Million-Euro Mothers

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Million-Euro Mothers

Post by MP5 on Sat 7 Jul 2012 - 5:44

This idea was spawned from some spontaneous role-play in the chatbox, like so many, many ideas. In fact, this should really belong in the 'Idyllic Lives' thread, but as it focuses on one particular aspect of cyborg life post-SWA, I felt it necessary to give it its own thread.

So like in Idyllic Lives, our favorite cyborgs are finally let go from their lives of bloodshed and death by conditioning and re-processed into civilian lives. The newfound freedom allows them to do things they'd only ever dreamed or read about, including pursuing relationships with the opposite gender. Some have even gone one step further and for one reason or another, settled down and prepared to start a family of their own. These are the stories of those who have done exactly that.

During a gathering of old friends at the household of Charles and Erina Montagne on the outskirts of Brighton, Kara and Michele Pagani, Jay Valentine, Charles Montagne, and his brother Andrew were socializing with drinks on Charles' patio as the sun set in the western sky above. At present, however, Andrew was taking the opportunity to have some fun at his brother's expense, making light of his current situation.

"Y'see, Charlie, the difference between you an' me is that I married my wife out of my own free will and accord. You, on the other hand, mate, only finally settled down with Erina when the law of averages finally caught up with you and you knocked her up. And then you basically got hitched at the business end of a shotgun."

At this, everyone else on the patio broke into various amounts of laughter as Charlie sheepishly scratched his head.

"Ohhh, burn!" Mrs. Kara Pagani exclaimed, thoroughly entertained and somewhat buzzed on her second Rum and Coke. Beside her, her husband Michele smiled.

Finally, Charlie held up his hand, prompting the laughter to die down as he himself had a chuckle.

"True enough, true enough, Andy. But frankly, the joke's on you, mate. See, not only do I not mind raising a littl'un of me own, but you and your lovely wife Simone, as immediate uncle and aunt, respectively, are designated babysitters. Hope your diaper-changing skills are up to par." Charlie replied with a grin.

"Bollocks!" exclaimed Andy, to the amusement of the others at his own expense.

In the living room of Charlie and Erina's home, Erina Montagne could hear the laughter out on the patio and surmised that her husband and his brother must have been ribbing each other again and smiled.

"So, third trimester already." noted Allison Valentine. "What's it like?"

"It is what it is, Allie." Erina replied, placing a hand on her enlarged belly. "Weird cravings, having to go to the bathroom more often than usual, being somewhat hormonal, and of course, that odd but welcome feeling of another little person being alive inside of you. You should know--doubly so, in fact; you had twins."

"Yeah, I just wanted to get the view from your perspective as a first-time mother." said Mrs. Valentine with a smile as she remembered her two little angels currently in the care of her older brother and his wife.

"Boy, or girl?" Simone Montagne asked.

"Charlie and I decided to wait until the baby is born to learn the gender. You know, the old-fashioned way."

"And of course, you leave me and Andy in suspense as to whether or not we're getting a niece, or nephew. Your husband is a bad influence."

Erina merely stuck out her tongue at the white-haired Finn. Claes Fleda-Johannson finally decided to join the conversation and change the subject in the process.

"Well, regardless of the gender, are you playing music to your baby while in the womb? Mozart's recommended since it purportedly improves brain function in newborns."

"Pfft. Mozart." scoffed a flamboyant, 80's-styled woman everyone knew as 'Dusty'. "Play some Iron Maiden so that the kid isn't a wuss."

"Good suggestions, but I've already decided I want my son or daughter to take after my tastes in music. By the time he or she comes out of the womb, my baby will already know the music of David Guetta." Erina proudly replied.

"She's not kidding." Simone added. "I saw that 'Titanium' was cued up on the iPod connected to her 'Lullabelly'."

Claes blinked and shook her head. "I'm not even going to start on how wholly inappropriate that is for a child born from someone like us."

"Don't be so sour, Claes." Erina pouted. "That's our club anthem, and you know it."

"Well this has always sorta been a 'Mickey Mouse' kind of outfit..."

"Oh, come on, Claes." interjected Rico Croce. "I mean, it's not like cyborgs can give birth to more cyborgs...right?"

The ensuing silence made the short-haired blonde contemplate her own attempt at a joke until Allison snorted and began laughing.

"Oh, Rico, the look on your face, Ha ha! Don't worry, I'm sure that if you and Meir decide to settle down together, I'm sure your kids will be flesh and blood. I mean, me and Jay are both cyborgs, but the two little troublemakers we brought into this world certainly aren't going to be setting off metal detectors in a full-body scan." Allison assured.

"Whoa!" Erina suddenly exclaimed, bringing the others closer to her. "The baby's really kicking!"

"If this kid takes after his dad, that baby will be aping Bruce Lee in no time at all." Simone said as she placed a hand on Erina's belly, feeling the motions of the child inside.

"I always suspected Colin and Shelby liked to pretend they were stepping on a gas pedal while I was carrying them." Allison commented. "They didn't kick, they more liked to steadily press."

"When are you due again, Erina?" Claes asked.

"About a month from now."

"I better get to writing some bedtime stories, then." replied the Swede, pulling out a notepad.


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Re: Million-Euro Mothers

Post by MP5 on Mon 9 Jul 2012 - 4:30

Have another one, this time starring Triela as a single mother:

"...'and after finding the platinum fork in the volcano, the Prince of Pasta returned to his Kingdom with the Princess of Pizza, and he now had a friend to eat pasta with. The end.'"

35-year-old Triela Hartmann closed the storybook from which she was reading to find that her four-year-old son Victor had finally fallen asleep. Watching his peaceful face as he slept a few moments longer, She then tucked him into bed a bit more securely before quietly leaving her son's bedroom and turning off the lights before closing the door. Walking into the kitchen, she poured herself a cup of coffee before settling down at her laptop to browse the internet and get in a little more paperwork regarding the new recruits before going to bed. As a Sovrintendente in the Polizia Di Stato, there was more official work that had to be done compared to when she had started out.

As Triela paused for some coffee, her eyes turned to a picture frame on a shelf in the living room. The picture was of herself and a handsome 20-year-old named Alessio Pesaro, someone she had known since her academy days and her partner for most of her career in the Polizia Di Stato. She had also been in a relationship with him for several years, and they had even been engaged around the time Triela learned she was pregnant with Victor. Alessio had been overjoyed at the news and insisted that they move up their wedding, to which Triela had joyously agreed.

Looking at the picture now, Triela sighed as she began to remember how much she missed him. Alessio was killed in the line of duty just a week before they were to be wed, gunned down during a routine traffic stop along with the rookie officer he had been training. As a result, a joyous occasion had been substituted for a mournful one, and Victor would be born without a father to welcome him into the world.

The sound of breaking glass pulled Triela from her thoughts, automatically reaching for her service pistol as she listened out, old instincts coming back into play as she picked up voices from the back of her home.

"Hey, not so loud! You wanna wake up whoever's inside?"

"Relax. the only ones who live here are some broad and her brat, no real challenge, especially if she's got a piece pointed in her face..."

Triela had heard enough to know that she had to act quickly. Sprinting to her bedroom, she reached under her bed and pulled out a Benelli M3 Tactical pump-action shotgun that she reserved for this exact type of scenario. She quickly fed shells into the loading gate until the tube magazine was full and then racked the pump, the industrial schick-schick of the action familiar to her from so long ago, before she quietly moved out and proceeded to where the intruders had entered. All the lights had been turned off at this point, and she could see flashlight beams playing across the darkness as she took cover near the entrance to the kitchen and waited. Peeking around her cover, she could see two men dressed in black, balaclavas hiding their faces as they began searching the kitchen for anything of value. One was short and kind of fat, the other was taller and skinnier, but both were armed with a .38 caliber revolver and a 9mm semiautomatic, respectively.

"Not much in here." the skinny man said, searching through the cupboards.

"Keep looking, there's probably some premium silverware in here." the short one barked. Behind her cover, Triela took a deep breath, and then rounded the cover, flicking the lights on as she brought the Benelli to bear.

"FREEZE! DROP YOUR GUNS!" she roared. The two intruders had other ideas, raising their pistols to her, but the former child assassin was faster, firing a shell of buckshot into Shorty before ducking a round fired by Skinny and retaliating with two shells into his abdomen, dropping him to the floor like a sack of flour. Lowering her weapon, Triela scanned for any more threats and kicked away the suspects' weapons before safing her shotgun, holding it by its receiver as she realized she should go check on her son.

"Mama? Mama, what's going on?" asked the voice of a little boy. Triela turned around to see little Victor standing at the entrance to the kitchen, clearly still not quite asleep and less than a moment away from seeing what his mother had done. Triela quickly walked over to Victor and gently brought him away from the kitchen.

"Victor, why aren't you asleep, honey?" Triela asked her son.

"I heard a lot of loud noises, mama, and I wanna know what's going on."

It was then that Victor's eyes went wider when he noticed the shotgun in his mother's hand, the scent of cordite lingering in the air.

"Mama, why do you have your gun?"

"I'll tell you later, Victor. Right now, I need you to stay inside mama's room and keep the door closed. Don't open it until I say it's okay to. Come on."

Triela carried her son with her free arm and quickly went past the kitchen to the master bedroom , where she set Victor down on her bed.

"Now Victor, stay in the room, okay? Mama has to go make an important phone call. Unless you know it's me, don't open the door for anyone, all right?"

Triela turned to go back to the kitchen when Victor grabbed part of her sleeping shirt.

"Mama, I'm scared of being alone."

Triela looked at the worried expression on her son's face, racking her brain for a way to calm him down. An idea quickly came to her.

"I won't leave you by yourself, Victor." Triela reassured her son. "I'll have an old friend of mine keep you company."

Triela walked over to a nearby dresser and picked up a red Steiff Bear, showing it to her son.

"This is Augustus. Your grandpa introduced him to me when I was a little girl, and he has kept me company on many occasions. He's a brave bear, and tougher than he looks."

Triela pressed Augustus into her son's arms, crouching down so that she was eye-to-eye with the bear.

"Augustus, keep an eye on my son until I get back, all right? I shouldn't be long."

As she went to stand up, Triela kissed Victor's forehead before she went to the door of her room.

"I'll be back soon, Victor. Stay here with Augustus, okay?"

"Yes, mama."

Triela shut the door as she went back out, going to the kitchen where the slain bodies of the home invaders still lay. Setting her shotgun down on the dining table, she picked up the nearest cordless phone and dialed the dispatch operator at her precinct.

"Hello, am I speaking to Vecchia? It's Sovrintendente Hartmann. I need a unit and an ambulance sent over to my house, I've just had an armed break-in, I have two suspects down... Allegretti's responding to this? All right, tell him I'll come outside to meet him as soon as he arrives. Grazie mille..."


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Re: Million-Euro Mothers

Post by Schaschanist on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 12:52

Well, this is my try for this:

"Bonne nuit, mon ange
C'est l'heure de fermer les yeux
Et de mettre ces questions de côté pour un autre jour
Je crois savoir ce que tu me demandais
Je crois que tu sais ce que j'essayais de dire
Je t'ai promis que je ne te quitterais jamais
Et tu devrais toujours savoir
Que où que tu puisses aller
Où que tu sois
Je ne serai jamais très loin"

she sung for the small child in her arms till the young, just 3 years and six months old, girl fell asleep, peacefully breathing.
Carefully she carried the small girl over to the bed, laid her down and covered the sleeping angel with the blanket.
"Good night, Ellie."
She stood there for some moments just watched her beloved daughter with a satisfied smile how she was sleeping till she sometime left the child's room.

Emilie now was a young mother.
After she they restructured the organisation and released her into an easy office job, she recieved complete rebuild to a young woman, married, became pregnant and gave birth to an adorable little girl, her beloved daughter Ellie, with hair as black and eyes as blue as her mother's.

In the living room she sat down on the couch, trying to relax fora second. In this moment somebody came around the corner. "You brought Ellie to bed?"
Surprised the beautiful mother turned around. "Oh, Etienne. Yes, I brought Ellie to bed. Took a little longer because I sung a lullaby for her."
"Ellie can be proud to have such an amazing singer as mother." the grandpa said about his two girls.
"Oui. I do everything for her, unlike my mother who never paid any attention to me..."
"Don't always worry about that, you're really a good mother." Etienne said, wrapping an arm around the young belgian mother.
"I'm trying my best since Emiliano died two years ago."

Both sat on the couch, listening to some soft piano music from the stereo, he had his niece and daughter in law in the arm.
"How about bringing her to work tomorrow. The cyborgs and agents love her and I'm sure Ellie will have fun with them too."

As proposed the next morning Emilie was carrying her beloved daughter Ellie in her arms on the way to her office.
Little Ellie was happy to get carried by her mother but also enjoyed her near, the contact to her soft skin, her warmth.
Walking across the compound ground Ellie cuddled her mothers shoulder.

On their way the two walked into Dr. Bianchi who was walking into the other direction.
"Good morning, Emilie." he said his view turned to the small child on the arm of the young mother. "And who we have there?"
She cuddled closer her mothers shoulder, obviously a bit frightened about the doctor she'd never seen before.
"This is my daughter, Ellie is her name." She turned to her daughter to comfort her. "It's alright, Ellie. Say hello to uncle Fernando."
She outstretched her tiny arm. "Hello."
Bianchi took her hand and put on a happy smile for the small child. "Hello Ellie."
Emilie smilled, happy about the two shaking hands.
Bianchi switched to the mother of the small child. "She's adorable and polite like her mother." he adulated her.

She was just entering her office as a voice appeared behind her. "Is that really my little Ellie?"
"Bonjour Priscilla." Emilie was surprised about the sudden appearance of her and let the small girl off her arm. "I just wanted to take Emi to work today."
Ellie was looking up to Priscilla and screamed amped. "Aunt Priscilla!"
She took the small girl and embrace her happily. "Hello, hello, my sweet. I'm so happy to see you, Ellie."
It was not the first time she met the short girl and daughter of her friend Emilie, Priscilla became godmother of the small wonder and often visits them at their small appartement.

Time later Emilie sat on her chair, was working through a bunch of papers for a while. Sometime she looked around and was suprised her daughter was not around. "Ellie? Where are you?"
She heard noises down the floor, laughs and entered the office. Surprisingly she found Priscilla playing with Ellie on the ground drawing and laughing. "Ellie." the young mother said.

As she saw her mother the small girl ran to wards her and embraced her legs. "Mama!"
"Hey, my little angel." she said fondling the shock of her daughter's hair which was as black as her own hair. "You like to play with aunt Priscilla, right?"
The small girl wanted to get on mothers arm so Emilie took her and Ellie immediately fell around her mother's neck. "Mama."
"She really has alot of energy." Priscilla laughed.
"Oui, Ellie is a real whirlwind but so clingy and cuddly."
Emi looked on her wristwatch and made a step toward the door. "Sorry Priscilla, but I have to leave now."
"See you two later." Pris said as they left the office. "Ellie is so cute, just like her mother was."

On their way Ellie wanted to get off her mothers arm and was running around. Emi watched her lifely daughter having fun but after a short while a pair of girls, both of them actual cyborgs of the agency, came across their way. They focused the short girl.
"Aww, what a cute little girl." a 12 years old blond said.
Ellie ran to her mother and hid frightened behind her mothers skirt. "It's alright, Ellie."
"Yeah, we don't do anything to you." a 11 years old brunette girl told, kneeling down to face the girl behind her mother.
"I'm sorry, but with strangers she's a scaredycat." Emilie excused the behavior of her daughter, picked her up and carried her in her arm.
The littlle girl again was cuddling to her mother's shoulder. "Mama."
"However, I'm sorry but I have to leave now."
The two girls made a formal bow and said goodbye to the agency agent and her daughter.

"What do you think, should we vistit grandpa later, Ellie?" She asked her daughter, still carrying her in the arm.
The small girl in her arm became happier and was wringling of excitement. "Ya, grandpa!"
She smiled, fondled her hair, was just happy to have her daughter in her near, the only remaining thing of her marriage with Emiliano.
"Should we get lunch before, my sweet?"
"Yay, lunch!" Ellie shouted enthusiatically.
In the canteen they took place and the caring belgian mother fed her young daughter. "Tastes good, Mama."
She tasted a bit of her own. "It is."

After lunch Emilie took her daughter and was carrying her on the way to her former handler's room but sometime Ellie again wanted to get off and ran through the hallways.
She was running up and down the floors till she crashed into Etienne. "Hey, hey, hey, not so fast, my little angel."
"Grandpa!" Ellie screamed and embraced his leg.
"Pardon, I couldn't stop her."
The friendly Belgian grandfather was playing with his granddaughter for a while, tickled her and she was laughing happily. Ellie always enjoyed her granpa's near.
After a while Emilie's watched beeped and she stood up, walking over to them. "Père, I have to get back to work. Can Ellie stay here?"
"Of course. I'll take care of her."
Emilie hugged him tankfully, and embraced her beloved daughter. "Bye Ellie, Mama has to get back to work."
Ellie raised her tiny hands. "Mama!"
She looked a bit sad that her mother has left but Etienne took his granddaughter and held her in his strong arms, tipped at her tiny nose to detract her. "Hey, don't cry, Ellie. We will visit Mama later."
"Grandpa." the lovely girl said and embraced her grandpa Etienne.

In the early evening the lifely Ellie became exhausted and tired.
Emi picked her up. "Let's go home, Père, Ellie is tired."
On the way to Emilie's appartement close to the agency area the small girl finally fell asleep in her mother's arms.
"This reminds me of you, Emi." Etienne comented.
"Ellie looks like you in her age."
Emilie looked down to the child in her hand and began wallowing in memories, memories of her former life she got back with the rebuild. "She does. But I don't want to make the same mistake with her like my mother did with me..."
"Emi, I said it times before, you are a great mother for Ellie. Just see how you carry her an how much you care about her."
"True." She again looked down to her sleeping daughter. "My little angel..."


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Re: Million-Euro Mothers

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