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Anime Awards 2015

Post by Kiskaloo on Mon 21 Dec 2015 - 18:48

Best Anime Series - Noragami Aragoto
I wanted to give this to Your Lie in April because I did think it was astounding when it was on form. But a not-insignificant amount of the time it was off-form. Noragami, on the other hand, pretty much never put a foot wrong.

Best Movie - Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Odyssey of the Celestial Ark
Technically a 2014 film (it premiered on 06 December), I consider it a 2015 movie because it was released on Blu-ray in May. Set between episodes 25 and 26, it wasn’t the best of Yamato 2199, but it was still Yamato 2199 and that means it was awesome.

Best Action / Adventure - Knights of Sidonia: The Ninth Planet Crusade
It’s Knights of Sidonia – enough said.

Best Comedy - Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Hyperventilateingly hilarious.

Best Slice of Life - Non Non Biyori Repeat

Favorite Character - Renge Miyauchi (Non Non Biyori (Repeat))
To be able to see the world again through the eyes of a child was something special.

Best Anime Opening or Closing Animation – The OP for Subete ga F ni Naru  
A uniquely cool style.

Best Anime Opening Theme – "If You Will Shine" by Goose house from Your Lie in April
An awesome theme for an awesome anime.

Best Anime Closing Theme - "Honey Honey Honey" by Ayumikurikamaki from Punch Line
Never saw the anime, but the end theme is one of my favorite things.

Hall of Fame (Shows that secured an A grade)

Your Lie in April
Affected me like nothing has ever done so before. Utterly cherished.
Consistently entertaining and educational. I found the second half more interesting than the first.

Sound! Euphonium
Kyoto Animation has created a fair number of shows I have dearly enjoyed and they lived up to that reputation with this show, which I very much enjoyed. K-On for adults.

Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic
Always brightened my day. Better than the original, which is saying something considering how much I loved the first one. At it’s most basic level, it’s another “cute girls being cute” show, but I found it to have a level of cheerfulness and earnestness that puts it a step above most such shows.

MY love STORY!!
This rom-com was so sugary it will rot your teeth and looking back I kind of feel that it would have done better at 13 episodes instead of 24 because it wandered or felt forced a fair bit of the time. But when I was watching it, I didn’t care because I was enjoying myself way too much. Which is why it gets an "A" and not a "B" even though it's not a show I plan to watch again or probably buy (I normally buy any "A" show I watch).

One Punch Man
A magnificently ridiculous “gateway” anime that you can safely show to anyone, regardless of their feelings about anime or animation.

Yuri Yuri San-Hai
As cute girls being idiots goes, this show delivers.

Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 2
Like the perfect cup of coffee on a cold morning.


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