Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

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Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by ElfenMagix on Tue 7 Jan 2014 - 23:14

Since April I was working for the Parks Dept. through a so called program by unemployment. 6 months work for 6 months pay and my benefits continue when its over. I do not mind that, working for my money is a lot better than being a lazy welfare bum!

In August an addition to my crew was made. These 'people' were going to be problems from the way they acted, dressed, abided by the rules and the way they worked. They started to start trouble with the regular park workers. In late September, one of them decided to set up a trap and emptied a bottle of bleach and refilled it with Ammonia.

I would set off that trap my accident; I was to clean the bathrooms that evening after closing them and the "recipe" required 1/4 gallon soap mix with 10 gallons of water but it had to be mixed with bleach before being put in the water. I put on one bottle of bleach, and then the tainted bottle of bleach. It went off in my face and I took a big whiff of the stuff through my nose. But nothing happened at that point. I showed the unusual reaction to my supervisor and he did not liked what he saw and ordered me to dump it and to make a new batch. I did, we cleaned the bathroom and that was the end of the day.

Next day I felt sick, so I called in sick an stayed in bed. The following day I was in a lot of pain, so I decided to go see my doctor. She connected me to an EGK machine and panicked! Heart beat of 210! Blood could not be drawn out! WTH is going on! I was sent to emergency at my local hospital and they managed to do many more tests and they were in a tizzy! None of these symptoms made any sense. They thought I was not going to make it through the night. I was put in a A-ICU Unit with more wires connected to me than a cyborg in a med unit!

ICU is Intensive Care Unit where doctors ad nurses are at station remotely monitoring patients. A-ICU is when a nurse is stationed at your door to serve you immediately at the first sign of trouble. I was there for 10 days, getting better as each day passed. But they diagnosed me as congestive heart failure with something wrong with my abnormally thick blood as it was not oxygenating as it supposed too. I was put on a regiment of drugs including 3 blood thinners, and 2 heart meds. I was found with a massive blood clot in the right center lung lobe and in half the spleen. I was taking something like 32 pills a day and 4 injections.

Tests were done, including a bubble echo-cardiogram where bubbles are forced into the bloodstream and their run around the heart was measured. Strangely enough, it was found to be better than normal. Furthermore more, no plague was found around the valves or the heart arteries. I told them that 36 years of life guarding had me in great shape! They took it as a viable excuse. The medications were reduced to 24 pills a day and I was eventually released home but do require to see the Doctors (4 specialists) to see how I am doing once a month. Since I'm taking blood thinners, particularly Warfrin, I see to see a doc just for that. But the docs write me up to return me to work!

I'm doing fine and my last day at work was to be 11/8. The parks dept. has my team cleaning the park while another team does the leaves. At lunch time there was some stupid argument and a park worker said that he is no longer doing the leaves! Big freaking deal. The supervisor told me to get my team together and we go clean up the leaves. I told him it will be done after we finish with our meal break. He wanted it done now but I convinced him that it will be done after lunch.

This idiot and his team blew all the leaves into a corner of the park and piled it 4ft high X 100ft wide X 20ft deep! in that was was some stairs, garbage cans which were covered and a flowerbed with a boulder in it as part of its decor - all covered and can't be seen! My team knew the layout of the area but not its exact positioning so we started to clean up the place carefully. When we for half of the leaves out, we started to find things, like the garbage cans that are 3ft tall, and the boulder in the flower bed. We continued cleaning. That's when I tripped backwards, falling. Knowing that my head is about to hit the boulder, I did a stupid gymnastics move to save myself. It work, but I broke my left wrist and fore arm. Did I say break? I shattered it completely!

I was in a lot of pain, naturally. I was more concerned about bleeding internally from the blood thinners. My team called for an ambulance but one of the other team who blew the leaves called the supervisor - stupid snitch. While I was being treated by an ambulance emergency medical team, my supervisor calls my cell and orders me not to leave the site. I gave the phone to the EMTs who told him to go screw himself, this guy is being taken to the hospital.

Two months later. The cast comes off. My arm is yuck! A mess! the doc who put the cast on me did not put on a protective sleeve in fear of shifting bones so I had direct contact with the cotton lining of the cast. I developed a rash from it. The cast was plaster slats wrapped in cotton and then tighten with 4 ace bandages so that the bones would not splay out (separate like cheap chinese paper fan). It takes all day to clean up the crap! But when one is in a cast, muscles and tendons get weak. So now I'm on a wrist brace.

Back to those other meds? Month by month the doses have been lowered to right now I'm only taking 16 pills a day. By March I should be taking 2 or 4 and those are for a year so they should end by September.

So I have been relaxing and healing. Taking my time to get better. Its a matter of time while I collect unemployment benefits I worked for. And I should be starting a computer job next month...

That is what has been happening to me. Only a few friends here and there knew what was going on.


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by Thescarredman on Wed 8 Jan 2014 - 0:05

Thanks for sharing that, Elfen. I'm pleased to hear you're taking all this so well. The unfairness of it all would leave most people very bitter.


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by Alfisti on Wed 8 Jan 2014 - 3:31

You, sir, seem to be a magnet for trouble sometimes.

Glad to hear you're on the mend though, and at least computer work should (hopefully) pose less threat to life and limb.


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by Awinnell on Wed 8 Jan 2014 - 6:35

I'd sue the assholes for the chlorine gas poop !

seriously ? it filtered  Sh*t? and changed it to poop ?


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by boomer_gonz on Wed 8 Jan 2014 - 12:51

Thanks for the Update brudda and glad you're doing better.


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by tremec6speed on Thu 9 Jan 2014 - 1:58

Don't worry Elfen, no sympathy or condolences, just airing how I feel about what you have shared with us.
After reading all you've gone through, I am thoroughly relieved that
A) You are doing better
B) You are away from that mess of a job, with better employment soon to follow.
Stay strong man, you have friends in this virtual club we inhabit. We may be spread all over the world, but 'here' we come together as trusted familiars.


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

Post by taerKitty on Mon 13 Jan 2014 - 13:06

Get better soon, EM!


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Re: Do not want any Sympathy or Condolences, just understanding.

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