Post the pictures of the place where you live

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Post the pictures of the place where you live

Post by mysterybad on Sat 13 Apr 2013 - 4:15


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Re: Post the pictures of the place where you live

Post by Alfisti on Sat 20 Apr 2013 - 3:27

I did promise TSM that I'd write a bit about Brisbane's cafe scene for the travel guide thread (which I can't seem to find for some reason...), which is in the works. For now though, here's a fun one from over in West End which I dropped in on today with two other mates:

This is Ellaspede (First photo's mine, second is from their facebook), a motorcycle workshop/customisers/cafe run by two of my old uni tutors, tucked away into a quiet back lot in West End. Fortunately, through the magic of social networking, it's becoming something of a hotspot for retro bike and classic car owners to go and hang out. Oddly enough their customisations tend to centre around retro/cafe racer styles.

Today they were offering a free bike clean and once-over if you bought a coffee... which was mostly an excuse to hang around and chat whilst wrenching on motorbikes. So I picked up the Alfa (never live down turning up in the BMW), one mate brought his MG and the last took his Honda to get serviced. Don't know how much actual work got done, but it sure was pleasant and the coffee exceptional.


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