Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

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Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

Post by Alfisti on Fri 4 Dec 2015 - 6:22

Something I was contemplating on the train ride home, but here’s a hypothetical: the SWA has offered your cyborg the opportunity to live a normal life should she so wish, no death clock, no fighting terrorists, no guns, no action. She can go to school, grow up, get a job, have a family should she so choose, etc. The catch (or lack thereof for some, I guess) though: she won’t be allowed to remember anything of her time at the SWA. Same face on a flesh and blood body, maybe she’ll have some strange skill sets she does not understand (assume she will not be made aware of that possibility however) but nothing prior to opening her eyes: not her handler, not the people she knew or met (or killed), not the other cyborgs or staff, her experiences, none of her life beforehand (if that’s a thing). Basically a hard reset and waking up clean, a fresh person…

…and there is a very real chance she will be a fresh person, with none of those experiences to help shape her. Basically the same thing as a cyborg activation, but waking up a normal human in a normal hospital with no SWA instead.

There will be no contact from the SWA after, including from her handler, who for once does not have final veto regards the outcome.

So the question: would she take the opportunity?

For that matter, how does her handler feel about this particular possibility?

For my part (in no particular order).

Odile would probably briefly consider it but, where she currently is a character, would prefer to stay as a cyborg. She is still infatuated with Florentino and, despite the hole she is in, earnestly and deep down believes things will get better, even if she does not know how. Her handler though would be all over the idea, and good riddance as well.

Of my three fratelli, the Olivetti pair were probably the most difficult to decide which way they would jump. From the cyborgs, Raych would give the most serious thought to the offer: her world is not exactly the brightest, and she would probably believe Danilo better off without her. She might not be entirely enamoured with the idea and she does, after all, still want to do Danilo proud, but she would also have the niggling feeling life for both parties would be much better were she not present. Strangely Danilo, as of end of Meanwhile in Italy, would probably would prefer she stayed. He’s just starting to get on top of this fratello thing and, while Raych is still a tool to him, she is a tool he has put a lot of effort into. She is also one he is beginning to figure out how to work with so, despite still not feeling any sentimental attachment to her, he has no urge to start over either.

Maybe it’s because I know them the best, or because their relationship is the most advanced and solid, but J+M were the easiest to sort out. Monty wouldn’t even need to think about it, she’s proud of her work and would prefer her short time with Jethro over a long life without. Jethro wouldn’t be particularly taken by either option, both are bittersweet for him, but for different reasons. He would probably feel he should let her go, that would be the ‘right’ thing to do. If Monty chose that option he would not try to stop her. He may even half-heartedly try to encourage her that direction, and to think about herself, but he’s not so altruistic as to want to give her up either. He’ll feel bad on a level for it, but I suspect he would ultimately be rather happy when she chooses to stay, for whatever short time she has.


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Re: Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

Post by Kiskaloo on Fri 4 Dec 2015 - 10:55


(TOS) Kara would flat out refuse. As far as she is concerned, Kumari Rosier died aboard Train 21431 in Madrid in 2004. The person Michele Pagani rescued that day was Kara Pagani and Kara Pagani will live out her life, however short or long it may be, at Michele Pagani's side.
(Pactio) Kara might consider differently. Her background prior to being picked by the Prime Minister to pair with Michele is a mystery to both her and Michele and they have not bonded nearly to the level in that novel that they did in my TOS collection of stories. While she realizes she has it pretty sweet at the SWA with Michele as a handler, the ability to be a "normal girl" again might appeal to her.


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Re: Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

Post by boomer_gonz on Fri 4 Dec 2015 - 12:22

Oh wow. This is definitely something I can play with in terms of Alpha and Liesel.

Just in case you didn't want to know.:
Alpha doesn't have to worry about aging, premature death, etc. Also, to say the least he's already lived a full life and a life with Liesel is the only thing that would complete it.

Liesel on the other hand is first gen, and if we're following fanon timeline, something like this would be nearing with her expiration date coming close even with the samples they've been pulling from Alpha keeping the Gen 1's around just a bit longer and the Gen 2's extra years, perhaps even a decade.

They've gotten so close over the short time they've been together, but for her to stay as she is would mean certain death.

However, the chance to be together until the end...but to lose all those lose their past lose even the quiet no longer know how many times they went side-by-side into certain death only to rely on each others strength to make it back. It definitely is something to play with.

Either way...I imagine the theme music for such a yard would be this.



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Re: Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

Post by PSVT on Fri 4 Dec 2015 - 18:35

I think this one's a pretty easy decision for all three of my cyborgs.

For Valentina, her reply would be... well, let's just say that the person who asked that of her should be damned lucky that they work for the SWA. Otherwise, as they took their dying last breaths, assuming they could ignore the obscene amount of pain they would feel all over their body, they would realize just how emphatically one could say "no." However, as Valentina cannot attack Agency personnel, her response, in no uncertain terms would be, "No. Fuck you. Why would you even think I would ever want to live without Papa."

Valentina loves Giancarlo way too much to contemplate leaving him. She owes her very existence to him (regardless of the fact that she was the second attempt), and the thought of anything different is an outright anathema in her mind. Besides, even if she doesn't remember anything of her life with Giancarlo or the Agency from this process, what could she ever do? If her personality as a new individual is anything like her personality as a cyborg, she's well and truly screwed when it comes to making any sort of relationships with other people. Even if she could, having children is out of the question for her, unless biology has advanced far enough to replace some vitally missing parts. So, no. Not in this lifetime, anyway.

While Eleonora wouldn't be so forceful or vulgar in how she replied, her mindset is identical to Valentina's.
She also loves Giancarlo, even if she doesn't show it early on because she thinks for whatever reason that he would be more hurt upon her eventual death if she allows such a close relationship between them.
Eleonora would have a far better shot at living a decent life were she to take the option, but she would decline it without a second thought.

Rachelle, on the other hand, would say yes when asked. Immediately. Yesterday, even. Anything to get away from James.


For the handlers, starting with Giancarlo, he would want his girls to stay just as much as they would never want to leave him. They're his daughters after all, and no sane parent would want to lose them in such a permanent manner. In the extremely unlikely scenario that one girl would say yes, it would utterly devastate Giancarlo. Fortunately for him, that's nothing he would have to worry about.

I think James would be rather supportive of the idea, if--assuming he's still working at the Agency--he could receive a new cyborg that wasn't so goddamned rebellious and difficult to control. He would love not wasting precious time trying to figure out conditioning regimens when instead he could be out in the field and doing his job. As much effort he put into Rachelle, if the replacement is even half the trouble Rachelle was for him he would be ecstatic.


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Re: Fresh Starts & Forget-Me-Nots

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