A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

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A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Alexi Fuji on Fri 14 Sep 2012 - 3:48

Greetings fellow SW fans, after watching several movies like Final Countdown and Battleship...along with Strike Witches anime, I have thought of a fanfic ideas which started like this:

On the year 2015, US along with Japanese, Nato and Russian Navy conducts a Joint Naval Exercise to improve the relations between the nations. As a result, they conducted a Naval exercise on the Atlantic ocean but a freak and unnatural weather caught the joint fleet off guard and disappeared without a trace. Hours later, the fleet suddenly appears at the Strike Witches world of 1944 and just in time to witness a Neuroi engages against the Witches who are protecting an allied fleet and thus the story begins.

Here is the composition of the Joint Naval Force:

Joint Naval Force:
2x Hatakaze-class Destroyers
1x Murasame-class Destroyers
1x Hayashio-class Submarine

[Royal Navy]
1x Invincible-class Aircraft Carriers [with 12 x Harrier GR.7/9 10 x Sea King ASaC, and Merlin HM Mk.1 helicopters]
2x Trafalgar-class Submarine
3x Duke-class Frigate

[Deutsche Marine]
2x Brandenburg-class Multipurpose Frigate
1x Type 212-class Submarine
1x Berlin-class Replenishment Ship

[Marina Militare]
5x Maestrale-class Frigate

[Marine Nationale]
1x Foudre-class Landing Platform Dock
1x Horizon-class Anti-Air Frigate
2x Casabianca-class Submarine
1x Cassard-class Anti-Air Frigate

US Navy:
1x Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier [90 fixed wing and helicopters (Hornets, Tomcats and Seahawk)]
2x Los Angeles-class Attack Submarine
3x Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer

Russian Navy:
1x Admiral Kuznetsov-class Aircraft Carrier [Fixed
Wing; 12 × Sukhoi Su-33 fighters,5 × Sukhoi Su-25UTG/UBP aircraft.
Rotary Wing; 4 × Kamov Ka-27LD32 helicopters, 18 × Kamov Ka-27PLO
helicopters, 2 × Kamov Ka-27S helicopters
2x Slava-class Cruiser
1x Akula-class Attack Submarine
1x Vytegrales-class Logistic Vessel
1x Yuniy Partizan-class Logistic Vessel

Also with the contingent of US Marines, Royal Marines and Russian Naval Infantry

(Any opinion or ideas are welcomed)

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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Alexi Fuji on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 2:44

This is the Prologue


Date: July 21st 2015
Location: Somewhere on the North Sea

It was fairly cold foggy day to start on the calm cold waters of the North Sea but that will all changed as a large fleet appeared on the horizon. July the 21st has been designated as a date of an annual Joint Naval Exercise between United States of America, North Atlantic Treaty Organization or famously called NATO, Japan which has been invited by the Americans and surprisingly Russian Federation which was thought impossible during the height of the Cold War due to the relations between the superpowers. This was done to improve the relations between each country after the Second Korean War.

Leading the fleet is the United State Navy lead by it's one of the famous capital ships of all times, the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. Alongside the US Navy is the Russian Navy with their only Carrier in active service, the Admiral
Aircraft Carrier with her escorts. Representative from NATO is consists of British, Italian, French and German navy with its flagship the Invincible-class Aircraft Carrier HMS Illustrious. The US Navy also invites the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force to participate in the naval practice with the Europeans.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower observation deck

On board the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier observation deck, a man with the rank of Admiral watches the activities of the Dwight. D Eisenhower crews while holding a cup of coffee when he is approach by a Petty Officer.

"Morning Admiral Robertson, you are needed at the bridge right now sir." the Petty Officer informed as the Admiral now named Robertson looked at the officer and smiled.

"Thank you Petty Officer, lead the way." said Admiral Robertson as the two began to walk back to bridge. Admiral Frederick Robertson is a 37 year old admiral with a good combat record and avid fan of military history. He earned the command of this particular Aircraft Carrier after involved in the Second Korean War as a captain of a frigate.

As he arrived at the bridge the crew saluted at Admiral Robertson and continued to do their work as the Admiral sat on his command seat. He’s then informed by one of the crew member that they received a call from a certain Russian Admiral which their fleet and the Japanese's rendezvous with the American fleet several weeks before.

"Good morning Admiral Petrovkin, how's your morning?" Robertson said as he picked up the call.

(Comms)[Better Admiral Robertson, I just wondered when we going to rendezvous with those NATO folks?] A heavy Russian accented English echoes through Robertson's phone.

"Soon Admiral. We are scheduled to rendezvous with them today. After that,we can begin our exercise by tomorrow after we docked at Portsmouth." Robertson said while looking at a F/A-18 Hornet make a landing run on Eisenhower's deck.

(Comms)[Very well Robertson. Once we docked at Portsmouth, please treat me to bar yes?]

Robertson chuckles before replied, "Will do comrade" and ended his communication with the Russian Admiral. Then he looks at his communications officer and asks, "What is the status of the Japanese?"

"They said they're fine and they also greet us good morning in Japanese too sir." The comms officer spoke.

Robertson chuckles and said, "Alright, say hello to those guys too okay." he said to the communications officer before he continued,
"Gentlemen, I need a status on the NATO fleets as soon as possible."

Several Hours Later,

"We are entering the English Channel sir. The NATO fleets are now at the RV point Admiral." Said the helmsman as they approach the English Channel.

"Good, get me in contact with the NATO fleet." Robertson ordered. After few minutes establishing contact with the NATO fleet, they finally
acquired transmission from the NATO fleet.

(Comms)[This is Admiral Albert Wellesly, head of the NATO fleet. We're on rendezvous point and awaiting your arrival.] Said the British Admiral as they arrived from Clyde Naval Base whiles the Italians, Germans and the French arrives from French Naval Base at Brest

"Acknowledge Admiral. We're approaching RV point. Once we regrouped, we will dock in Portsmouth for briefing and rest before the exercise games begins." Robertson replied.

After the NATO admiral acknowledges back, Robertson finally sat on his chair and decided to ask one of the bridge captain, "Well, give me a report on the participating nations and tell me if there's any changes sent by FLTFORCOM."

The captain saluted and gave him a list of the participants on a piece of paper, "Sir, here's the list. So far we have Russians, Japanese, The British, Germans, Italians and the French. There’s no change of plans for the exercise games from FLTFORCOM so it's going on schedule."

Robertson looks at the paper as he heard the captain's explanation then said to him, "Thank you captain. Helmsman!" He then looked to the helmsman, "Bring us to Portsmouth at full speed."

"Aye aye Admiral!" the Helmsman replied as the NATO fleet fall into formation alongside Japanese and Russian fleet. Things are go usually as planned. Little did they know, they're going to have a fight of their lives.

Date: July 21st 1944
Location: 501st JFW Base, Dover, Britannia

Ever since the Neuroi started to appear in the early 1930's, Humanity began a struggling fight for survival against the Alien race but with the Neuroi managed to take away a large chunk of Mainland Asia and Liberion proves too much for humanity to fight against the aliens but Humanity has still one last hope, the Witches which proves to be a lethal adversary against the Neuroi and with the introduction of new revolutionary war machine named the Striker Unit thanks to Dr. Ichiro Miyafuji, Humanity have the means to fight back the Neuroi. It's now the year 1944 and the focused shifted to a particular base on Dover which housed a particular but famous Witches Squadron of the War, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing a.k.a the Strike Witches, a group of multinational
Witches from different Air Force organization around the world gathers to make an effective squadron to combat the ever growing Neuroi threat. The 501st is tasked to defend Britannian Isle from the Neuroi but on that particular morning
over the 501st base, four witches are running across the beaches as a part of morning exercises by one of their Squadron Leader, Sakamoto Mio whose herself among the 4 witches on the morning jog.

"Alright you ladies! You all need to toughen up! The war ain't gonna win by itself you know!" Mio shouted at the three young witches named Yoshika Miyafuji, Lynette Bishop and Perrine Clostermann. Coincidentally, Yoshika Miyafuji is the daughter of Dr. Ichiro Miyafuji, the creator of the Striker Unit.

"B-But Sakamoto-san!" Yoshika gasping as she struggles to talk to Mio, "G-Give us a m-moment to r-rest please?"

Mio just laughed and told the rest, "Not until you guys finish 2 more laps! Now get going!"

Knowing that Mio won't take no for an answer, the witches continues their jogs for two more laps. Meanwhile at the base particularly the office of Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Minna is busy with some desk work as usual until a man wearing a Fuso Navy uniform arrives at the Wing Commander’s office, bringing a telegram with him.

“Good morning Wing Commander Minna. How’s your day?” The Fuso Navy personnel with the rank of Ensign greeted as he enters her office.

“As always Ensign Hige, too much paperworks for me to do. So what brings you here?” Minna said as she writes the last of the paper’s and
looked at Ensign Hige.

The Fuso Ensign then handed her the telegram while saying, “It just came this morning.” Minna proceeds to read the content and finally put down the telegram paper. The telegram stated that a fleet of supply ships needed aerial escorts from the witches to protect them as they entered the English Channel from the Atlantic Sea route.

“So the 2nd Supply Fleet needs some escorts huh? Send a reply, [we will provide some witches to escort the fleet] and tell the rest of the girls to meet me at the Briefing Room.” Minna ordered which the Ensign comply.

She looked outside the windows and noticed the weather is changing, “It’s cloudy today…I just hope it didn’t get worse today.”

Awhile Later,

Over the skies of the English Channel which separates Britannia and Gallia, the 501st Witches are sent on an escort mission, protecting a supply fleet coming from the Atlantic from Neuroi incursions. Among the witches that participated are Flight Lieutenant Gertrude Barkhorn and Flying Officer Erica Hartmann from Karlsland, Pilot Officer Eila Juutilainen of Suomus and the Fuso Squadron Leader Sakamoto Mio. The rest of the Witches are ordered to standby if things go south.

“I can’t believe they wanted us to escort them in this kind of weather.” Gertrude complaints as she and the rest of her flight linked up with the convoy fleet while the weather around them are heavily clouded.

“It’s unnatural though we get weather like this…especially in this month.” Erica comments as she watches the sky around them for any signs of Neuroi.

“Well the soon we finish this mission the better. Sanya is waiting for me you know.” Eila said to the two Karlsland witches while thinking about Sanya.

Mio ignored the conversation and decided to talk with the lead escort destroyer which escorted the supply ship, “This Sakamoto Mio of the 501st, how it’s going down there?”

Then a reply came from one of the destroyer escort,

(Radio)[This is Captain Sanchez of the Liberion Destroyer USS Sims, everything seems fine. We’re expe-Wait a second ma’am.]

There is a pause before he talks to Mio again

(Radio)[Ma’am, we’ve detected a hostile Neuroi north of our position!]

Before Mio could reply, there’s a transmission coming from the 501st base

(Radio)[This is Minna, our radar detected several hostile Neuroi’s approaching your position. I’ve sent Lynnette, Yoshika and Perrine to assist you.]

“Acknowledge Minna, we’re moving to engage.” Mio replied before turning to the three other witches with her, “Alright we got a Neuroi coming for the convoy. Separate into two teams, Eila you with me.”

The rest acknowledge her orders and began to fly in pairs and prepare to engage the Neuroi. Little did they know that there are surprises coming in for them.

Alternate World,

Date: July 21st 2015
Location: The English Channel

After rendezvous with the NATO fleet, the joint fleet is on their way to the British Naval Base at Portsmouth when Admiral Robertson received information from the nearby weather stations in Britain.

“Sir, we just got word from the weather station in Odiham sir.” One of the bridge crew informed.

Robertson then said, “Alright, tell me what they said.”

“Uh…their weather station picked up an unusual disturbance and high magnetic readings across the English Channel sir. It is nothing they had seen or ever heard of.” The bridge crewman informed.

Before Robertson managed to say anything, alarms from various consoles and electronic equipment suddenly blared to life, causing the rest of the carrier crew became cautious.

“What the in the hell is going on!?” Robertson exclaimed as the bridge crew desperately trying to handle the situation.

The communication officer on the bridge then informed Robertson, “Sir, we just got transmission from the rest of the fleet. They have the same problem as ours Admiral.”

Upon hearing this, Robertson then ordered, “I want this problem sorted out and tell the rest of the fleet to stick together until we manage to arrive at Portsmouth and also inform the rest of the crew to park the planes and get inside quickly.”

As soon as he finishes his orders, something weird has happened. The sea became violent and thunder roars above the sky over the English Channel, the sky become dark and the fleet is suddenly engulfed in a violent bubble like vortex which causes the fleet computers to go offline.

“W-What in Jesus name is happening!?” It’s the only word Admiral Frederick Robertson able to say before him and the rest of the crew’s vision gone black.

A Couple of Hours Later,

Silence blanketed the joint fleet after what seems to be the worst and weirdest storm ever to hit the English Channel which causes the whole fleet’s personnel unconscious. But inside the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Admiral Frederick Robinson and his crew began to awake after being knocked out for awhile.

“A-Agh…I feel like shit. Is everyone alright?” Robertson asks his crews after seeing them standing up while some sit down in pain.

Seems satisfied as the bridge crew regain their consciousness, he immediately ordered one of the crew, “You, go and check the status on the flight crew and the rest.” The crewman saluted and heads out from the bridge to check the rest of the Dwight D. Eisenhower crew.

“S-Sir, we got communications from the Russian, Japanese and the NATO fleet sir. They informed that all of the crew has waked up and all ships are accounted for.” The communication officer informed the Admiral.

Robertson then said, “Any idea where we are?”

One of the crew members, a navigation officer answered, “We are still technically ON the English Channel.”

“I see. Comms, I need you to contact the FLTFORCOM about what happened just now.” Robertson ordered his communications officer but then he noticed the frowned looked on the officer’s face.

“Sir, we cannot contact the FLTFORCOM for now.” The Communication officer said. But he continues, “But we managed to acquire transmission which is of interest.”

Robertson gave a questioned look before he said, “Of interest?”

The Communication Officer didn’t answer; instead he played the transmission for him
to hear,

(Radio)[*Static* T-To any allied ships in the-*Static* -rea. This is Captain Sanchez of *Static* Liberion Navy USS Sims. *Static* -We’re under attacked by a Neuroi-*Static*. Request any assis-*Static*]

As the transmission ends, Robertson received a call from Eisenhower’s CIC which he answered, “This is Admiral Robertson.”

(Comms)[Sir, our radar just back online and we picked up several contacts south of our position but we didn’t sure ourselves]

That statement from the CIC officers caused Robertson to asks, “What is that you unsure of?”

(Comms)[Some of the contacts we picked up have the signature of the Sims-class Destroyer sir]

“A WHAT!?” Robertson could not believe what he hears; the Sims-class Destroyer is an old World War 2 Destroyer and should have been put out of service by the end of the war. Robertson managed to compose himself and replied, “Thank you for the information.” He then put the phone down and rubs his forehead.

“Sir?” one of the bridge crew asks.

Robertson decides, “Order the rest of the fleet to the south; I want to see what is actually going around here.”

Sometime Later,

After cruising through the southern ends of the English Channel; the fleet finally arrived to see a small fleet under attack by a black object above them.

“Sir, you gotta see this sir.” One of the observation deck crew said as he watches the whole event unfold.

Robertson then brings out his own binocular and sees a World War 2 era Convoy ships being attacked by an air group of black flying object which resembles a modern stealth bomber and several smaller planes like object which shoots red lasers, something he didn’t see every day.

Then there is one thing caught on his eyes, through the binocular he saw what seems to be several girls in World War 2 era uniforms wielding a World War 2 era weapons with their whole legs is encased in a machine that resembles World War 2 era planes and managed caught a sight of one of them uses a magic circle as a shield to deflect the incoming lasers as he thought.

Witnessing all that, he managed to pick up a phone and contacted the Russian Admiral while staring at the battle, “Petrovkin, do you see what I’m seeing?”

A response with tone of disbelief is heard from the Russian,

(Comms)[Seeing some teenage girls fighting against the black flying object that shoot lasers at what seems to be a Great Patriotic War era warships…yes]

After that, the only words can describe the whole situation by Admiral Frederick Robertson of the US Navy is, “What in Jesus name did we get ourselves into…”

of Prologue)

Anything you might suggested or could help me with this story is greatly appreciated

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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Kurosaka "Ery" Erika on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 3:41

damn, good prologue, concrete story, much like it was a transcript
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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Alexi Fuji on Sun 16 Sep 2012 - 22:52

Chapter 1: The Joint Fleet Strikes, the Battle over the English Channel

Date: July 21st 1944
Location: The English Channel

Onboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

“What in Jesus Christ name we’ve got ourselves into…” Robertson muttered as he watches the fight ensues between the girls flying in a
machine which looks like a World War 2-era fighter planes strapped on their legs against a Stealth bomber like flying object along with several familiar Nazi’s secret aircraft design he read from a book.

“Sir?” One of the bridge crew asks the Admiral which he turned to see who’s asking him, “What should we do now sir? The Russians,
Japanese and NATO commanders are awaiting your decisions.” the crew woman with the rank of Lieutenant asks Robertson.

“What are they ask of me?” Robertson looks at the Lieutenant.

“They’re deciding to help the fleet but they all needs your decision to whether we should help them or not?” The Lieutenant explained. It
seems the NATO, Japanese and even the Russian fleet commanders are eager to help the besieged small fleet which is under attacked by the black flying object.

Robertson contemplates on should he assist the besieged convoy and the girls or not but since he cannot established contact with the
Fleet Forward Command a.k.a FLTFORCOM, he makes an order which cemented the fate of the joint fleet, “Order the flyboys to ready their planes and armament. Arm all Anti-Air Missiles for battle. Let’s help those people. All hands on Battle stations”

The rest then shouted, “Aye aye Sir!” and everyone then immediately goes to their battle stations.

Robertson then prepares to make an announcement and pray to god that he is making a right decision to help the stricken fleet. He turned on the bell alarm that rings through the whole carrier as he begins his announcement.

(PA system)[This is your admiral speaking, all hands on deck. This is not a drill I repeat this is NOT a drill! General quarters! General quarters! All hands man your battle stations!]

Onboard the Admiral Kuznetsov

“Admiral Petrovkin sir! The American admiral has just ordered Battle Stations. The NATO and the Japanese fleet are also assuming battle formation.” A Russian communication officer informed Admiral Petrovkin.

Admiral Petrovkin, a 46 year old Admiral who’s a veteran seaman who’s involved in many conflicts which his Motherland has participated,
from the Bosnian War into the South Ossetian War and finally a short Japanese-Chinese dispute over the Senkaku Islands which erupted into a military conflict shortly before the Second Korean War which Russia stand besides the Japanese and provide them with military assistance against China.

Now Admiral Petrovkin once again will feel the taste of battle as he too ordered his fleet to ready their weapons and manned their battle stations.

“Seems we shall do like what our American friend do. All personnel’s, man your battle stations!” Petrovkin said as he stretches his left arm forward.

Back onboard the Dwight D. Eisenhower flight deck

Onboard the flight deck of the Dwight D. Eisenhower, several naval airmen prepare to board one of their most latest and powerful aircraft
the navy has to offer, the F/A-18E Super Hornet which is a single seat fighter with excellent service record alongside the F/A-18F which is a two seat variants.

One of the pilots who will be piloting one of the twins seated Super Hornet is 29 years old blonde haired Captain Hawke “Hawk” Yeager, grandson of the famous pilot Charles E. Yeager and a veteran of countless mission together with his 27 years old red haired Weapon System Officer Lieutenant Albert “Albatross” Lebowski, his partner. He and his WSO are a part of VFA-534 Carrier Air Wing Strike Fighter Squadron which is known as the “Twin Reapers” due to their usage of twin-seat F/A-18F Super Hornets.

“Hey Hawke, are you alright?” Lieutenant Albert asks his fellow pilot Captain Hawke as the two finally seated in their own Super Hornets.

Hawke said to his WSO which also his close friend and said, “Am I alright?...We just recovered from what would be a worst storm ever to hit the English Channel and even now, we’re barely registered of what happened here…and yes, I AM alright.” He said sarcastically.

“Oh cheer up, at least we got something to do rather than sleep in our bunk all day long.” Albert chuckles as he checks the planes
weapons and flight systems before he continue, “Alright enough talking, let’s begin the systems check.”

“Alright, engines are green, flaps are a-okay, computer targeting and warning systems are active and functioning smoothly, weapon
systems are online…yup we’re ready for takeoff.” Albert said as he finished his inspection on the Super Hornets.

Hawke then contacted the bridge control to get the permission to takeoff, “Control this is Captain Hawke callsign [Reaper 1]; we’re ready for takeoff.”

(Radio)[Roger [Reaper 1], please standby at the runway until the last of the [Spectre] squadron took off.] The bridge control informed.

“Roger Control, we’re beginning to taxi.” Hawke reports as he began to take position on the flight runway deck after the last of the
VFA-172 Squadron of single-seat Super Hornet known as “Howling Spectre” Squadron took off.

(Radio)[This is Control, [Reaper 1] you are cleared for takeoff.] The clearance came from the carrier’s bridge.

The catapult launcher which has been hold onto Hawke’s aircraft launches the plane in high speed in order to obtain the safe flying speed at the end of the catapult stroke. A couple of seconds later, he and six of his fellow squadron mates are airborne and headed to the location of the fight.

Meanwhile inside the Eisenhower Control Bridge, General Robertson watches two of his air squadron take off and saw the Russians and British launch their own squadrons of Su-33 of the 279th Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiments and Harriers of the Royal Navy’s Naval
Strike Wing. He then look at the communication officer and said, “Please try to acquire their radio transmission will you?”

Skies above the
English Channel

“So, what are we supposed to do again?” Albert said while checking the flight instrument of their twin-seat Super Hornet as he and his
squadron along with several allied squadrons soars through the darkening and rainy skies above the English Channel.

Hawke sighed and replied to his WSO, “Well, the Admiral said we’re supposed to help those people fighting over there against those black
colored bogeys that shoot lasers.”

Albert surprised at Hawke calm explanation especially about the enemy that can shoot lasers, “You’re kidding…right?” but he didn’t hear any response by Hawke, “So you’re not kidding…”

Hawke instead decides to contact the rest of his squadron mates, “This is [Reaper 1] to all Reaper Flights, maintain formation until
we’re arrived at the target area” which the rest of the flights acknowledge his order.

(Radio)[[Reaper 1] this is [Spectre 1] we’re approaching target area…*whistle* damn when they said these things packed lasers, this
thing IS PACKED with lasers. Better be careful though, I could see those lasers even from here. Good thing they haven’t notice us.]

“Roger that [Spectre 1], we’ll be careful from now on [Reaper 1] out.” Hawke then decides to warn his fellow squadron mates, “[Reaper
1] to all Reaper Flights, proceed with caution. Armed your AMRAAM’s and prepare to fire.” He ordered before he receives a transmission from Russian and British squadron.

(Radio)[To allied planes, this is [Chayka 1] of the Chayka Squadron from the Admiral Kuznetsov, we’ll be looking forward to fight with you comrades. Udachi tovarishchi]

The transmission ended and a heavy accented British English voice is heard next,

(Radio)[To all planes, this is [Terrier 1] of the Terrier Squadron. All we can say to you lots are good luck…and happy hunting]

Yeah right…happy hunting” Hawke thought sarcastically. His cold albeit sarcastic demeanor is known well amongst his squadron mate and even the entire Carrier Fighter Wing itself though he sometimes cares about his squadron mates.

“Hey Hawke, we’re in range of the AMRAAM’s and I’ve got a clear tone on multiple targets, 4 confirmed. Others also got a tone on them.”
Albert said as he registering targets into the AMRAAM’s missile guidance system.

“Let ‘em rip. Fox 3!” Hawke said as he fires the missile, four AIM-120 streaks through its target after detached itself from the Super Hornets fuselage. Hawke only prayed that the Missile will found its mark.

Back with the

The aerial battle between the Witches and Neuroi are intense as ever after another 6 large type Neuroi arrives to give the pressure against the Witches whom also receives more reinforcements in the form of Lynette, Yoshika, and Perrine with Flight Lieutenant Charlotte E. Yeager which her friends prefer to call her as Shirley.

“This is bad, more enemy reinforcements are coming.” Mio said as she pulled the trigger of her Type 99-2 Cannon and on occasion slashing
one of the medium sized Neuroi with her sword Reppumaru.

“We need more help if we’re going to protect the convoy! Erica cover me!” Barkhorn shouts as she engaged a Neuroi and managed to shoot it down before it hit one of the ships in the convoy.

But then, one small cubicle type Neuroi managed to land a hit on one of the Sims-class Destroyer which caused heavy damaged to her hull and began to sink.

(Radio)[This is Captain Sanchez! *static* we’ve lost USS Buck I repeat, we *static* -USS Buck, requesting immediate assistance!] A transmission came from the lead Destroyer escorting the supply ships as they saw one of their Destroyers took heavy damage and capsizing.

“We’re trying the best we could!” Mio replied as she sliced another Neuroi with her Reppumaru before continuing, “Try to hold on for a
little while longer!”

Meanwhile, Lynette engages several Neuroi from long distance using her Boys Anti-Tank Rifle while Miyafuji acted as a guard to protect
Lynette while Perrine and Shirley move in to finish any remaining Neuroi that evade Lynette sniper fire.

In the heat of the battle, Shirley spotted one isolated Neuroi and decided to chase it, leaving Perrine behind.

“That Neuroi is mine!” Shirley said as she immediately flies off to pursue it.

Seeing Shirley’s action, Perrine tried to warn her but it’s too late as she’s interrupted by another Neuroi that cause her lose focus on Shirley.

Shirley managed to catch up with the small type Neuroi before she’s realized it was a trap as 3 small sized Neuroi appeared and cornered her.

“Ambush!? This ain’t good…this ain’t good” Shirley mutters as she readied her M1918 BAR and prepares her shield from oncoming Neuroi fire.

But then she spots something approaching from the North, then several seconds later; the four small type Neuroi that surrounds her
shattered as they hit with what seems to be a long range medium sized rocket.

Stunned from the sight she saw, she immediately contacted Mio, “Mio this is Shirley, I spot several objects appears from the northern
part of the English Channel.”

(Radio)[Is it more Neuroi reinforcements?] Mio asks

“No…it kinda kills the Neuroi which has cornered me earlier and its shape is like those rockets Sanya used…albeit larger.” Shirley

(Radio)[Is this true Shirley?] Mio replied doubtfully.

“If you want to know, try looking at the North side” Shirley said as she begins to fly back with the other Witches.

Mio feels skeptical and decided to ask Minna, “Minna this is Mio; did you send Sanya to help us?” She thought that Minna send more
reinforcements to help them

(Radio)[Minna here; negative, I don’t order her to be dispatched yet why?]

Mio’s eye widened and then she said, “Minna, can you take a look at the radar and told us what you saw?” Mio herself didn’t know why she asks that question but she has the feeling that something is off.

(Radio)[Alright please standby]

“You better be quick about it Minna!” Mio urge the Wing Commander as she engages several more Neuroi.

(Radio)[Mio, we’ve detected a large concentration of unknown contacts approaching from the north! Be careful!]

As she heard about the unknown contacts coming from the north, she immediately uses her Magic Eye ability to see the contacts and
surprised at what she saw, a large fleet with one carrier as large as the Yamato and others which designs are unknown and foreign to her knowledge to add to the confusion, she saw four squadron sized warplanes of unknown design.

“Minna, I saw the contacts. It appears to be a fleet but we’re unsure yet if they’re Neuroi or human.” Mio informed Minna about this

(Radio)[Roger, continue protect the convoy but be careful. We’ll try to establish contact with them.] Minna ordered.

Suddenly a new unheard voice is heard throughout the witch and the convoy’s radio,

(Comms)[That will not be necessary.]

Mio startled at the new voice and decided to ask, “Who is this? Identify yourself”

(Comms)[Sorry for not introducing myself, I’m Admiral Frederick Robertson of the Joint Naval Force. I thought you guys could need some help.]

After that, the rest of the Witches which has regroup suddenly saw a large group of fighter jets (which they still don’t know the designation of this type of warplane) coming in from the north but they are surprised to see the planes fly without a propeller and also more surprised to see the planes roundel which is similar to those on their nations air force.

“Whoa...it's beautiful~” Shirley’s mechanical instinct kicks in after she sees the warplanes which lead some of the witches sighed but
continues to focusing on the Neuroi.

Base, Dover

At the same time, Minna also heard the conversation between Mio and the new voice which identifies himself as Admiral Frederick Robertson which she suspects is a Liberion but in all of her military knowledge, she never even heard a Joint Naval Force. She decides after the mission is complete, she will have a talk with the Admiral herself.

Back on the Battle
over the English Channel

After establishing contacts with the Witches (which he hadn’t known yet), he then looks towards his communication officer, “Are all the
ships have prepared their Anti-Air Missile’s?”

His communications officer said, “Yes Admiral, the USS Roosevelt, Howard and Chafee requesting authorization launch of the RIM-162”

Robertson grinned and ordered, “Do it.”

Soon, the three Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer releases their latest medium range surface to air missile, the RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow
. 6 missiles streak through the sky and headed to their target which is 6 small types Neuroi and all of them hit their mark, effectively destroyed all remaining small type Neuroi.

The Witches witnessing the missile attack which is launched from long range managed to hit the Neuroi accurately is somewhat unheard of. Even Shirley took aback by the capability of this mysterious fleet.

Mio seems calm even after seeing the missile attacks by the so called ‘Joint Naval Force’ immediately give out orders to the other witches,
“Alright! I don’t how they manage to hurt the Neuroi’s but that makes our task a lot easier. Go and eliminate the remaining medium type Neuroi”

The other witches snapped back into action after hearing their Squadron Leader’s voice and began assaulting the 4 remaining medium type Neuroi.

Onboard the Admiral Kuznetsov,

“Joint Naval Force eh? Robertson is surely a quick thinker” Petrovkin chuckles after hearing Robertson attempt to contact the engaged fleet and their air escorts.

“Admiral, the American ships has launched their SAM Missiles sir.” The Russian communications officer informed.

Petrovkin raised an eyebrow and then ask the officer, “What about the NATO and the Japanese fleet?”

“They’ve fired their own missiles sir. What are your orders?” The communication officers ask.

With a grin, Petrovkin said, “Order our ships to fire away!”

Soon, the Russians launched their own missiles which are the S-300PMU long range SAM that are launched from the Slava-class Cruiser which took out and damaged more Neuroi.


The battle intensified as the Neuroi soon send another one which is a large Heavy type Neuroi which is shaped like an oversized B2 Stealth

(Radio)[This is [Chayka 4]! Do you guys see that thing!? It’s huge!] One of the Russian Su-33 Chayka squadron shouted as he and the rest of the squadron with their American and British counterpart saw the new large type Neuroi.

“Man that Russian was right!” Albert exclaimed before he continued, “That is one big flying bogey there.”

“It’s just an oversized B2 bomber who cares?” Hawke nonchalantly replied. “Let is finish this and head back to our carriers.” He
said but not before he managed to notice one of the teenage girls, a blonde haired girl wearing an old US Army Air Force outfit and wearing what’s look like a P-51D Mustang model on her legs.

That girl seems familiar…but…ah what the hell am I thinking Hawke!? Focus on the mission!” Hawke snapped from his thought and decided to contact his squadron mates, “To all Reaper Flights this is [Reaper 1], we have only one bogey left. Concentrate all fire at the last bogey.” He informed.

The witches on the other hand quite startled as the warplanes managed to catch up with them, one of them even managed to see the
pilot inside the warplane waving at them though the witches cannot see their face due to the flight helmet they wear.

Onboard the Eisenhower

“Sir, CIC reported of a large sized bogey appeared on radar. What are your orders?” Robertson’s aide informed him about the appearance of the large sized Neuroi.

“Order a concentrated fire at the last bogey. I want every ship; Russian, NATO and the Japanese to open fire at that bogey.” Robertson
gives the command.

Several minutes later, the US, Russian, NATO and Japanese fleet (with the agreement of their respective commanders) fired another round of SAM’s which head straight at the large sized Neuroi.

At the same time,

“Well, seems the fleet fired another round of SAM’s into that bogey. How many missiles do we have Al?” Hawke asks his WSO for the Super
Hornet’s weapon status.

Albert checks the planes onboard computer for a moment and replied, “We got two AMRAAM’s one Sidewinder’s and plenty of 20mm Cal. ammo.”

Hawke paused for a moment before he said, “Alright, let’s wrap this up and head back to the carriers. Releasing missiles Fox 3! Fox 3!”
and he activated the Super Hornet onboard targeting system and fired his remaining missile.

The last large type Neuroi which is known as the Heavy type desperately tried to defend itself from the witches and the missiles fired from
the unknown fighters and ships which have managed to cause serious damage to the Neuroi, leaving its body battered and its core exposed.

"I see the core! Going in for the kill!" Barkhorn immediately noticed the core and began fired her MG42 at it for the killing blow. The core shatters and the large heavy type Neuroi disintegrates to a crystallized shards which harmlessly fall into the English Channel.

After the last Neuroi destroyed, Mio let a breath of relief and then look at the approaching fleet before she decided to contact them.

I hope these people are friendly with the Witches.” She thought after remembering the attempt by a certain Britannian Air Marshal Trevor Maloney trying to disband the 501st by using the Warlock system developed by the allies which she admit herself as an effective weapon…before the Neuroi core used in the system corrupted it.

Back onboard the Eisenhower,

“Sir, CIC confirms the bogey is destroyed. They didn’t detect more hostile bogeys in the vicinity of the convoy.” Robertson second in command informed about the overall engagement.

Robertson finally let a huge breath of relief and said, “Well, that’s over…” then he turned to his communication officer, “What is the
status of the rest of our allies and their air squadron?”

The communications officer send a transmission to the NATO, Russian and Japanese fleet for several minutes before the officer turned to the Admiral, “Sir, so far the air squadron has no casualties reported and all ships are still safe due to the bogeys didn’t expect our arrival.”

“I see, well prepare the landing deck for our flyboys to land. They deserve a rest and send the word with Admiral Petrovkin and Wellesley
to meet me after this is over.” Robertson said before he’s interrupted by the communication officer.

“Sir, we received transmission from the people who fought the bogeys earlier. She requested to talk with you. Should we share it with the
Russians, NATO and the Japanese?” The communication officer said.

Robertson just nodded and took the comms from the communication officer and began to talk, “This is Admiral Frederick Robertson of the Joint Naval Force speaking.”

(Comms)[Admiral Robertson, I’m sorry for not introducing myself earlier during the battle. I’m Squadron Leader Mio Sakamoto of the 501st
Joint Fighter Wing. On the behalf of the 2nd Supply Fleet we owe you our lives.]

After receiving a word of gratitude from the person named Mio Sakamoto which surprisingly good in speaking English, Robertson seems worry about why a Japanese nationals fighting on British soil but then he decided to ask one critical question, “The pleasure is mine, thank you Squadron Leader Sakamoto but I have a question, can you tell me what year is this and where we are?”

There was a quiet pause at the end of the line, Robertson knew it was a stupid question to ask but he asks it anyway. Then surprisingly,
the Squadron Leader replied,

(Comms)[It’s July 21st, 1944. You’re now on the English Channel between Britannia and Gallia]

The answer took Robertson by surprise and he started to receive calls from the NATO, Russians and even the Japanese. He told Mio to
hold the call when he picks another from the British Admiral.

(NATO Comms)[This is Admiral Wellesley, are you sure that woman is out of her mind!? Are we actually back in time and what’s with the
name Britannia and Gallia anyway? The French, German and Italian commanders demand some answers!] Admiral Wellesley informed with a tone of disbelief evident on his way of speech towards Robertson.

“I’m very well aware of the situation Wellesley but we have to asses our own situation first.” Robertson said before he received another
calls from the Japanese fleet.

(JMSDF Comms)[This is Captain Tatsuya Ashi, My men and I too demand explanation.]

“I know Captain but we have to calm down. I’ll think of a way for now, give me time to think.” Robertson said as he began to massage his
forehead to calm himself down.

Then his other communication officer said to him, “Sir, we got a message from Admiral Petrovkin. He said that we will support whatever you decide…though they too need explanation of what is happening here.”

“Jesus Christ…what the hell should I do now?” He then contacted Mio again, “Squadron Leader Sakamoto, I invited you and your fellow…wing mates onboard our carrier. We have a lot to discuss.”

(Comms)[We need our Wing Commander’s permission first before we decide to receive your invitation]

“Very well, take your time.” Robertson said as he ended the conversation. He sat down on his command chair and sighed while saying, “And I thought these days could get any worse…”

Back at the 501st
Dover Base,

“So, this Admiral invited you and the rest to his carrier for a discussion?” Minna said after she radio contacted Mio and hear everything
that was happened.

(Radio)[Yes, what is your order Minna?]

Minna contemplates whether she should allow Mio and the rest of the Witches follow her to accept Admiral Robertson’s invitation or not. She feared for the safety of her fellow witches but after hearing the capabilities of Admiral’s fleet, she wanted to know more and finally make her decision.

“Accept his invitation but be careful. We don’t know who these people are.” Minna said with a hint of concern.

Back on the
English Channel onboard the Eisenhower,

“Sir, we just got a message from Squadron Leader Sakamoto. She accepts your invitation and will begin their landing on our carrier soon.”
The Eisenhower communication officer informed.

“Very well, send the message to the Russians, Japanese and NATO commanders to meet onboard the Eisenhower with them and I need the deck crew to prepare for their arrival and most of all, I want every crew member here to show restraint during their time aboard this ship. I don’t want any disciplinary reports of the crew member harassing them.” He gives the order and hopeful that he and his fellow commander will get some answers on what is going on.

Chapter 1 End
anything you might to add or change, please inform me...and I decided to post this in the Fanfiction.net after all problems sorted out.
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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Three Dog on Mon 17 Sep 2012 - 2:30

Fuji92 wrote:... one of the teenage girls, a blonde haired girl wearing an old US Army Air Force outfit and wearing what’s look like a P-51D Mustang model on her legs.

Is this Shirley? If so, she's a red head (or rather, orange), not blond.


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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Alexi Fuji on Fri 21 Sep 2012 - 7:14

Chapter 2: Coming to

Date: 21st
July 1944

Location: On the
English Channel

After the air battle over the English Channel, US Navy
Admiral Frederick Robinson which is currently head of the Joint Naval Force (A
name which has been agreed on by the rest of the fleet commanders after the air
battle) invited Mio Sakamoto and her fellow witches of the 501st
Joint Fighter Wing to his carrier the USS Dwight
D. Eisenhower
to form a discussion after Admiral learned the truth of the
Fleet being displaced in time but that’s not the only thing that surprised him
as he and the rest of the fleet commanders will know more about the situation
they’re going into.

Onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower,(Afternoon)

Admiral Robertson and several of his command staff are
waiting for the arrival of the witches at the deck of the Nimitz-class USS Dwight D.
several hours after the battle is over. Some of them are waiting
in anticipation while the others looked concerned.

“Sir, are you sure to let them board our ship? I mean isn’t
this a bit too risky that it will compromise several sensitive technology of
ours to them?” One of Robertson aide, a Two Star Rear Admiral named Dean McGill
said while concerning about the newcomer’s arrival that would risk some
sensitive technology that are onboard the Nimitz-class
aircraft carrier to be compromised.

Robertson looked at McGill sternly and said to him, “Let me
get this straight McGill, we’re now in an unknown territory, involved in a war
which supposed to end 71 years ago and also a possibility that we are in an
alternate world version of the said 71 years old war and I say that my action
is justified.”

After said that, McGill tried to raise objection but
Robertson immediately raised his hand as a sign and said, “I know you are
concerned but desperate moment need desperate actions. I hope you understand.”
After that, McGill seems to understand his intentions and nodded much to
Robertson’s relief.

Another of Robertson’s aide, a Captain suddenly asks, “Sir,
why are you said about us being in an alternate world version of World War II?”

Robertson just said a simple answer, “When the words
Britannia and Gallia I heard from that lady on the comms, It didn’t take a
rocket scientist or a math genius to figure that we are in a parallel dimension
of our earth since the name Britannia and Gallia hasn’t been used for…oh I
don’t know…about several CENTURIES OLD.” As he stresses the last word to make
the rest clear before he continued, “Well at least that is my assumption until
I hear the full story of what’s happened.”

Just as he finished his explanation, he then heard several
sound of propeller driven aircraft…only this time is actually several group of
teenage girls using some flying machine which resembles World War 2-era
aircraft landed on the deck and to his and unfortunately others surprise, they
notice the girls didn’t wear any pants.

“They’re not wearing…pants? And isn’t those weapons seems
too heavy for them to wield?” Rear Admiral McGill stuttered as the girls landed
and notice that all of them are…’pants-less’ and holding which essentially a
heavy weapons which only a trained men could wield it. Even an experienced
officer like McGill didn’t prepare for this kind of sight.

“I’m sure they have their reasons Rear Admiral.” Robertson
said to McGill as he himself thought, “Great,
now we have a half naked group of teenage girl wielding an impossibly huge gun…I’ve
seen enough

“Commander Newman.” He said to a man named Newman who is
another one of Robertson’s aid which he turned to faced him and said, “When the
other commanders from Russian, NATO and Japanese fleet are arriving?”

Newman turned his communication device on and talk to
someone before he switches off and turned to the Admiral, “They’ll be here in a
few minutes.”

“Good tell them if they arrived to wait at the briefing
room. We need everyone before we began the talk with the 501st.”
Robertson ordered which Newman replied in a salute then head off to wait for
the other commanders to arrive at the Eisenhower.

The Witches POV,

“Wow…I never seen a carrier this big nor even landing on
one of it!?” Miyafuji exclaimed as she disengage her Striker Unit before she
take pulled the Striker Unit out. The other witches soon follow suit and
disengage their own Strikers.

“I agree with you Miyafuji, this is even larger than the Shinano.”
Mio said as she noticed several of the flightdeck crews which wear different
colored jerseys which she clearly recognized as the Liberions approach her and
her witches though she managed to notice the flustered face of the crew.

“M-Ma’am, we will help you and the rest to store your
weapons and other stuff here in our care. The Admiral is waiting for you over
there.” Said one of the crew in brown colored jersey as he pointed where the
Admiral and his staff waiting for them.

Mio then looked back at the crew and nodded while saying,
“Very well. We leave it to your care.” Before she turned to the rest of the
witches, there was a commotion which Mio sighed as she sees Perrine argued with
one of the flight deck crew that we’re trying to retrieve Perrine’s Striker
Unit and weapons for temporary storage.

“Get your dirty hands off my Striker Unit you undisciplined
brute!!” Perrine said as she tries to resist the flight deck crew from taking
her Striker Unit for storage. She never trusts anyone other than those who she
knew close in the 501st particularly the JFW mechanic to handle her
Striker Unit and her weapon and the thought of handling her proud Striker Unit
to these…’unknown outlander’ disgusted her.

“But ma’am please, it’s our safety protocol so that you
won’t be in trouble.” The brown colored flight deck crew informed her of his

As she wanted to retort back, Mio finally shouts, “Perrine
that’s enough. Let these men take care of our Striker Units and weapons.”

Perrine shocked as her Squadron Leader’s statement and
tried to object the decision, “But Major! I-!” She tried to say more but Mio
immediately raised her hand at her signaling her to stop.

“No, I order you to do what I say. I give order to everyone
to hand our Striker Units and weapons to them for safekeeping while we are on
this ship. Do I make myself clear?” Mio said with a stern voice.

“Y-Yes Major.” Perrine said in defeat and finally relents
as she allows the flight deck crew to store her Striker Unit and her weapons in
a safe place.

The rest didn’t have any problems as they willingly give
Strikers and weapons to the rest of the flight deck crew especially Shirley as
she’s really fascinated on the equipment that catches her eyes onboard the
carrier. After finished storing away weapons and their Striker Units, the
witches follow Mio as she met the person who wore a distinctive Service Dress
Blue uniforms with some decorative service ribbon while his shoulder strap
shows an anchor with four stars below it, indicating that he is an Admiral.

“Admiral Frederick Robertson?” She said to the Admiral and
the Admiral smiled back and shows his hand at her which she shook hands with

“Yes I am Admiral Frederick Robertson, overall commander of
the Joint Task Fleet and also commanding officer of the United States 23rd
Carrier Air Group, part of the US Sixth Fleet.” Robertson answered in full

Shirley suddenly give a loud “Eh~?” sound before continued,
“Sixth Fleet? I never heard of that fleet in the Liberion Navy!”

Robertson then looked at Shirley while saying, “Excuse me?
Liberion Navy? I’m part of the United States of America’s Navy.”

“America? No no no no no this is gotta be a joke right? I
mean you guys are Liberions! The flag that your flightdeck crew wears on their
shoulder looks like Liberion!” She said to the Admiral in disbelief as she
never heard of the name America before. The rest of the Witches also wondered
what the Admiral saying about America.

Admiral Robertson’s

Robertson sighed as he looked at the red haired girl saying
about Liberion which he suspects is a counterpart nation of America in this
world. He then decided to control the situation before it goes out of hand.

“Calm down girls, now we can explain this situation soon
but you have to wait until the rest of the commanders from the other fleet come
in for the briefing which will take place here. Until then you we’re to behave
yourself on this ship.” He said with Mio agreed with him.

“Now where was I? Oh yes, I have introduced myself right?”
He said before turning to the girl with an eye patch over her right eye.

“You must be Squadron Leader Mio Sakamoto am I right?” He
said and the eyepatched girl name Mio nodded.

“Yes Admiral. Other than Squadron Leader, I’m also known as
a Major in the Fuso Imperial Navy.” Mio answered.

Fuso Imperial Navy?
Well this proves that my theory is about an alternate worlds is correct.

Robertson thought as he began to know the 501st Joint Fighter Wing
personnel, “I see, well as both of us a Navy, I shall call you Major Sakamoto
from now on.” He said to the Fuso/Japanese Major.

“It’s my pleasure sir.” Mio said then she began to
introduce the rest of the witches starting with Yoshika, “This girl here is Sergeant
Yoshika Miyafuji, also part of the Fuso Imperial Navy.”

Robertson looked at the Fuso/Japanese girl named Yoshika
smiled at her in a fatherly manner, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sergeant

Yoshika is a bit flustered since the Admiral smiled at her
which reminds herself of her own father. She only managed to reply, “Y-Yes,
thank you s-sir.”

Robertson raised an eyebrow chuckles, “A shy one eh? My
daughter also likes that too. She’s too shy whenever I praised her.” He said as
he remembers his time with his daughter before being called back to service in
the Navy.

“You have a daughter s-sir?” Yoshika asks the 37 year old

“Yes Sergeant, she’s about your age.” Robertson said as he
continues the introduction of the 501st, he sets his sights on two
other girls wearing a Nazi Luftwaffe-era uniform “I hope that these girls is not a Nazi” he thought after looking at
the two girls, “And you two are?”

The girl with a twin pigtailed-hair introduce herself,
“Flight Lieutenant Gertrude Barkhorn or you could also refer me as a Captain.
Served in the Karlsland Luftwaffe before transferred to the 501st.”

“Karlsland huh? So that’s the name of the German
counterpart here.
” Robertson said and thinks a bit before he asks, “Do you
know a man by the name of Adolf Hitler?”

Gertrude blinks at his question and thought about it before
she said, “No. I don’t know any man named Adolf Hitler exist in any Karlsland
military branch.” As she saw Robertson finally let a huge breath of relief.

Well, that’s one
problem I won’t face in this world.
” He thought before he looked at another
Karlsland/German girl with golden short hair, “And you might be…?”

The girl cheerfully raised her hands and said, “Flying
Officer Erica Hartmann! Or you can call me First Lieutenant Hartmann.”

“Don’t worry about her Admiral, she’s kinda get too slack
and sloppy but she’s a good fighter.” Gertrude said to Admiral Robertson.

Okay, so she’s kinda
cheerful girl…too cheerfull. But something bothers me…those last name are the
same ones used by the World War two German Ace Pilots. Unless…
” He then stops
his train of thoughts as he decided to take a look about it next time.

After that, he then turns to see a white haired girl
wearing blue uniform and asks, “What’s your name?”

Eila look at him and said, “Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. Pilot
Officer of the 501stand also part of the Suomus Air Force.”

“Suomus eh? Thank you.” Robertson said and again in his
mind he thought, “So she’s a counterpart
of that Finnish air force ace…what else store in surprise awaits me
” He

He then sets his first sight to the girl who wears somewhat
like French aristocratic clothes, “And you are?”

“Perrine H. Clostermann, Flying Officer of the 501st
Joint Fighter Wing. Formerly part of the Free Gallian Air Force.” She answered with
a flat tone.

“Thanks Flying Officer Clostermann.” Robertson said after
Perrine introduced herself, “Free Gallian
Air Force huh? And Clostermann? That’s the last name for Pierre Clostermann and
also what’s with that attitude?
” He thought but also a bit annoyed by her
attitude especially towards him.

“Umm…forgive her for the way she acted sir.” The girl with
familiarly old Royal Air Force uniform told to Robertson which he turns to see

“Nevermind, I have experience meeting people like her.” He
said at the same time hearing a sharp remark in French/Gallian from Perrine
which is quickly calmed down by Yoshika. Robertson then continued, “You must

“A-Ah, I’m Sergeant Lynette Bishop. Part of the 501st
Joint Fighter Wing and also part of Britannian Royal Air Force” She said with a
polite bow.

At least she shows
some decency like the British people in my world.
” He thought then he looks
at the last girl, a red headed girl wearing the old US Army Air Force uniform
which is busy looking at the flight deck crews handling an F/A-18F Super Hornet
back to its hangar, “Umm, could you introduce yourself?” He said which the red
haired girl quickly looked back at the Admiral and gives a nervous laugh.

“Sorry, where are my manners? Anyway, I’m Charlotte E.
Yeager, Captain of the 501st. You can call me Shirley.” She said
with another cheerful and carefree expression.

“I see wait…Yeager? Your last name is Yeager?” Robertson
said as he noticed Shirley last name is the same as the pilot onboard his

“Yes, my last name is Yeager. Why?” Shirley curious at what
Robertson means by asking her last name.

Robertson just smiled and said, “Nothing Captain, It’s just
that the name is quite familiar…I mean, too familiar.” He said while thinking,
Seems Hawke will have a hard time
believing this
” he said as the thought of two Yeager’s met each other
proved to be a very interesting to him.

At the same time
in Eisenhower’s mess hall,

In the Eisenhower’smess hall, it was filled with crew
members and Navy pilots eating after the earlier battle. On one of the tables
sat a group of pilots of the VFA-534 Strike Fighter Squadron talking each to
each other while eating when suddenly a certain blond haired Captain named
Hawke E. Yeagerwhich is also their
Squadron Leader suddenly sneezed in front of his co-pilot Albert Lebowski,
covering him with milk which Hawke drink before he sneezes.

“W-What the hell man!? First that crazy Pugachev Cobra maneuvers which nearly
pissed my pants off and this?” Albert complains as he tries to clean himself
while the rest of the squadron members laughed.

“Sorry man, I just sneezed. I don’t know how that
happened?” Hawke said casually as he picks a tissue ad wipe his nose and his
mouth clean.

Another Hawke’s squadron mates named Captain James Fukuyama,
a Japanese-American, pilot of [Reaper 2] who is also a Japanese Anime addict
chuckles and said, “You know I seen this many times in anime’s. It could be
something hilariously bad will going to happen soon.”

“I just hope it won’t be that way James.” He said as he
takes another sip of milk when takes a look on his wristwatch which is now 1400

“Well I guess I’m
heading out now. You guys go get some rest. I’m going to the hangar to spend
time a bit. If anything happens, you’ll know where to find me.” He said as he
received salutes from his squadron mates before he heads out to the hangar.

Several minutes
later at the flight deck,

“Admiral Robertson, who are you waiting for?” Mio ask the
Admiral as he watches the deck, waiting for someone.

“Well Major, I’m waiting for the other commanders to start
our discussion so please wait for a minute.” Admiral said as he keeps his eye
on the flight deck.

The rest of the witches are either sitting around or lying
on the floor of the flight deck which most of the flight deck crew try to avert
their gazes from the witches, Erica and Shirley giggled seeing the flight deck
crew reactions while Perrine seems annoyed at the crew’s reaction.

“Ugh…improper Liberions. Looked at them, the saw us like
they didn’t know we are Witches.” Perrine said with a scowl on her face.

Shirley, still looking at the deck crew doing their job
muttered, “Yeah I don’t know but normally they all should knew about the
Witches. When I tried to talk to them they all kinda avoid their gaze at me
like they just never seeing a Witch before.”

“But look at their face! They’re flustered and I bet they
have dirty thoughts about us!” Perrine said as she looks angrily at the flight
deck crews which immediately tried to avoid her gaze.

“Don’t be hard on them Perrine, they after all looked
innocent~” Erica said as she smiled and waved at the flight deck crew.

“Tch whatever…” Perrine said as she gave a sharp glare at
the rest of the crew again before looking elsewhere.

Their conversation unknowingly is heard by both Admiral
Robertson and Mio which Robertson then said to Mio, “You can’t blame her Major,
that Flying Officer is right.” Mio wanted to say something but Robertson knew
and said, “All will be explained soon enough.” Robertson said to her.

Before Mio saying something to Robertson, a sound of
helicopter engines is heard as he and the Witches looks up to see several
helicopters (in this case for the Witches which didn’t know about the
Helicopters) of different designs with different rounder appeared hovering
above the carriers deck.

“I-I’ve never seen that one before!?” Mio exclaimed and at
the same time feels awe at the hovering flying machine which are now landed on
the deck of the Eisenhower, the first
of these new machines the Witches especially Shirley who literally jumping like
a child after seeing the helicopter.

“It’s a helicopter. Just so you know!” Robertson shouted as
the first helicopter which is the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force SH-60J
Seahawk landed and one persons coming out from the helicopters.

The rest of the Witches look at the person which is wearing
a full white service uniform comes out from the helicopter and then stopped by
in front of Robertson with his hand stretches out and said, “Captain Tatsuya
Ashigata of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ship Harusame and the overall commander of the Japanese Fleet.”

When the Witches hear the Fusonian man identify himself as
Captain Tatsuya, they surprised that the Captain himself claimed as part of the
‘Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force’ especially Mio and Miyafuji as they
themselves as a part of Fuso Imperial Navy thought the ‘Japanese’ Captain is
also Fusonian.

“Excuse me Captain Tatsuya, you said you’re from the
Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force but you are from Fuso right?” Miyafuji
asks the Captain.

Captain Tatsuya looked at her and said to her in
surprisingly Japanese/Fuso language, “I’m afraid that question will have to wait Gunsō (Sergeant).

Surprised that this Captain speaks in their native
language, they wanted to ask more but decided to hold as several more
helicopters arrived. With Admiral Petrovkin coming out from the Ka-27 while the
NATO leaders arrived via the British navy’s AW101 Merlin. After the rest of the
commanders are on the ground, Robertson immediately introduces the witches to
the commanders and vice versa.

After introducing the commanders of each nationalities
navy, Robertson then turned to the Witches, “Well, with everyone here, let us
go to the briefing room.” He then led the group into the briefing room where everyone
arrived and sat down on their respective seats.

Briefing Room,
(Late Afternoon)

As the Witches and the navy commanders sat together in the
briefing room, Admiral Robertson started the discussion as he looks at Mio and
said, “Well, first things first…we want to know exactly who you girls are,
who’s the enemy that you fought before
and what is those machines you used against it?”

“Fair enough since you help us…so where do we start? Okay,
the enemy that we fought before are called the Neuroi.” Mio said which the rest
of the commanders seemed eager to hear the story about these Neuroi.

“Say Major, what do you know about this…Neuroi?” a question
coming from a Romagnian/Italian commander named Francesco Montecuccoli who wore
the rank of Contrammiraglio or
Counter Admiral of the Marina Militare.

Mio then gave a short but brief explanation about the
history of the human contacts with the Neuroi especially the part where the
Neuroi take out a huge chunk of mainland Asia and Liberion which the Neuroi
used it to create more of them.

“So this Neuroi have what you so-called hives scattered
across the world which is acted as a base for them huh? So how do you guys
fight them?” Another man who is Admiral Wellesley of the Royal Navy and the
overall commander of the NATO fleet asks.

“Simple, we use Witches against them.” Mio replied.

After hearing that they use the Witches, some of the
commanders look at her with their eyebrow raised until another person, Admiral
Petrovkin said, “So by Witches means that the one who use magic and flying
around on broomsticks?”

All the commanders thought Mio was joking until she said,
“Not with broomsticks anymore, we use the Striker Units.”

“I saw that, the one you and your friends uses earlier when
you landed here right Major?” Robertson said while the others look at the
Admiral in disbelief.

“Yes Admiral, that’s the Striker Unit.” Mio nodded in

Êtes-voushors de votre esprit
monsieur Admiral!? You can’t just go in and believe them would you?!” Exclaimed
one Gallian/French commander of Algerian descent named Counter Admiral Fouad

“You saw the battle which these girls are fought earlier
right? It doesn’t take a genius to know that these are the Witches she’s
talking about.” Robertson then look again at Mio, “Sorry Major, please

Mio explains about the Witches and the Striker Units along
with the history of the creation of the Strikers and its importance for the War

The rest seems to understand but they still didn’t believe
that the Witches are actually exists. The Witches wanted to asks how they could
possibly do not know about the existence of the Witches before Robertson said
to them that he will explain why.

But now, the Witches got another question, this time from
the German commander named Captain Eckhardt Wilhelm Strauss, “We understand
about the Striker Unit but what about the age requirement for the Witches and…”
Captain Strauss flustered a bit before saying, “Why is it that you don’t wear

Mio only replied, “Due to the nature of the Striker Unit,
the scientists who develop it concludes that to increase its effectiveness,
obstruction such as pants need to be removed for the Striker Units we used to achieve
its full potential and most witches that are recruited are around the age of 13
to 19”

The rest of the commanders shocked and also quite
distressed after hearing the age requirement for the witches to serve in the
armed forces, being from an alternate world where recruiting underage child for
military service or famously known as ‘Child Soldier’ which has been stated in
the Geneva Convention as a War Crime, some of them feels disgusted by the
actions of this world’s army to recruit underage children against the seemingly
dangerous Neuroi.

The Witches notices the angry expression of some of the
commanders which worries them, especially Miyafuji and Lynette.

Robertson immediately explained to the Witches before more
trouble arise, “To be honest with you Major, from where we came from,
recruitment from underage recruit can be considered a War Crime so you have to
understand that.”

Mio nodded in satisfaction of Admiral Robertson’s
explanation and then she explained to the rest of the commanders, “I’m sorry if
what was I said offend you gentlemen. But the Allied Military Command is
desperate to find a way to defeat the Neuroi and the only way to defeat them is
the Witches which they have to recruit. Besides, witches who we’re young before
they reach the age of 20 have more magical potentials is more effective to
combat the Neuroi as they are weak against magic. Witches who reach the age of
20 and more are considered ineffective as their magical powers begin to
diminish. I hope you gentlemen understand our predicament.”

“Ah…I see. Thank you for the information Major.” Captain
Strauss said before he takes a sip of the water that has been provided earlier.

“Well, we have promise our end of the bargain, now tell me
yours Admiral.” Mio said while looking at the admiral.

Admiral Robertson takes a deep breath before saying to Mio,
“Well Major, it may sound absurd but…let’s just say we’re not from this time
and this world.”

The Witches including Mio herself raised an eyebrow at
Robertson’s statement and Eila asks, “What do you mean not from this place? I
know by judging the equipment and technology you guys used, you’re definitely
not from this time.”

“So does anyone of you know about the Parallel Dimension or
Alternate Universe Theory?” Petrovkin asks the Witches.

“Parallel Dimension an Alternate Universe Theory? You mean
a theory where there is a similar world but has an alternatively different
setting? Ursula once said about that.” Erica said to the Russian Admiral.

“If you know about it, then it’ll make our explanation a
bit easier.” Robertson said as he takes a drink before explaining, “You see,
we’re come from the year 2015, 71 years in the future…albeit the previous 71
years back we don’t fight against this…Neuroi race.”

The Witches are taken aback by his explanation, not only
the time where the Admiral and his fleet come from is 71 years more advanced
than any other nation, they also surprised that there is no Neuroi in their

“Wait there is no Neuroi invading in your time?” Miyafuji

“More like the Neuroi never existed. As I said before, in
our world, we have no Alien invasion threat. Instead, this year 1944 in our
world is actually a period where we fought each other on the global scale which
is termed the Second World War.” Robertson explained and noticed some of the
witches seem shocked at the fact that humans in Robertson’s world fought each

Mio especially curious about the war and decided to asks,
“The Second World War? What has actually happened in that period?”

Robertson replied, “Well is hard to explain but I can show
you girls some footage and documentaries that I collected concerning the war.
If you want to I can show it to you and your friends back at your base
including your Commander.”

Mio nodded and said, “Seems fair enough, I think the rest
of the 501st should know about this too especially Minna.”

Robertson then smiled as he saying, “Well I think we can
wrap this discussion up.” He then uses his communication device and says, “Get
me Commander Newman here.”

Several minutes later, a black colored man with the rank of
Commander arrives into the briefing room and Robertson looks at the Witches,
“For now, Commander Newman will lead you to the officers lounge until we
arrived at…Dover where your unit stationed there…right Major?” He looked at Mio
who nodded.

“Then by any means Commander, please lead us.” Mio said as
the rest of the Witches and herself followed the Commander out from the
briefing room which leaves Robinson with his fellow commanders in the briefing

After the witches are gone, Robertson with the commanders
of their respective nations began to discuss with each other, “So…what you
gentlemen thinks about all of this?”

Captain Tatsuya thought for moment before saying, “If this
is really an alternate reality of our world…I think what the Major said about
everything is true.”

“Do you guys seriously believe in this whole thing!? I mean
look at the bloody girls! One of them is about the same age as my daughter and
they are forced to take up arms against these… bloody Aliens!” Admiral Wellesley said in disbelief and anger.

“They don’t have a choice.” Admiral Petrovkin said, gaining
attention from the rest before continues, “They don’t have any other means to
fight back the Neuroi’s except for the Witches. Its pure luck they even managed
to hold the Neuroi tide seeing that these Aliens are capable to sink a
continent to the bottom of the sea.”

Then the French Counter Admiral Fouad nodded at Petrovkin
statement while saying, “Indeed what he says is right. You all have to take
accounts that these are supposed to be the era of the Second World War. I’m
very much surprised that humanity in this world managed to hold the Neuroi this

Then the Italian commander suddenly said, “Well it doesn’t
change the fact that we are for time being, stuck in this world with no
knowledge on how to get back to our own dimension. I’m pretty sure our country
has mobilized a search for us after they hear our disappearance. It could lead
to diplomatic crisis.”

The rest of the naval commanders including Admiral
Robertson knew the severity of the problems caused by the disappearance. For
all they know, their representatives in the UN would be blaming each other for
the disappearance of their fleet…especially the Russians since their only
Aircraft Carrier which is one their precious possession of their Navy disappear
in one day.

Petrovkin breaks the moody atmosphere by saying, “Well it’s
the politicians problem not us. Until we find our way back, I say let’s help
the witches here fight against the Neuroi…until there is a way for us to go
back of course.”

The German Captain Strauss then said, “I agree with the
Russian here. Besides, some of us also brought some supply ships which would
make us in combat condition for quite a long time along with what we had
onboard…depends on how we should relegate our supplies.”

Robertson then nodded at first and then suddenly he thought
about something and said, “But I’m concern for this world’s government. They
might want to do everything they can to get their hands on our weapons and

The most troubled commanders after give a thought about
this is the German and Italian commander Captain Strauss and Counter Admiral
Francesco as they have learnt about the two nations of Karlsland and Romagna
reflects their own German and Italy, added that this year is 1944 which added
more of their worries.

“Captain Strauss, Counter Admiral Francesco. I know this is
hard since your nation has to recover much after the War and still recovering.
But know this, if they forced both of you or either one of us to do whatever
they want, either they demand our technology or ourselves for their personal
gain, they’ll gonna face all of us.” Robertson said to the two commanders which
both of them shows a sign of relief that they have allies to help them.

“Right now, we need to discuss on how we should help the
Witches…this is going to be a long discussion gentlemen.” Robertson said to the
rest of the commanders as they began another discussion between them before he

“Didn’t you guys actually notice the Witches names,
particularly their last name sound familiar?” Robertson said to his fellow
commanders which it took quite a time to realize it.

“You mean…those names…from our own World War Two fighter
aces? Yes I noticed” Fouad asks and the only replied he get is a nod.

The Commanders stay silent for awhile as Admiral Wellesley
finally voiced his only reaction which is commonly shared by the rest, “Bloody

Meanwhile, (Evening)

After arriving at the officer’s lounge which is a
recreation facility of the officers onboard the Eisenhower, the Witches are impressed with the facilities provided
in the lounge which consists of billiard tables, television set, refrigerator,
snack vending machines and also several arcade games.

Shirley whistles as she looks at the lounge’s facility,
“This is very different from most Liberion Navy’s officer’s lounge.”

“Things have changed over the past 71 year’s ma’am.”
Commander Newman said as he heads to the refrigerator and takes out several
cans of Coke and put it on the table.

Newman then asks, “Is there anything you want to eat?” as
he approached the vending machines.

Mio looks at the machine and said, “Anything that is good

Commander Newman then pulled out his wallet and inserted a
couple of dollars into the vending machine which all of the witches looks at
the vending machine with fascination and curiosity. Newman ignored it and clicks
several buttons on the keypad which located under the money slot. Several
seconds later, he retrieved several snacks from the vending machine which is
mostly M&M, Kit-Kat bars and bag of peanuts.

“Well, if you need anything just ask me. Oh and you girls
can play those arcade games over there. I’ll give you some tokens if you want
to play it.” He said to the girls as he pointed at several arcades games
presented inside the lounge and then gave them a handful bag of tokens.

“Thank you Commander. We’ll take care of ourselves from here.”
Mio saluted at the Commander Newman which he salutes back and leaves the

“Hmm…well for an officer’s lounge, it is quite fancy.”
Getrude said as she takes the canned coke which has been opened earlier by
Newman while looking at the facilities inside the lounge.

Then Erica grabbed Gertrude’s arm and said, “Trude! Let’s
go and play some of that Arcade games!” as she dragged her Karlsland partner
while grabbing the token bags to one of the arcade games which is a shooting

“Oh what is this? House of the Dead 4?” Gertrude said as
she looks at the screen which shows the demo of the game.

Erica looked at Barkhorn with a pleading look to play it
which Barkhorn sighed and smiled at her, “Okay okay, we’ll play this game.”
Erica cheered happily and immediately inserted the tokens and the two picked up
the pistol which has a wire connected to the arcade machine. She and Erica look
at the instruction to play the game in the screen. The two Karlsland aces then take a glance at
each other and nodded before both of them press the start button.

Perrine and Mio that time still sat in the couch while
eating some snacks provided by them. For Perrine, it was quite an awkward time
as she sat next to her adored idol.

“Hey Mio, I’m going out for awhile.” Shirley said as she
walks to the door.

“Alright Shirley, take care.” Mio said after Shirley heads
out from the lounge then she take a look at Perrine which fidgeting and asks,
“What’s happen Perrine? Don’t you want to enjoy yourself like the rest here?”
Mio said as she looks at Gertrude and Erica who are happily shooting some
zombies away while Yoshika and Lynette watches the two Karlslander playing and
cheering them on...also some occasion where they screamed during one of the
jumpscare moments in the game while Eila sat on a massage chair and seems to
fell asleep while muttering Sanya’s name, accompanying with moaning voice of

Perrine shyly asks her, “C-Can you play some o-of the games
with me Major?”

Mio blinked and then give her usual laugh while saying, “Of
course Perrine. I want to try some of those games too.” Perrine blushes after
hearing that but nevertheless, the two goes to the arcade sections and started
to play some games.

On the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Hangar Deck,

After leaving the lounge for a walk, Shirley decided to
visit the Hangar Deck of the Eisenhower
hoping to find any mechanics or pilots whom she can talk too. After she asks
the direction of the hangars from one of the sailors, she arrives at the
hangars only to see stationed planes of mostly Super Hornets and Helicopters
with engine parts hanged above with chains holding them. But as she walks
deeper inside the hangar, she didn’t find any flight mechanic until she heard a
sound of metallic clang and a voice accompanies it, “Ah dang it.” She decided
to walk to the source of the sound until she saw a young blonde haired man in
green flight suits with a Captain rank insignia’s on his shoulder, standing on
his plane. She decided to walks over the man.

Hawke’s POV,

During his time on the carrier during his combat tour, he
always spend his free time in the hangar, trying to improve the performance of
his Super Hornet which he hold dear since the first time he’s assigned to the
Carrier Naval Air Wing of the Eisenhower.

“Let’s see…if I could tweak this a bit more…” Hawke mutters
as he examines the engine of the Super Hornet. Hawke himself is respected by
the mechanic crew since he himself is quite a good mechanic thanks to his
grandfather who is one of the famous Ace Pilot in World War Two.

As he indulged in his works, he then heard a young female
voice, “That’s quite good plane you got here.” he then immediately thought, “Who the heck?” and take a look at the
direction of the person’s voice which is below him, only to see a familiar red
haired girl which he saw during the air battle over the English Channel…only
this time, he noticed, “Oh it’s the girl
that I met before…and is she’s…Pant-less?!”

“Hi I’m Shirley, what’s yours handsome~” Shirley said in a teasing

Is she’s teasing me?
Well, better to answer than stay silent.
” He thought before he introduces
himself, “The names Hawke.”

“Hawke huh? Nice name, who gives you that name?” Shirley
asks in curiosity.

Hawke replied as he picks up his portable screwdriver from
his toolbox, “It’s my grandpa.” And then he closes the exposed part of the
Engines and screws it back tightly. After that, he climbed down from the plane
and grabbed a towel which is kept on a tray cart.

“So Hawke, I haven’t seen this kind of plane before…what is
it?” Shirley asks as she watches over the Super Hornet.

“You didn’t know this is a fighter jet?” Hawke raised an
eyebrow as he and Shirley sat on a bench provided inside the hangar.

“A fighter jet eh? This is the first time I see it.”
Shirley said as stare at Hawke’s Super Hornet.

Hawke sighed and decided to explain a bit about the Super
Hornet’s origins and about everything he managed to know about the Super Hornet
to the red haired girl. After the long explanation about the Super Hornets
which Shirley seems interested in it, Hawke asks her, “Hey Shirley, I saw you
fighting that black flying bogey with what’s that piece of machine which you
wear before?”

Shirley chuckles and said, “Well, the one I’m wearing
before is called the Striker Units…” Shirley began her explanation about the
Striker Units, Witches and the Neuroi for awhile. She also tells him about the
Parallel Dimension theory that Robertson explained after the explanation,
Shirley manages to see Hawkes blue eyes stare at her with disbelief.

After receiving the knowledge from Shirley, Hawke rubbed
his head and said, “Well for the Neuroi and all of these Parallel Dimension
stuff, I understand…but magic? Are you kidding?”

Shirley just grinned and said, “I’m not kidding Hawke.”
Then she concentrate herself until Hawke saw her glow a bit and also saw the
white bunny ears appear on her head and also bunny tails appears on her lower

After seeing that, Hawke can only say, “You know, my old
grandpa once said that believes something that you see with your own
eyes...now think what he said is true.”

Shirley giggled by his words before the two is interrupted
by an ensign which the two immediately looks at him.

“Captain Yeager, the Admiral wants to see you as soon as
you free.” The ensign said and left, unknowingly that there are two person with
the same last name.

“Alright!” The two simultaneously said. Then the two look
at each other with their eyes wide in surprise.

Shirley is the first to speak, “Your last name is Yeager?”

Hawke only replied, “Yeah…and you too?” which only answer
in a nod.

Then he asks, “What is your full name?”

“I’m Charlotte E. Yeager.” Shirley said her full name as
she looks at Hawke who thinks about something.

There is something familiar…
Do you happen to break world speed record and
also broke the sound barrier…did you?” Hawke asks that question to Shirley.

Shirley just nodded and Hawke decided to asks again, “And
what is your father’s name Shirley?”

“It’s Albert Hal Yeager.” Shirley answered then she notices
the horrified look of Hawke’s face.

“This can’t be happening…THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING…what year
is it?” The paled face of Hawke asks one more question.

“It’s 1944, are you okay Hawke you look like seeing a
ghost.” Shirley answered and Hawke mortified after hearing the answer.

Hawke didn’t say anything but climbed back to get his
toolbox and climbed down again. He headed back to the bench and opened his
toolbox to reveal a scrapbook which he take out and handed it to Shirley.

“What this?” Shirley said as she saw the scrapbook which
bears the name [Charles ‘Chuck’ E. Yeager] she began to open the pages and read
the content. After looking though the pages, she immediately closed the
scrapbook…with the same horrified looks on her face and then turned to see

“M-My name is Hawke E. Yeager…and I believe I’m your
grandson…from another reality.” he said as he thought, “Goddamnit Hawke! Your grandfather is an 18 year old girl!? What the
fuck is going on!?

“W-W-WHAT!?” Shirley panicked and flustered at the
revelation before she’s saying, “Y-You are…dear God…you’re k-kidding are you?”
She said in extreme difficulty because of the shock by Hawke’s explanation.

“I-I’m not…I don’t want to believe this either! B-But…” He
then cut off as he saw Shirley fainted and immediately grabbed her, “Hey! Wake
up Shirley!” He shouts as attempt to wake her up.

The ensign from before appears back while saying, “Captain,
the Admiral is waiting for yo-” But abruptly stopped after seeing Hawke holding
the fainted Shirley.

“Ah you again, I’m going to carry her to the medical bay
and please tell the Admiral that he have to wait.” Hawke informed and the
Ensign complies as he headed back to inform the Admiral.

Several Hours
Later in the Eisenhower’s Medical Bay

“Ugh…where am I?” Shirley woke up after fainted it takes
only several seconds to realize that she’s on a bed. She looked around and saw
medical appliance and equipment and then she saw a familiar blond haired man
entering the room.

“Shirley? Thank god you’re awake.” Hawke said as he takes a
chair and sat down beside her bed. He was concerned after revealing the fact
that Shirley is his grandfather’s counterpart in this world.

Shirley rubbed her eyes before asking Hawke, “What
happened? How long have I been here? ”

“Well, after I’m saying that I’m your grandson…which you
fainted. I have to carry you all the way to the medical bay. Good thing the
doctor said that you just suffering from emotional shock. You’re knocked out
cold for 4 hour straight.” He said as he paused for several minutes before
saying, “I-I’m sorry Shirley.”

Shirley blinked and then asks, “Why?”

Hawke take a deep breath and finally said, “For what has
happened today…it was quite a shock actually to know that you are a counterpart
of Grandpa Chuck…the Admiral has filled me in about everything happened here…man
I can’t believe this parallel world of my grandpa is a hot 18 year old girl.”
He then chuckles.

Shirley is a bit annoyed at the last part and said, “You’re
teasing me aren’t ya?”

Hawke just replied, “Hey the same can be said to you too
Shirley.” He laugh for a moment before he said, “Well your friends are here
before after hearing you fainted. Boy when they saw me with you, they thought I’m
going to molest you.”

Shirley felt nervous after that and asked after seeing a bruise
on Hawke’s forehead, “What happened actually? Why do you have bruises on your head?”

Hawke take a drink of water from nearby table and then
answered, “Well, after I send you here…I’ve been visited by your friends…the
first thing they saw when I was here beside you is they suddenly hold me down
and hit me hard…with a chair I think before Admiral Robertson and some Marines
came and resolved the situation…still hurts though.” He nervously laughed.

Suddenly a Navy Doctor enters the medical bay and
approached Hawke while holding a document, “Captain Yeager, here’s the report
you requested.”

Hawke take the document and thanked the doctor, “Thanks
doc, though you should call me Captain Hawke.”

The doctor grinned before leaving the medical bay in which
Hawke sighed and muttered, “I wonder how much they bet on me now?”

Shirley on the other hand, curious looks at the document
which Hawke is holding and ask, “What’s that Hawke?”

He looks at the document and then looked back at Shirley
saying, “Well, it’s a DNA test result. The Navy decided to employ this new
method as a way to if possible, to identify the remains of our fellow
serviceman if they got down in combat and found their condition beyond any
recognition in any circumstances.” He paused before he considers something and
finally said, “The truth is…I take some of your saliva samples and giving it to
the doctors onboard to make a DNA test with my own. To see if our genetic
pattern is a match.”

Shirley then frowned at the last statement Hawke made,
though she didn’t understand about this…DNA test, but she found that what Hawke
doing is rude and said in a stern voice, “You take my saliva without my

Hawke lowers his head and said, “I’m sorry…I just want to
know if any of these which is happening to me is true.”

Shirley sighed and smiled back as usual, “Well don’t do
that again okay. Well what are the test shows?”

Hawke opened the document and read the result which in the
end, his eyes went wide before he muttered, “I guess this is true after all…”

Shirley took the result paper from him and takes a look at
the content which she look at a particular sentences which caught her

[DNA Result Test:
Comparison between genetic traits of Captain Hawke E. Yeager and Captain
Charlotte E. Yeager (At Captain Hawke Yeager’s request) resulted in: (The
Genetic Pattern is 98% Match)]

Shirley then looks at Hawke, saying, “So it is true we are

Hawke then looked at her and replied, “Well, now it’s
official then. You and I are relatives…though I couldn’t call you grandma or
even grandpa.” He chuckles before broke into a laugh and Shirley just pouted.

“I’m gonna shoot you if you dare call me that.” Shirley
said, still pouted but then also laughs with Hawke continue to laugh.

After both of them recovered from their laugh, Shirley then
looks at her parallel world relative and asks, “So what should we do now? Are
my friends knows about it?”

“Your friends didn’t know about this…yet, though my
squadron mates got a wind of what’s happened…luckily the Admiral has told
everyone about the situation so…I don’t think they’ll consider this as a
serious matter.” Hawke answered before continues, “Though…I still don’t know
how we can address each other.”

Shirley then thinks of something and a smile appears on her
face, she immediately said to Hawke, “Well I suppose that doesn’t matter anyway
isn’t it? Let’s just stay where we are and be close friends, we can address each
other by name.”

Hawke then smiled and said, “I guess you’re right. Well,
the Admiral informed that we will arrive at the Dover base by tomorrow morning.
So it’s best for you to rest here and don’t worries about your friends, the
Admiral provide them with sleeping quarters too.” Hawke said before he stand up
and looks at her, “I guess I’ll be going too. Good night Shirley” As he walks
to the door before being stopped by Shirley.

“Hey Hawke!” She shouts which Hawke turned to see her with
a ‘what is it?’ looks.

“If you have time tomorrow, I would like to get into one of
that…jet fighter of yours…if you’re not troubled by it.” Shirley said while
shyly covers herself with the bet sheet.

Hawke thought for a moment before looking at her, smiling, “I
guess I can arrange it by tomorrow. I’m sure the Admiral won’t mind.”

Shirley then looks like a kid who just got her Christmas
presents and immediately darts out from the bed and hugged him while saying, “Thank
you! Thank you!!”

Hawke then thought about something in his mind, “Well what do you know~ she looks a lot like
my Cousin Emily...I wonder how she’s
” He then brought her back to the bed and said to Shirley, “Alright
Shirley, get some rest and meet me tomorrow after breakfast…got it?” which
Shirley nodded.

“I’ll be looking forward for tomorrow Captain Yeager.” Shirley saluted before goes to her bed.

Hawke smiled back and replied, “I’ll be looking forward for
tomorrow too Captain Yeager.” and
salutes back before he left the medical bay with a smile on his face, tomorrow
will be an exciting day for everyone and the 501st witches
especially Captain Charlotte ‘Shirley’ E. Yeager.

Yes it would be a
very interesting day tomorrow. I wonder how much dollars those guys are betting
on me about my blood relations with Shirley?”
thought Captain Hawke ‘Hawk’
E. Yeager thought as he walks along the carrier’s corridors back into his
quarters to sleep that night…and also to know which one of his squadron mates gone

End of Chapter 2
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Re: A Strike Witches Fanfic ideas discussion

Post by Alexi Fuji on Wed 10 Oct 2012 - 9:41

Disclaimer: The Strike Witches
series is fully owned by Shimada Humikane, Noboru Yamaguchi and Gonzo Animation
Studios while the non Strike Witches elements are fully owned by me.

Authors Note: As usual, I want to thank
those people who review and followed the story and I know that some thought the
interaction between characters tend to get a bit out of character so in
advance, I’m apologize for any mistakes. Now let’s go on with the chapter.

Chapter 4: The Pain of the Past.

Date: July 22nd 1944

Location: 501st Joint Fighter
Wing, Dover, Britannia.

was a quite hectic day at the 501st Joint Fighter Wing base as the
base personnel immediately gathers to see the newcomers whose landed on the
base. Some of them are surprised to see the newcomers wears a different uniforms
that most nations at this period wears but the majority of them looked at awe
of the arrays of helicopters and their crews which they haven’t heard or see in
their time nor that they never heard a country like America, Russia, Japan or
the other European countries. The helicopter crews immediately get to know the
base personnel and even exchanging stories between them either they are from
different nationalities altogether.

the bases personnel are busy ice breaking with the helicopter crews of the
Joint Naval Force, their overall commander Admiral Frederick Robertson together
with the commanders from other fleets nationality of Russia, Britain, German,
Italy and Japan sat together with the 501st Witches in their
briefing room to have what seems to be a very long discussion…after Minna,
Lucchini and Sanya get to know the commanders again and particularly on the
young blond American pilot named Hawke E. Yeager.

do you want from me Commander?” Hawke asks the 501st Wing Commander
who looks at him seriously.

want to know who you really are and how are you related to Shirley? I want
answers.” Minna said.

on the other hand looks at the 27 year old Air Force Captain curiously while
she said to him, “Hey mister, are you really one of Shirley’s family?”

sweatdropped by the attention he gets. He sighed before saying to the two,
“Well as I’m wanted to explain about my life and all…this is not the time for
me to tell it unfortunately. Besides, there is more pressing matter that we
need to discuss than my private life…Commander.” He said as he looks at Admiral
Robertson which Minna noticed and looked at the Admiral.

Admiral Frederick Robertson, please tell me how you ended up on our world. Mio
has told me about your parallel dimension and everything so you just need to
explain the full detail of your arrival into this world.” Minna said as she
looked straight at the American Admiral.

Robertson just massaged his forehead and sighed before he said, “Sorry I had a
headache but don’t worry about it.
Now where was I?” Before he continued, “Ah yes, the reason we come here is what
you can say…an accident.”

raised her eyebrows and began to ask again, “What do you mean by accident?”

see Commander, yesterday we had a joint naval exercises between the US Navy,
Russian Navy and the NATO along with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
on the English Channel. But then we got a weather interference with high
magnetic readings after being informed by one of the British Meteorological
Stations. After that, we hit by some freak unnatural storm and finally end up
here.” Robertson explained in which the rest of the commanders nodded.

fleet is hit by a freak storm and it sends you here?” Mio asks and the Admiral
nodded before she continued, “Do you tried to contact with your high command?”

shook his head; along with the other commanders as he said, “After we ended up
here, we could not make contact with the FLTFORCOM.”

rest of the witches including Minna stares at the Admiral with a confused face
as the Admiral realized that the Witches are not used to the military acronyms,
“I’m sorry girls; FLTFORCOM is a short term for Fleet Force Command. So far we
have failed to initiate any contact with them.”

Wellesley also added, “And so do we. We haven’t managed to contact our own
Allied Command Atlantic HQ. I’m afraid we’re stuck here for awhile.”

finally nodded and said, “I understand. For now you and your fleet are welcomed
here temporarily until I can confirm it with the Allied Forces High Command.”

German Commander Captain Strauss then said, “Excuse me Herr Oberstleutnant, but
we need assurance that no other military command of your world would demand to
acquire our technology or to use one of us without the permission of Admiral

contemplates this and finally said, “Very well Kapitän zur
. I’ll see what I can do.”

Erica suddenly remembers something, “Umm…Admiral Robertson, you said before
that you’ll show us more about your worlds own history right?”

smiles and said, “Yes indeed I have brought the video to show.” Robertson said
as he pulled out a Laptop from his briefcase and also Hawke took out a projector
from another bag he brought which makes the witches a bit curious.

Hawke, I need you to set up the Projector…it is fully charged right?” Robertson
asks the American Captain who is setting the projector on the table.

looked at the Admiral and said, “Yeah, it’s charged full.” After that he
proceeds to pull some connection cables and connects it into the laptop.

nodded as the work is getting done by Hawke, he then turns to his aide,
“Commander Newman, please close the curtains.” He ordered which the curtains
has been closed.

he shows it to the 501st, he give and advice, “Well girls, what
you’re about to see are some…disturbing images. Are you so are you guys ready?”
The witches didn’t say anything and Robertson sighed as he ordered, “Play it

Timeskip, 2 Hours later,

say that witches surprised after seeing the documentary footage is an
understatement, they are literally terrified and also shocked by the history of
the alternate version of their world which shows from the beginning of World
War One until the recent conflicts and terrorism which plagues the world.
Robertson finally turns off the projector as he deemed it is more than enough
for the witches to know.

about our history…in two hours.” Robertson casually said as the video stop
playing and the curtain opened. He has expected the shocked face or every witch
including Commander Minna herself after watching the video, especially as it
involves the three nations of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Japanese
Empire which bears the same resemblance to Karlsland, Romagna and Fuso.

a moment of silence, Gertrude Barkhorn finally said, “Your world…is this world
you guys living until now?”

patted Gertrude shoulder and said, “It is Hauptmann. Though at some point in
time, we STLL live in relative peace…even though conflicts still brewing up at
some parts of the world like what happened in the Second Korean War which has
ended a year ago. ” He said while stressing the word ‘Still’ while he also
explains about the recent conflict.

still shaken after the footage of the documentary especially the war in Asia
which she witnesses the Japanese Empire which resembles too much of her Fuso
Empire committed such atrocious crime especially against prisoners of wars and
civilians in the territory they conquered.

looked at Captain Tatsuya, “Is this what the counterpart of Fuso has done in
your world?”

looked at the Fuso Major with a sad face, “It’s true, the Japanese Government
is handled by radical military nationalists with the Emperor supposedly backed
them up which our Emperor denies the accusation. Is they who lead my country to
near ruin in the Second World War. Now we’re not called as the Japanese
Imperial Army or even being called an Army anymore, we only being called as the
‘Self-Defense’ Force since our defeat in 1945.”

who clearly still shaken at the crimes her countries counterpart has done but
she decided to ask, “What happened to this…nation of Germany? Why there’s the
Chancellor instead of Kaiser?”

German Captain looked over Minna and replied to the Karlslandian Commander,
“You see Oberstleutnant, Germany actually have a Kaiser but after the defeat in
the Great War, he was ousted from power and the German Empire became the Weimar
Republic before being changed into Nazi Germany by Hitler.”

overthrow the Kaiser!?” Minna exclaimed and remained speechless after heard
about the fate of the Karlsland counterpart of Germany’s own Kaiser is
overthrown by its own people.

tried to ease the witch’s worries after seeing them distressed over the fact
about the World which the Admiral and his fellow commanders lives in, “Hey, let
us think of this another way. The fact you girls fought against the Neuroi is
somewhat a blessing.”

blessing? Why would you say that!?” Perrine asks.

see…if the Neuroi never attacked this world in the first place…you guys would
fight each other like our great grandfathers back in our world and I know you
girls will not want that to happen right?” Robertson told the witches which
they finally understood what he meant.

finally calmed down from the shock said, “It seems what you said is true
Admiral. Thank you for showing all of this, we appreciate it.”

patted Admiral’s right shoulder as he stand next to him and talked to Minna,
“It is our obligation so that our past mistakes will not be repeated again.
Even now, most of the men in our command have once lost someone too…including
him.” He then turned to Hawke who still packing up the projector when he
notices all eyes staring into him.

there something in my face? Shirley?” Hawke asks while looking at everyone and
even Shirley.

approaches him and asks him, “It’s nothing Captain. Please continue with your
job and put that projector back into the Seahawk.” He ordered.

Admiral.” Hawke replied before he slung the laptop bag and hefted the projector
and said, “If you please excuse me.” As he walk out of the 501st
Briefing Room.

Hawke finally gone from their view, Shirley finally asks the Admiral about what
has happened to Hawke, “Excuse me Admiral…what Admiral Petrovkin said about
Captain Hawke loses someone?”

Shirley, I can’t tell you more on what happened to him. You better asks him
yourself.” Robertson said as he gives a sad smile before he looks at his fellow
commanders then at Minna again.

Wing Commander, I believe I need to discuss something more private matter with
the two of us.” Admiral said as he smiled at Minna while his tone to her
indicates that this is something really important to him.

well Admiral, follow me to my office.” She said as she turns to Yoshika,
“Sergeant Yoshika, Sergeant Lynette please led the rest of our visitors to the
dining hall if you please.”

and Lynette saluted before looking at the NATO Commanders and the Russian
Admiral, “Well then sir, please follow us to the dining hall for lunch.”

French Counter Admiral Fouad Azzedine then let a sigh of relief as he asks,
“About time. So, what’s for lunch?”

happily said, “It’s a mixture of Fuso and Britannia dish me and Lyn made for
your visit.” As she said that, the commanders smiled back at the two Witches.

Magnifique! Fine food at last! I’m
getting tired of the usual menu on my ship.” The French cheered while
complaining about the food on his ship.

it’s been awhile since I ate foods from homeland…at least Fuso is similar to my
Japan. I’ll be looking to your food Yoshika Gunsō.” Captain Tatsuya replied with a smiled looks on his face and the
rest proceeds themselves to the dining hall.

“Let’s go and get some rest Sanya.” Eila
said as she and Sanya headed back to their rooms.

As the rest gone separate ways leaving the
Briefing Room, Shirley together with Gertrude, Erica, Perrine, Mio and Lucchini
remained in the room to discuss a bit on what they’re going to do.

“Their world…is that will happen to us when
the Neuroi won’t invade us?” Gertrude Barkhorn said, still clearly looked
shaken after watching the Admiral’s own version of their world’s history.

“I cannot imagine if that really going
happen to us Trude, if it’s really going to happen…I won’t fight you guys.”
Erica said with a confident tone.

“We won’t Erica. They show this to us so
that we won’t make the mistake their previous generation done in the past.” Mio
nods after explaining to them as she looks over Shirley who seems to be quiet
after the show is over and after Hawke headed to store the equipment.

“Shirley, if you have time…please asks
Captain Hawke to dine with us.” Mio order at her as Shirley finally snaps out
from her own thought.

“O-Okay Mio. I’ll call him.” Shirley said as
she saw Mio smiles at her and left together with Perrine, possibly to the
dining hall.

Before she left to find Hawke, Gertrude with
Erica and Lucchini decided to follow her too and the four of them heads out to
find the American Air Force Captain.

Wing Commander Minna’s Office,

the discussion between Admiral Robertson and his entourage of commanders with
the 501st Witches, Admiral Robertson requested to have a private
meeting with Wing Commander Minna.

Admiral, what do you want to talk about privately?” Minna asks as she sits down
on her chair followed by Robertson.

Robertson answers as he sits down, “Yes, I
need your personal help Commander.”

help? Why?” Minna blinked for a moment before he asks more, “Why do you need my
help? I’m sure that I can guarantee your protection from anyone who might want
to use your or your technologies.” She explained.

that’s where the main problems come in.” Robertson said as he massaged his
forehead before continuing, “I need a person from your command that can really
be trusted other than you and your witches Commander. No offense but we don’t
want anything happened to the peoples under my command.” He said with concerned

immediately remembers the experience with one such people like the clearest
example is the Britannian Air Marshal Trevor Maloney. If there still people
like him in the military which she suspected still exists, she really need to
do something to gain the Admiral’s trust. Besides, his units and technologies
prove to be invaluable in the fight against the Neuroi.

a bit of thinking, she finally decided, “Very well, I know a couple of people
who can be trusted. I’ll call Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding to meet you n

Robertson’s eyes gone wide in surprise when Minna mentioned the British own Air
Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding who are a famous figure during the Second World War,
“Wait Commander Minna…Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding himself?”

Admiral.” She as she cleared several papers and said, “I believe he was a hero
figure in your dimension?”

chuckled and said, “He is, he commanded the RAF during the Battle of Britain
against the Germans and he did good.”

two chuckles before Robertson says, “I have to be honest with you Commander.
Until we get back to our world, I think we don’t have any choice but to stay
here and help you and if there’s anything happened your witches. You can ask
our help in return.”

Minna chuckles and stretches her hands to him
while saying, “You got yourself a deal Admiral”

shakes her hand and at the same time smile as he said, “Thank you Commander,
this is going to be a beginning of good partnership between us Commander.”

will be indeed Admiral.” Minna nodded then she thought of something and asks
the Admiral, “Say Admiral, about Captain Yeager…is he really related to
Shirley? Because I’m informed that she have only two siblings.” She noticed the
Admiral smiled at her as he pulled out a chewing gum and ate it.

been awhile since I last chew my chewing gum.” He said before he answered
Minna’s questions, “And for your question…well consider it a specialty of
living in another dimension because all those witches name including you…are
actually similar to our world pilot aces of World War Two.”

said as he take a deep breath and continues, “Captain Hawke is actually a
descendent of Captain Charles E. Yeager, a World War Two veteran pilot. We
assumed that Shirley here is the female version of Charles and through Genetic
testing, we concluded that Captain Hawke and Shirley IS related…even if those
two from different realities.”

became fascinated by Robertson’s world after knowing that each witches and
possibly including herself has their male version in the other reality. But she
immediately focused her attention to Hawke and decided to asks the American
Admiral, “So I heard that Captain Hawke once also lost someone he hold dear
to…could you tell me who is it?”

Admiral pondered while giving her a sad looks but then he sighed and said to
her, “Well Commander, it’s not easy for me to tell this but I guess he would

so the Admiral told the young Witch Commander about Hawke’s tragic story.

At the edge of the 501st JFW
Airbase Runway

the end of the runway which is used by the Witches for sortie in their Striker
Unit, a certain American Captain named Hawke E. Yeager stares at the beach
before he is interrupted by a familiar voice.

What are you doing here?” Shirley said as she arrives with Lucchini, Erica and

looks at the four witches and give somewhat a sad smile as he said, “Ah
Shirley, I just reminiscing something in the past.” He then turned back to look
at the sea.

walks right next to him and said, “I just heard about you and Shirley, is the
rumor that you and Shirley are related is true?”

chuckled and said, “It’s weird for me and her but somehow…it’s true. Well…even
blood can transcend time and…dimensions. So, what are you guys doing here?” He
suddenly asks the witches.

then finally said, “We heard from Admiral Petrovkin that you once lost someone
you hold dear, is it true?”

Hawke blinked for a moment before he asks, “He
said it?” and the Liberion witch nodded. Hawke massaged his forehead and said,
“Guh…I don’t want to talk about it…it’ll take time.”

immediately said, “We got time! Please I want to hear it!” Hawke sweatdropped
while Gertrude glared at her.

the situation goes out of control, Hawke finally said, “Alright alright. I’ll
talk. Let just go and find some suitable place to sit and talk.”

Minutes Later

the found a good spot which is near the hangar, he finally sat down with the
witches and take a deep breath before he began to speak, “So, I guess you guys
want to talk about how I lost someone I hold dear is it?”

immediately asks, “Do you have a girlfriend Hawke?”

chuckled and said, “I just going to say about that you know Lucchini. Anyway,
what she said is right, I have a girlfriend who served together with me

rest of the witches began to look at him curiously about his girlfriend and
asks, “Your girlfriend working in the military?”

Air Force actually. Both of us known long during our time during and after
graduated from the Academy. Surprisingly, she is also my first WSO before
Albert takes her place when both of us served on the Eisenhower the first time.” Hawke said as he remembers the time he
spent with his girlfriend.

is her name?” Shirley asks.

the produces a dog tag and a ring which tied with the dog tags and answered,
“Her name is Melinda F. Williams or Linda as I called her. She’s a First
Lieutenant back then. When I first saw her in Academy…she was the most
beautiful and interesting girl I’ve ever met.” He then took out a picture from his wallet and
gives it to witches to look at. The picture shows a young woman who’s the same
age as Hawke with green eyes and short brownish-auburn hair with a fair white
skin wearing the US Air Force Service Uniform with the attached rank of 1st

this Linda? She’s beautiful!” Erica said as she looks the picture of Hawke’s
girlfriend. Hawke then put the picture back into his wallet.

what happened to her?” Barkhorn ask as she curious about Linda’s fate.

looked at her and give a sad smile as he said, “She’s…dead…killed in action.”
And that made the four witches shocked.

What happened?” Shirley asks after hearing that Hawke’s girlfriend is killed in

sighed before he continues, “It was during the Second Korean War…a year ago
back in my time.” he said as he began to remember the flashback over a year


Date: January 1st 2014

Location: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Off the Coast of Korean Strait

reign over the Korean Peninsula again as North Korea gathers its military
forces and has broken through the 38th Parallel through massive
invasion which marks the beginning of the Second Korean War. In response, the
United States and its allied declare war together with the Russian Federation
in which a month before the New Year, the North Koreans deliberately sunk a
Russian Cruise Liner which carries the Russian President family members who are
killed during the sinking of the Liner. Those events are known in history as
the Sinking of MV Petropavlovsk triggered a huge backlash in Russia as the
President and the Russian people declared war on the North Koreans. The
Russians and United States finally begin sending in troops and equipment to
help the Republic of Korea as their military capability began to dwindling due
to the aggressiveness of the Democratic Republic of North Korea’s own military
who are using Chinese equipment managed to inflict severe damaged to the South
Koreans. As first response to the aggression, the United States sends it
[Carrier Group Task Force 122] which is formed in urgency to support the South
Koreans which now lost most of its territory on the northern 38th
Parallel including the capture of their capital city of Seoul.

on the coast of the Korean Straight, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower along with its sister ships the USS George H.W. Bush and USS Ronald Reagan are preparing to send
their fighter group into another sortie against important North Korean army
position and infrastructure. Today, a certain Carrier Fighter Wing VFA-534 the
“Twin Reapers” are tasked to defend a group of B-52 ‘Stratofortress’ and B-1 ‘Lancer’
bomber of the newly reformed 644th Bomb Squadron which already set
up their base at Misawa AFB in Japan, one of those who participated in the
escort mission is none other than Captain Hawke E. Yeager and his girlfriend
which also his WSO officer First Lieutenant Melinda F. Williams are currently
heading out to board their F/A-18F which are currently on the deck of the

sortie huh? You think those North Koreans would let up if we keep bombing them
day and night Linda?” Hawke asks his girlfriend. It was a couple of years back
since they graduated from the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and they
began dating each other since they are assigned as a part of the Carrier
Fighter Wing VFA-534 on board the Dwight
D. Eisenhower

smiled at him as she said, “Who knows…I don’t think they’re gonna relent from
our bombing that easily. Besides, even now our forces also involved in Georgia.
We’re really outstretched here.”

2013, the US began its policy of pulling their troops and began focusing on the
defense of their homeland and their allied countries which the US is now
sending its troops and equipment to defend and assist the South Koreans.

the two finally entered their F/A-18F, Hawke began to check his equipment
before he said, “I don’t know about that Linda…even now I heard the Russians
are going to help us too since those bastards sink a ship full of Russian civvies
and their Presidents relatives to add…they’re getting pissed off”

chuckles as she said, “I just hoped they’re going to help us soon…” she then
checked all the necessary equipment and double checked it as she continues,
“Say…after this war is over, wanna go somewhere to spend our time before we’re
being called in?”

grinned behind his helmet and said, “Aww Linda!? I’m just going to ask you that
first!” he laughed before he continued, “Well, I think the Rocky Mountains;
I’ve always wanted to go there with you.”

chuckles and said, “Alright Hawke, Rocky Mountains it is. Now, all systems are
checked Hawke, we’re ready for takeoff.”

just smiled as he contacts the carrier’s air control officer, “Alright Linda,
strap on. Control this is [Reaper 1], we’re ready for takeoff.”

(Comms)[Affirmative [Reaper 1], you are
cleared for takeoff.]

usual, he and the rest of his 6-plane squadron takeoff from the deck of the Eisenhower as they joined two other
fighter squadrons named the VFA-32 Naval Strike Fighter Squadron a.k.a
“Swordsmen” from the George H.W. Bush
and the VFA-44 Naval Strike Fighter Squadron a.k.a “White Tigers” from the Ronald Reagan, both squadrons piloting
the F/A-18E and the new F-35C Lightning II for the latter.

all Reaper Squadrons, check your electronics and report in over.” Hawke said as
he and the rest of his fighter squadron are in formation with they’re report in
to Hawke since he is their squadron leader.

he heard a distinctive voice of the Japanese-American pilot, whose callsign is
[Reaper 2]; began to contact him through his comms.

is [Reaper 2] to [Reaper 1] how’s you and your girlfriend holding up there?]
Reaper 2 or also known as Captain James Fukuyama said while ended with a laugh
which all of his squadron shared. The rest of Hawke Squadron and even the whole
Eisenhower crews are known about the
relationship between him and Linda and they always makes joke about it.

very funny [Reaper 2], focused on the mission then we can talk about it AFTER
we get back from this sortie...if you managed to get back in one piece.” Hawke
sarcastically said before he is interrupted by an order from the command which
is from the US Air Force E-3 Sentry AWACS callsigned [Spearman].

all flight, this is AWACS [Spearman] your command and control operations for
this sortie. Our objective for today is the usual bombing run on the North
Korean People’s Army strategic location and infrastructure in Seoul which will
be done by our bomber boys of the 644th. Your task is to escort the
bombers and watch out for the enemy interceptors. Intel just came in that the
North Koreans has acquired several interceptor fighters from the Chinese and
they will use it once the bombing run starts. So keeps your eyes peeled over
the sky.]

you [Spearman]. We’ll keep an eye out of enemy bogeys.” Hawke replied as the squadron’s
approaches the rendezvous point and began to escort the bombers to their

5 hours later on the North Korean
occupied Seoul Airspace

a long flight from the rendezvous point, they finally approach Seoul’s
airspace. The bombers and its escorts began to drop into a suitable bombing

is [Fire 43] we’re approaching target area. Please cover us from any bogies
that may come at us over.] One of the lead bombers in the B-52 contacted its

that [Fire 43]. We’ll keep an eye of the bogies” Hawke informed the lead bomber
before he asks Linda, “What’s the status of the weapons system?” He waited but
he didn’t get a reply and he said her name, “Linda?”

snaps out after her name is heard and she quickly looked at the electronics as
she said, “E-Everything is fine Hawke.”

looks worried as he asks her, “Is something wrong Linda?”

without seeing her, he knew Linda shook her head as she said, “Oh it’s
nothing…I just have a bad feeling. I just hope it’s not true.”

then, their comms received a distressed message from their AWACS [Spearman]
when Hawke notices his radar has picked up incoming bogies,

to all planes, enemy bogeys detected in force. We’ve got two dozen MiG-29’s and
J-8II’s approaching the combat area. You are cleared to engage.]

immediately ordered Linda to activate its targeting system when three of the
bomber group is shot down by the bogeys long range missile and his own missile
warning system blared to life.

got a missile lock! Hang on!” He shouts as he releases flares and evaded the
oncoming R-77 missile fired by a North Korean MiG-29 before he fires his own
AMRAAM and managed to hit the MiG.

hit Hawke!” Linda cheered as she began to receive more contact on radar and
then a transmission is heard.

Alarm Warning* Dammit! This is [Swordsman 1]! The North Koreans has *Missile
alarm Warning* -ing SAM’s out of nowhere!!! Oh F-*Exploded sound and static*]

is AWACS [Spearman], all air units be advised, we’ve detected multiple SAM
sites consist of Gadfly’s and Gimlet’s and several Flak batteries. Command order to continue the bombing and
escorts to engage enemy fighters and AA units until the bombing is over.]

then, Hawke saw another B-1 Lancer burst into flames as one of the SAM’s hit it
directly at the center where the bomb was kept. After that, he finally looks at
the rest of the bombers, being under constant flak still delivering their bombs
payload as they reach the intended target area while he and his squadron with
the rest of the other naval squadrons engaged enemy aircraft.

this is [Reaper 1], the bombers are getting slaughtered! We didn’t expect this
kind of enemy resistance!” Hawke nearly shouts as he tried to shoot down a
North Korean Shenyang J-8II who managed to shoot down an unfortunate B-52.

is [Spearman], Command has ordered the bombing to be continued, you are to
protect the bombers, I repeat; you have to protect the bombers in any way

this keeps up, all the bombers are going to die!” He curses before he saw
several black colored parachutes and some downed enemy bogeys dark green
parachute, indicating that most of them survived from the attack. He then
ordered Linda to contact the AWACS, “[Spearman] this is [Reaper 1], we’ve got
friendly chutes I repeat, we’ve got friendly chutes.”

[Reaper 1], we’ll have special ops unit standing by for rescue.]

is [Purger 15], we’ve dropped the strike package, heading back to base.] Said a
B-1 Lancer bomber who‘s turning back to base after dropping its bomb.

remaining bogeys began to turn back as his and the allied squadron managed to
inflict massive losses on the North Korean fighters. It was a successful but
costly mission.

breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this sortie is successful, though many
lives we’re lost. He talked to his girlfriend/WSO officer, “Well Linda, I guess
this is over. Lets head back to the carrier an-” his words are interrupted with
a blaring sound of incoming missile as also a warning from the AWACS.

[Reaper 1]! We’ve detected new bogeys incoming! We got a missile fired at you!]
AWACS [Spearman] shouts as he detected am 8-plane squadrons of Chinese variant
of the Su-27, the J-11 whose fires their long range missile at Hawke’s plane.

the warning, Hawke began to climb and shoots flares to distract the missile
attack, “Oh fuck!! Fuck!! Evading! Evading!!” He managed to shouts it before
one of the PL-12 missiles hit his plane’s rear which rocks the WSO and the
pilot’s seat.

I’m losing engines and hydraulics!!” Linda informed as the plane began an
unrestricted freefall to the ground while the two managed to hear their
squadron mates distress about their flight lead is shot down.

then finally decides, “Linda! We have to eject NOW!!” He and Linda finally
pressed the eject button, successfully ejected out from the stricken plane.

Hour Later, Behind Enemy Lines, Outskirts of the Occupied City of Seoul

managed to eject safely from the crashed Super Hornet, Captain Hawke and 1st
Lieutenant Melinda landed on the urban outskirts area of Seoul after they managed
to recover from the crash and began scouting around to find some place for

We’re behind the enemy lines with no way but to wait for rescue…just great.”
Hawke said as he hold his Beretta 92 Compact L which is issued to all US Air
Force personnel’s and also issued in the pilots survival kit.

checking his own Beretta 92 and then said to Hawke with a serious look on her
face, “Complain later Hawke, for now we’re need to find a shelter and also to
contact the Command of course.”

chuckled and said, “Yeah you’re right.” He then stares at her as the two walks
to find any shelters he suddenly says, “You know, you’re always beautiful when
you looked serious.”

grinned, “Are you’re teasing me? Man, even behind enemy lines you’re still
teasing me.”

I find it relaxing depending on our situations.” Hawke grinned back before he
pulled out a canteen from the emergency kit and drink the water from it.

She chuckled before the two stumbled upon a group of North Korean Soldiers who
are out looking for their downed pilots and the enemies too.

crap” Hawke muttered as the soldiers shouts something in Korean while pointing
at their rifles at the two downed pilot.

and Linda decided to raise their hand and kneeled after both of them dropped
their weapons but unfortunately for Hawke, he managed to see a glimpse of a rifle
but hitting his face directly with Linda shouting his name before he completely
blacked out.

Flashback Stopped,

and her got captured?” Gertrude Barkhorn asks after Hawke pauses his stories to
collect some breath.

Captain Barkhorn, me and Linda got captured and being sent to North Korea’s
temporary POW camp in Seoul…that’s where it’s all…happens” Hawke giving a sad
look on his face.

can tell by the looks of Hawke that this is where things getting bad,
“Those…North Koreans, what did they do with you two?”

looks at her and patted her head as he said, “Let me continue my story okay.”
and the Liberion witch nods.

Flashback Continued,

Date: January 1st 2014

Location: Former Republic of Korea’s Army
Base turned North Korean Prisoner of War Camp, Seoul.

being captured and knocked out by the North Korean soldiers, the two pilots are
brought to a POW camp which is a converted ROK’s Army Base. The two then is
thrown into a jail cell which will become their living quarters for the
remainder of the war.

commies, it hurts…” Hawke groaned in pain after the fact that he had hit face
first by a rifle buttstock. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for him.

approach him with her handkerchief she produced from her pocket and tried to
rubbed the blood on Hawke’s forehead, “Stop whining Hawke.” She said with a
smile on her face.

NOT whining Linda…I’m jus-OW!! Do it carefully!” He said as the jolt of pain
hit him.

pouted but the chuckles, “See, you are whining.” After she finished wiping the
wound, she kisses on his cheek.

couldn’t help but grinned and said, “In all time and places…you kiss me in THIS
place? You’re one interesting girl Linda…no wonder I was attracted to you the
first time I met you in the Academy.”

of them laugh quietly before they heard footsteps…several of it approaching
their cells. Hawke instinctively pulled Linda behind him just as the North
Korean soldiers…five of them including their officer, a Major who’s wearing an
Ushanka with his tan colored uniform who looked at the two with a grin.

attempted to speak to him even though the North Korean Major might not even
understand him, “What do you want from us?”

North Korean Major just laughed and immediately grabs my collar and moves his
face closer to mine and said, “We’re just giving you our…hospitality, the North Korean way…Captain.” He then looked into his
men and nodded at them, immediately two of his men grab Linda and the rest grab
Hawke while the Major punched him several time in the gut. After that, he
pulled out a wooden baton and hit Hawke with it while Linda herself struggling
with the soldiers.

an intensive beating, the Major ordered his men to tie him up on the cell’s
wall. Hawke already weaken, bloodied and tired lifted it face to see the Major,
who’s grinning at him while he managed to take a look at Linda still struggling
and on gun point.

will you do to her?” Hawke said weakly before he continued, “P-Please…d-don’t
hurt her…”

Major laughed as he said to Hawke, “You told us not to hurt her? Why don’t you
tell your leaders not to hurt our loved ones by stop the bombing? I have lost
my family due to your bombers and you expect me NOT to hurt her?” He look at
Hawke disgustingly, “You are a hypocrite American.” He then turned to his men
and give orders in Korean which the men immediately hold Linda and began to
stripping her much to Hawke’s horror.

STOP PLEASE!!!” Hawke pleaded them to stop as the soldiers began raping her.
to them but the soldiers ignore him and continue to gangraped her despite his
plead not to while the Korean Major just grinned at him.

raped continued about three hours in front of Hawke who’s helplessly tied up
and forced to watch it and the soldiers finally let her go. Hawke looked at her
tired face and said, “I’m sorry Linda…I’m sorry…”

didn’t say anything but stretches her hand close enough to touch his cheek and
said to Hawke with a tired voice, “Its fine…I just wanted to say…I love you.”
After that, her tears began falling onto her cheeks so does Hawke too.

love you too.” Hawke said to her girlfriend.

Major then grab an AKM rifle from his soldiers and said to the two, “Oh~ such a
touching scene…typical American.” He cocked the rifle as he said while looking
at Linda, “I could use you as a sex toy woman but…now you’re not worth it.” He
then takes aim at Linda.

looked horrified by what the North Korean Major is doing and immediately
shouted, “W-WAIT NO!! NO!!” But the Major has pulled the trigger.

Flashback Ended,

story is enough to make the witches gulped and also terrified after hearing it
first hand, even the ever cheerful Erica just gone silent and even in her eyes
shows fear which is unlike her.

raped and…killed? How could they!” Gertrude is the first to break the eerie
silence. She can’t believe that a soldier would do any of that.

replied calmly, “The North Koreans would never give a damn about the rules of
war nor even feels sympathy to the prisoners. This is what they do…mostly to
those they deemed unworthy to be kept in the POW camps, especially female
combatants.” It was a clear anger in his tone as he talked about it.

“S-So…what happened to you next?” Lucchini
decided to asks, curious yet scared of the story Hawke tells her.

closes his eye as he said, “After that, they leave me inside my cell…with
Linda’s body…for a month. They…they didn’t even going to bury her; they just
leave her with me for a month before I’m being rescued. I couldn’t or sleep
properly in that one month.” He saw the witches stares at him utter shock.

very different than what Commander Minna’s experienced.” Erica said, still
feels shock hearing Hawke’s experience.

raised an eyebrows as he asks, “Commander Minna has a lover too?”

her lover died during the evacuation of Gallia when a Neuroi blasted a
warehouse he went in to retrieve more refugees. Since then, she made a rule
where male personnel of the base are not allowed to make contact with any of
the witches.” Gertrude said as she rubbed her head before she added, “It
supposedly said that she didn’t want the other witches to suffer the same
feelings as her.”

silenced for a moment before he gives an odd ominous dark chuckle and said,
“Because of that she restricted any relationship between her witches with the
others? I called it hypocrite.” He said, startling the rest of the witches as
he added, “You guys must know…to join the military…one knows that there will be
always a risk for you to die in action…me and Linda knew it too well. I guess I
couldn’t argue with her huh?” He asks and the response is the witches’ nods at

nodded, “She just too adamant on that policy.”

happens after you’ve being rescued?” Shirley decided to focus back on Hawke’s

looked at her and said, “After being rescued, we decided to bury her at sea.
Since Linda’s death…Admiral Robertson ordered me to go on a leave and attending
some therapy and recovery for me.” He said as tears flow from his eyes, “Every
night…I always dreamed of her…mostly the times seeing her dead again and again.
But gradually I have to accept that life must go on…but I will never forget her
for the rest of my life.”

immediately wiped his tears with her handkerchief from her pocket as she said,
“I-I’m sorry for asking too much of it.”

worry…it’s not your fault. I was actually felt relieved to talk about it. If
she’s still alive, she would be glad and happy to meet you guys.” Hawke smiled

patted his shoulder and said, “I would be happy to know her too Hawke.”

girls. Anyway, is it lunch time? I felt hungry after telling the entire story.”
Hawke smiled as his stomach begun to make sounds, so as the witches too.

girls realized that they’ve been ordered by Mio earlier to invite for lunch
with the rest of the Commanders which they forgot.

Hawke, we’re here actually to invite you for lunch. But we forgot.” Gertrude
gives a nervous laugh at her own carelessness.

just smiled and said, “Its fine. I’m just hoped that there still enough for us
to eat.”

Yoshika, she might leave some for us.” Shirley said as she grabbed Hawke’s hand
and both headed to the dining hall with Gertrude, Erica and Lucchini who are
still grabbed Shirley’s other arm followed suit.

Back at Wing Commander Minna’s Office,

what happened to him?” Minna stunned after hearing Captain Hawke Yeager’s own

yes Commander. According to autopsy report before she’s…buried into the sea,
she received twenty nine bullet wound to the body and one bullet wound on her
head…along with…the report of injuries in her private parts due to rape.”
Admiral said to the Karlsland Witch Commander which she was shocked at the
details he gives.

don’t know what to say…how is he doing right now? Last time we looked him, he
is kind off…normal.” Minna asks.

Robertson stands up and walks towards the window as he said, “He have took a
lot of counseling, therapy and treatment over a full year before he deemed
enough to continues his service. But he is a tough bastard and he managed to
pull it through in short time.”

looked at the Admiral, “I couldn’t even imagine if I’m his shoes…even after
seeing that documentary footage of yours, I still shudder at the thought of
humans kills human in your world.”

was a sad truth. But that’s why we’re here, we serve our President whenever we
are needed…the same goes to the British, Italian, Russian, Germany and Japan.”
Admiral said as he turns to Minna.

Minna said anything, she received a call and talked for a few minutes. After
that, she puts the phone down and said to the Admiral, “It seems the Allied
High Command has been notified of your presence. Now they wanted to see you

blinked his eyes and finally said, “Well this is unexpected. Very well, we’re
going to pay them…a visit that they’ll never forget.”

Later that Night, Onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower,

the meeting with the 501st, Admiral Robertson summons the other
commanders for a meeting after they have visited the Allied High Command which
they also get the same reaction as the witches when Robertson and his entourage
arrived with their Helicopters which was a moment Robertson would keep it for
himself. As their meeting goes on, Admiral Robertson and the Supreme Commander
of the European Operations Command General Dwight D. Eisenhower (ironically)
agreed to accept his support to the Witches, especially the 501st

gentlemen, why I called all of you here today are because I have discussed
personally with the Allied Supreme Commander of the European Theatre. And here
is what we agreed on.” He said as he wrote down the list on a whiteboard.

then…first things first, they agreed to allow us create a temporary airfield
and a makeshift Naval Base near the 501st JFW base. Second, the
VFA-534 squadron will act as a liaison squadron for the 501st for future
joint operations.” He informed before the Italian Counter Admiral Francesco
Montecuccoli raised his hand.

with all due respect, do we have a way to get back to our world?” The Italian

closes his eyes and then said, “So far, they’ve asked their R&D department
in New Karlsland to begin researching on dimensional travel. It seems we’ll be
here for quite awhile.”

seems to agree with the explanation and with Robertson satisfied that everyone
didn’t have any more question, he finally said, “Alright. By tomorrow, we will
order our Marines to assist in the construction of the air and naval base. I
will inform the 534th later about their liaison with the Witches. If
there aren’t any more questions…dismissed.” He then decided to out before
getting into bed.

Minutes later on the Eisenhower’s observation deck,

the Admiral walks on the deck of the Eisenhower
to get some fresh night air, he meet several of the flight deck crews on their
shifts before he sees Hawke standing on the observation deck, he decided to
have a talk with the Captain.

are you doing here Captain Yeager?” Robertson caught the Captain by surprise as
he turned to see Robertson next to him.

Sir!” He said as he saluted at him before he eased down and continues, “I’m
just taking some breather for awhile sir.”

chuckles and then sees Hawke holding something on his hand…a dog tag and
decided to asks, “Still remembering her huh Captain?”

seems so sir. Too many weird and shit things happen nowadays sir…I wonder when
we get back?” He asks his Admiral.

patted his back as he said, “We don’t know yet Hawke but we know we’re still
trying to find our way back home.”

keep silent and Robertson finally said, “Get to bed early Captain. Tomorrow is
might be a long day.” He then head back into his cabin leaving Hawke at the
observation deck.

Hawke on the other hand stares at the full
moon from the observation deck and he take a last look at the dog tags and the
ring which ties onto it…as he looked at the ring, he remembers the day he
bought the rings to propose at his girlfriend but she died without knowing that
he is going to propose her after the war is over. He then put back the dog tags
and the rings into his pocket and muttered, “Linda…” as he watches at the full
moon above the sky.

He then realized something and smiled, “I
promise that I will protect Shirley. This is the only chance I had and I won’t
make the same mistake again” before he too entered his quarters to take some

seems there you have it…I don’t know if I made it right this time but…as usual
(light)criticism and reviews are welcomed – fuji92.


- The Sinking of MV Petropavlovsk occurred
one week before the New Year as the liner cruises from Vladivostok on the
vacation tour of Japan. The North Korean deliberately fired on the liner,
assuming it was a South Korean observation ship. Accounts and sources are
varied as the Russian sources claimed that it was retaliation because they
stopped export and import of their material to the North Koreans and North
Koreans claims that the liner trespasses into their waters. For now, the truth
still remains obscure until the end of the Second Korean War where captured
Generals told that the sinking of the Liner are deliberate attempt and Russia
finally convicted those who are involved in the sinking a year later after the


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