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More Specific Randomness!

Post by ACH on Sun 14 Aug 2011 - 11:32

Well I needed one of this threads coz of my 'Prefabricated' Scenes... So This be a Repository for em.




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Post by ACH on Sun 14 Aug 2011 - 11:34

The 1975 Nissan/Datsun 280Z known as..




"Whats wrong with her?, She's been in her trailer most of the day for 3 days now?" Triela asked while she and Lilith were sitting in Lawn chairs where they could see most of the Compound's grassy field and Carpark, along with the Big trailer that gleamed in the sun.

"Its all because of that crash, You know.. the one where Allison totalled the Lambo?" Replied Lilith followed by a sip at some lemonade she has served. "Im actually getting worried about her now" She added.

"Ah! That? Dont worry, thats typical Liza Behaviour, Whenever she's like that shes always planning something" Triela assured as she knows the Agency's Redheads all too well.

"Really? I thought she's depressed" Lilith sighed in relief as her worries wore away by the words of the Princess herself.

"Tho the real question is, What is she planning?" Triela asked without expecting any real answer.


"Demon 650 Blow Through, a 4 barrel Intake Manifold, Garrett GT4202R Ball Bearing Turbo with T4 Flange, My self made custom turbo manifold with a 50mm HKS GT II Wastegate, a Turbosmart dual stage solenoid activated manual boost controller, 3mm overboard F54 Block a
ported and polished P90 head some Cosworth 89mm Pistons with H profile L24 Rods, High flow Oil and Water pump, Haaah~!"

Well thats the checklist done and now Ive got this mess of Metal on the workbench. I dont know what has gotten into me for buying this Japanese classic, tho I suspect It has a lot to do with Eiko being in the same country as I am.

Right... Time to get down and build this Monster.


It was 9:00PM and when she started the build. The parts were shipped overseas and finally found their way on the other side of the agency's gates just this afternoon, with a few curious stares from the other SWA inhabitants but they were used to these things and didnt bother to ask.

It should be noted that just a few days ago, there were also some parts delivieries for the Q-branch of SWA.

Meanwhile tho in Eliza's Skunkerks Warehouse Just down the road from the Compound, a Monster with no regards to its affiliation is being born.

"This is like a massive Lego build but with bigger pieces" Its now 1:00 in the morning as she was finishing up installing the Custom L28 Straight-6 Engine in the Z's long slender engine compartment.

"Right! Finally" She exhaled as she finished installing all the connections and auxillaries. She stands straight and wiped a bead of sweat from her forhead as she noted the time. "1:12 A four hours and a bit... She's finally done" as she gave the Z's front fender a light pat.


Eliza took out a Video camera and hit the record button as she proceeded for the Top end tuning of the Z's Powerplant.

"Hello! Now this video is for recording purposes of the final power tune before I take this thing on a run" She went over to pan the camera to show the Ghostly Silver 1975 Nissan/Datsun 280Z already strapped down on a Rolling road.

"Now Its not to brag but I think Im lucky to have a personal warehouse with a Rolling Road Dyno in it, Because it has come in handy with the initial tuning and It will be even more critical for this power tune" She looks around the place.

"Now see theres a bit of a problem, Its 2:00 in the morning and this will be very loud, And some folks around here have rather sensitive hearing, Im afraid I might disturb some of them" She then looks around again.. "Anyways, on with the tune..."

"....The Tuuuuunnnnneeee of 800 horsepowers at the rear wheels" Eliza was raising her voice to be heard from the characteristic Straight-6 thumping roar as the L28 Turbo revved to 7000rpms.

After a few more revving however, the resonance was enough to cause the camera to fall of its tripod, which resulted in an impromptu stop to the testing.

"Thats, not gone at all well now, Maybe its time to do some on road testing now" Eliza said into the camera as she picked it up, inspecting it for damages. The Car now idling happily with a distinct Carburetted growl as she Unlatched it from the Dyno.

After tidying up around the shop, Liz went back to the camera and pointed out "It is now 15 past 3 in the morning, and It doesnt seem that We've woken anybody up, Now for the Z's maiden voyage" After that she shut the camera off as she drove into the wee hours of the morning.

She drove through Rome and then onto the onramp going northbound on the A1, until she got to one of the many Rest area scattered along the length of one of Italy's Main Motorways or Autostrada.


At the Rest area, She found quite a large gathering of rather high performance automobiles, she thought 'Must be a meet' she was referring to Meetings of Petrolheads from Rome to have fun and generally party, with a few Drag races here and there.

She largely Ignored the commotion in the main space and instead focused on the scene that was unfolding in front, A Yellow Lancer Evolution IV was Lined up side by side with a Red 2005 Shelby GT500. Another thing that cought her eye was the apparent lack of traffic on the Autostrada, which was to no surprise given the time.

She turned the camera back on and hit the Record button, "This is unexpected, Seems like a meet is taking place and some folks are doing some Drag Racing as can be seen in front" She said into the camera before pointing it forwards in time to catch the start of Drag.

Then it hit here, What better way to test out the new Z than against a pair of overhiped vehicles. As the Lan Evo and the Shelby started, the Crowd watching was ecstatic as they watched the pair shoot forward for 30 meters, until their Attention was Piqued by the Roar of a 6 cylinder as a Ghostly Silver 280Z shot forth like Lightning in pursuit of the two racers leaving two 30 meter long black marks on the asphalt as it does.

In a little over 200 meters The drivers of the GT500 and the Lan Evo, who were neck and neck at that point got the shock of their lives as a Ghostly Blur passed them like they were standing still.

"Dear GOD!" and its not one of the driver's screaming, Its Liz as she finally found out how 600 rwhp is like in a 1000kg RWD car.

"This is like being strapped onto a Doodle Bug!" She began as the Z kept on accelerating through 2nd and then 3rd Gear.

"It is especially astonishing that Im just using 600 horsepower on its low boost setting" She informed as indeed she was using the low boost setting on the Dual Stage Turbosmart Boost Controller.

Onto 6000rpm on 3rd gear and She's breached 150mph, Its going very smoothly until she encounters a familiar vehicle on the autostrada. A Dark Grey Porsche 993 Turbo doing well over 100mph.

Turning the Camera to herself "Now this I expected, That Grey Porsche Turbo right there frequents this stretch of the Autstrada.." she pans the camera towards the said vehicle, "That is Geremi, He's beaten my 530 horsepower Quattro Once, lets see how he does against this one" She finished by pointing the Camera forward again.

Coming up behind the Porsche Eliza flicked her high beams on and off in a rapid manner "That there rapid high beams is the universally accepted signal of 'Step on it, I want to race you', Now lets see If he accepts" And as if on que the Porsche started accelerating.

"Oh I guess he's up, Right..." She floors the Go pedal and after that, nothing can be heard apart from the Magnificent Roar of the Turbocharged Straight-6 of the Z and the Reverberating warble of the Twin Turbocharged Flat-6 on the Porsche as they raced of into the night.

'5000...6000...7000...shift' The Z pauses for a mere moment as Eliza engages 4th and then it the numbers starts increasing all over again. In 4th, 173mph 6000rpms The two Sharp Coupe's continue their forward push, cutting through the early morning air like fighter planes. Then at 180mph, The two cars held their pace.

"180... Lets see If you can hit 200 Geremi..." The Z fell back a little as the power was cut but then shot back forward again as Eliza got it in Top Gear, 5000...5200...5600 The Revs kept on rising, 180...185...190 And the Speed followed closely as the Porsche was slowly getting left behind.

"POWERRRRRRRR" Said with pure Clarksonism, As the Z surged forth the Engine kept Roaring as Eliza and the Z neared the magical 200mph mark. 5800...6000...6200... With the needle turning over on the 220mph speedometer to 195...198...200.

"YES!!, Its been a while since I went 200mph but here we are, This car has reached the Superspeed Benchmark" Eliza said into the camera as she finally eased off on the Throttle and let loose some velocity "And She has performed superbly, not a single problem"

And then an idea hit her. "Hmm a Z from the land of the rising sun. I got the name for ya. I shall Christen yee as ZERO the 1975 280Z" and in true Petrolhead fashion, she has named her car...again.


"I can't Believe Ive just gone to 200mph in a Nissan" Yes I was genuinely surpirsed to go that fast, In a car I solely picked for its UNBELIEVABLE good looks. Sure its not a Ferrari 458 nor is it an Audi R8 but its classic sharp lines is just, irresistable to me and I think Alli would also agree.

Now at this point, I would have turned around and went home and finally get some needed sleep 'I havent slept properly for 3 days now'. But before I could do that I saw two pairs of lights coming awfully fast from the rear. I knew that the Darker silhoette on the inner lane was Geremi's Porsche but the other car...

As they passed me, I found out that the other car was a Brilliant White Skyline R34 GT-R. Now I was really interested, as this was another Nissan and is quite rare here in Italy.

I looked forward to check for traffic and joy of joys, there wasnt any, There was only one thing to do now.

'Down to 4th 5000rpm 155mph' ZERO lurched forward as the lower gear gave it more torque and we accelerated forward in pursuit of the Twin Turbocharged All Wheel Drive monsters.

As I cought up to the two cars, we were approaching 180 and predictably Geremi's Porsche was out of puff again and the R34 was keeping up. I shifted into 5th as I went to pull away, but then the R34 suddenly gained speed and was now keeping up...

'Ooh.. Theres another Nissan faster than you Geremi!' I thought as the The R kept up with ZERO. Running side by side, the Massive blocky R34 (Which Im strangely liking quite a bit) is keeping up with the long, low, sharp and slender Z, Well it kept up till we hit 190. After spreading the gap to more than 100 meters, we all finally eased off and went about our own seperate ways.

I kept driving along untill I reached Arrezo where I went off the Northbound and crossed over to the Southbound lanes. It was nearly 6 in the morning when I finally got back to the Compound.


Eliza got onto her bed in the trailer after leaving ZERO in the warehouse, "Now Alli needs a car.... Damn Nissans are fast...." She murmured as she finally got some proper sleep.

This is just a rough draft... so...




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Re: More Specific Randomness!

Post by MP5 on Sun 14 Aug 2011 - 22:53

Looking good! let me know when you have further details... you're likely to get this chapter out faster than me, so I'll need to reconcile 'shakedown' and details beyond that with your story.


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Re: More Specific Randomness!

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