How would anime/video game/whatever characters would do in a zombie outbreak

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How would anime/video game/whatever characters would do in a zombie outbreak

Post by SPARTAN 119 on Thu 5 Jan 2012 - 14:56

Based on this.

Lets start with GsG's own Triela.

Available weapons: Winchester M1892 Shotgun, SIG P230, Bayonet, G3 assault rifle, MP7, anything else in the SWA armory.

Allies: Henrietta, Rico, Claes, Angie (possibly), Elsa (possibly), Beatrice, Pia, Chiara, Silvia, Petra, other cyborgs, possibly other SWA personnel (though they probably wouldn't be in the cyborg dorms.

Allies weapons:
Etta: P90, SIG Sauer P230
Rico: Dragunov, CZ75, MG3, AR70
Claes: improvised melee weapons, anything she can scavenge from the armory or borrow from Triela
Angie: Steyr AUG, handgun of some description
Petra: Spectre M4, PT92
Chiara: Benelli M4
Silvia: G3
Pia: M16, M203 grenade launcher.
SWA personnel: various weapons, whatever they can take from the SWA arsenal.

Defensive situation The SWA compound is a compound of multiple buildings, meaning that the cyborgs may be alone in their fight, with the SWA personnel in another building, however, if they can all get into the armory and get the automatic sentry guns supposedly located around the perimeter up and running, they're pretty much guaranteed to survive. Even without ideal conditions, the cyborgs at least would probably survive.

All cyborgs survive
2 SWA personnel dead
11980 zombies dead
534034 rounds fired

Triela: 349
Rico: 378
Etta: 345
Claes: 56
Angie: 256
Beatrice: 190
Chiara: 189
Pia: 389
Silvia: 204
Petra: 219
SWA personnel (total): 8904
SWA compound janitor: 18
Sentry guns: 483

Now, lets give the zombies a chance: Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai as they appear in the latest episode of Mirai Nikki.

Available weapons: two Smith and Wesson 36 revolvers with five rounds each. hatchet, knife, shovel (in shed)

Individidual weapons:
Yukiteru: Revolver, 5 rounds, shovel
Yuno: Revolver, 5 rounds, hatchet, knife

Allies/ Defensive situation In that shack near the hospital, hiding from the police. Not an ideal place for a zombie apocalypse. No allies, at this point, everyone seems to want them dead or in prison.

Both die.
Yukiteru: 27 zombies killed
Yuno 60 zombies killed


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