Taking a 2 or more week vacation.

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Taking a 2 or more week vacation.

Post by ElfenMagix on Fri 4 Jan 2013 - 16:36

Because somebody went into the GsG OC Wiki and defaced it, I'm leaving the forum for a short time to track the IPs the server has registered, and find out who did it. When I get a location, I will be matching them with the members database and send the authorities there.

The site was defaced, not hacked, as somebody went into the Wiki Editor and changed everything around and deleted entries. Since the Wiki was member registered, and password protected, I will be looking at the logs as to who were the last people to edit on the wiki. Furthermore, the wiki history of who edits what on the wiki was deliberately erased. The site was not hacked, as in infiltrated or otherwise shows attempts at guessing passwords. It was done with a single try at the log in, so its somebody on the members list or somebody accessing their computer to get on through that list.

You people do not know how pissed off I am for this to happen.

Anybody wants to contact me, do so by email.

Elfen Magix, leaving to return with the carcass of the idiot who did stupid!


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Re: Taking a 2 or more week vacation.

Post by Hondo Sackett on Thu 10 Jan 2013 - 20:31

Really folks? Ya don't piss off Elfen Magix. Not that ya can't; just don't! To whoever did that defacin', your a special kind of stupid an' I don't envy ya the ass-whoopin' thats a comin', believe you me! Ifin ya want to save your hide come clean, honestly. its the best 'cause ifin he hasn't already found you he will.

~ Hondo
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