Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

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Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

Post by PrincessShandi on Fri 13 Jun 2014 - 1:16

I have read chapters 98 and 100 forwards and backwards hundreds of times now. I have looked at all angles and what I come up with is that Hilshire has to be Speranzas genetic father. I know it is never mentioned in the manga or by the creator but Speranzas speech at the Academy Awards I think says it all. I don't want to give anything away as not to spoil it for anyone. But go read those two chapters and lets talk about what you think. As I said I think Hilshire is her father.


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Re: Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

Post by Thescarredman on Fri 13 Jun 2014 - 19:59

I'd tend to disagree, Shandi, simply because Speranza - and Yu - carefully avoided saying so. Speranza made no bones about Triela and Roberta's respective roles in her creation:'My mother (egg donor), and the woman who bore me (host mother). But Hilshire is mentioned only as 'my mother's special man'. Yu had to have a reason for that ambiguity.


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Re: Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

Post by maverick375 on Fri 26 Sep 2014 - 21:18

What I find interesting is the question of whether the entirety of the GSG manga is the documentary or if it was just about Hilshire's "hope" through Triela.

Mind blown if it was the whole thing. Twelve hours long and absolute dynamite cinema, right?


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Re: Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

Post by crazyidiot78 on Sat 27 Sep 2014 - 5:03

Maverick- I had not considered that angle but it is certainly a credible thought considering much of the manga does focus on Triela and as the big sister she would have knowledge of everyone.

Shandi- I don't think that Hillshire is the father as I don't think he ever harbored those kinds of feelings towards Triela.  I think he would see something like that as a betrayal. I'm of the opinion that Speranza is some sort of clone or it was just a random donor.


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Re: Your personal feelings on Speranzas speach.

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