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Post by FearTheLASERFACE on Thu 23 Jun 2011 - 12:21

NOTE: "Jonathan" is a preliminary title.
So, anyway, I wanted to get something done on my still-unused OC, John. So, here's a rough draft preview of a fic for him.
Kudos to anyone who catches any references and shout-outs as this progresses.

Chapter 1

Rome, Italy. 2nd Winter of 20xx minus 3

John woke suddenly. He was sitting down somewhere. He looked around nervously. He was in some sort of car, a van taxi, he believed, in one of the back seats. It was snowing outside, and there was smoke visible through the windshield.
"Oh shoot" he thought. He'd been a car crash. He quickly checked his body. Okay, good, he was okay. He relaxed for a moment. It was strange. He felt like he remembered what happened, but he didn't. It was at this point he realized something else was wrong
"Okay, what was I doing? Okay we were in this taxi, and uh - uh-oh."
His family. They were gone. He got increasingly anxious. He removed his seatbelt and reached one of the side doors. He forced it open and tumbled out onto the snow. He quickly got up and called out, but not one answered. He checked the inside of the car again to make sure it was empty. Yep, it was certainly unnoccupied.
"Damn it. Oh, wait, my phone!" He still had his cell phone. He retrieved it from its holster and started to dial 911.
"Wait....does 911 work in Italy? Okay maybe its safer if I dial the right number. Okay what was it? 999, uh, 119, no, 112? No, 113? Okay, 113 then." He dialed 113. He pressed the phone to his ear and waited. He got an error. Confused, he checked the reception. He realized he had no bars at all. Might be the weather? He swore, and started to walk.

End Preview

Okay, I pretty much wrote that on the spot, so don't be surprised if it seemed mediocre.

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Re: Jonathan

Post by ElfenMagix on Thu 23 Jun 2011 - 14:44

Looks like a good start to a long story.


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