The end of the World as we know it

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The end of the World as we know it

Post by Nagneto on Wed 21 Dec 2011 - 11:59

The proverbial shit has hit the fan and all hell has broken loose, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Here's the challenge, writing either a World War III or a post war/post apocalyptic scenario within the gunslinger girl universe. This is a broad subject so let me lay out a few basic scenarios.

1. Modern Warfare. Government and their Corporate overlords aren't stupid. They aren't going to risk nuclear strikes except as a last resort. However bombs are destroying civilian targets, Solvent Green supplies are rationed, enemy troops could be lurking around every corner. Crime is running amok, buildings are in ruins. SWA is a military organization so this gives them opportunities for some moral searching if they're turned on a civilian public in anarchy. My only rule with this one is Italy must be at war with a major super power. You define the terms of how and why war has happened.

2. The Alien Invasion. YOU HEARD ME. Be it Mars Attacks, pod people, the return of The Great Old Ones, or the Zerg. The things that come from somewhere, what are they, what do they want with earth? Are they friendly at first but then back stab the humans later? Is it an all out attack, or are they taking over in secret? Have they already taken over and we're all just living in the Matrix?

3. 80's Apocalyptic scenario: DOES NOT NEED TO BE CAUSED BY A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. The basic premise is a post war scenario, the whole planet is in anarchy, all previous authority is meaningless and roving tribes of gun toting madmen in hockey pads rule the earth. You can be as serious with this or as wacky as you'd like. Be it a MadMax scenario or a Terminator robot uprising scenario. What kinds of crazy gangs could form from Gunslinger Girl's Italian background. What causes the anarchy? Is it a robot rebellion or some other great disaster? Are things more akin to The Roadwarrior or movies like Zardoz and "She"?

Solid Example: The plot of BattleTanx: A super virus killing women world wide. Governments world over try to quarantine women, families are torn apart, the resulting chaos drives the civilian populace to take up arms against the government. Some soldiers in the military take the side of the people giving the growing mobs access to military hardware. Blah blah blah, eventually bombs were used to subdue the out of control civilian population and now the world is ruled by hockey pad punks with the most guns and tanks. Women are treated as gods among men (the virus has died out) Gas stations and oil rigs are fortified into vast strong holds to push off marauders.

The most important elements in any of these scenarios of course is: What is the SWA's role in one of these world wide nightmares and how will the girls react and survive. GO!

In the year 2525 by Zager and Evans

Feel free to contribute any and all ideas you might have had for such a subject.


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