If god is a comedian...

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If god is a comedian...

Post by ElfenMagix on Wed 1 May 2013 - 13:58

I will want to toss him a salad on stage!

I swear... with the problems i have been having with the NYC Dept. of Education ruining my records and making me unhirable, I am about to land a job with the NYC Parks Dept... last time I worked for them was in the 1980s as a lifeguard!!!

Note - I do have a hyper immune system and severe allergies. Landing this job with the parks dept. is going to make me ill! I requested for a position change but was refused. Looks like its time to invest in a good Viet Nam Gas Mask.

The reason why/how I got this job is simple - NYC/NYS does not want me to be collecting welfare/unemployment, so they put me in the Parks Dept. for the next 6 months so I can get my benefits and some pay on top of that. If after the 6 months I am good in their eyes, I will be hired permanently. That is no problem as I do my best where ever I work for so I should get it. But until then...

Anybody knows a good allergy medication. Sudafed and other anti-histamine meds I tend to grow an immunity to in just a few days and block it out so it doe s not work anymore, and Claritin puts me to sleep. Anything else I have tried does not work. What used to work was Visine AC, but I had to put drops into my eyes every half hour and now they stop making that. DAMN THEM!!!


If Fernando had Super Powers, He would be God!


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