Hunters in the Dolomites (Submission)

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Hunters in the Dolomites (Submission)

Post by San and Flo on Tue 17 May 2016 - 8:46

Well, I thought I'd post this here, since it seems that Prof. Voodoo might not be updating anytime soon (last update was back in 2012 or 2013).

By: San and Flo

The wind brushed her hair gently as Letrice lay on top of small boulder, observing the location of her target, a small villa on a hill, which also happened to be a Padania hideout, through the thermal scope of her MSSR. Her distance from the target location was almost a thousand meters, which didn’t bode well for her, as the thermal sight didn’t properly pick up the heat signatures of any Padania agents and the usual effective range of the MSSR was only six-hundred meters. She could only count two distinct signatures. The already visible guards numbered up to six.

She would’ve moved closer, if not for the fact that the hideout was almost like a fortress. There were machine-gun emplacements in some balconies, and a mortar was located on top of the roof. The distance between her team and the hideout was covered by the upward slope of the hill, and rocks were littered everywhere. The main road that approached the house was the only area not covered in mines. And even that was covered by a machine gun.

In short: she would die if she wanted a closer view. That was why her, Henrietta, San and Jose were stuck with having to observe from within the treeline.

“Do you guys suck with intel that badly?” San grumbled. He was clearly not amused at the Agency’s lack of mission intel. The only thing they were briefed about was the location and their target. “Even a simple dealer would know something, like if the guy they were gonna to sell something to had a fortress and an army to guard his ass.”

“Well, sorry about that,” Jose chuckled. “Things are kind of hectic right now. We’ve been scrambling our people all over the country. These Padania terrorists are kicking things up about two notches. We’re kinda having trouble with keeping up.”

“Rule number one: the side with more intelligence wins. You can’t win with being just a hulking brute. Rule number two: and I shall quote, ‘Know thine enemy.’”

The target was a high-ranking Padania agent known as Giove Ruscio, a major payer of the Milan faction. He was responsible for three-quarters of the sudden movements in the past year alone. Not only that—he was a former military commander, holding the rank of general, known for his tactics of brutal guerilla warfare, which were also the reason why he was sacked from the job. Giove was responsible for the attack on  a subway train, killing an estimated fifty people and one fratello who were tasked to stop him.

The time was five in the afternoon. Four hours past their schedule; they still hadn’t attacked the hideout. Originally, it was decided that San and Letrice would provide a distraction from the front door, while Jose and Henrietta were to assault from the back. Well, that was the plan, until they saw what they were dealing with. Jose had immediately called off the plan.

“Now what are we gonna do?” San finally said. Checking his watch, he saw that it was already six-thirty. The sun was almost completely below the horizon. Only the faint orange color in the sky being the only indication that it was still there. “The drive back to Rome is six hours, Jose. And I ain’t exactly the type of guy who likes to go past the deadline.”

“It isn’t that simple. First: we can’t simply assault a place full of guards; we still have to think of casualties. Second: we do not have enough personnel. We’d need another fratello—”

“Mr. Jose!” Henrietta yelled as San slapped her handler, knocking him back into a tree. Immediately, she directed her P90 at San, but Letrice managed to shoot the gun out of her hands, the 5.56mm round piercing the sights.

“Great, now they know we’re here,” San sighed. Letrice’s MSSR was not silenced. He could hear the screams of the men in the villa, telling each other to get ready at their designated positions. He drew his Glock and gave it to Henrietta, saying, “You didn’t bring your SIG. We’ll be back in a minute or two.”

Taking his AKS-74U, San, followed by Letrice, ran out of the treeline and began charging up the main road. Automatic fire and mortar rounds continuously peppered the road as they advanced. The one thing that they could thank the Padania for was their shooting ability. As much men and weapons that they had, none of them could shoot worth a damn.

The two of them managed to cover the first four-hundred meters, before they each dove of to the sides to avoid a mortar round that landed between the road. Letrice landed in a ditch, while San managed to pick himself up and run for cover behind a rock.

“Letrice, take out that goddamn mortar!” San yelled as he fired four-shot shot bursts at two Padania agents who were coming from the house. Another mortar round landed way off into the field, blowing up some mines in the process.

Letrice quickly got up and unfolded her rifle’s bipod, then replaced the thermal scope with a 6x scope. She aimed the man operating the mortar, placed the central reticle just above him in her sight picture, then fired. The round managed to get the man’s head, causing a lot of blood to spray out the exit wound. She shifted her sights at the two men who were suppressing San and fired a round for each one.
Five left, she mentally noted; however, she wasn’t entirely confident that her enemy count was accurate.

San and Letrice each advanced on either sides of the road, taking shots at the windows where muzzle flashes appeared and covering another four-hundred meters.

“Damn!” one Padania agent yelled. Amidst the loud report of gunfire, Letrice’s enhanced hearing managed to pick up the guard’s cursing. “They’re still not dead! Shoot them!”

“Don’t bother! Let them get closer, we’ll take care of them inside!” a slightly gruntish voice yelled.

The shooting stopped, and silence seemed to reign once more. Letrice lowered her rifle.

She turned to her handler. “They stopped shooting. They’re waiting to ambush us in the house.”

“Shit.” San loaded another magazine into his AK. “Pick up a Skorpion or an AK from these guys’ bodies or something. It’s CQB. Semi-autos will get you killed instantly.”

None of the Padania fired at them as the two covered the remaining distance to the hideout. Ditching her MSSR for a half-filled Uzi from a dead guard, she checked the windows for any signs of the remaining members. She couldn’t see them, but she knew they were there.

Her and San positioned themselves on either side of the door.

“On the count of three. 3… 2… 1. Go!”

With a kick, Letrice crashed through the door, being greeted by the sight of the Padania’s gun barrels as she turned around and sprayed the half-magaine in the room, killing two out of five targets. San quickly followed after her, killing the remaining three Padania. A sixth Padania agent popped out from the staircase, ready to fire his gun at San, but Letrice managed to throw her Uzi at the man, grab an Ingram MAC 10 from a dead enemy, and shoot him.

“Good kill, good kill,” her handler said as thanks. “Now sweep the upper floor for our defector general, while I ID these guys. He might’ve escaped in the chaos.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered as she took a Benelli M4 Super 90 from a dead Padania. It would have been easier for her to engage in CQB if she had her P90, but the failure of a mission plan had dictated her to use her MSSR. She was also never trained in shotguns—the reason for which being her having an unexplained trauma regarding shotguns. Even now she felt disturbed, but it was the only valid CQB weapon she could see among the corpses.

She slowly went up the stairs, then into the second floor hallway. All the doors were open except for the one at the very end. She advanced with the Benelli pointed at the door, ready to shoot should it open or should she hear a sound from beyond it.

Reaching the door, she opened it to find a room full of plans, blueprints, bombs and weapons, but no general. Letrice lowered her weapon and inspected the plans, which had a blueprint of a subway system laying next to it.

“So you’re interested in our plan there, eh, little miss,” a familiar, slightly-gruntish voice said. Letrice turned to see the man they were hunting standing in the doorway, pointing an AA-12 at her. “Why don’t you drop your weapon, since it won’t do you any good shoulf I just pull the trigger.”

“Letrice!” San’s voice yelled, followed by a burst of Russian 5.45mm rounds that tore through the general’s side. In turn, this caused him to jerk the trigger of the AA-12, blasting Letrice with 12-gauge rounds on her abdomen, chest, and right shoulder.

The cyborg dropped the Benelli, then fell on her knees. The last thing she saw before blacking out was San frantically barging into the room, dropping his weapon, then rushing to her.

“Letrice!” being the last word he yelled before she totally blacked out.


“Where are San and Letrice?” Jose asked his cyborg upon waking up. The shooting had stopped and silence was now more predominant in their surroundings.

“Mr. San told me to guard you, while him and Letrice went ahead and attacked the Padania hideout.” Henrietta answered as she gave him a hug. “It seems they were successful. I managed to see them enter the villa.”

Henrietta helped her handler stand up. As the two of them came out of the treeline a report of gunfire came from the house. In response, Jean drew his MAC 10, while Henrietta still kept the Glock.
As they neared the front porch, Henrietta noticed Letrice’s MSSR leaning on the porch. Its owner was nowhere to be found.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Jose muttered. “Henrietta, go and take the MSSR. I’m pretty sure that Letrice would want it back. I’ll cover you if anything happens.”

Just as Henrietta continued walking, the front door was kicked open, with enough force to knock it off its hinges. It took almost a second for Jose and Henrietta that they were pointing their weapons at none other than a horror-stricken San, who was carrying a bloody Letrice in his arms. The two of them lowered their weapons.

“Jose!” the panicking handler yelled. “Hurry the hell up. Call the damn hospital or get the goddamn car!”

“What happened to Letrice?”

“The puñeta shot her! 12-gauge rounds on her abdomen, chest and right shoulder.”

“Okay. Let’s go. Henrietta, come with me. We’re getting the car. San, just stay put. We’ll get her to a hospital.”

“Just hurry the hell up, Jose!”

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Re: Hunters in the Dolomites (Submission)

Post by Thescarredman on Tue 17 May 2016 - 19:15

Very tense action scene. San and Letrice really are door-knockers. Well-written too: the amount of detail never derailed the pace, always something to watch for in fight scenes.

San looks like a hard guy to work with: volatile, hypercritical and something of a loose cannon. His complaints about their lack of intel on the target are hardly out of his mouth before he and his girl are charging the position - without backup. It's a miracle they weren't both killed, crazy CQB skills or no..


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