Now that I'm no longer M.I.A.

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Now that I'm no longer M.I.A.

Post by TheDudeAndTJ on Sat 17 Mar 2012 - 22:57

So now that my account is working again i figured i would throw up my revamped versions of my oc's T and J. I have finished the pictures, but i don't have anything to scan them onto my computer with. So without further delay here are the profiles.

General:C.I.A. agents codename T and J were sent to Italy after another C.I.A. agent was sent to investigate strange events involving terrorist cells were suddenly eradicated in Italy. After the death of one of there agents the C.I.A. sent their best kill team into Italy with orders to find out what is happening inside Italy, and if necessary to eliminate a potential threat to the U.S. government.

name: classified
Alias: T
age: classified
affiliation: Central intelligence agency
nationality: American
height: 5’ 9”
weight: 187 lbs.
eye color: emerald green
glasses: yes
hair: short, brown, well kept
handedness: right
preferred weapons: h&k usp match
history: clasified
character: strict, follows orders to the letter, gets the job done no matter
the collateral damage.

name: classified
alias: J
age: classified
affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency
nationality: American
height: 5’ 11”
weight: 193 lbs.
eye color: ocean blue
glasses: yes (uses contact lenses instead)
hair: short, blond (died red), un-kept
handedness: right
Preferred weapons: Winchester model 1886 short rifle with scope.
history: classified
character: laid back, easy going, likes to make an entrance, doesn't like the
whole sneaky thing, likes to blow thing
to smithereens.

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Re: Now that I'm no longer M.I.A.

Post by tremec6speed on Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 0:23

Cool characters!
Look forward to seeing your pictures.
head bang


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