as she
finished preparing the mat on which they would lay prone on as they man the rifles. "Ok, now
lets run a checklist, gun...check, ammo...check, communications" She picked up the radio and
spoke "Were in position" which Jean replied with a resounding "Good!". Eliza resumed the
checklist as Lilith watched the assault team move into position "Communications...check". Eliza
finished the checklist as the Entry team signaled their readiness.


"Ojousama, The items you have ordered have arrived on the site" Alfred informed Eiko, who was
lazily sitting on one of the reclining chairs on the balcony.
"Thats good, Make arrangements for our flight tomorrow" Eiko ordered as she took hold of an apple from the basket filled with different juicy fruits, some of them from foreign lands.
"Yes Mistress" Alfred acnowledges.
"What time of day do you suppose Italy would look its grandest Alfred" Eiko asks as she tries to
make her face and the apple become one.
"I suppose it would be noon Mistress" Alfred suggests.
"Then make it so that we get to Italy by noon tomorrow" Eiko adds another order as she stands up
and made her way inside.
"Yes Mistress, Anything else?" Alfred asks as he follows Eiko through the room.
"Nope Alfred, that would be all, for now" Eiko says as she grabs the phone and proceeded to take
a seat on one of the comfortably cushioned chairs in the vast airy room. Alfred meanwhile takes
a bow and leaves closing the massive dual wooden doors behind him.

She dials Eliza through the phone as she proceeds to consume the red fruit. "Pick up you red-haired explosive minded calculator" She exclaimed in frustration after a few failed tries to reach her Red-headed sister. Her frustration built up overtime and she decides to give up on her call. 'Fine Ill just annoy you when I get there' she scowled as she put away the phone and started walking towards her bedroom.

Her walk to her room saw her walking pass a number of suits of armor among the stretches of the
stone-walled corridors. In terspaced between massive marble supporting columns were dark wooden doors that lead to someplace else in the Sekine mansion, there were various displayed paintings and pictures on the walls, one of them showing two little girls, one with brilliant golden hair, the other with deep flowing red hair.

Eiko prepared to get some sleep as she reached her Bedroom, which was a massive room at the rear of the mansion which was decorated and furnished with blue hued Curtains and sheets. On to one side was another balcony that was shutoff with glass sliding doors. There was a pile of stuffed animals on one wall, as well as a number of wooden cabinets and drawers. Dominating the room however was a massive bed, fit for a queen. "Lets see what Italy has in store" Eiko murmured as she closed her eyes.




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Can't wait to see episode 4, Ach!


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4th bit of DT

The mission has started, Music rages, Lightning speak, and a new threat.



The rustling of paper and rubbish as they are blown around by the breeze dominated the midnight silence as the distant sounds of vehicles formed a mixture of ambient noise that serves as the back ground music of the upcoming confrontation. The Social Welfare Agency may lack the numbers but they have cybernetically enhanced, specially trained assasins making up half their force. The Red Phoenix's are no slouch either as described by Eliza and Lilith as they took notice of the firepower of the opposing force.

"Theyve got quite a lot of G36ses and M4 carbines and.....ooooh Kalashnikovs for two guys on the second floor" Eliza recited as she provided information to the assault team.

Aknowledging this Jean then asks "Do you see Ferrero in there?"

After taking double, and triple takes on the building Eliza reports the bad news "Nope, We cant locate Ferrero within the building from here..."

Jean takes note of the situation and then asks again "How about anything that might be their command or saferoom?"

"That I see, theres a large room on the top floor with blacked out windows and four guards outside, We might be able to take those guards out and pin Ferrero in that room if he tries to escape" Eliza replied as she gives a visual signal to Jean on the streets below.

"Alright then, wait for my signal and take out those guards nearest to our entrance point" Jean orders as he signals the assault team to get ready.

"Yes sir!" Eliza replied. A followup message came in from Jean as the two on the adjacent rooftop redied their Silent DSR's

"Oh and Eliza, Dont kill Ferrero.." Lilith displayed a puzzled look as her brain processed what Jean said while Eliza just giggled and replied "Yes sir!" again.

A few seconds after that, Jean gave handsignals to the assault team to take their positions, as well as visual signals to the sorella on the rooftop at 3 o'clock.

"Thats the Signal" Eliza whispered as she flicked the ambidextrous safety lever to the 'off' position on her rifle. Lilith replied with a nod as she does the same.

In an instant after that, two light gassy 'prskshooosssspsst' lightly pierced the midnight air as two heavy, slow and silent 7.62mm slugs found their mark on the temple's of the unfortunate guards outside the target flat.

A moment after that, the street as well as the first floor of the building below came alive with gunfire as the assault team made their move under the covering, overwatch fire of two deathly silent DSR-1's under the command of their most analytical shooter.

"Two more, 3rd window from the left, second floor" Eliza calmly gave target directions even as she was shooting at a different group of Red Pheonix men on the other side of the building.

Lilith was already having a hard time trying to hit multiple targets and yet her handler was doing that, locating and pinpointing more. She knew Eliza was also a Cyborg but the difference in mental calculating abilites still amazes her.

Finding a short lull in the fighting, Eliza found time to put on her earphones and set a tune to listen to. 'Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt' She was playing Rammstein's Feuer Frei. This immediately put a dreadfully evil smile on her face as she knew that this was the most aporopriate song she could think of at the moment. She listened and seemingly timed her shots to the song's beat.

This act of self-entertainment during battle is something ELiza commonly does and it usually works out. This time however, her senses fail to detect the presence of hostilities in their supposedly safe firing position. Now If she was alone, this would have been a very bad day for her, but...

Right after the shooting resumed, Lilith was able to detect the faint footsteps coming from behind. She didnt even need to think as instincts and conditioning took over as she drew and fired her P99 at the direction of the footsteps.

'white...' was the last thing the Red Phoenix rifleman ever thought of as his knees collapsed and blood burbling and spewing from a wound on the left side of his neck where a 9mm hollow point tore through it like nothing.

Eliza took note of the situation and radioed Jean "We have hostiles in the compound" She said, refering to the seemingly abandoned building they were stationed in. "Lilith, see if theres more of em" She ordered, anticipating more hostiles.

"Do what you can with what you got but keep up your fire" Jeans audibly stressed voice responded with the sound of gunfire from rifles, submachineguns and pistols as a backdrop.

Eliza aknowledges with a simple "Right!" As she kept up fire on all targets that find themselves within the scope picture of her DSR-1 Subsonic. 'Bang! Bang!....Feur Frei' as If on cue the song ramps up its pace as she blew Red Pheonix heads along with the song's beat, The smile now turning into something more sinister, more psychotic killer as it went along.

Lilith meanwhile has her own problems. It turns out that there were more than one hostile in their building, a LOT more.

She thought up of a logical plan on her head of sweeping the building clear systematically starting from the fourth floor and working her way downstairs. 'They must not reach Eliza' she thought as if she was a defending player in some sort of old video game.

Unlike any video game however, the dangers were real, so are the bullets that was hitting and cratering the concrete post that she took cover behind of. 4 men with assault rifles in staggered formation 20 feet away. Trying to imitate her handler, she thought off the quickest course of action and put it to work.

She darted across the sights of the Red Pheonix riflemen faster than they could react. Putting her Close combat skills to work, she quickly made a turn towards the leftmost rifle wielder using the wall as a launching point and proceeded to slice open his neck. The man died instantly as his lifeless body crumpled over on itself with a five inch gash on the neck that nearly decapitated him, this was the same gruesome fate of his unfortunate brethren.

Having taken down four men in less than three seconds, her KA-BAR's blades were still dripping with blood as she made her way down to the third floor, keeping with her set pattern.

She was greeted rather rudely by the hail of 5.56mm rounds from the M4's and G36's of the Red Phoenix riflemen. Something was odd however. She notices that the men were retreating.

She soon found out why...

Up top, Eliza was dissrupted by Jean from her trance like state of shooting, "Ferrero is escaping, access ladder on the alley" Jean said as Triela and Petrushka begin their chase of the ringleader.

Getting out of the window and proceeding to head down the fire escape they ran after Ferrero as fast as their cybernetic bodies would allow.

"There, Right!" Petra yelled back to the blond as she changed direction towards the end of the alleyway.

As good as their efforts were, it was a little too late as Ferrero and some of his goons have already driven off in a Volkswagen Pheaton.

Lilith rushed after the retreating gunmen and found them all converging on the midnight blue Executive saloon that was racing off into the next bend. Weighted down by her armor and weapons, she was unable to catch up to the W12 powered car, the same was the fact for Triela and Petra as the three ran out of breath on the road below.

Unable to take a shot due to the positioning of the surrounding buildings, Eliza started after the Volkswagen, running from the rooftop of her shooting platform down to progressively lower buildings. A thought popped into her head, It was crazy and dangerous but its still her that thought of it....and that overides all other reasoning.

Jean and the rest of the assault squad came a few moments too late to see the spectacle, "poo poo, He's getting away" His furious words echoed through the night as he tries radioing Eliza "Eliza!...ELIZA!...".

He was interupted by Lilith as she turned to him "Eliza...She's on that car".

Jean replied with only a puzzled look in his face and a stressed voice "What?!"


Everyone's probably thinking Im nuts or something right now, and I dont care. 'I maybe nuts but at least Im on this Volkswagen and they arent'. My right hand and arm were bleeding from where they smashed and broke the rear windshield when I jumped three stories high down onto Ferrero's getaway car.

"What the hell is that" I can barely make out the voice of a man, possibly Ferrero as the force of my landing had me sliding down behind the car's boot, Hanging on like a lion on a zebra.

"Eliza!...ELIZA!" Off all the times to speak, he does it in the most inappropriate time humanly possible. Just the sound of his voice was enough to give me problems, which was made worse when Ferrero started shooting at me with an MP5. Now I dont know what makes a person qualified to be a ringleader for a terrorist cell but he sort of missed with all thirty shots she fired, due in most part to his driver's ecstatic driving.

I took this oppotunity to strike back. In one swift movement. I grabbed an M84 Stun Grenade from my belt and chucked it in the speeding car. I released my hold on both the grenade and the car, Crashing into the ground by jumping from a moving vehicle is extremely uncomfortable and I advice anyone else from doing so.

'Bang! Bang!' The song's end came at exactly the right time. Coincidence or Faith, you decide.

I hit the ground and rolled forth a few meters before I could pick myself up. All that effort was well rewarded as the night sky was illuminated by a light one hundred times brighter than the sun and the air being shaken by a sound akin to that of nearby thunder. As if that wasnt enough for the poor men inside, the Volkswagen found itself crashing into the light post as the driver lost all his vision and hearing from the concussive blast, made worse by the confines of a Volkswagen

That explosion was good and strangely satisfying (even if it was just a stun bomb) but the end of this mission was sealed by the presence of drinks vending machine that happens to be right there. There was really no other course of action but to grab a nice refreshing drink after this mission. A nice conlusion to our first mission as partners, I must say.


A bright flash of light a hundred times brighter than the sun tore through the darkness of the night sky as a stun grenade goes off. This was followed by the thunderous roar of explosives as it ripped asunder the midnight air.

The entire assault squad as well as Lilith was taken completely by surprise by the bang. After rushing to the scene, they found a sight that could only come out of hollywood, or out of Eliza's mind.

They found her sitting on top of the ruined Volkswagen, as she held onto a cold can of soda with a bloody right arm, as Ferrero and his goons lay dazed and disorientated inside the wreck.

"What the hell did you do" Asked Jean with disbelief to which the Redhead simply smirked and answered "Doing what I can with what I got"


"Multiple cuts and abrasions, cracked rib, sprained ankle" Dr. Donato was running through the clipboard of injuries that the entire team sustained during the mission, and they all have one thing in common, they all belonged to Eliza. Dr. Donato sigh's as he put away the list. "Eliza! could you please try to be more careful next time?" Donato asked as he turned his attention to the bandaged Redhead sitting on the side of a hospital bed.

"Lilith wasnt in any way hurt nor even scratched during that mission, she wore full body armor" Eliza started explaining trying hard to dodge the truth.

"I meant you" Donato said. all that dodging was for nothing as she thought 'I should just leave the dodging to Eiko' as she looked at her bandage clad right arm.

"I would try to avoid injuries but" She pauses for a moment "they seem to find me wherever, whenerver" She finishes her sentence with a smirk as she prepared to leave the ward. Donato can only sigh in response.

"Ahh!! Eliza...are you alright?" Lilith came rushing to Eliza's side.

"Dont worry Lith, Eliza's is as tough as nails" Triela said teasingly

"Yes... but it doesnt change the fact that it still hurts" Eliza replied as they made way to the dorms along with Triela.

"Right! Im off" Eliza said as she tries to make a detour towards her trailer (which still hasnt been cleaned), she was stopped however as Lilith grab a hold of her left arm.

"Nope! I wont let you sleep in there" Her green eyes met with Eliza's boatlights. "I will make sure you have a good sleep tonight" Lilith added as she started pulling on her handler's arm sounding like a concerned mother. She pulled Eliza all the way to their rooms which was a fairly easy task considering their difference in strength.

"Alright already, Ill sleep here." Eliza moaned as her body begged for sleep. She almost instantly found herself in dreamland as soon as her body hit the cushion.

'BIG GREEN EYES' crossed Eliza's newly awakened mind as she stares into Lilith's green hued windows. 'without fault, innocence, simplicity joy and....what the hell is going on'. Eliza jerked back as she took in the situation.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as Lilith proceeds to take a seat on her bed.

"Well... the door was unlocked and... I wanted to see how your doing" She explained while stroking her mid length blonde hair 'She's so cute when she's sleeping' a thought crossed Lilith's mind as she remembers the serene and peaceful view of a very violent redhead in her sleep.

Lilith's thoughts were stopped short however when Eliza stood up preparing for the new day.

"Right, now what to do?" Eliza asked without really hoping for an answer.

"You shouldnt be doing anything now..." Lilith said with a worried look on her face as she tries to assist Eliza who just shrugs her off.

"Nonsense, Im fine" Eliza says as she makes way out the room, closely followed by Lilith.

After freshening up and a bandage change. Eliza's hopes of a productive day was slowly eroded by the fact that she cant think of anything to do. Since there was a recent mission, everyone was given this day for R & R. The worse thing however was the continual heavy drizzle that was the prevailing weather for the day. Liz found herself sitting on a bench overlooking the compound's grounds watching as each raindrop make their mark on the ground. One would think that rain would give a peaceful sense in a person but its not the case with Eliza.

Seeing her handler so quiet and reserved, sitting on the bench with the monotonous sound of the rain as a backdrop was an alien sight for Lilith. "uh... Liz, Are you alright" She positioned herself to seat beside the redhead. "...Eliza?" Lilith worriedly asked again after Eliza's apparent unresponsiveness.

"Oh?...Im fine, Whats up" Eliza jerked back into conscious reality as she responds to Lilith.

Shrugging of her concern, Lilith replied to the question "Im a bit bored".

"As I have been so..." Eliza quickly replied as she takes a breath of the cool humid air.

Eliza breaks the silence that followed by an idea that would hopefully quell the overbearing boredom that has cursed them.

"Cmon, Ive got an idea to pass the time for you" Eliza stood up and began walking inside.

"Wha..what is it?" Lilith was startled by this sudden burst of energy from her handler as she tried to follow.

"nope..wait here!" Eliza said as she went to get an umbrella.

Lilith watched as Eliza went out under the clouds with a black umbrella, walking ever so elegantly in the rain. 'How can one person encompass so many things?' Lilith asked herself as she looked on as Eliza made way to her trailer.

Seeing Eliza disappear into the trailer prompt Liliths mind to wonder whats to happen next. She would soon find out as Eliza came walking back with a number of objects.

"follow me!" Eliza said as she went pass Lilith and headed inside, out of the rain. She kept walking on and entered Lilith's room.

"Whats that?" Lilith asked as she followed her inside.

"Its a DVD player, this will occupy us for a while" Explained Eliza as she set up the SONY DVP-FX970 9 inch portable DVD player on the small table on the middle of Liliths room.

"These are some Anime DVD's" She gestured as she prepared a disc. "This will keep us entertained till the rain stops" Eliza states as she she runs the Player with Lilith moving to take
a seat beside her on the bed.

"And we watch for hours on end" Lilith was telling the rest of the troop what she and handler had been doing for the last few hours.

"What did you two watch?" Asked Triela as the lot were discussing it over some biscuits and tea.

"Honestly, I dont know" Lilith replied with a slight tilt to her head displaying a clear bit of innocence.

"Oh, dont do that. Your too cute already" Triela said as she saw a slight similarity to Eliza in Lilith's look, and she has never considered the tomboyish Liz as cute.

"Heh, Liz said I look adorable when I do that" Lilith said with a smirk.

"Speaking of whom, Where is that redhead anyways?" Asked Claes, who never seems to run out of reading material whenever they have this meetups.

"She's asleep in her room, I guess she's still tired from last night" said Lilith as her eyes wander in the distance.

"Her, Tired?" Triela gasped as she took in the bit of information "Thats rare, she's got the stamina of a camel".

With that simile, everyone in the room let off a light chuckle as they continued a relaxing yet rainy day.


"Ugh.. ahhh!" Eliza wakes up dazed as she looks at the carnage and destruction in front of her. Her vision was tinted with the red hue of her own blood as she comes to her senses. Placing her left hand down on the ground, she feels a warm wet pool of liquid at where her hand met the tiled flooring of the Schneider alpine villa. Looking down she sees the liquid to be a pool of blood, her own blood. She coughs hard after taking a gasp as the smoke from the raging flames whos crackle served as the backdrop of the bloody scene also also her blood which filled her lungs every time she takes a breath. Shifting her attention from herself into her surroundings, she finds a more horrific scene.

Eiko, her younger twin was laying on the ground a few feet from her, unmoving on her own pool of blood. Her Golden hair has been tinted with so much red that it looked like her own.

"...Ei...ko..." She tried to utter but instead of a coherent call, only spouts of blood came coughing out of her mouth. She moves to her side after a monumental effort as she found out that she cant move the entire right side of her body.

After an effort to move beside her she found Eiko, who was in a similar bloody state, conscious but just barely.

Seeing her sister Eiko uttered "E..liza..." as a trickle of blood dripped down her cheek to join the pool of red below.

Eliza stayed there, over her sister as time stood still as their mis-matched eyes met while a smile crossed their faces, communicating without talking, understanding without thought as the villa was consumed by light and fire as a massive explosion ripped through.

Eliza's sleep ended "Agbfhaaa.....!" She screams as she sits up with thoughts coursing through her mind. "Why...?" She asks herself "Why can I remember this things?" She wipes of tears from her eyes as her thoughts run thinking 'Stupid partial anterograde memory loss'

"Are you alright? Is anything wrong?" Lilith barged in to her room along with the rest of the party.

"Everything was fine till you lot barged in here, ever heard of knocking?" Eliza barked and was visibly annoyed by the current situation

"Im sorry...Im sorry...Im sorry!" Lilith began apologizing.

"What happened?" Querried Triela as she curiously peeked into the room.

"Just a dream..." Eliza's answer was followed by silence, "Cmon, Even I can dream as well" She spouted after

"What was it about? Liz" Asked Rico with a curious expression in her deep blue eyes.

Eliza shrugged and gave them an answer after a brief pause "Being a bit too close to an explosion".

"Figures...Its YOUR dream after all" Triela teased

"Shut up, Sleep is ruined now" Eliza scoffed as she made her way out of her by now crowded room.


"You said Italy would be nice at noon" A certain golden haired girl spouted.

"It seems the weather have turned for the worse" replied Alfred as they drove through the rainstorm in Roman traffic.

"Hmm.. Eliza utterly hates the rain" Eiko found new respect for the rain when she realized that it would be annoying her sister as much if not moreso as her.

"Thats a fact" Arika, Eiko's personal maid commented as they aproached their destination.

Their pearl White Lexus LS600L pulled up the long driveway of a Roman engineered mansion on the outskirts of Rome. With its large courtyard at the front and some vineyards at the back, it was an elegant abode fit for any high class family.

"Im sorry but we have to stop the renovation because of the rain" A man in blue workclothes apologized with the greatest respect to Eiko as she made her way through the halls of her new abode.

"Thats ok, It aint nice for you guys nor the stuff to get wet now" Eiko replied while examining what has been done so far.

The building was in the process of being renovated with her stuff as the rain came and halted all operations. She started to wander around, examining the structure with her heterochromatic eyes. Its still quite barren inside but this only helped her imagination as to the possiblities that each room presented.

"This could be a library" She thought as she passed a door that lead to a massive empty room, whe was fond of books since she was a child so its no surprise that she would want a library, she even had a few thousand books shipped over from her old Library.

"Oh.. This will be the music room" She exclaimed to herself as she went in to examine a cavernous room whos layout was well suited to the idea. Indeed there was already a raised stagelike platform on the other end, as if its waiting for a grand piano to be placed there.

"A museum, no something for my collection" She thought as another room came under her scrutiny, she was refering to her collection of arms that rivaled that of her sister, only her's was much more modern, more specialized and more precise. Its in direct contrast to the variety and all out power that her sister prefers.

"Dining room" She decided upon a long cavernous hall which was already furnished with a 30ft long table down its centerline. The ceiling had exquisite chandeliers that gleamed in their own light as their crystals shone forth.

"A garage? storeroom?" She was unsure as to what to do with the expanse of possible storage space she found at the back of the mansion. She didnt have as large a collection of vehicles as her sister nor does she need too much space for her 'Junk'.

She continued this walkaround throughout the entire interior of the mansion. Thinking up of what she can do with the numerous rooms that ranged in size from small closet sized areas to massive warehouse level spaciousness. She has already picked her bedroom. It was naturally the largest of the numerous bedrooms that lined the upper levels most of which would be relegated to guestrooms and quarters for her sizabled workforce of maid's. She was a noble, and ojousama at that but she's not as arrogant as some would take her to be.

After a complete rundown on the entire mansion, she found herself looking out one of its massive windows down at the courtyard, drizzled by the Italian rain that had completely ruined her arrival at this beautiful Meditereanian country.

"How utterly bothersome this weather..." She spoke to herself as the cool humid wind found its way into the window, lifting and playing with her golden blonde hair while at the same time sending a chill down her body.

"Perverted Italian air." She smirked as the wind exploited less explored areas of her body as they found openings in her frilly victorian themed gothic dress.

Just as she was settling into the cool feeling, she saw an immediate flash of blue light through the clouds and took cover instinctively as the following thunder rocked through the stone building. It must be quite a laughable phobia but she was genuinely afraid of lightning and its accompanying thunder or in fact all sudden flashes and sounds for that matter. This was yet another direct contrast to her sister as Eliza utterly adores sudden flashes and big booms which spawned her disturbing interest in explosives.

"....I bet she's loving this lightshow" Eiko said to herself as she sat on the polished granite floor of the mansion, thinking about how Eliza viewed the natural weather phenomenon know as lightning.


"Mid air charge differences between regions within the clouds, resulting in massive discharges of electricity creating highly ionized regions of air, accompanied by the sudden crack that results as the said air expands many times its original volume" I was rambling and spouting technobabble as the lot and I watched the scene unfold before us.

"Otherwise known as Lightning and Thunder.." Triela said with a visibly bored expression which was in contrast to the mixed curious and frightened looks of the rest of the troop. "I dont see why you need to elaborate on such a trivial matter"

"Its just my nature, or my natural fault if you will" I replied as I cited this bit of me that wanted above all to understand the workings of everything, It can be either viewed as a bad or a good trait either way I dont care.

"Its actually quite beautiful when you get used to it" I was surprised by this following statement, which came from Lith among others as I viewed her as an easily frightened type. Guess I was wrong.

"She's taking after you Liz" Triela said as she gave me a coy look which begged a retaliation worthy from Zeus himself. It might be strange but I chose not to bother with it.

"Dont get too friendly with lightning now" Claes cut in as she began her own lecture "Since were cyborgs and therefore have a higher chance to get hit by lightning than the average human" a pause of activites ensued, followed with everyone visibly moving a few inches away from the storm, that includes me Im afraid. Electrical storms have a rather detrimental effect on my systems.

"Arent you the most susceptable to electronic discharges, Liz?" I sigh as Triela brings that topic up as this caused a curious stare from Lith which just begs it be answered. I yield

"Ahh.. yes I am, My body dont take well to electromagnetism" I made my explanation as short as I could manage it. Lith immediately had an outburst of concern at that bit of information.

After settling all the concerns from Lith. She suggested that we have tea, probably still due to her concern about the detrimental effects of the lighting cracking across the skies overhead. Well a spot of tea would be nice, if just to get our minds to do something during this horrid of a day.


"....." Lilith has just finished putting everything away after inviting everybody for some tea to get their minds of the storm currently raging ovehead. And now her handler has disapeared again. '...She should be resting...where in the world has she gone off to now?' She thought to herself as she began walking around in search of her stubborn handler. Sometimes she asks herself If Eliza really is the handler in their sorella instead of herself. Her thoughts were cut short however when a poweful, deathly melody started echoing through the corridors. Feeling her inner child come alive she soughts to find its origin as curiousity took over her.

She followed the music and its pure and powerful rhythms as if it was played by a full blown orchestra in an Italian Opera house. She walked the SWA's halls, following the melody as it got louder and louder as well as exuding more power as she neared its source, an open doorway opening into a massive room, lined with tall glass windows and floored by polished wood. Within it was a selection of impressive musical instruments, ranging from guitars and violins to cello's and a grand piano. But this orchestral music wasnt coming from any of those, in fact none of the instruments were being played, none except one.

Near the far end of the room was an organ which was made of plastic and metal in contrast to the predominantly wooden instruments in the room. It was no ordinary organ for it is an Electone, a modern marvel of electronical engineering that combines a multitude of other instrument's effects into a compact system of Key's and pedals who's complexity would boggle the mind of any person.

Yet there it was, being played by a certain violent redhead. 'No.. not violent' her thought ran as indeed, this was a different side of Eliza. She stood there listening and taking in every bit of the powerful music her handler was playing. Eliza meanwhile has failed to notice her audience and keeps ramping up the 'power' as she stroked the keys and stepped the pedals of the ELS-01X Electone that she's quite fond of.

Lilith stood at the door, listening, not wanting to disturb her handler as she continued to play this powerful tune.

"Imperial March, from Starwars" Lilith was startled by Claes as she joins her as a silent audience to this performance.

"A powerfully Evil tune" Claes added, this disturbed Lilith as she asks "Evil...?"

"Eliza likes this sort of stuff, She's one with power" Claes explained as to why this tune was very appropriate for her Handler.

One might expect this to give off a negative image to Eliza to Lilith, but its effect was completely the opposite. This tune, this evil tune was reflecting her handler's downright addiction with power, a major fault one might assume but on this little Italian government owned estate, that was a good thing. It also add further to the 'cool' vibe that Eliza had in Lilith's eyes,

They were soon joined by two more as the orchestral music served as a beacon for those around, drawing them in like moth's to a bulb.

"That is so her" The princess of section two exclaimed, which was replied with a nod from her companion, the petrolhead queen, Allison

"This gives me the chills by just listening to it" Allison added as she held on to her shoulders to further the effect.

"It feels like Vader's gonna come out from the darkness any moment now" Triela shudders at the thought as the theme came to and end.

Even if there was any bit of applaud from her small audience, Eliza didnt notice it as the rain outside drowned out any other sound under its monotonous shroud.

The boring reighn of the rain on the room was short lived however as....

Eliza cracked her fingers, stretched her arms and started playing again. This time with a more prunounced 'electric' tone to her beat as she stroked key,s and stepped on pedals. As was earlier, Lilith had no idea whatsoever as to what her handler was playing, until the responses of her fellow's cleared that up for her.

"Oh God!" Triela sighed as she facepalms due to Eliza's rather queer choice as a follow up performance.

"God knows" Allison smiled as she took in the first notes of the said piece. It didnt take long however before the beat got to the rockstar within her.

As Eliza charged on the downbeat, she was surprised by a new matching sound, the sound of a genuine electric guitar. Its quite different from the replicated effects of her electone, her thoughts were soon put to rest as she cought a glimpse of a Corsa Rosso Red Gibson Les Paul Custom matching every note she played on the corresponding pieces on her Electone, and it was being played by none other than that brunette of a petrolhead.

Allison mearly replied Eliza's surprised look with a smirk as she continued to match notes. Its as if the two were at the track, matching each other's racing lines, shifts, turns, and engine revs as they go through corner after corner on full opposite lock on a certain race track. Eliza's face transformed into a relaxed grin as they continued to power through the rest of the song as their poweful beats completely mask the sound of the rain outside.

"Those two are mad" Triela commented as she reluctantly enjoy the display.

"Thats why they get along" Claes offered an answer as a brunette and a redhead finish up their power play.

Lilith stared in awe as the two finish their performance. She was in such a state that it took her a few moments to realize it was even over. "If you want Ill teach you sometime" Eliza whispered to her ear as she passed by, sweat visibly trickling from her exposed skin, which almost started another train of thought in Lilith's head if not for Allison's complaints.

"I just got in the groove, Lets play another song...." Allison's voice faded in the distance as the group made way for the rest of the day.


'The terrorist cell, Red Phoenix was taken out yesterday in a raid conducted by the government' the news went on as a middle-aged man with glasses took a sip of his strong Americano coffee as he smirked at the news that the Italian TV anounced.

He is Eligio Giordano, a man who has deep seated hatred for the government for reasons that he hold dearly in his heart. He couldnt care less about the news of a terrorist cell being taken out. He sees this as a burden lifted from him. The burden of destroying this cell himself.

'They grew to large for their own good' He thought to himself as he took another sip from his porcelain cup. He was a man that operated in the shadows, preferring indirect means to strike at his enemies and then pinning the act on others, a devious and cunning man.

'I will never do that mistake, dont worry brother, you shall be avenged' He finished his coffee and killed the TV as he left the room as he took a stroll along Rome's drenched streets, planning.




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Post by Professor Voodoo on Tue 5 Jul 2011 - 8:42

I'm liking it so far. Nice to see some more cyborg characters play a role...the "dorm life" scenes are some of my favorite, althought Eliza's stunt with the Volkswagen Phaeton was exciting as well.


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Post by ACH on Tue 26 Jul 2011 - 5:00

Heres the fifth... which took 400% extra time It seems...

but anyways.. This highlights Shopping... but It ends with a Bang... A Big Bang...

Well It seems I have the habit of incorporating an explosion of some sort in each Episode.


Episode 5- SHOP STUFF



Eligio was sitting at a table with his cup of nice Italiano Espresso as he tries to spend his quiet weekend. Its a nice break from his tasking job as an accountant for a business firm and his plotting of future attacks. This was a day to lay back and just take in the sights and sounds of Rome, not that he's rarely here but its a welcome change of pace.

He was outside Cafe Ti Amo, a Nice coffee shop opposite a bank and right beside a large shopping center in the center of Rome. Its quite a popular place for businessmen like himself and even today, just after a raid at a rumored terrorist hideout a few blocks away, people were still flocking to this caffein watering hole.

This didnt bother him, nor did the majority of the news in the paper he is reading, which was unsurprisingly mostly about the raid and some of the past bombings. What cought his attention however was a rather rare vehicle parked not too long away from him. It was a Pearl white Lexus.

He noticed a well dressed brown haired man standing near it like a stalwart guardian would back in medieval times. 'Butler or driver' the thought quickly crossed his mind as he made his observations. Feeling for the man, he asked the waiter to call him over.

"Yes sir, you wanted something?" The man asked as Eligio ordered him a drink.

"Surely your master cant be that uncaring" He asked as he points out to how the man was standing by the vehicle under the assumption that he was under orders.

"Oh no no no. That was my own doing" The man said as he clarifies the thought "The mistress actually told me to do whatever I want, but I dont have anything to do so.." He stopped as the coffee Eligio ordered for him arrives "My, thank you, how rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is Alfred, Alfred Monteberg" He finishes as he offeres a handshake.

"Eligio, Eligio Giordano" Eligio replies as he returns the handshake. There they proceeded on finishing their coffee and talking about random things as Alfred waits for his mistress, who has found the urge to do some shopping this morning.


"WOW!" Eiko exclaimed as she saw the long lines of various shops that lined the central shop aitrium of the shopping center, behind her was Arika, both of them already carrying a number of bags from earlier exploits around the truly massive shopping center.

"They got everything! Ojousama" Arika expelled as she gasps while looking at shops, there were beauty shops, jewelry, designer clothes, perfume stands everything.

"Forget those, Lets get to the dresses" Eiko exclaimed as she ran off in a vauge direction.

Struggling to keep up with the "enhanced" Eiko Arika develops a slight worry, since neither of them actually knows where they are going. This could turn into a rather long run around the mall. "I hope Alfred dont get bored" She says to herself, not knowing that Alfred has already found somone to chat with to pass the time.

"There!" Eiko remarked as she darted of through the crowd, dodging and twisting around, avoiding everything in her path like a pro soccer player.

"Wait..mistress" Arika was having a hard time trying to keep up with the Golden streak that was running around the mall. When she got to the said store, She noticed Eiko starring at a manequin, well actually she was starring at what the manequin was wearing.

"Black, ruffled skirt, white trim and gold lace. I want one" Exclaimed an ecstatic Eiko as she faces Arika, who by now was panting and sweating as she leaned over on the shop's entrance.

"I believe you already have somethin similar. mistress" Arika commented a she tried to catch her breath.

"It's similar but it doesnt have GOLD lace, anyways. this one's mine" She declared as she made her way over to the counter and to the shop's tennant.

"Im sorry miss but that one has already been reserved" Eiko's world came tumbling down as the dreaded info entered her mind. "But, We have a lot more to offer, Take this dark Victorian style for example, It has...." The tennant stopped as she looked back and found no trace of the Golden haired girl earlier.

"Grrrrrrr....." Eiko was fuming away as they went at a brisk walk towards the next row of shops.

'Calm down...Calm down... theres bound to be more shops around, the day's just starting' She struggled to keep herself calm as she spots and make way to her next target.

"Haaah~~~" Arika sighs as she followed behind. However amidst the crowd of ppl walking about, she has unwittingly lost sight of Eiko..

"...Oh noes..." When she realized what has happened, It was already to late to try and backtrack 'Right, not to worry.... I can find her' And then it dawned on her that this was also the first time she has ever set foot in this shopping centre, and was just as lost as Eiko was. 'Haaaaa~~~".


"Im coming with you, Gotta buy some stuff as well" Petrushka was in a happy mood as she announced her intentions to a befuddled Eliza. After overhearing the latter's plans to go into town, she imediately took the oportunity to come.

"Whaa--?" Eliza regrets letting her thoughts slip out as she searches for a way to avoid the situation. It was 10:00am and she had just finished a multitude of tasks, which includes among others, getting it straight with the other staff of the SWA that she is a handler now since there were some missunderstandings in a number of occations. Shopping was the last thing she wanted to do, although she needed to since they were running out of shampoo in the baths, mostly due to her own doing.

"You need to ask Sandro first if your coming" Eliza states, inside the, she was hoping in Gods will that Sandro would refuse even in its slightest chance.

Hearing that, Petra agrees and the two make their way to Sandro's office. There they found the man with a million faces sitting behind his desk, Seemingly busy with something.

"Im too busy... You need supervision to go out and I cant be bothered" Eliza was feeling quite smug as she heard the welcome phrase. It was all good for a bout 8 seconds when Sandro added "Thats why Im having Eliza watch over you.." and with that, He stood up and went off, presumably to do something else.

"B..b..but She's older than me..." Eliza's rant went unheard as Sandro walked away...

"Your a handler now...remember, Now cmon and lets go" Petra teased the younger redhead as they went back to the dorms to get dressed.

After changing into a more appropriate Top, Eliza got out of her room, While waiting for Petra to finish off she thought.. "I look exactly the same when before I changed... I got a limited wardrobe now do I?" But before she could explain further Lilith came walking by.

"Where are you going Liz?" Even tho she was dressed almost identically to when she was in her 'home' clothes, Lilith somehow noticed the subtle difference and curiousity took over.. "Well wherever it is Im coming with you" Lilith cheerfully stated.

"Im only going to the shopping district, Its nothing special and....." Eliza's explanation was cut short by Lilith, pouting away at her. "Oh alright, you can come" She broke as she thought 'why am I so easy to manipulate?'

"YAY!" Lilith cheered as Petra finally finished changing.

"Finally now we can...." Eliza was once again cut short.. this time by the sight of Triela already in an attire that suggests she would be coming along. "Lemme guess, Your coming along with us?" Eliza asked sarcastically.

"Yes" Triela promptly replied as she joined the group.

"Haaah~~~" Eliza sighs as she thought 'Why dont we just invite along everyone on this side of the Dorms?'. "Alright then, Lets get this down" She exclaimed as she accepted the situation, The situation that she has to deal with 3 other ppl with her on this rather simple trip.

At the rear side of the main SWA building sat a rather ordinary looking Gleaming Grey 1989 Audi Quattro.

The group were following Eliza as they entered the parking lot, headed towards the grey saloon.

"Hang on! I recall that that car has 850 horsepower and you said its the most dangerous one to drive of all your cars?" Triela asked with a worried look on her face.

"Ah...Yeah" Petra's cheery expression was replaced with concern as she remembered the same fact.

The Grey Metallic Audi Quattro, It is one of the Fastest Car Section 2 has. Its speed is astonishing, even with the collection of more modern Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mercedes-Benzes, BMW's and the usual crop of cars expected to run with it. It doesnt fail to dissapoint in terms of pace.

"Well, It was" Eliza started as she proceeded towards the docile looking Sport Coupe. "Now, It has shed more than 300 horsepowers, It is now down to a manageable and civilized 530 horsepower" She continued as she turned the key in the ignition.

The carpark was filled with the low rumbling of the Quattro's distinct 5 cylinder engine. The sound of even the depowered Straight 5 was enough to cause a chill to run down Triela and Petra's Spine. They have witnessed the power and the sheer speed that this car was able to perform. Naturally Lilith has no idea of what they were on about.

"530 horsepower, Isnt that alot?" Asked Lilith with curiousity. She has basic knowledge about motor vehicles but she's not really an enthusiast, well at least not yet.

"It is alot, Now get in" Eliza replied as she folded down the front passenger seat, offering room for Lilith and Triela to enter the rear seats. "Maybe Ille teach you about cars when we have the
time.." She added as Petra took the Front shotgun seat.

"We already have enough petrolheads Liz, Stop rubbing down your devilish traits on her" Triela facepalms at this proposition.

Eliza giving no attention to Triela's remark, backed up and out of the Quattro's parking space, And the drill of opening gates for the passage of her vehicle was practiced as the guards, who by now know her VERY well let her through with no trouble.

The drive up to town was largely uneventful apart from a minor road mishap involving a pair of minivans. "Useless drivers.." Eliza commented silently as she went pass.

After parking the Quattro in the underground carpark the quartet made their way inside the Massive shoping center.

"Wow~~~" Lilith exclaimed as she marveled at the cavernous space in the center of the building, lined with shops of all types.

"Right... Now Im only here to get some shampoo, So what would you lot be doing?" Eliza asked as she tried to make a rough plan for their visit at the mall.

"Well, Im going off for some clothes" Petra gave a rather vague answer as to what was her agenda for the day.

'This place has hundreds of garment stores, theyre everywhere...This is gonna take forever' Eliza grumbled in her mind. She then turned to the two blondes before them, "Now what are you two gonna do?" She asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"I just wanna...sort of tag along" Lilith replied sheepishly.

"Petra dragged me into this..." Triela grumpily replied. This caused Eliza to give Petrushka a sharp look, which was dismissed by the latter.

"Haaah~~~, Well then well get what I need first and then go to where the hell ever petra wants, Reds up front, Blondes follow!" Eliza has a slight obsession on organization and today was no different, Trying to plot the most efficient course of shopping possible.


"Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Where are you Arika?!!!" A Golden haired teen in a frilly dress screamed as she came out a dress shop.

Eiko was a bit more succesful with this shop than the last one as she found something she actually liked, But when she came out however, Her trusty maid was nowhere to be seen. This proved to be a serious problem, since both of them didnt know anything about this place and would be wandering around vaguely as they tried to find each other.

"Wait She knows that Im going for the fashion stores, so theres a chance we can meet at one of them....Oohhff" She thought of a possible solution to the pressing problem, but before she could build on that, she bumps into a girl.... who was carrying a coffee. It was an inevitable mess as the coffee was spilt all over.

"Hey!" The girl's companion said angrily as she helped both of them up.

"Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry!" Eiko repeated as she realized the scale of what her clumsiness has done. The girl's stripped top now stained with the brown of coffe. "Ah Hang on!" She said as she immedieately head into the nearest store, She came back out with a yellow shirt in hand. "Here this should be your size, theres a changing room inside" She said as she handed the shirt over to the girl.

"Ahh... Thanks.." The girl said as she gingerly takes the shirt and goes in the shop to change. Meanwhile Eiko was busy apologizing again to the girl's companion.

"Im really sorry..."

"Its nothing" A voice came from inside the shop as the girl approached her now wearing the yellow shirt, "You did go through the trouble of buying this, so thanks. How can I ever repay you?" The girl innocently asked.

Seeing an opportunity to quicken things up "Actually, Im kind of lost" Eiko began "Im trying to find dress shops, as well as a friend of mine" She conveyed her situation to the two.

"Really?" The second girl exclaimed "Well, we'll be willing to help, Right" She turned to the first girl who nodded in response.

"Arrigatou!" Eiko said to the bewilderment of the two "By the way... My Name is Eiko...Eiko Sekine"


"You guys wait here while I get what I need" ELiza said as she proceeded inside the department store, leaving the three behind.

"Lets time her just for the kicks" Petra grinned as she started to mentally time Eliza.

Meanwhile, inside the store, as expected Eliza made a bee-line for the shampoo rack. Picking up 4 500ml bottles of Head&Shoulders, she immediately went for the nearest register. Happily there wasnt too much ppl in line so she was able to finish her transaction quickly.

"That was quick!" said Lilith in amazement, but it didnt surpirse Petra and Triela.

"Just a tad under 5 minutes!" Petra said as she stopped her mental stopwatch.

"Right now... Lets go to where you want to Petra" said Eliza, hoping to start quick and end quick in their shopping.

"Okay! now follow me!" Petra happily exclaimed as she rushed forth with Eliza in Tow.

As the two redheads were front and center proceeding towards their next destination. The two blondes behind were idly chatting.

"How does she do that?" Asked Lilith to her senior

"Do what?" shot back Triela in response to the green eyed girl beside her.

"Shop so quick" Cleared Lilith.

"Well other than the fact that she only came to get shampoo, she tends to schedule things in advance and think far ahead of everything" Triela gave an explanation.

"Ah.. I can see that" Lilith replied, reffering to how her training has been with her handler for the past week.

Speaking of weeks, Eliza started thinking of her meeting with her sister, which was due the next day.


"Cmon.... Choose already!" both Eliza and Triela were complaining as Petra ran back and forth from the stands and the changing rooms as she tried on countless clothes from a simple balck minidress all the way to mid belted blouses to tank tops.

"Whoa...." Lilith on the other hand was just amazed as to the clothing selection that was on offer as she took a look at dresses, which were elegant and stylish unlike her usual attire she wore, which while reflected the current fashion choice was rather dull and common. This probably stemmed from the fact that her handler, Eliza wasnt also one keen on fashion sense and prefered freedom of movement above enything else.

"Why do you always wear miniskirts?" Asked Triela as an effort to kill the boredom of waiting for Petrushka to pick a dress. "I mean isnt it risky to wear for something so short?" she added

Eliza looked Triela in the eye and then showed her her hand. "Ehh..?" said Triela in confusion, Eliza then pushed her hand down and pulled up her skirt's hem showing Triela whats underneath.

This caused Triela's face to redden as she turned away, but then realized that Eliza was wearing shorts under them.

"Its easy to move in this, Its hip, its simple and I might actually look cute in it" Eliza began explaining as Triela turned back towards her. "And I have solved the risk problem with a simple solution" Eliza finished as she let her skirt fall back down.

"The thighighs?" Asked Triela as she regained her original composure.

"Well combined with the skirt, they form something thats called 'Zettai Ryoiki' as known in Japan and Ive seen that theyre popular" Eliza explained again while passing her finger up the side of her thighigh socks. "Well then enough about my attire... what about yours?" Eliza was reffering to Triela's fondness of buisness suits and long Jackets.

"Well, Its civilized, masculine and mature unlike your chosen style" Triela put on an arrogant attitude as she began explaining how she chose what she wore "Plus I can hide my gear in it and its 'cool'" She finished.

"Yes...but is it easy to move in it?" Eliza asked a simple question which unsettled Triela.

Changing her disposition "To be honest, Its not really the type of attire to give freedom of movement" Triela admitted.

Soon Petra finally managed to pick a set of clothes that she liked.

"Finally!" Eliza exclaime as they got in a queue at the register

"I need a break!" Said Triela, The endless switchbacks of following Petra around as she ran around the place picking clothes and such was far more tiring than any mission they have been on.

"Sure then... how about a coffee?" Suggested Petra as she proceeded through the queue, "But I still have more things to do"

"What...?" Eliza exclaimed 'It sounded as if she was issuing a warning, a warning that she well drag us deeper into shopping hell' her thoughts wandered as Triela, Lilith and her proceeded outside the store to wait for Petra.

"Alright now, Its your treat now Petra!" Said Triela as they proceeded to a coffee shop.

Each of them ordered their selected caffein drink with all of them prefering cold over the hot variety. Petrushka having an Iced espresso while Triela and Lilith got a Cafe Frappe with Eliza opting for an iced Cappucino.

"Alright now, lets go" Petra exclaimed excitedly as she began walking, having finished her espresso in record time, How she avoided brain freeze is a mystery to all.

"Wha..ah?" Eliza was barely half in on her cappucino but Petra was off again "How the heck!" She wondered since she already considered herself as a fast drinker, and yet there was Petra who's done that twice as fast.

It is said that Blondes have more fun.. Its not the case however for Triela and Lilith, who were struggling to keep up with the hotblooded redheads with coffee in tow.

Petra soon made a detour and passed through the large atrium going for the shortest route possible to her next destination, which Eliza who was following closely presumed to be another clothes shop. This however soon created a problem for the two blondes following them, as they
quickly lost track of their collegues in the barely organized chaos of a crowd.


"Damn..." Triela said as Lilith and her stopped, Not even their enhanced cybernetic vision can help them locate Petra and Liz through the mass of people in front of them.

"We lost them?" Asked Lilith, still with her unfinished Frappe.

"Im afraid so" Replied Triela as they took hold of their situation. The most obvious option was to head back to the car and wait for them there but theres no telling how long they would be shopping given Petra's state, also Triela isnt the most patient of people so She needed an alternative plan.

As if reading her mind Lilith makes a suggestion "Uhm.. Cant we just go to the dress shops... were bound to find them in one" She shared her idea to her fellow blonde.

"That might work, right! now lets go" Triela said as the immediately put their adhoc plan into action, headed for the nearest store.

Some minutes later.....

"Oh this isnt working!" Complained Triela, both of them having gone through a dozen or so stores already with no luck finding Petra or Eliza.

Lilith was behind following her, still with her quarter full cup of Cafe Frappe, which by now has turned into a watery solution.

"You still have that?" Asked Triela reffering to the cup.

"Ehh.. Its quite hard to drink when were running aro...." Lilith was hit by a girl coming from the other side as they went through an intersection among the many pathways of the shopping center. The collision caused her to spill the remaining contents of her cup onto herself.

"Hey!" Triela said as she turned around to help the two on their feet.

"Im Sorry! Im Sorry! Im Sorry!" The blonde girl started apologizing.

Triela noticed the unuasual clothes she was wearing, It was a white frilly dress of noticable victorian design, but before she could delve more in to the girl's fashion sense, the girl suddenly darted off into the nearest store. Lilith and Triela looked at each other with confusion before the girl came back out again, this time with a yellow shirt in hand.

Both of them were confused at first but then realized what the girl intended.

"I dont think she's from around here, better take it" Triela whispered to Lilith, she didnt notice it earlier but now she was sure that the girl in front of them showed hints of Asian descent.

"Here this should be your size, theres a changing room inside" the girl offered as she handed the yellow shirt over to Lilith, who was happy to take it, Triela's advice notwithstanding.

As Lilith went into the store to change the long golden haired girl started apologizing again this time to Triela, who was by now trying to settle things.

"Im Really Sorry..." Said the girl one last time when both Triela and her heard a voice coming from inside the store.

"Its nothing" The voice came from Lilith who was now wearing the Yellow shirt that the girl gave her and now carrying her old coffee stained clothes in a paper bag. Triela noted that it looked nice on her and gave her a lighter feeling than what she wore earlier, which reflected the theme of Eliza's attire.

"You did go through the trouble of buying this, so thanks. How can I ever repay you?" Lilith said to the girl, feeling indebted to the girl's actions.

"Actually, Im kind of lost" the girl began "Im trying to find dress shops, as well as a friend of mine" She continued, explaining to both Triela and Lilith her situation.

"Really?" Lilith exclaimed noting how they were in a similar situation "Well, we'll be willing to help, Right" She continued as she turned to Triela who was thinking the same thing nodded in response.

"Arrigatou!" the girl said as she gave thanks to Lilith and Triela "By the way... My Name is Eiko...Eiko Sekine" She said, finally identifying herself.

"Triela...Triela Hillschire, and this is Lilith...Lilith Schneider, Nice to meet you" Triela shook Eiko's hand but noticed that the latter was deep in thought.

"Something wrong?" Triela querried.

"Ahh.. Its nothing, Thanks again" Eiko snapped back to attention as the three started walking.

"Hmm.. Dont mention it" Triela replied "Were actually on the same boat as you" She added, referring to Lilith and her situation.

"Yes.. were also a bit lost" Lilith started as they went past another dress shop, this one positioned next to a watch shop. "Were also looking for some friends, coincidentally, one of them is also looking for dress shops" She added as they took a look inside the store.

Not seeing anyone they recognized, and with Eiko not seeing anything that she was interested in, they hastilly moved on towards the other corner of the mall.

"Who knows, Fate might have intervened and the person who your looking for might just be with the ones we are" Triela remarked as they checked another store.

"Hehe..." Eiko giggled slightly but then "Oh wait a moment..." Her eye cought something interesting, White dress trimmed in black with slightly funneled detached sleeves. This style is quite popular where she came from and it shows as she immedieately asked the storekeeper
if they had one in her size.

It was a short wait for the Lilith and Triela outside as Eiko came rushing back out, now with another bag of purchases.

"Heh.. well, your a lot faster as shopper than our friend" Triela commented as she recalled how Petrushka shopped. "But your similar to the other one, fast and efficient" This time recalling how Eliza did her own shopping.

"Oh! thanks" Eiko was a bit red as she took the compliment.

"Alright!, now this one next" Lilith cheered as she turned for the nearest fashion shop.


"Eliza.! I need your help here!" A voice pierced through the mall air.

Eliza was outside a certain store as she looked for two certain blondes. Her search was disrupted however by the familiar voice of her fellow redhead Petrushka from inside. Fuming and thinking what Petra could need help with in there, she still went in to check on what she wants, no matter how annoyed she was.

"Where are you?" Asked Eliza as she wandered in the store.

"In here! second stall from the right" Petra replied from one of the changing rooms.

"What now?, Your not naked in there are you?" Eliza asked as she prepared to open the door.

"Im decent, I need your help with this" Replied Petra.

Opening the door Eliza saw Petra helplessly trying to reach behind her, trying to put on a black tank top with some sort of latch but it seems to need more than 2 hands to put on since not even Petra with her flexible body is having trouble putting it on herself.

"Decent is pushing it" Eliza began, refering to the rather revealing outfit Petra was trying to put on. "Why dont you ask some of the clerks around here?, I dont even wear this stuff, heck I dont even know what this is" Eliza said as she tried in vain to help Petra.

"I asked them but they wont help me" Replied Petra.

"You probably scared them!, Were gonna attract quite a lot of unnecesary and unwanted attention here!" Eliza said as she took in the situation.

"May I?" A black haired gir offered assistance, this startled both redheads momentarily.

"Yes be my guess" Eliza seeing an oportunity to quicken things happily lets the girl help latch the kinky outfit on Petra.

"Thanks!, well? how do I look?" Petra asked as she turned around facing bot the dark haired girl and Eliza.

"Dont ask me! I dont even know how thats suppose to work" Said Eliza as she turned away.

"I think It looks great!" The black haired girl complemented.

"Thanks!" Petra replied "You seem to know something about these sort of fashion, unlike my friend there" Petra added while gesturing towards her Largely annoyed colleague.

"Dont mention it.. My mistress has interest in this sort of things, I learned from her. In fact were here to shop for clothes like that" The black haired girl replied.

"Really?, I would like to meet this mistress of yours, and from how you put it she seems to be a rather wealthy person" Petra was excited to know there was someone other than her that likes dressing up.

Eliza meanwhile silently thought about the disastrous results if another person who shops like Petra were to meet her but before she could think more of this, the black haired girl spoke.

"Actually, she's quite young and we sort of got seperated and are now lost. Its the first time to come to this center so Im rather worried" The black haired girl's cheerful mood dissipated for a moment as she shared her story.

"Ahh!, Well let us help you find her then" Petra offered "First let me get out of this outfit"

Eliza thought this was a good idea as well. "Good, we can look for Triela and Lilith as well" She added

"Friends of yours?" Asked the black haired girl.

"Yes!" Petra replied as she came out of the changing room, now decided on what she wanted to buy.

"How silly of me! We havent been introduced yet, My name is Petrushka but you can call me Petra and that grumpy shorty there is Eliza" Petra said introduced as she made her purchase, much to the chagrin of Eliza.

"Im Arika, Nice to meet you" The black haired girl in turn introduced herself"

The three now head out with a new agenda.. to find their respective companions with the secondary goal of checking out new clothes, tho the latter was more of Petra's goal than anyone else's.

However after checking a dozen or so shops and botiques, the three were exhausted as they came round an intersection.

"Lets check that one over there, then we'll take a rest" Eliza pointed at shop beside a watch store.

Exiting the shop the three came out rather dissapointed.

"Any luck?" Petra asked Arika to which the latter only shook her head.

Exhausted the tree make way to Caffe Ti Amo to just sit and relax with a nice coffee, This time however Petra was genuinely tired. Arika was hesitant at first, not wanting to impose but she had no choice since Eliza already ordered three iced coffee's.

"Ehh! That was tiring" Petra moaned

"So searching for Missing persons are more tiring than your shopping?" teased Eliza as she noted the fact with Arika giggling slightly at this exchange.

"Well Weve tried everything but Im sure theyre smart enough to go back to the car if it gets too late" Eliza says as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Speaking of which, I think its best that we go to the car now dont you think?" Petrushka suggested

"Petra, Thats the best idea you had all day" Eliza commented as she finished her drink. "Well then, we best be going our way, take care" She said to the black haired girl as they prepared to leave.

"Thanks for everything, I better be going as well" Arika replied as she prepared to leave as well. "Our car is parked this way" She said, pointing outside the Cafe.

"Oh.. Well Thank you as well for earlier, take care!" Petra waved back as she followed Eliza towards where the Quattro was parked.

As Petrushka and Eliza made their way across the Atrium they passed another merging corridor, moments latter...

"LIZ!, PETRA!" Yelled an ecstatic Lilith as she came running towards them along with Triela, who displayed a more subdued walk.

"There you guys are" Said Triela with a hint of annoyance in her face as the two blondes finally got together with the redheads.

"Same goes for you two" Teased Petra as the group made their way as one out of the mall and out into the parking area.

"So what happened?" Eliza asked

"We lost you in the crowd, then one thing led to another" Triela gave a vague answer.

"We met this girl, who coincidentally was also lost" Lilith added

"Really?" replied a surprised Petra "Coz we also met this girl who was lost"

The group stopped for a moment and looked at each other.

"Coincidence!" Barked Eliza as she unlocked the Quattro's Doors, Old school style with Keys and all.


"Well Ill be going this way now, Bye and Thanks again" Eiko was bidding farewell to the first friends she has ever made since she came to Italy.

'Italians are nice' Her thoughts wandered of, similar as to how SHE wandered off. Now it hit her, she was still technically lost as well as Arika. 'Oh.. Where could she be?' she thought to herself as once again her eyes scanned the crowds.

Her scanning was paid off quickly as she cought a glimpse of Arika walking towards the exit. Without delay, she ran for Arika whilst calling out her name. "Arika!... Arika!"

"Oh, Im relieved that your alright mistress" Arika returned the calls as she stopped and looked back in Eiko's Direction.

Stoping just in front of her, Eiko replies "Worried?! About me? I should be saying that to you, well in any case, Im done with my shopping so lets go!"

"So what else did you do? apart from looking for me of course" Eiko asked as they walked towards the exit.

"Well I met these two girls who tried to help me find you, They were nice but unfotunately they were also looking for someone" Arika replies.

"Oh, It might just be a coincidence but I also met this pair of girls who were looking for their friends" Eiko puzzled over this, untill they reached the Lexus. "Now where is Alfred" A new search seemed to dawn on them.


"Hmmm. Quite a troubled country it is now.." said the Alfred who sat at the table opposite Eglio.

"Quite" He replied.

"..Ohh, seems like theyre finished, I appreciate the coffee but I must be going now" Alfred stood up and proceeded towards the Pearl white Lexus.

Eglio observed as Alfred came up and spoke to a young girl in her teens 'That must be her..' He thought, referring to the person Alfred talked about. Just then, the girl's Blue and Green eyes locked on to his position as she and Alfred gave him a friendly farewell wave to which He waved back.

The trio entered the Lexus and prepared to set off as Eglio resumes his innactivity, reading the local papers still full of unwelcome news.

But out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a masked man exit the nearby bank, running frantically carrying a silver suitcase. Now thoughts started running through Eligo's head, thoughts about a robbery and how it was carried out, but before he could explore this thoughts further the entire area around him was suddenly bathed in light, and moments latter a concussive blast throws him off his seat, there was no denying it, the suitcase, aswell as the man holding it has just exploded.

As terrified people ran around in a disorganized, chaotic mess Eligio manages to stand up and hold his balance. His ears still ringing from the blast, he noticed that the Area directly in front of the Bank now looked like a warzone. His eyes widen however as he looked closer, among the debris on the road was the wreck of a Pearl White Lexus....




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!Achtung! wrote:which took 400% extra time It seems...
That's okay, it took me 400% extra time to read it as well.

Very funny chapter, with lots of good character moments. I like seeing the canon girls interact with your fratello in a non-work setting.

That's one hell of an ending too...


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