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Kiskaloo's Gunslinger Girl Fan Fiction Collection

Post by Kiskaloo on Fri 18 Apr 2014 - 18:04

My original fan fiction thread has gone a few years without a post and it included discussions of stories that were either abandoned or re-purposed. I also have a separate thread for discussing story concepts. As such, I decided to delete it and start a new one with everything I have published to date, listed how they fall chronologically within my fictional story timeline.

As of this posting, the PDF versions are currently the most-up-to-date. I will be updating the versions over time.

For reference, I classify my fiction into three different categories:

“The Original Series” is my body of work dating from September 2008 to August 2009 and tells the complete original story of the Pagani fratello starting with Intersection of Vertices and ending with Giuoco Pianissimo. The goal for these works was to write “in-between” the manga chapters up until Past Forward, at which point I started to develop Claes independently of the manga (though still taking into account events that happened in the manga) and I formally broke away from the manga with my final story, Giuoco Pianissimo.

In February of 2010, MP5 created a thread titled “The Idyllic Lives of Cyborgs” that posited an alternate future where the fight against Padania ends and a way is developed to allow the girls to live a normal and full life. I recycled a post in that thread into a story titled Graduation Day and set it three years in the future from Giuoco Pianissimo with Claes the last surviving Generation One cyborg and Kara having died from the conditioning process six months prior. Two more stories (and a third concept story) grew from there in what I now consider my “Idyllic Lives” fiction.

And finally, we have what would be considered my “Alternative Universe” fiction.

My TOS fiction was completed before a number of current authors joined the forum and I therefore decided to “reboot” the Pagani fratello to be able to incorporate the new OCs these authors were writing. However, this happened to correspond with Yu Aida releasing the manga chapters that would make up the Venice and New Trino arcs and I ended up making it a standalone novel. It also is the universe I have set the standalone story Alpine Foxes in.

Also included in the “Alternative Fiction” category would be the story Outside Looking In, Never Play an Ace When a Two Will Do and my Carbon Fiber Chef stories.

The Original Series Stories

Intersections of Vertices
My seventh GSG story, but the one that describes how Michele and Kara came to be a fratello.

Basic Training
Kara begins her life as an SWA cyborg.

The Cyborg Wears Prada
Kara’s first trip off campus.

Before we knew her name was Gattonero, I called her Ilaria Sandrelli and she shared a room with Kara. (Clearly written well before Alfisti joined and we decided that Kara and C. Raych would be roomies. Smile)

Stellar Cartography
My first GSG story, written mainly just to kind of flesh out the character biographies for Michele and Kara I had posted. Was never meant to be anything more than a one-off.  sweat

Michele christens a new car and Kara undertakes her first field mission.

No Regrets
Hillshire and Michele watch their girls play soccer and discuss the Fickle Finger of Fate.

Yume no Kakera
Claes begins to recover memories of an earlier time at the Social Welfare Agency.

Under the Radar
The first half of a two-part story. In this part, Section 2 is tasked by the Prime Minister to take out a group of Padania meeting to try and re-organize from the death of Cristiano Savonarola and the recovery of their plans by Section 2.

Public Relations
The sequel to "Under the Radar". The successful mission at Castleverde focuses attention on who carried out this mission and the fratelli are sent on vacation to prevent them from being exposed and questioned.

Quid Pro Quo
Operating the SWA is not cheap and it is important to thank those who help make it possible.

Devil in a Blue Chassis
Kara takes her first taste of The Dark Side.

The Transporter
How Kara became a “Bentley Girl”.

Out of the Blue
Kara and Ilaria go clubbing.

Race Queen for a Day
Kara, Ilaria and Petrushka don latex and leather tops, skirts and boots to help a Padania financier shuffle off this mortal coil.

I Know Saint Peter Won’t Call My Name
Alternating between the "present" of Volume 9 of the GSG Manga and the past, this story sheds light on how Michele Pagani came to learn about Special Operations Section 2 and his relationship with the the first girl to undergo cybernetic augmentation.

Kara and Michele spend Christmas Eve through New Years on vacation in Japan and Australia.

Twenty Questions
Kara undergoes a medical check-up. Influenced by Petrushka’s examination in Chapter 42 of the manga.

What is Love?
Kara, Petrushka and Triela discuss inter-fratello personal dynamics.

Fraternizing with the Enemy
The tifosi won’t be happy with this one.

The Honey Trap
Somewhat embarrassed to say this one was inspired by a photoshoot of the Korean model Seo You-Jin (서유진).

Past Forward
Claes is forced to break her promise to protect herself and she learns more about the man whom she dreams about. Inspired by a piece of fan art.

Thrill Ride
The Swiss may hate the car, but their A13 motorway is one of the best driving roads in Europe.

Peer Review
The War on Terror is a multi-national endeavor and an exchange of information is sometimes beneficial in prosecuting it.

The direct sequel to "Past Forward". Claes joins Michele and Kara's fratello and continues to learn more about her past at the Social Welfare Agency.

Specchio Rotto [Broken Mirror]
A re-telling of Chapter 6 – “Shattering the Mirror” – from Yoake, this time from the view of the Padanians.

Thousand Smiles
Kara does her first Mille Miglia rally.

Giuoco Pianissimo
The final arc of a trilogy that includes Past Forward and Yoake and also the denouement of Michele and Kara as a fratello. This story covers events both in the manga Volumes 5 through 11 and a number of my previous stories. While there were some surprising similarities to what eventually happened in the manga, this story is outside of the canon storyline as it was written three years earlier.

Star Drive
Officially taking place during the events of Giuoco Pianissimo, but outside of that story, proper.


After Series Stories

Graduation Day
Taking place in November 2011, three years after the story Giuoco Pianissimo. Claes is the last survivor of the Generation One cyborgs and is now living a "normal" life.

Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~
Part of my original fiction storyline, this story takes place some six months after Graduation Day and was inspired by the picture "Wind Power" by Alfisti

The Caretaker
A new generation of cyborgs have been created to replace the original series while Claes and Michele reflect back on their lives together.

Alternate Universe Stories

Think of this as "Kara and Michele: The Novel". I've re-imaged the Kara and Michele fratello into a complete, standalone novel. Consider it as an alternate universe story compared to my "Original Series" fiction.

A series of short stories inspired by the artwork of Yu Aida in his "Libretto" supplement to Volume 10 of the Gunslinger Girl manga.

Spin Theory
This story was inspired directly by the story Quiet Desperation by Danjo3 and in principle by the works of M. Night Shyamalan and is offered in response to an old forum topic by Emperor on switching around the girl's handlers.

Briefing Notes
This story was in response to Alfisti’s thread “What if they got a different cyborg” about handlers being paired with different OC cyborgs. This story has his OC Monique as Michele’s cyborg.


Another handler-cyborg swap, this time Michele paired with MP5’s Allison.


Alpine Foxes

The Pagani, McDonnell and Alboreto fratelli head to the Dolomites as part of the Prime Minister's security detail for a snowboarding competition. This is a "one-shot" story that takes place directly after Professor Voodoo's "Marisa 20: First Day of Spring" story and was inspired in part by Series 18, Episode 04 of the BBC show Top Gear.

Never Play an Ace When A Two Will Do

The girls of SWA head to southern Egypt to support a rescue effort. While drawing from actual events, this is a work of fiction and takes liberties with the actual event it portrays. This story also takes place outside of the continuity of my other works.

Outside Looking In

Co-written by Alfisti and myself for The Idyllic Lives of Cyborgs thread.


A Monumental Evening

In Washington D.C. as part of an Italian Official Visit, Michele and Claes take a walk of the National Mall's monuments after dark. Written as part of the "Christmas Anthology" short-story project from Cyborg Central.

It Was a Very Good Year

Written as part of the "Italian Civil War" short-story project from Cyborg Central.


Byōsoku 300 Meter

An Italian Army unit works to being a sniper to ground, not realizing they’re the ones being hunted. Written as part of the "Italian Civil War" short-story project from Cyborg Central.



Originally created for an aborted story, I recycled the character of Noël Tachibana and paid homage to the opening of Nikita.


Carbon Fiber Chef

A series of small stories, organized into chapters, about the cooking adventures of the cyborgs of the Social Welfare Agency. Inspired by the ZENith of Zaniness works by Nachtsider.


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