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Post by carlost 24 on Sun 5 Oct 2014 - 17:01

My presentations It is the description of my account .Well im from spain and like very much gunslinger girl and i think that the anime and mang are undervalued And it seems to me unjust that something so good is not valued.I want to enter in this forum because i want to clear some doubts and know if this manga has affected like others as to my.

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carlost 24


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Comments : well im from spain and like very much gunslinger girl and i think that the anime and mang are underestimated And it seems to me to be unjust that a little so good is not even an acquaintance not valued.I apologize in advance for if my English is not understandable

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Post by Alfisti on Sun 5 Oct 2014 - 18:46

Hello, and welcome to the forum. Feel free to make yourself comfortable and take a look around.

As to the language barrier, I think we actually have one or two Spanish speakers here who may be able to help you out a bit.


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Post by PolosElite23 on Sun 5 Oct 2014 - 21:50

Welcome to the madhouse! 

We're a pretty welcoming bunch, don't worry too much on the English its understandable. Smile


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