Finding gems in the ocean of excrement

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Finding gems in the ocean of excrement

Post by Pax on Mon 25 Mar 2013 - 0:18

Pretty much what the title imples. A bit of a flashback while in chat reminded me of a good fanfic suggestion thread that they had over on the forums when I lurked there. And I though, hey, we all know about each others stories, and periodically gripe about not ever being able to find good fics in chat, so why not start our own dump of fics that are actually worth reading? Or authors woth checking out on FFN at that, either way, heh. So, if you like'em, post'em I guess.

I'll start this off with some Fics I think are pretty excellent. And if this is in the wrong place, I apologize

Star Wars:
Sanctuary of Time Wherein the Yuzzhan Vong war went all to hell, so Jaina Solo goes back in time (Terminator Style) with Ben Skywalker to try to fix everything... starting at the end of the Clone Wars(ish). sadly dead, but still a good read.

Heart of Darkness Wherin Darth Vader finds his daughter at the tender young age of, well, teenybopperish for lack of something more accurate. It ends up a loving Sith family despite all the inplausibility of that phrase. Well done, and also sadly dead.

Rogues Gallery A crossover with nBSG, that takes a handfull of the main characters from the X-Wing book series and throws them more or less with just the cloths on their backs into the nBSG'verse just after Starfighters of Adumar, and about a tenth of the way into season 1 of nBSG. Not dead, just updates slowly, by our standards here, and some of us can be pretty damn slow with updates.

And finally, for Star Wars Into the Storm, In Shadows and Darkness, and At the Brink of Dawn and Darkness. Three novel sized fics that, when read in order form one of the most epic, massive and amazingly well written alternate take on Star Wars from "Luke I am your Father" on. (It involves said Jedi getting ALOT of face time with his dad and Emperor Palpatine, initially as a prisoner).


XSGCOM - Mirror Image and XSGCOM: Terra From the Deep, in that order, is a story about what would happen if XCom (the original, good games) an dStargate took place on the same earth. Long, well written, and full of awesome scenes and twists. Lots of OC's, but the author is amazing with them, and all are as well written out as one could hope for.

The Legend of Zelda:

Whom She Found A crossover that throws a well characterized Link into the events of Fire Emblem 7, in the place of the tactician that Lyndis finds in the intro. Slowly ongoing, just now out of the Lyndis chapter. Link seems a bit overpowered, but then again, this is adult Link after the events of Ocrina, and quite possibly Majoras Mask, as he does mention (well, think about) his masks in passing.


Strangely Comfortable A story thats awesome in that it knows where to stop, and does it in such a manner that you cant help but want more. Basically, the Crew of Serenity liberates the rest of Rivers Academy, and finds the McManus brothers from Boondock Saints.

Theres more I could recommend, but I'm too tired to dig the the rest of my 112 favorited stories right now, heh. And these are some of the best




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