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GSG: Safeguard

Post by M240B on Fri 27 Mar 2015 - 16:52

Gunslinger Girl: Safeguard

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Enter Sandman

A dark grey sedan rolled along cracked pavement, recently mended from the heaves of the winter past. The man drove while the woman sat beside him, her gaze cast out to the landscape which seemed to rush past them .

It had recently rained, and the roads, which were mainly grey in color, turned to black in places where it still had not dried, the occasional puddle encountered along with mild bumps. They did not speak; nothing needed to be said, they were both eager to get to their destination, lost in thought.

Tasha brushed back her brown hair and tied it back into a ponytail. She looked at the man with a gentle knowing smile, before she looked back out the window as they arrived in a small town. It was a pretty quaint town; the sort of thing you’d expect from the middle of Finland. The woman sat up and looked at her phone.

“Just a few more minutes,” she said as she put her phone back in her purse and looked around at the town.

A smile was returned, but as he looked around, his expression relaxed. He was mildly curious, though his attention primarily remained on his driving. “They’re expecting us, everything will go smoothly.” He said with a bit of a smile toward her again. Gradually they approached the large building, lined with many windows and surrounded by a stone wall with a metal gate.

“Smooth,” Tasha chuckled as she suppressed a rather unnecessary thought.

The gate opened to a circular cobblestone driveway leading up to the front steps of the building. At the steps stood two guards and a woman; the three of which seemed to have been waiting for them, just as the man had said.

The car pulled around the stone drive slowly. The mild crackle of the rubber tires on stone was followed by the squeak of brakes as the car came to a stop. He turned off the engine and stepped out, before he moved around the front of the car and over to open the door for his wife.

Tasha stepped out of the car and pulled on a soft wool coat. She whispered in her husband’s ear, “George, you don’t need to do that all the time.”

He chuckled good-naturedly at the whisper. “I cant help it, every day feels like our honeymoon,” he said quietly before he offered Tasha’s his arm and guided her up toward the steps.

“Good day!” He offered in Finnish. “I’m George Rutherford  and this is my wife, Tasha Rutherford.”

The woman who stood at the door of the orphanage nodded. She was fairly short, in her mid forties, with short blonde hair. She wore a business suit, and carried a manila envelope. “Good morning, you can call me Ana. You are here to talk about Klaara, yes?”

Tasha nodded curtly. “We were interested in adoption, yes.” She looked at George with a smile, then at the woman. “I’m sure you understand our situation….”

“Of course. A busy couple such as yourselves wouldn’t have time to raise an infant. I can assure you Klaara will give you no trouble. Please, come in. We’ll bring her to you while we do the paperwork.” The woman gave a warm smile and guided the couple into the building.

The interior of the building was warm and inviting; a welcome contrast to the stark, cold exterior. The walls were a soft orange in color and seemed to give off a warmth all their own. A few children walked by, carrying books in their hands.

“We do our best to teach the children that live here. The regular schools won’t take them. My office is to the left. Make yourselves at home. I’ll go fetch Klaara.” The woman said.

The woman left with a brisk walk to retrieve Klaara as Tasha looked into George’s eyes with a smile on her face. Tasha took a seat in the woman’s office. “Smooth indeed.”

George gave the woman a nod before moving to seat himself with his wife, giving Tasha a wink he leaned back comfortably in his chair in a casual manner. “Piece of cake.”

A few minutes later the woman walked down the hall with a young girl in tow. As they passed through the doorway, Tasha could see she was tall; even taller than Ana. The girl had long brown hair that went down to the tops of her shoulders, and a smooth if somewhat angular face. She seemed calm and curious, yet reserved.

“Mister and Misses Rutherford, this is Klaara Rintamaki.” Ana turned and smiled at Klaara. “Klaara, if you’d like to tell them a bit about yourself?” The woman said as she sat down at her desk. Klaara took a seat next to them.

“My name is Klaara, I was born in Lahti. I like to listen to music, go hiking, hunt, and watch movies.” Klaara fidgeted with her hands in her lap a little and smiled nervously.

Tasha smiled warmly. “How long have you been waiting for a proper home?”

“Four years now, I believe.” Klaara sat in thought for a moment. “Yes.” She nodded and looked at the three.

“Well then, I’m sure the three of you will have plenty of time to talk on the car ride home? Let’s get done with this paperwork so you can be on your way.” The woman said as she went over the various forms with them.

A few hours passed and the three were on their way out to the car; guided by the woman. “Safe travels,” she said with a smile.

Tasha opened the back driver side door for Klaara who placed her bags  inside and slid  onto the seat. Tasha then closed the door and went around to the passenger seat to get in. Klaara sighed with some relief, happy to now have a home of her own, with a family that would care for her.

George sat in the drivers seat closed his door,started the car  and made his way out of the gate and down the street; heading  home.

Tasha looked down at her phone before she looked back to Klaara.

“So what was it like living in there?” she asked with a smirk.

“Not so bad. Nothing like my old home though. We lived in dorms here. Me and three other girls. Three meals a day, lessons each day, some free time. It was kinda fun,” she nodded.

“I’m sure you’re gonna have plenty more fun with us.” Tasha said with a chuckle, “Ever use a rifle before?”

“Sure I have. My dad let me use his Mosin all the time when we went hunting.” She pulled out a picture from her bag. The photo was of her and her father, both in heavy winter clothes. In the photo  Klaara was holding a Mosin Nagant in her hands. She looked to be about six at the time.

Tasha nodded. “You look just as adorable back then as you do now.

Klaara blushed at that.

The car stopped at an intersection.

George shrugged. “We have better toys than Mosins back home. You don’t know what you-”

Tasha caught a dark object in her periphery. Time seemed to slow as her mind began to recognize the speed at which the object was approaching. She gasped and her arm instinctively slapped against George’s chest to warn him. The collision was catastrophic. Glass shards filled the vehicle like the white powder in a snowglobe. Soon, droplets of seemingly weightless blood joined the dance. There was a deep crunching thud and the ceiling of the vehicle lurched downard. Snow and dirt exploded through the passenger window, then again through the driver’s side as the vehicle rolled. The violence had not even finished as Tasha’s consciousness left her in a flurry of sparkled lights that dimmed and faded to black.


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Re: GSG: Safeguard

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Episode 2 - Paint it Black

A woman in her mid thirties stood in the middle of a large, bustling command center. Within the room was a large central table with holographic projectors housed within, and several desks where the dispatch officers sat and sent operation orders to strike forces all over the world. She gazed upon four large monitors, each of them displaying the helmet cam footage of the four operators, who approached the vehicle which was the target of their strike. One of the soldiers- using the exoskeleton he was equipped with - ripped off the rear door of the car. He checked the pulse of the target.

“It’s good. Proceeding with extraction of HVT,” said the soldier, a German man, with a gravelly sounding voice.

“Don’t worry about the others. But take pictures of their faces for processing. Just want to make sure they are who my contact said they were,” the woman said, before she sipped her cup of coffee.

“Are you sure this is our girl ma’am?” the German soldier asked.

“Show me her face and I’ll double check,” she said, as the soldier tilted his helmet’s camera towards the young girl. “Confirmed. Return home. We’ll get her through induction immediately.”

“Understood ma’am. Returning to base,” he said as the feed cut out.

Another woman stood behind the apparent showrunner. “I still don’t get it,” said the young woman, who wore US Army ACUs, which had a nametape on her right breast that displayed her last name, Crespo.

“What is there to get, Sergeant?” The woman said as she put the coffee mug down on the glass table with a clink, before she sat down. Sergeant Crespo did the same.

“We’re kidnappers now?” She raised an eyebrow. “Lieutenant, with all due respect, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“First of all, don’t insult me after saying ‘with all due respect’. It’s not soldierly. Second of all, some said it was a bad idea to nuke Japan. We did it anyways. It worked. It was drastic, but it worked. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“I didn’t say you were wrong. I just said it’s not exactly in the moral right,” Crespo said, her fingers interlocked and on the table.

“The morality system lost it’s value the moment these people started using bio-weapons, sergeant. Tokyo won’t be their last attack. They’ve grown a decent set of bollocks, and we need to hit them when they least expect it. A SEAL team is obvious.” The Lieutenant shrugged. “Simple as that. Don’t worry about the details. Just know that it will gain results. Exitus acta probat.”

Crespo closed her eyes and let out a sigh, as she let out her raven black hair and put it back in a bun. “I get it. I do. But aren’t we supposed to be showing the world we aren’t gonna stoop to their level?”

“The world isn’t going to know, sergeant. There are some things they don’t need to know. Is there anything else you need to say?” She asked as she took another sip from her mug.

“No ma’am.” She stood up at attention, and gave a salute. The Lieutenant returned the gesture, and Crespo made her way out the door and down the hallway with a sigh. She took out her phone and dialed her husband’s number.

“Heya babe,” said a familiar voice.

She sighed. “This is starting to feel like a bad movie or something.”

“What’s wrong Hannah?” He asked with genuine concern in his voice.

“You know what they’re doing. You were there when they got the first one,” Hannah said as she rounded the corner and headed down towards the housing area.

“Fair enough. Look, it’s not right, but the Global Redemption Group or….whatever they call themselves now….they’re not gonna play nice. We can’t afford to, you know that,” he said with a sigh.

“Okay, I guess. But it’s still shitty.” She swiped her keycard in the slot on her door and walked inside. She took off her ACU jacket and tossed it on her bed.

“Look, we’ll talk about it over dinner. I have to prep the lab for this next one. I love you Hannah-kins.”

“Love ya too Devvy.” Hannah made a kissing sound, before she hung up. How one goes from Civil Affairs to this? The world may never know. She chuckled and stripped down, before she stepped into the shower for a few minutes.

Hannah wasn’t really much of the philosophical type, but right now she was sure that this was all kinds of bad karma, if that was actually a thing, of course. She was stationed here a few months ago, after getting an email from the brass about some special program they wanted her to be a part of. Why her? She still hadn’t figured that one out.

She stepped out of the shower, and put on a pair of blue jeans, a black “Rolling Stones” tee shirt, and a pair of black sneakers. She then grabbed a white and blue backpack, before she went to head out the door, only to find that, the second she opened the door, a boy stood directly outside, looking right at her. The boy had brown, scruffy hair, and wore a navy blue “Safeguard” tee shirt, with black physical training shorts.

“Can you, Adam?” She raised an eyebrow.

“A little, yes.” He pulled up a sleeve to show a bruise on his shoulder.

“What happened?” She asked, inspecting the bruise.

“Well I was sparring with that British girl. You told me I could train on my own, right?” He looked at her, a bit worried that she might say no.

“I did. Look, don’t worry about bruises. That will happen, but technically you’re still recovering. If the director finds out that I’m letting you train before the docs say you can?” She drew a line across her neck with her index finger.

“Mhmm,” the boy said. From the looks of things, he couldn’t be any older than 12, but yet he was very well composed. It was odd, but Hannah herself was relieved that she wouldn’t be babysitting complete brats.

She looked into his eyes, before she ruffled his hair. “Come on, little Spartan. Hungry?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled.

“Did they have burgers back where you’re from?” She asked.

“Not in the particular town I was in, no. But I know what they are. Why? Can I have one?” He asked politely.

“Sure.” Hannah began to walk with him down the hall.

“What’s the bag for?” He looked at it, then back at her face.

“Gotta give some training gear to a friend of mine. I had extras.” She smirked and nodded.

“Oh cool.” He nodded at that. “So am I getting a partner too? The others have partners.”

“Yeah. Should be here soon, actually.” She nodded again as they continued down the hall, only to stop at a set of windows, from which they could see two kids, a young white girl, and a Spanish boy, a little older than the girl, practicing Krav Maga, while an older woman with dark black hair watched.

“So if I’m not supposed to train yet, why can they?” He asked sincerely, looking at her, then at the two sparring.

“Because they came here first. They were done with their recovery before you. Which is also why she bruised you, because she’s gotten a handle on her strength,” she explained, as she leaned against the railing.

“Oh. I barely touched her,” he frowned.

“So she didn’t give you a chance to? Or she just wailed on you?” Hannah bit her lip for a moment.

“Yeah, she’d show me something, then instead of letting me do it, she’d hit me,” he shrugged. “She’s kinda rude.”

Hannah sighed at that. “Look, I’ll talk to their handler about that. But just…..don’t try to fight with her, not yet anyways. Like I said, recovery. You’ve got a few days yet. You might be fine, but it’s not my call.”

“I know,” the boy smiled. His stomach audibly rumbled.

“Oh, right, food,” Hannah laughed. “C’mon, Spartan.”

“I still don’t know why you call me that,” he said, slightly baffled.

“You can’t tell me you of all people don’t know what a Spartan is. It’s your country’s history. Right?” Hannah raised an eyebrow.

Adam nodded. “But what does it have to do with me?”

The two came up to an intersection, where four men in black tactical gear were escorting a girl down the hall. The girl looked at them, but Hannah looked elsewhere, as if on purpose.

Adam raised an eyebrow. “Who’s that?”

Hannah sighed. “Let’s just get going. I’m just as hungry as you.”

“Okay,” he nodded, as they walked a ways longer, before they finally arrived at the large dining hall, at which they could pretty much get whatever they wished. It was more like a restaurant than a military dining hall.

The two sat down, placed their orders using the touchscreen on the table, and waited for their food. As they did, two other kids and an adult sat down. The two kids were both speaking to each other in French. Adam raised an eyebrow.

“I haven’t seen them yet,” he said.

“They tend to keep to themselves. Don’t think anything of it. It’s not personal, it’s just that their handler prefers to keep them training more than myself or Miss Lisa.” She smirked, and waved at the other handler, who just nodded, before ordering his meal.

A half hour passed, with idle chit chat about the cool stuff they’d do as a team when they’d finally get their third team member, and about the work Hannah did. The latter, admittedly, wasn’t so exciting. Hannah ended up explaining to him that she wasn’t special forces like these other handlers, or really like anyone else in general. He didn’t mind. The two ended up eating silently, and afterwards, walked back to the habitation deck.

“I’m gonna leave you at your room, okay? I have to go check on -” She was interrupted by an eager, if slightly tired, Adam.

“That girl, right? That’s my partner?” He smiled.

Hannah sighed. “You got me. Yeah. It is.”

“Knew it!” He laughed, as he opened his door, and walked inside. “G’night sergeant Crespo.”

“Night, Spartan,” Hannah chuckled at his antics, and walked off when his door slid shut.

She didn’t like that the extraction team paraded their catch in front of her and one of her kids. Well, her kid was a bit of a stretch on the term. But it felt like Adam was one of hers. Two weeks ago he arrived. She was with him every step of the way. Hopefully tomorrow she’d introduce him to this new girl.

As she approached the induction wing, a sense of dread grew within her heart. She hated this part, absolutely loathed it. The fact that they basically took in this girl, had her walking around like no one's business, before unceremoniously putting her on a slab and pretty much temporarily killing off selective parts of her body. The fact that, at this point, this kid, a mere child, was just an asset that could be modified to their whim, was enough to royally piss her off. But she wouldn’t say anything, she wouldn’t let it be known.

She stood in the observation room and watched as the surgery commenced. Standing next to her was Lieutenant Natalie Sinclaire, whom she had spoken to earlier. The two were silent. They both knew exactly what they other was thinking, and not one word needed to be exchanged.

“So how’s Adam?” Natalie asked, breaking the ice, as well as the equally thick tension.

“Fine. Just put him back in his room,” Hannah said, eyes affixed on the girl of sixteen in the surgical suite below.

“I heard about his little sparring match with Cai-” Hannah put up an index finger.

“Save it, ma’am. I know the speech,” Hannah said. Natalie raised her eyebrows at that bold statement.

“Okay then. I was going to say that he showed some bravery there. I don’t know if that was the conditioning or his own emotions,” Natalie walked over to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Hannah went to join her. “It was your choice to give us autonomy on the conditioning, right?”

“Yes. I’m just going off of those documents for this whole thing. That, and common sense. I’d rather have the handler take responsibility for that. At the end of the day, it’s you who’s living and working with them,” Natalie shrugged and sipped her coffee.

“And here I thought you’d try to be the classic bulldog and take the reins by yourself,” Hannah chuckled. Natalie was a member of the UK Special Forces, though Hannah never knew specifically what part of it, as Sinclaire didn’t really care to let anyone know much about her. Even the UKSF part had to be pried out of her.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, sergeant,” Natalie smirked. Hannah had some bite to her for sure.

“You never told me why I was chosen for this,” Hannah said, as she looked back to watch the procedures as they continued on.

“You’d have to ask the Captain. Wasn’t my call.” Natalie sipped her coffee again.

After a few hours, the surgery itself was complete, though it would take a week and a half to fully recover. Hannah signed off on some paperwork, which basically said that she would be taking responsibility for the girl, her training, and her operational fortitude.

She stood in a room adjacent to the one the girl was in. The girl was on a bed, fast asleep, but subconsciously being fed a stream of new thoughts. It was called “conditioning”, and would be analogous to brainwashing. It wasn’t too far off, either. Luckily, Hannah had a say in just how much was given.

“I just want her to forget the surgery, and know that we’re friendly, that’s really it,” she said to the technician.

“Hey, don’t gotta tell me twice, ma’am,” the tech said with a smirk. “I like this just about as much as you,” he said in French.

A few seconds later, the process was complete, and the man smiled. “I hope you two take care of each other,” he said with a smile. “She’s free to go, whenever you want.”

Hannah smiled, and opened the door to the room. She looked at the monitor next to the girl. Klaara Rintamaki. An odd name to the uninitiated, but she recognized it as Finnish. She herself had a Finnish friend back home.

She stood next to Klaara with a soft smile, and leaned against the wall. “Heya sleepyhead,” she said softly. “It’s time to wake up….”


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Re: GSG: Safeguard

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Episode 3 - Mother

“Hey kid,” Hannah said with a smirk. She stood over the young girl, Klaara, with a tablet in her right hand. It had been twelve hours since completion of Klaara’s surgeries and conditioning procedures.

Klaara sat up on the bed, with a weak, sleepy smile on her face. “Umm….hi.”

“Sleep well?” Hannah asked as she put a cup of water on the nightstand next to her, before she took a seat on an office chair by a desk.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine. Where am I?” Klaara raised an eyebrow and started to observe her surroundings. Definitely not a hospital room. Too cozy. She shifted in her sheets and tugged them up to her waist, before she took the cup and sipped it.

“Somewhere safe. Do you like your new room?” Hannah smiled coolly, as she took a sip from a thermos full of coffee.

“It’s….uhh….it’s nice. Yeah.” My new room? What’s going on? “Is this home?”

“You could say that. Yes. The people that adopted you back in Finland...they were not so good people.”

“What do you mean by that?” Klaara asked, as she took another sip of her water.

“We’ve matched them to known criminals. We don’t know why they wanted you, but they didn’t want a new daughter, for sure. If they wanted that, they could have gone anywhere,” Hannah tapped her tablet and set it to record Klaara’s responses.

“Oh,” Klaara looked at her lap, “So….you’re going to protect me?”

“Think of us like...teachers. We’re going to teach you how to protect yourself. We’re going to teach you how to protect others,” Hannah smiled. “You’re going to be a hero.”

“Umm...what? What exactly…” Klaara blinked a couple of times. “How long...exactly...have I been out?”

“Twelve hours and sixteen minutes. Give or take,” Hannah shrugged. “You were in a bad way when we collected you.”

“So who are you?” Klaara looked Hannah dead in the eyes.

Hannah reached into the pocket of her ACU pants and produced an ID card. She passed it to Klaara. “Sergeant Hannah Crespo. US Army.”

Klaara studied the ID, periodically she looked up at the woman as she read the card’s information. “I see. Miss Crespo, why me?”

“You’re a special girl. You’re strong, smart, fast…” Hannah took back the ID gently. “We made you better.”

“ I a soldier or something? I don’t...really like fighting,” Klaara looked back at her lap, and took her sheets off, before she swung her legs out over the side of the bed and let her bare feet touch the soft carpet.

Hannah didn’t know how to proceed with that question. Six years of Civil Affairs. Two tours to Afghanistan. Working with people who could barely speak a lick of English, to explain why there were men with assault rifles and Humvees roaming their streets...and she couldn’t explain to this young woman why she had been taken in and turned into a machine. The words escaped all thought in her head.

Klaara looked deep into Hannah’s eyes. “Hello? Sergeant? I would really like an answer. You can’t just….take a person for no reason. That’s called kidnapping. I’m young, but I’m not stupid.”

Hannah opened her mouth for a second, but then shut it without a word. She looked at her tablet and then back up at Klaara. “Come with me. I...I know someone who can explain everything to you.”

“Why should I? Hmm? What reason do I have to go with someone I know nothing about, in a place that I’m not familiar with?” Klaara raised her hands. “Do I look like the kind of person that likes to wander off with strangers? I wouldn’t have lived this long with that kind of thinking.”

“That is the truth, Klaara. But think about it. The people that wanted to adopt you? They were criminals. Lord knows what they’d have done to you,” Hannah said as she pocketed her tablet and stood up.

“As compared to this? What was I out for twelve hours for? What could possibly require that, huh? I don’t think I’d just be knocked out for twelve hours,” Klaara blinked twice then looked at her hands.

“Look kid, we ha-” Hannah cleared her throat. “You’re a cyborg. If you want blunt, I’ll give you blunt. You’ve had seventy percent of your internals replaced with bio-mechanical systems.”

“That’s stupid. What do you take me for?” Klaara’s eyes widened.

“Punch me.” Hannah put her arms to her side and left her torso open for a punch.

“No. Why would I do that?”

“Punch me….Klaara. I’m trying to make a point.”

Klaara sighed, pulled back her arm, and struck Hannah in the chest, a straight shot. Hannah doubled over. “Oh….yeah…..I deserved that.”

Klaara took that moment to run to the door. She opened it up, only to be greeted by a young woman, a few years younger than herself. The girl wore tactical gear, with a rifle strapped to her back. In her mouth was a lollipop.

“I knew you’d do that,” the girl chuckled, and handed out a lollipop. “Here. It’s grape.”

“ thanks? Who are you?” Klaara raised an eyebrow at the girl. She looked too young to be a soldier, even by Finnish standards.

“Suit yourself mate,” said the girl.

Okay, that’s weird. An American soldier, a British girl kitted to the gills. What next? Klaara sighed and looked at the girl in the eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Not important.”

“What am I?”

“Just like me.”

“Wait, what?” Klaara grew flustered. “What the hell is going on here?”

Hannah walked out the door and stood behind Klaara. “I told you I’d bring you to someone who can tell you what’s up. We’ll settle your issues afterward. Sound good?”

“Clearly I have no choice, so sure,” Klaara followed, still barefoot. The British girl followed behind her, her rifle now in her hands. Guess I’m along for the ride…

The British girl chuckled. “Hey sarge, you owe me twenty.”

“I wasn’t serious about that bet, Caitlin,” Hannah laughed as they came up to a door marked: XO Quarters, Lieutenant Natalie Sinclaire.

“Aye sergeant,” Caitlin said as she stood guard at the door. Hannah opened the door and walked in with Hannah.

Natalie looked up from a file on her desk, and smiled at Klaara and Hannah as they walked through the door. “Good morning, Klaara. I trust you slept well?”

Klaara just stood there and stared at Natalie with a raised eyebrow. She was in pajamas, barefoot, in a place she knew nothing about, with a kid younger than her armed to the teeth outside, a soldier on her left, and a woman wearing business attire in front of her.

Natalie nodded. “You have questions. Sit. I’ll get you up to date, lass.”

Klaara sat down in front of the desk, and Hannah took the seat next to her. She awaited an explanation for all of this strangeness.

“I’m not going to sugar coat this, kiddo,” Natalie sighed. “You didn’t ask for this, and it shouldn’t have to happen this way, but the fact is, we need you to fight. It took us forever to realize that to win against an unconventional enemy, we need an unconventional force. That’s where people like you and Caitlin out there come in. You’re our best chance at winning.”

“But isn’t that why you have special operations units?” Klaara rightfully asked.

“Too obvious. Let me put it like this. If a soldier is on an op without a uniform, you can still tell he’s a soldier, no? The way he moves, the way he shoots, the way he speaks. He’s always gonna be a soldier. Too obvious, though they have their uses. You? You’re a kid. We kept you looking like a kid should. You should still act like one too. But when you need to fight, that’s where your mentors like Hannah  and the other soldiers here come in. They’re going to teach you various tasks and skills that any warrior needs to know. It’s up to you to use them.”

“And if I decline?” Klaara looked at Hannah, then at Natalie.

“You can walk. We wont say anything. But you will be on your own. Watching out for your safety will be your responsibility. So do  you want to help yourself? Or help your planet?”

“Playing the emotion card. Smart. I’ve lived with psychiatrists, ma’am. Do not play that game with me. I will join. But because I do not want to live alone. I thank you for your kindness. When….do we begin?”

Nicole smirked and looked at the file. “Sign here, and effective immediately, you will be a member of the NATO Special Warfare Program, codenamed Safeguard. You will ensure the safety of the innocent, and punish those who wish harm on them.”

“Yes ma’am.” Klaara signed the paper with a nod.

“Go wait outside with Caitlin. I need to talk to your handler, okay?”

Klaara nodded and walked out to stand alongside Caitlin. She looked at the girl with a smile, and eyed her kit as well. She was still very much so surprised that someone this young could be considered a soldier. For all of her stern, blunt words, she did genuinely like the idea of being like a superhero. She enjoyed reading the Captain America comics her dad used to have in a box in his room. Maybe this was her chance to be like him. Who knew.

“Lollipop?” Caitlin held one out.

Klaara looked at the pop, then at Caitlin. “Alright, fine.” She chuckled and took the lollipop.

“She give you the speech?” Caitlin smirked and looked Klaara up and down, as if to size her up.

“Yeah. Save the world and all that,” Klaara shrugged and put the lolli in her mouth. “I just want to see where this goes. It’s….weird. I can’t really explain how I feel about it.”

“I getcha. I felt kinda weird about it too when they gave me the spiel about being a cyborg and all that jazz. But then they handed me an M4 and I felt much better,” Caitlin chuckled and patted her M4 Carbine.

“Nice toy. Where are the real guns?”

The both of them laughed at that.

“You strike me as a...Mosin. Right?” Caitlin raised an eyebrow and leaned back against the wall.

A Sergeant walked by.“Wall don’t need you to hold it up, soldier.”

“Aye Sergeant.” Caitlin sighed and stood up.

“I’m used to that,” Klaara said as she straightened out her pajamas to look nice.

“What, are they subbing out dress uniforms for pj’s? Don’t be silly, mate.”

“And yes, I do prefer a Mosin. What of it?” Klaara looked at Caitlin’s M4. “I just don’t like plastic.”

“Understandable,” Caitlin then handed her M4 over to Klaara. Klaara held it up and shouldered it for a brief moment.

“Well it’s certainly lighter. Nice sight picture too. But how accurate?”

“See for yourself sometime. When Hannah gets you on the range, you’ll figure out what you want. Trust me. You have options,” Caitlin smirked as Klaara handed back the weapon.

Hannah walked out of the office and looked at Caitlin. “Dismissed, report back to your Sergeant. Klaara, on me.”

With that, Klaara and Hannah split ways with Caitlin for the night. The two were going to have a busy few weeks, mostly classroom based knowledge on weapons handling and disassembly, as well as first aid briefings and radio communications training.


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Re: GSG: Safeguard

Post by M240B on Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 20:54

(Special thanks to TG for helping me with this post!)

Episode 4 - House of the Rising Sun

Two Weeks Later

Caitlin sat on a bench, a bore snake in her right hand, and an M4 hinged open for cleaning. She enjoyed the quiet moments she got. There were many, sure, but she didn’t try to take them for granted. Peace and quiet could very well be taken away at a moment’s notice, as she soon found when her handler, Sergeant Lisa Abruzzo, stood in the doorway with a folder in her right hand.

“Briefing in five minutes,” Lisa said before she walked off to hunt down her other cyborg, Carlos Espinosa.

Caitlin snapped the upper receiver of her weapon back into place and put the retention pin in, before she did a systems check on it. She then proceeded to walk out to the briefing room and took a seat at a desk, as she waited for Carlos and Lisa to show up.

“Hey,” replied Carlos, who walked in a few moments later. “How’s it going, Miss Caitlin?”

“You don’t have to call me miss, mate,” Caitlin chuckled and offered him a tootsie pop. “It’s cherry.”

“Thanks,” was his response, as he took the red-wrappered lollipop. “So, what’s new?”

“Nothin. New girl’s doing alright,” she smirked and rolled her lolli in her mouth as Lisa walked in.

“Good morning, kids. We’ve got a high risk assignment today. There’s a projected attack on an old Chinese nuclear storage facility in Kyrgyzstan. We don’t know who the players are, or what kind of force to expect, but we’re needed there to ensure things don’t go sideways. This is our first live op. Don’t disappoint. Or if you do, at least make it a good effort,” Lisa chuckled. “That was a joke. Don’t fuck up. No pressure.”

“Aye Sergeant,” Caitlin said. “So should we gear up for defensive mode?”

“Yeah. I requisitioned some claymores and anti-vehicle mines, a prototype sentry turret, and we’ll have the mounted gun on our armored vehicle for the op. Base personnel know we’re coming, and are going to cooperate with us...hopefully,” Lisa sighed, as she remembered the last time she had to work with indigenous forces in a capacity like this.

“Good. I suppose one of us is using the gun - and by one of us, I mean Caitlin?”

“Nah. You can take the gun. Caitlin’s gonna be on the roof with a fifty cal,” Lisa nodded, “Nothing personal. I just know what you can do with a machinegun. I’d rather have you on something I know you can use, you know?”

Carlos nodded. “Understood, ma’am. I would be more at home with an M249, but make do with what you got, and KBO, essentially.”

“Well it’s a fifty, so I’m sure you’ll be kicking ass in style anyways,” Lisa nodded. “Any further questions? Ask now or hold your peace.”

“Umm, yeah, what’s the garrison like at the site?” Caitlin asked, her pen on a notepad which she kept in her vest at all times.

“Twenty men on guard. The staff are also trained in firearms usage, so they can largely take care of themselves. We were called upon because, let’s face it, Eurasia’s track record with keeping nuclear sites secure is about as solid as the air you breathe. If all goes well, nothing happens.”

“Understood,” Caitlin wrote it down on the pad.

Lisa smirked. “Wheels up in an hour. Get your gear, get some chow in ya if you haven’t done so already, and meet me there. Oh, and little bambino,” she waved Carlos over. “I need to talk to you for a second.”

“Don’t call me ‘bambino’,” Carlos scowled, as he walked to Lisa.

“Noted. Should I call you principessa instead?” She laughed, as Caitlin walked out to go to the ready room. “Look. I know…..that you might have a thing for Caitlin. I’m fine with that. Just...keep it professional on assignment, okay?”

“Um, okay,” he said nonchalantly and shrugged, as though he didn’t care that much. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”

“Right...awkward. Let’s go,” Lisa began to walk out to the ready room.

When they arrived, Caitlin already set out to load magazines with ammunition and grab a couple of 40mm explosive rounds for her M203 grenade launcher.

Meanwhile, Carlos loaded up with a couple of M249 mags and belts and a few more more mags for his sidearm, the M&P .40.

Lisa, meanwhile, took her ARX-160 assault rifle and a Beretta 92F pistol, and some magazines for each. She then strapped on her exoskeleton, and took her backpack, in case they were there for a while more than they expected.

Lisa pointed to the box of claymores. “Take a couple.”

“On it.” Carlos quickly picked the first few claymores he saw, and carried them beside him. “Are we ready?”

“Mhmm. We’re gonna go by C-130 to the airfield near our objective, then drive to the nuke site. Too easy,” Lisa smirked and grabbed a few extra rations for them.

“Good. A mission done quickly and efficiently is the best mission possible.”

“Only always,” Caitlin smirked and smacked his bum flirtatiously before they walked out to the waiting vehicle.

Some time later

Having fallen from the plane from some 20,000-plus feet above ground level never was going to be a comfy ride. For Carlos, Caitlin and Lisa, it wasn’t supposed to be - and they never expected it to be.

In fact, they’d enjoyed the thrill of such an endeavor.

When they reached the 3,000-foot mark, the truck engaged its parachute to a violent jolt to those inside it. The truck had gone from a plummeting rock to an airliner on its landing gear - not to mention the rough landing. The vehicle survived the impact easily, and for its passengers, it was certainly something to tell future generations.

“Oof,” Caitlin smiled and checked her weapon. “Carlos, mount up.” She opened the hatch and slid the .50 cal up out of the hatch for him.

“Got it.” Somewhat unfazed, he climbed up to the open hatch, and sighed a breath of fresh air - it didn’t take long for him to put the fall to the back of his mind, and put forward what was more important: the job on hand.

Caitlin handed up a box with a .50 caliber belt. “Here ya go.”

Carlos nodded and took the belt, and loaded it into the gun. “Thanks. Now get out there and kick some culo, Caitlin.”

Caitlin chuckled and sat back in her seat as the truck moved out to the nuclear storage site. “So never said anything about where you were from.”

“I don’t need to right now. I’ll probably tell you later, after this mission,” was his response.

“Sorry for pushing. Never been too good at small talk anyways,” Caitlin sighed and checked her vest, before she peeled back the wrapper on a protein bar and broke half of it for Carlos. She handed his half up to him. “Here.”

He took the given half. “Thanks. By the way, you didn’t push that much, so I’m not that worried about it.”

“I try to tread lightly,” she chuckled and looked out the window. Barely anything of note. Trees, a few houses, then, a half mile out, just trees and grass and not much else. A half hour later they arrived at the site, where the local garrison stood guarding a fairly massive building.

“So this is where they keep their nukes. Looks like a freaking tool shed,” said the driver of their truck.

“Well, where else would you hide them - Fort Knox?” Carlos commented. “That’d be too obvious - you’d want somewhere to be absolutely the last place they’d check.”

“This kid knows things,” the driver chuckled.

Lisa nodded at that, “He knows more than I do about some stuff, heh.”

“Eh, I try.”

Caitlin dismounted from the vehicle, as did Lisa. Lisa pointed to the rooftop of the building, and grabbed a Barrett M107A1 out of the back of the truck, as well as a few magazines. “Set up shop. Use claymores on the stairs if you have to. I’ll tell the locals to give you your privacy.”

Caitlin nodded and took the weapon, her own slung on her back, and made her way into the structure and up to the roof. The driver, Bruce, reclined in his seat and sighed.

“Hey, kid,” he said, looking up at Carlos on the turret.


“I still don’t get what you actually, you know, are. Is that too classified for me to know or what?” Bruce took out his phone and looked at a text from one of his SEAL buddies.

“Well, some would say ‘cybernetically engineered soldier’, but I’d just rather shorten it to ‘cyborg.’ Or ‘borg, if you like.”

“So like...Robocop or some shit?” He sipped his water.

“Yeah - except looking like an actual flesh-and-blood human than an iron-clad robot.”

“Wrong reference,” he laughed.

Lisa opened the back door of the truck and tossed in a couple of ammo boxes. “They had some fifty BMG lying around. Don’t ask. It’s back here if you need it,” she said to Carlos.

Carlos nodded. “Cool, then; thanks for the info.”

For the next five hours, not a single thing happened. The locals made chit-chat with Team 1, though nothing classified could be said, like “why are there kids in my base?”

“This is the place, right? I mean…..” Bruce brought up his scope on his M16. “Huh…”

Caitlin came in on the comm and pulled back the charging handle on her M107. “Three armored vehicles inbound. Mounted guns on top. Can’t make a particular country out. I’m thinking private sector.”

Lisa nodded and made sure her rifle was loaded. “Hold fire until my mark.”

“Roger,” Caitlin said, her cheek planted on the stock.

“Understood,” Carlos responded, hands on the fifty-cal, ready for action.

The vehicles slowed down as they approached the checkpoint at the gate, and one of the locals went to the drivers side door to speak to the driver of the lead vehicle. The second the window rolled down, the man fell over, a shot to the head.

Lisa clicked her comm. “Engage!”

Carlos quickly aimed the fifty-cal at the lead vehicle and fired away; the rapid sound of gunshots being fired attracting the attention of the pack.

The two rear trucks split off on both sides of the lead and smashed the fence, and began to open fire on the structure and the locals.

Caitlin breathed deep and opened fire on the enemy unit as they took cover. She noticed two people in particular that stood out from the pack. A young blonde woman with a tribal tattoo on her left shoulder, armed with a shotgun. The other one was an Asian woman, with raven black hair and a machinegun. Russian. A PKP Pecheneg.

Lisa looked at the two oddballs and her eyes widened. “Hit those two the second you get a chance!” She said with conviction. You’re not leaving my sight alive this time, bitch.

Bruce noticed that look, but had no real time to think about it. He loaded a grenade into his underbarrel grenade launcher and let one out on the vehicle still at the gate. The vehicle’s roof was breached, and the gunner dead. How the hell do they get these things?

Focusing his attention to the non-armed vehicle, Carlos opened fire until he ran out of ammunition. He swiftly took another belt of ammo under his feet, reloaded, and opened fire once more.

Caitlin changed her magazine and opened fire on the Asian woman as she bolted towards the building. One of the locals came in on the comm. “Interior breached! They’re inside!”

“Carlos, Bruce, hold the line. Caitlin, ditch and meet me inside,” Lisa said as she ran, cover to cover, into the building. The blonde woman noticed her, and with a toothy grin, she unsheathed the katana on her back.

“Understood,” Carlos replied, still shooting.

The blonde smiled broadly as she came up behind the distracted Lisa, and swiped at her back with her katana. Lisa felt the blow, but the armor took it well. She rolled left and twisted up to face the woman, her rifle ready. She opened fire, and the woman jumped up three meters to a ledge and crouched on the ledge.

“Hello, little Italy. Ya miss me? Hahaha,” the woman sheathed her katana, and backed away.

“I thought you died in Kabul, Charlotte. I watched it happen,” Lisa said, as she scanned the warehouse for signs of the woman.

“You think I’m that stupid? It’s called a body double, dipshit. I was there, yeah, but I’m not gonna walk into a trap. The fuck do you take me for?” Charlotte let a shot off, and a plume of fire came from the barrel of her shotgun. Dragon’s Breath rounds, presumably.

He grabbed his M249 and set off to Caitlin and Lisa’s position.

Bruce came in on the comm, “Hit! I’m down!”

A local came to his aid and commed in. “I have your friend. Keep going. He’s safe.”

Lisa looked around for Charlotte, and commed in to respond, “Thanks.” She looked at Carlos as he ran in. Charlotte landed right on top of him, a knife in her hand.

“So you have kids fighting for you too eh?” She laughed and kicked Carlos down. “Not worth my time.” She twirled her knife and walked towards Lisa with a smile. She shrugged off bullets as Lisa fired at her. “I take it you noticed? I got some upgrades since we last met.”

Carlos slowly stood up, loaded up a magazine for his M249, and fired away; yet what few shots that were on target to Charlotte were to no avail to him.

She turned to face Carlos and threw her knife square into his chest, before she jumped back up to a ledge and slipped away.

Carlos kneeled down and winced in pain - the wound wasn’t that deep, and it didn’t pierce any vital organs. Quickly removing the knife, he turned around to see one last straggler charging at him.  It was never in doubt who was going to win in that standoff, as he shot him down easily with his M&P .40.

“Nice play,” Lisa dusted herself off. “We’ll get you repaired when we get ba-”

Caitlin came on the comm, “I lost her!”

The local tending to Bruce shouted on the comm, “We have a vehicle leaving the site!”

Lisa ran outside to the truck and started it up as the man helped Bruce in. Caitlin came down from her position and got into the truck as well. “Carlos, mount up! We’re out!”

“Roger.” Climbing up to the hatch again, he loaded up the fifty-cal once more, and stood on guard for the group again, as he kept a lookout for any more enemies on hand.

Lisa stepped on the gas and gave chase, but once they got to the airfield, it was too late. The two women, Charlotte, and the Asian woman, were already on a helicopter. Charlotte blew a kiss to the group and laughed as their chopper took off.

Lisa stepped out of the truck and opened fire on the chopper. “Burn that fucking thing!”

Luckily for Carlos, the chopper was right in the line of fire for the fifty-cal; unfortunately, he managed to shoot the landing skid off before the chopper finally escaped from its range upwards.

“Fuck!” Lisa threw her weapon at the ground and sat against the front drivers side tire of the truck as the radio chirped.

“We’re missing material. They got what they came for,” one of the remaining locals at the base said.


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Re: GSG: Safeguard

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