Meeting up with Fuji

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Meeting up with Fuji

Post by Kurosaka "Ery" Erika on Mon 16 Feb 2015 - 6:29

For the first time in 3 years, we finally see each other face to face

between me and Fuji...basically our one-day shopping-meeting boils down seriously with this-

60% of our conversation are english
20% of it are Malay
10% of it are cursing stuff using French, German, Russian, Scot and Welsh english dialect, or Aussie accent.

i never actually know that Fuji has very fluent accent on english compared to mine, let alone able to imitate Aussie accent, Scottish accent, or Welsh accent perfectly... and speaks russian, french, German too Razz

(also thanks to him, i just bought an encyclopedia about Battleships pacman )
Kurosaka "Ery" Erika


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Re: Meeting up with Fuji

Post by Thescarredman on Mon 16 Feb 2015 - 16:07

Most excellent, guys. Hope you can see each other again, a bit sooner than three years.


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Re: Meeting up with Fuji

Post by tremec6speed on Thu 19 Feb 2015 - 23:47

Sounds cool! 
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Re: Meeting up with Fuji

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