Jim and Jamiebel Adventures!

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Jim and Jamiebel Adventures!

Post by topgearbrzgt86 on Sun 5 May 2013 - 0:54

I'll start with:

The Confrontation

A collaboration with MP5, and his character Allison. All credit to topgearbrzgt86 and MP5 for the plot. All characters belong to their respective authors (Jim and Jamiebel = topgearbrzgt86, Allison = MP5, Jay = Jacen Starslayer).

An episode, a comic strip - whatever you think of it. If anime episode:
Jim Eligino: Tomokazu Seiki
Jamiebel Angkahan: Megumi Toyoguchi
Allison McDonnell: Yuko Goto
Jay Valentine: Noriaki Sugiyama
Jamiebel: (to Allison) Can you keep a secret?

Allison: Probably. I'm not much for gossip.

Jamiebel: You're right; I do have a crush on Jim.

(Allison smirks.)

Allison: Was that really so hard to admit?

Jamiebel: Yes. Because my old boyfriend died in the explosion.

Allison: You had a boyfriend prior to having a crush on Jim?

Jamiebel: Yeah. His name was Adam.

Allison: See, I'd never know that. I only know what Brian will tell me about my past. I'm sorry for your loss.

Jamiebel: (sniffles) It's okay.

Allison: I'm not really likely to find out anytime soon what my life was like before the Agency. Charlie and Andy know what their life was like, but only because of a fluke of conditioning.

Jamiebel: ...It's tough having to choose a friend like Jim and a boyfriend like Adam. You have one that relates to you so much, and you have the one you love. It's hard to compromise.

Allison: Well, tell me, what was Adam like?

Jamiebel: Adam was a kind guy - gentle, funny, kinda like Jim. Unlike Jim, he was on our school's football team.

Allison: I think what it comes down to is if you have the strength to move on. If you've finished mourning Adam, it's time to move on with your life. It's not healthy to be stuck in the same place forever.

Jamiebel: Don't worry. I already finished mourning him.

Allison: Then once you've come to terms with his death, you need to move on. There was a time I was in love with Brian, y'know?

Jamiebel: No, not really.

Allison: The thing is, Brian couldn't reciprocate those feelings I had for him. he saw me as a sister, not a lover. And it took some time for me to come to terms with that. I hated myself for putting our fratello in that position.

Jamiebel: Mm.

Allison: So for a while, I decided it was best if I bottle up my feelings. Then I got closer to Jay when we had leave and decided to go to the United States. There was some awkwardness, but by the end of our journey across America, we decided we would be more than friends.

Jamiebel: It almost seems that Jim was in the same position as you; I saw him as a friend, and he bottled up his feelings when I was with Adam.

Allison: Well, at least you realized he carried a torch for you.

Jamiebel: You know, I think that you, me, Jim and Jay all share the same experiences.

Allison: Well... I don't know about that. You two and Jay have the benefit of knowing your past. I didn't know Jay before I came to the Agency.

Jamiebel: Ahh.

(Meanwhile, in another room...)

Jim: Jay, can you keep a secret?

Jay: Uh... sure.

Jim: I've held a long time crush on Jamiebel. Have you met her?

Jay: Once or twice. She seems like a nice girl.

Jim: Well, she had a boyfriend once, and he died in the explosion that we came from.

Jay: Ah. Did you know the guy well?

Jim: Yeah. He used to be my friend - he and I related quite a lot. But he couldn't balance having me as a friend and Jamiebel as a girlfriend.

Jay: It sounds like things went sour between you and him because of his relationship with Jamiebel.

Jim: Somewhat. He just stopped talking to me.

Jay: Did you ever reconcile things between yourself and him before the explosion?

Jim: I think so. I feel bad on his and Jamiebel's behalf, now that he's dead.

Jay: Hm. Sounds like you're in a pickle. I think what your biggest concern is a question of if it's appropriate to approach Jamie at this point in time.

Jim: Not really. What do I say to Jamiebel, so that I confess my love for her and she understands?

Jim/Jamiebel: ...because... I love her/him!

Jay/Allison: Then spit your feelings out already!

Jim/Jamiebel: How?! I'm too embarassed to say it, and I think she/he might not understand!

Allison: Honestly, Jamiebel, the less you dance around your feelings, the better it is.

Jay: It took Allison confronting me and a drive to a beach to come to terms with how we feel about each other.

Jamiebel: ...will you come with me to see Jim?

Allison: I have a better idea. Take the lead and confront him.

Jim: ...I want you to come with me to see her.

Jay: Hey man, you got it. (pulls out the keys to his Starion) I'll even give you a ride.

Allison: (jingling the keys to her Caterham) I'll give you a lift.

Jim/Jamiebel: Thanks. I knew I could trust you.

(So, Allison/Jay drive Jim/Jamiebel out to a neutral location. What Jim/Jamiebel don't know is that as soon as they step out of the car, Allison and Jay will drive off, forcing the two to speak to each other alone)

Allison: So here we are, Jamiebel. (pulls up to a scenic point just on the side of a winding backroad)

Jamiebel: Thanks, Allie.

Jay: Good luck, Jim.

Jim: Thanks, Jay.

(Allison makes eye contact with Jay, and as soon as their passengers are out the door, they throw their cars into reverse, back out, engage first gear, and do a burnout as they leave. A text message appears on Jamiebel's phone.)

"You guys don't get to leave until you've sorted out your feelings for each other! see you guys in an hour! <3"

(Jamiebel sighs.)

Jim: Hi, Jay-bee.

Jamiebel: Hey, Jim.

Jim: There's something I want to tell you.

Jamiebel: Wait. Let me say it.

Both: ...I love you!!

(both gasp)

Jim: Jamiebel...

Jamiebel: I know. But with Adam gone, who'll fill the void for me? (starts crying) I miss Adam so much, and I personally had feelings for you! You're my friend for so long, that I started to have feelings for you! I just didn't know how to put it. Please, Jim, please understand. Please don't leave me...please...(sobbing, her hands cover her face)

Jim: (crying, walking over to Jamiebel) I was going to say the same thing. I thought that if I said that, you wouldn't understand. I know I had feelings for you, too. I would've been heartbroken if you said no; thank you, Jamiebel Angkahan. You've really poured your feelings for me. (removes her hands from her face) And I won't leave you. I never will.

Jamiebel: Thank you, Jim Eligino! Thank you so much!

(They kiss. Passionately.)

Allison (watching with binoculars from a far distance away): Ahh, young love.

Jay: You couldn't leave them alone, could you?

Allison: In my defense, you could've gone on home and I would have picked them up in the Delta.

Jay: I get this feeling in the back of my head that this situation is somehow familiar, but we've just changed roles.

Allison: Wasn't it Triela and Adeline who pushed us together?

Jay: You think they were doing what we're doing now? Spying on us as we confessed our feelings towards one another?

Allison: It's a distinct possibility.

Jay: Should we pick them up?

Allison: Nah. Give 'em more time to bask in the glory of their romance.

Jamiebel:(finally stops kissing Jim) Are we like Allison and Jay now, Jim?

Jim: Yeah. Only that we've been switched.

(both laugh.)

(Some time later, Allison and Jay pull up)

Allison: How'd it go, you guys?

Jim and Jamiebel: Hey, guys.

Jamiebel: You tell us...hehehe.

Jim: We found you guys spying on us.

(They kiss)

Allison: Jay and I feel like proud parents, somehow.

Jamiebel: Anyway, we have a surprise all planned out for you.

(Jim kisses Allison, Jamiebel kisses Jay. Both look shocked and confused.)

Jim/Jamiebel: That's the surprise!

Jim: We just felt it was fair to do that!

Allison: Well, that was...

Jay: --unexpected.

Jamiebel: Well, I did say that Jim and I were like Allison and you!

Jay: Right, well...

Allison: --now, we need to start going out as couples!

Jim: Just what I was thinking!

Allison: We should double-date!

Jim: Yeah! Where should we meet?

Allison: We'll discuss that particular later. First things first, none of us go out on dates the way we do now. No offense to either of you, but you gotta clean up a bit more nicely for a date than that!

Jay: She's right. I had to start dressing a bit better when we went out on dates.

Jim/Jamiebel: (roll their eyes) Alright...

Allison: Let's go back to the compound, though. (Throws Jim the keys to her Turbo VTEC Caterham) I'll ride with Jay, you two lovebirds get the open-top sports car.

Jim: (he catches the keys) OK!

Jamiebel: Race you back?

Allison: You can if you want; Jay's Starion won't keep up even if I tuned it.

Jay: No need to wait up for us, guys.

Jim: Got it.

(Both couples drive off.)



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Jim and Jamiebel Adventures!

Post by topgearbrzgt86 on Tue 17 Sep 2013 - 23:53

Initiation Race

a collaborated roleplay turned story by MP5 and topgearbrzgt86. All credit and characters belong to their respective owners.

If you are imagining an anime (like what I do):

Allison McDonnell is voiced by Yuko Goto.
Jim Eligino is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.*
Jamiebel Angkahan is voiced by Aya Hirano. 

*It would've been Tomokazu Seki, but boomer_gonz had him as the voice of Alpha Lautani. Probably better for both characters.


SWA Test track, 6 pm.

Jim Eligino returns from the SWA test track, having tested his new Toyota Sprinter Trueno's upgrades. He looks pleased. His friend Allison McDonnell is standing by.

Jim: I think removing the twincharger and lightening my 86 [Trueno hatchback] was the right decision.

Allison: Well, Colin Chapman always said 'Simplify and add lightness'.

Jim: Even though the horsepower number drops from 400 to 315, the 780 kg curb weight should compensate. By the way, Allison, have you heard of something called the "Zero theory"?

Allison: Not really, no. Not outside of Initial D, which makes it sounds like a bunch of manga-fantasy-jibber-jabber.

Jim: (nods) Well, it might actually be possible, tuning the car and becoming one with it in spirit.

While Jim and Allison converse on the reality and fantasy of a certain car manga, Jim's friend, Jamiebel Angkahan, arrives in his friend's Mazda RX-7. She wonders what they're talking about.

Jamiebel: Hey, Jim, Allison. What's going on here?

Allison: Having an argument. (to Jim) Well, in that case, that's already inherent in the design of the Mazda MX-5! That's not "Zero Theory", that's "Jinba Ittai". 

Allison raises her shirt, revealing a picture of an MX-5 and the kanji for 'Jinba Ittai' (人馬一体) tattooed onto her stomach.

Allison: Yeah, I went there.

Jim: The MX-5 is like the AE86 in every way; stock, it is "jinba ittai", but when you tune it, that's the Zero. The mindset is clearing all emotion, and not thinking about victory. Yearning for victory will only weaken the driving ability. If I am able to drive with my car at full potential; that is the reason of thinking behind Zero. 

Jim, having looked at Allison's bra (possibly) and stomach (without seeing the picture and kanji), faints.

Allison: Oh, my. Was that too much for him?

Jamiebel: Whoops. Excuse me a sec. And probably. He hasn't had a girlfriend, nor does he know what love is like.

Allison: Ah. See, there was a time Jay was like that too. Now, he's my boyfriend.

Jamiebel: (curious) Do you think Jim and I will end up like you?

Allison: Oh? What's this, then? You have a crush on him?

Jamiebel's face starts turning red, foreshadowing the fact that Allison was right.

Jamiebel: (stammering) Ah-well-um-er, maybe.

In hearing the word 'maybe', Jim wakes up from his 'episode' and exclaims:

Jim: What?! Jamiebel has a crush on me?!

Allison: (smiles derisively) I dunno. You'd have to ask her.

Jim: (beat) Oh. How long was I out?

Allison: About a minute, because me showing you my fully sick Mazda tattoo was too awesome for you to handle.

Jim was angry. He wasn't going to let his pride (and his car, to a lesser extent) be mocked by a Brit who owns an NB8C Mazdaspeed MX-5, and be shown how to really race! He gets up from the ground, points at Allison, and says:

Jim: Oh, that's it! I challenge you to a race - you in Shirley (Allison's MX-5), me in Takumi (Jim's Trueno); we'll find out which theory is more relevant and which car is better!

Allison smirks. She was not nicknamed the "Petrolhead Princess" for nothing; her driving skills were known as some of the finest in Section 2.

Allison: Bring it. Shirley ain't stock, either. My Turbo knows no lag! (beat) Just let me put the hardtop on.

Jim: Fine.

Once Allison brings her MX-5 to the track, both begin their pre-race tuning, to see if one can't gain an edge on the other.

Allison: (locks the hardtop in place, gets in her MX-5 and starts warming it up. She checks tire pressure at all four corners on high-performance Goodyears) All right, how many laps we doing?

Jim: Five laps. (also tunes his 86's suspension to the balance setting and the four Pirellis' tire pressure.)

Allison: (Strapping into her MX-5's driver's seat) One warm-up lap, and then full attack. You go first.

Jim: (buckling himself into his AE86's driver's seat) OK. But I'll warn you - you're making a mistake, making me lead.

Allison: We'll see about that.

Allison seemed sure of herself, despite seeing only a glimpse of Jim's driving technique, from when they first met. 

The two cars do their warm-up lap, the drivers getting used to their set-ups. When the flag waves (thanks to Jamiebel), the two cars immediately accelerate past the start/finish line, with Allison leading into the first corner (Nuova Variante). 

Both drivers brake at the same time, Allison taking the inside line. Jim took a wider line, but both hit the apexes. They come in side-by-side into Parabolica, Jim braking a tad later than his British adversary. Coming out, the Trueno builds a small lead over the Miata into the esses. Allison purposely takes a wide line into the first esse, to build cornering speed into the second esse. The Trueno's lead erased, Allison hits the gas and catches Jim into the entry of Ickx Chicane. 

(tangent; Ickx Chicane was named after Formula 1 driver Jacky Ickx.)

At Ickx, Allison drifts her way into and out of the corner, while blocking Jim. She gets the better exit, and builds a lead on the way to Ferro di Cavalio. There, Jim catches Allison again under braking, and when they come side by side for Tornatino, Jim manages to overtake - but just for a bit, because out of the exit of Tornatino, Allison catches Jim; crossing the line, there is barely no gap between them.

Lap two involves the same events, but with Jim in Allison's position, and vice versa. The result is still barely no gap between them.

Jim: (thinking) She's good. Very good. But now...my counterattack begins!

Lap three begins with Jim going full throttle into Nuova Variante, starting to pull a bigger gap to Allison.

Allison: Where'd he get all that speed from? All right then, this'll be interesting. 

She throttles up, the Miata's turbo spooling properly. Jim takes a more aggressive approach into the corners, braking later than before, and feathering the throttle through the corners - all in an attempt to keep his lead.

Jim: OK - I'm running at 75% speed. I just need to save my tires for the final lap.

Eventually, come lap 5 - the Trueno pulled a bit of a lead on lap 3, then the Miata pulled into the lead in lap 4 - the two still have no gap between them.

Allison: Let's rock, Shirley! 

Allison immediately slams the gearshift into third coming out of the exit of Nuova Variante, and punts the accelerator to the floor, her Miata's turbocharged BPT engine revving and her car speeding away. Jim notices this (as well as picturing a white aura emit from Allison's Miata) and does the same, his natural-aspiration (free-breathing) Formula Atlantic AE101 engine under the carbon-fibre bonnet of his Trueno revving to its redline. 

Jim: No other word for it - I'll have to use the top two tricks in my book: the record-line attack and the no-brake technique! (thinking) Come on, Takumi! Show me your wings! 

Jim's Trueno emits a blue aura, as well as the aformentioned 'wings' appearing from the sides of his Trueno. 

Into Parabolica, Jim changes his line from the wide line to the tighter in line, catching Allison off-guard. Out of Parabolica, Allison loses her lead to Jim again.

Allison: Don't lose him, Shirley! 

She tucks into Jim's slipstream, in an attempt to catch Jim before the Esses. Both brake at the same time, the Trueno releasing the brakes earlier to allow Jim to use his power earlier.

Jim: Bad move, Allison! 

Jim doesn't brake into the second esse, catches the apex like a gutter, and clears it. Allison takes the corner sideways, not dropping speed as she straightens out. Albeit losing more ground to Jim, she still pushes to catch him.

Allison: You won't shake me that easily!

Into Ickx, Allison catches Jim under braking and the two come in side by side out of the chicane. Sensing that he might lose, Jim instinctively turns off his headlights, making the appearance of him disappearing.

Allison: I see what he's doing. Trying to get an aerodynamic boost! Not a bad idea, I would've done that if I had an NA6C chassis too.

Letting her take the lead, Jim waits for his chance to attack, and in the approach to Ferro di Cavalio...

Jim: Too little, too late.

He turns on his headlights. The shock does make Allison move over, but is still unfazed. Jim takes the opportunity to catch Allison into Ferro di Cavalio. Jim uses the exit apex of Ferro as a ditch again, and overtakes Allison barely into Tornatino.

Allison: No one knocks the Petrolhead Princess off her throne. This is a closed track, not the touge. I won't let you win here!

The two enter Tornatino side-by-side, neither giving an inch. At the exit of the corner, Jim performs an inertial drift, nearly forcing Allison off the road; she tries to copy the drift, but fails and spins out, halfway into the straight.

Allison: (sighs in defeat) Damn.

Allison knows she was been beaten by Jim, of all people - an upstart. The "Petrolhead Princess" was knocked off her thone by the eventually self-proclaimed "King of Racers" - for now. Meanwhile, Jim crosses the line, trying to control his Trueno, and spins.

To Jim, this race was a stepping stone. He never thought, of all people, that he'd be the one to beat Allison in a race. He smiles, but very weakly. 

He walks over to Allison, already out of her Miata.

Jim: (sighs exhaustedly in disbelief) I don't believe it.

Allison: What?

Jim: That was the greatest battle I've done, and it was the first. Thank you, Allison.

Jim had a smile, signifying that he had fun. Allison smiles too, but knows that she wants her throne back.

Allison: Next time, I take you on in a Lotus. If my Mazdaspeed MX-5 isn't up to the task, then I need to find the right tool for the job. I'm not going to let myself lose twice on my home turf.

Jim: Fair enough.

Allison: And for the record, you can't behave like that when we're doing an open session. That kind of thing gets you black-flagged. It poses a danger to others. You're not Senna, you know.

She was right. Thinking back to Jim's last corner attack, he nearly forced her into the grass and off the track.

Jim: That is true. Sorry about that.

Allison: The best drivers are fast and yet predictable.

Jim: But they also have to learn how to be unorthodox in the worst situations.

Allison: That said, I lost here because I spun. Our tires were all up to temperature, so I can't say I can blame my car for the loss.

Jim: That is true. It depended on the driver's endurance, too. And to be honest, another lap and I would've spun out.

Allison: We're not in the uncontrolled environment of the Touge, though. This is a closed circuit I helped design. It's supposed to remove as much risk as possible so that others can concentrate on driving their vehicles at the limit. I should know every turn, every bump, the camber of the corners. 

(looking up at the sky) I should've had the advantage, but you and that damn Hachiroku are telling me I've gotten complacent. We'll try this again when I have my Turbo VTEC-powered Caterham. Maybe I'll actually make you sweat next time.

Jim: When I have my Hachiroku coupe in, I'll make sure Shinji and I'll prove you wrong.

This was news to Allison. And to be honest, rather annoying news.

Allison: Really?! Another bloody Toyota?! (throws her hands into the air in exasperation)

Jim: But for the record, you had me on the wire there.

Allison: Yet, I have this gut-curdling feeling I'm never going to see another victory here on the track, unless we all run Rotax shifter karts with sealed engines. Getting back to basics should be interesting.

Jim did put that into his imagination. He might have beaten Allison once, but she says she could lose again to him, unless they ran go-karts. He disagreed with her in his mind, thinking that the score could become even again, if they had another race. For now, he was amused at the thought of running go-karts.

Jim: (laughs in agreement) Yeah, that will be.

Allison: It should be a humbling experience to go from 300-plus horsepower monsters back to 125cc two-strokes with no differential or suspension and momentum becomes key. And let's face it, it'd be impossible to get a clean lap done in the Gixxerkart I built.

Jim nodded. He couldn't imagine to even attempt to get a clean lap done, let alone a lap in what Allison had created from that kart.

Jim: (thinking) I bet Allison is right - my skills may adapt to regular karts, but probs not an upgraded kart. (out loud) So, wanna head back to the cafeteria?

Allison: Sounds good! Racing works up an appetite.

The two begin walking, but Jim realizes he forgot someone.

Jim: Hey, Jay-bee, you coming?

Jamiebel: Yeah! Wait for me!

Jamiebel runs, chasing the other two ahead of her. Looks like her hunger made her blank out. Razz 


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Re: Jim and Jamiebel Adventures!

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Action packed and fun!head bang


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Re: Jim and Jamiebel Adventures!

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