What happens when Pax sees cool fanart, tenatively: The Sky Gone Red, Future Turned Black

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What happens when Pax sees cool fanart, tenatively: The Sky Gone Red, Future Turned Black

Post by Pax on Tue 7 Feb 2012 - 3:50

so, I was over in the Strike Witches sub-forum the other day, and read this: Strike Witches Alternate. The first few "darker" pics really caught my eye... and I was mobbed by plot bunnies. So, here I am a few days later with a prologue to a story I want to write... eventually (Broken Toys and my Star Wars/StarCraft fics are my primary fics right now, and I dont see this getting much love until one of them is finished/hits a massive dry patch creatively). so, I figured I'd post it here to see what you guys think about the idea/execution, and hopefully get an idea as to whether I should starve this particular mob of bunnies, or toss them enough food to keep the idea from dying.

I suppose these are my memoirs, for what its worth. Its not that I'm going to die soon, I dont think, but after seeing how it took Miyafuji and Sakamoto, I dont know if I will be in the right state of mind to write this for much longer. I'm a twenty year old witch, and I know that my magic is fading. But none of the other members of the 501st are giving up, so I will swallow that same bitter pill that my Fujo sisters already have. Perine wont be far behind me either, now that she has picked up Repummaru after Mio stopped needing it. She cries most nights we are able to take off our Striker units and actually rest. Its not the new bandages she needs, or the scars, its heartache, I think. Sure, Mio spends those nights with her, silently embracing the Galian woman until sleep takes her, but its not the same.

This war has changed Mio irrevocably, taken her from us without forcing us to loose her. Both her eyes are magic eyes now, and she doesn’t talk anymore... forever gone is her warm, big laugh, the strong, warm voice that can reprimand as easily as it can heal. She hasn’t lost the ability to speak, its simply that the neuroification has changed her voice, made it deep and sibilant, distorted, as if she is speaking through a tin can, and Mio rarely chooses to speak anymore. The process has progressed further with her than it has with Miyafuji, Sakamoto doesn’t even need a striker unit anymore, as she is able to call some sick parody of one to her with little effort. They come in the form of black armored leggings, with blood red kneecaps allowing her legs freedom of motion despite the fact that they extend midway up her thighs. Beneath those leggings, her skin is becoming a neurois as well, perfect hexagons, trimmed in the same eerie, electric pulsing blue as the impossible, indecipherable runes that coat the leggings. Her right arm has been taken as well, forming a massive blade, connected to a shadowy mas of black armor. Mio only ever touches the others with her left arm, the right now, corrupted by the same “gift” that allows her to continue fighting alongside us all the way to the shoulder, leaving it the same as her legs.

Almost as bad as Mio, and more heartbreaking is Miyafuji. Yoshika threw herself at this curse, hating war, but refusing to let her friends fight while she sits by idle and useless. She still tries her best, even though she is no healer anymore, Hartmann found that out for us not too long after Yoshikas face started changing. Erica didn’t hold it against her, even though her arm still hasn’t recovered; but that day, that was the last time we saw that optimistic twinkle in little Yoshikas eyes, her remaining natural eye only ever shows guilt and determination now, the other an emotionless crimson orb. Her natural eye absorbed by the neuroification that took the entire upper right quarter of her head. That aside, she isn’t as far gone as Sakamoto, Yoshika still talks, only her right leg has been changed, and even then, the skin beneath is just barely reaching her thigh. Her left arm, when she is fighting, is encased in what most would say is a copy of the limb on the neuroi witch look-alike Miyafuji encountered when she was still new to the 501st, the skin beneath the summoned armor going through the slow changes her legs and face are in strips and patches, flowing forth from her fingers. Lynette is still close to Yoshika, and tries her honest best to keep all of our spirits up, picking up where Yoshika left off. She cooks for us, keeps our base as clean as is possible, still tries to make jokes, still carries on like nothing has changed, like she doesn’t sometimes wield a laser wired to her best friends neuroi leg, or that she gets crushing hugs from Luccini when Charlotte is gone again. She even does her best to keep her Striker unit clean, despite the damage covering it, acting like the bloody pentagrams on her unit, on all of our units aren’t there.

The pentagrams were Eilas idea, and followed not too long after our first few sorties into the Neuroi occupied east Asian coast. She said it was because we needed something to keep us from running out of energy on those long missions, to boost our power so that we could keep the neuroi along the coast, keep them from turning their hungry eyes on the still war-ravaged Europe. I think that it was simply an excuse to be out in the hangars, away from Ericas screams of pain. Eila doesnt smile anymore either, and she doesnt look into the future beyond what she needs to dodge in a battle. The last time she looked ahead was after she showed us the pentagrams we have scrawled across our striker units now, her hand still wet with her own blood, the blood that now marked her unit. Sanya is almost as bad, she still rooms with Eila, and they keep each other together, but its hard to tell which of them is being strong for the other. It may be the eye she lost, it may be the hellish fighting we go through day in and out, but Sanya seems to have given up on the future that Eila refuses to look into. The Orussion witch still doesn’t talk much, though its not because she flys night sorties, that duty has been taken from her, Sanya doesn’t talk because there is nothing worth saying, nothing that can change our reality.

Hartmann is still herself, despite this wars best efforts to force her to change. She is still messy, lazy and far too free. Despite the fact that her left arm has been ravaged by healing magic gone awry, and she may as well be a mummy under her uniform. Not even the fact that her pair of golden lugers fire pure magical energy, much like Repummaru, or the fact that her ruined arm causes her constant pain is enough to wipe that Cheshire grin from her face. That is her defense mechanism against this hell, I think, and if anything truly forced her to step back and admit how bad things have gotten, that would be the end of her. While Erica hasn’t changed, Barkhorn has changed for the worse. The Karlsland ace still tries to cling to military regulation when we aren’t in battle, but with things as ragged as they are flying out of Fuso its a sham, Trude knows it, and it drives her mad. Mad, I used to worry that she would break if she couldn’t lighten up, and now it seems like that has finally happened. Unlike most of us, she still rails against the neuroification that we all seem doomed to, and is constantly trying to prove that we wont need it in battle. She's like a berserker, all wrath and rage, always attacking, no one can really count on her to protect them in battle any more, but being near her is still one of the safest places in a dogfight, if only because of how destructive she can be to those further down range. She even fought that change, until a few weeks after Ericas arm was ravaged by enemy fire, when Trude lost her eye. She wasn’t the first, Sanyas empty eye-socket having scarred shut a few days after we realized that Yoshika could no longer heal us, and her parents left, furious and disgusted. Though, rising early and acting a military professional on a base to tired and threadbare for such formalities, especially when it is all proven a sham in battle is making it hard for some of the others to justify going through the frustrations of dealing with her anymore. At least she doesn’t hold it against them.

I've already mentioned Francesca once, but that was only in passing, I suppose. She still hasn’t changed on some levels. She still lazes about when we have the time, sleeping and eating like a young girl her age should. But her mischief is more sedate of late. She still steals small things, or simply watches us walk into trouble, some of it of her own making for her own amusement. But she spends more time clinging to us, and not always like she used to, from behind and groping at our breasts. Not that she doesn’t still love to ambush the bustier members of our unit for a good grope, its just the human contact, the reassurance that everything will be alright she craves, I think. She's like Erica in that respect, dealing with the hell that our lives, our world has become by carrying on as if it is no different than it was before all of Asia's eastern coast became one massive neuroi hive. The only other real difference is that she constantly wears Charlotte's jacket over her own, going as far as to strap it to herself on missions, like a safety blanket, really. The reason for our youngest witches change in wardrobe, of course, is that Charlotte does not need the jacket anymore. Its not that she is dead, its simply a manner of it getting in her way when she flies ahead of us to scout our next target, the next city turned neuroi hive that we have to destroy. She enjoys the freedom to go as fast as she wants, or at least I think she does. While Sanya is no longer forced to stand alone, Shirley now must, as we cannot keep up with her, and cant simply fly from hive to hive destroying them without prior intelligence. At first she simply flew out as she normally would, but, after being shot down three times, she gave up on her usual garb, preferring her red bikini-top, and a form fitting white jacket over the bulky uniform jacket she used to wear, and a pair of extremely short “Daisy Duke” cutoff jean shorts, again , durable, functional, and not likely to produce any drag as she darts through the sky. When she makes it back to base, the grin she gets from going fast, from the thrill of avoiding enemy fire fades quickly, leaving only the shakes of adrenaline letdown, and the need for a stiff drink before she sets about repairing her striker unit for the approaching mission. She spends even more time in the hangar now, though not by choice, as it seems every time she puts off work on her unit, tries to show that she is still the same person, still cares, she ends up shot down, or injured on the next mission. She gave up on her BAR in favor of a pair of sawnoff shotguns, to save time on maintenance, so that she can be sure her striker unit is ready for its next grueling time out of the hangar.

Me, I still wear my uniform, still lead the 501st, albeit, I do so exclusively from the front now. I cant raise a shield anymore either, but Karlsland ingenuity has gotten me around that. I cant say that I'm fond of foregoing ranged combat, but I cant argue with the effectiveness of the steel claws I now wear into battle. Nor can I complain about how effective the blocky gauntlets and oversized shields jutting from the end of them are at absorbing enemy fire. I simply worry that when my time comes, when I have to “take a core” as Yoshika put it, that I will be more a beast than a witch. Every night I pray that this war will end before that, for my sake, and that of all the witches fighting to save humanity... but from how Eila acts, that may not be the end of our battle, or any sort of salvation for us. I suppose this is all terribly confusing by now, so I will back up to four months ago, when this all began.


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Re: What happens when Pax sees cool fanart, tenatively: The Sky Gone Red, Future Turned Black

Post by crazyidiot78 on Tue 7 Feb 2012 - 7:30

Not bad Paz not bad at all


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Re: What happens when Pax sees cool fanart, tenatively: The Sky Gone Red, Future Turned Black

Post by Three Dog on Sat 28 Apr 2012 - 3:22

This is good stuff. You really managed to get the grittyness of the war I reckon. I hope to be able to read more.

P.S. You have inspired me to write a GsG Fic through a series of journal entries. It's set some years after an un-named country attacks I taly and the cyborgs are put on the defense, so to speak.

P.P.S. I had read this a while ago, the night before I joined infact. However, after joining, I couldn't find it again, and now that I have, Imma leave you this message Wink.


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Re: What happens when Pax sees cool fanart, tenatively: The Sky Gone Red, Future Turned Black

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