FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

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FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

Post by FrozenSmoke on Sun 27 Nov 2011 - 12:04

(First of all, apologies for having no artwork here! I have about as much drawing talent as a spider dipped in ink! I will put up a description for 'Esme' when I finish hammering out the details about it!)

Even before she was robotocized, she was always a quiet girl.

She would always seem to fit in, but never make anything of it in school. Her grades were just slightly above average, but never anything to warrant special attention. Her clothing was elegant, yet blended in with the surrounding fashion. In fact, the only thing she ever truly did to warrant special attention was her ability with computers, which surpassed that of her peers, but not quite enough to mark her out as a "Nerd". Her teachers often thought that, if they spent a little longer with her, they could make her shine. But, this being a public school, there were slightly more pressing matters on her tutors minds than the performance of an untroubling, unremarkable girl, and as such, she was overlooked.

Then, one day, she came, homeward bound after an uneventful day at her school, Aosta Valle Scuola. And found that the door was left ajar. This was no uncommon occurence in the household, with both her siblings often leaving it open in their rush to bring their entourage of friends into their rooms. So, she shut it behind her with a gentle double click. She heard some muffled sounds as she walked through, a mumbled a quiet, formal greeting to them, and opened the door to the kitchen, and pulled out a carrot from the fridge, and a knife from the rack. She heard another noise from behind her, and spun around on one foot to face the source.

Who she saw was not a friend of her sisters or her mother. Or even anyone she knew. A man with wild eyes and a gun. She suddenly became very, very still. All of her muscles locking up as she looked at him, and the little spots of blood on him, that covered his hands and stained the forearms of his cheap, ragged shirt. And then he shot her in the throat. She let out a barely audible gurgle, and slid down the worktop to the floor, meeting the coalescing pool of blood that was beneath her.

She was always a quiet girl

The official report had said that she had been shot whilst trying to fight back against the man who had attacked all of the people in the household for the money and valuables that were inside. It was a horrific crime scene, and the paramedics barely got to her in time to stop her from suffering permanent brain damage from blood loss.

5 Dead. 1 Critically Wounded.

Perhaps that was why the Social Welfare Agency chose her. After all, a girl with a subconscious desire to protect would aid the conditioning process. Or perhaps it was that she seemed to blend in so well, to do so unremarkably that it was almost a talent. Or maybe it was sheer blind chance that brought her through the Agency's doors. But whatever the case, she was chosen to be the latest addition to the team.

[Well, thats where I got to! I'd quite like to have a handler for her, and have someone other than me write that handler! Would anyone be interested in doing so?]



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Re: FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

Post by tremec6speed on Sun 27 Nov 2011 - 17:33

Interesting tale you have woven, FrozenSmoke. Reminiscent of Henrietta's past. as for the handler, what if the vile man that attacked her just so happened to be a future member of the SWA?
Perhaps even her eventual handler?
Just a thought......... Wink


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Re: FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

Post by ElfenMagix on Sun 27 Nov 2011 - 22:02

Interesting start. Lets see how it goes.


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Re: FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

Post by Alfisti on Mon 28 Nov 2011 - 5:06

Interesting (not to mention well written) backstory... will be interested to see more.

I'd have a stab at writing a handler, but unfortunately life gives me a pretty full ticket these days and unfortunately the bills must be paid somehow.


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Re: FrozenSmoke's OC {WIP}

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