Italian translation required

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Italian translation required

Post by Odon on Fri 25 Apr 2014 - 23:56

Someone left this feedback for Infidelity. 

Reviewer: Kundry Athalia

Signed Date: 06/26/13 - 10:20AM

I read this very closely.I don't know where this comes from, what is the root of this story,or what kind of horrendous subject gives it a base....I got astonished, and it isn't an easy task to astonish a person like I am!

No so da dove vengono i eprsonaggi che voi avete messo in questa storietta...Mi sembra molto bene scritta e maneggiata con il soggetto é orribile.

Scusatemi d'essere sincera...Siete un grande scrittore (o una grande screittrice), potreste scrivere quel che vogliate...Ma questo....sembra roba d'ammalati.


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Re: Italian translation required

Post by Kiskaloo on Sat 26 Apr 2014 - 9:07

Google Translate handles Romance languages (like Italian) pretty well:

I do not know where they come from eprsonaggi that you have put in this little scene ... It seems to me very well written and handled with art ... but the subject is horrible. 

Excuse me for being honest ... You are a great writer (or a large screittrice), you could write what you want ... But this stuff .... seems sick of.


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Re: Italian translation required

Post by Thescarredman on Sun 27 Apr 2014 - 11:30

Well, that seems clear enough. The untranslated word are either misspelled ... or censored. Your reviewer thinks you're one sick puppy, Odon, but you write a great story. I agree. I've read 'Infidelity' several times, and I get more upset each time I read it.

This person's attitude seems a little strange, since they're a member of a pornlit site.


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Re: Italian translation required

Post by Il Direttore on Sun 27 Apr 2014 - 12:28

Just read the story out of curiosity. Holy shit on a stick, that was freaky.


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Re: Italian translation required

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