See a girl with a Violin Case...Run

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See a girl with a Violin Case...Run

Post by sage44 on Thu 29 Dec 2011 - 18:10

Season 1;Episode 1: Non riusciva a tenere in~ Couldn't hold it in

In a boring meeting...

Ferro: Ugh... this meeting could not get more boring.
Olga: Did not think I would hear that out of you Ferro
Lorenzo: Well... since the meetings over who wants to play a burping game
Jean: We're not six
Jose: I'm in
* a chiming of I'm in's were yelled afterwards *
Jose: * grabs some drinks and starts chugging *
Priscilla: * grabs a drink and starts drinking *
* Everyone starts doing the same besides Jean *
Jean: Stupid's
Olga: * belch *
Jean: * Starts drinking his cofee not in a " trying to win " way but yeah drinking it regularly. *
Lorenzo: * belch *
Priscilla: * BELLLLLLLLCH *
Jose: * starts clapping *
* Everyone else starts clapping to *
Priscilla: Thankyou thankyou very mu---
* everyone starts clapping *
Jose: You win!!!!
Jean: Crap... -__-
The freaking end!!!!~

Season 1;Epsiode 2: Yes this is the police how may I help you * A spoof of Ragazolla;Doll episode *

* on a phone *

A lady police officer: This is the police how may I help you.
Hillshire: Umm... I'm in Naples and Umm... my niece has just ran away from me. She has tan skin.
Police: Uhuh
Hillshire: Blond Hair.
Police: Uhuh
Hillshire: Blue eyes
Police: Uhuh
Hillshire: And... might be chasing a former Mafia boss.
Police: 0-0 * hangup *
Hillshire: Dumm Polizei!!!!!!!!! ( stupid police )

( Me plus Google Translator= Episode 2 XD )'

Episode 3: The horse

Henrietta: Jose!! The SWA has gotten a horse and says that the fratello can go see it. Can we can we can we can we!!??!??!?!?!?
Jose: Ok Henrietta.
* At the horse area *
Ferro: One of are first cyborg horses. She's a lovely old thing isn't she. She was fount in a dirty old farm. Parsite's,and virus's everywhere in her. Haven't been cleaned,brushed,washed,fed or tooking to a vet in months. Aww isn't she just the sweetest.

* Jose get's a flashback *

Enrica: Comeon Jose... we can ride the horses!
Jose: Ok Enrica let's go.
Enrica: You go first Jose
Jose: Ok
Horse Lady: Isn't she a sweet heart. Her names Lucie.
Jose: * gets on horse * Go LUCIE!!
Lucie: * Goes super fast and flips Jose off and he hits a barn *
Horse Lady: She does not like being called Lucie

* flash over *
Jose: * gets on horse *
Ferro: Her name is Lucie
Lucie: * flips Jose off *
Ferro: She does not like being called Horse...
Etta: -.- Bad horsey,Bad.


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