A New Year's Resolution

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A New Year's Resolution

Post by topgearbrzgt86 on Sun 1 Jan 2017 - 1:59

I had this brewing in my mind for quite some time - I thought it would make a nice end to 2016 for me, by posting a little tale (episodically, of course). Since I was always focused on Jim in the main story, I thought I might as well make one focused around Jamiebel.

Taking place a year after "Roundabout Life," Jamiebel celebrates New Year's Eve with a chat with some friends. This will be divided into three arcs (four chapters per arc) - Exploration, Loss and Affirmation.

I might not be the best writer in the forum, but it's a good way for me to branch out on my own, so please enjoy.

A New Year's Resolution

Chapter 1: Jamiebel - "He is my boyfriend"

‘I’ll be back, and better than ever.’

Those were the last words spoken by Jim Eligino to me after he departed Italy for the Black Beret exam, undertook his first mission as a field agent, and recruited for Sentinel.

My, how time flies - I barely even noticed the changes.

It’s now been a whole year since his departure from the nationally-known Social Welfare Agency… a whole year since that I had to deal with being without him. Within that year, a plentitude of events has happened, chief among which, he admitted his love for me.

You could say that this year defined itself as "a roundabout."

Granted, I still had my cousins, my ‘little sisters’, my trusted senior Alpha, and my friends alongside me… but something about Jim's absence from the Agency disturbs me, oddly enough.

People have often said that time allows us to grow... but it never hurts to look back at where you've been - and with whom.

With Jim out of the picture, I’ve been able to look at myself in the mirror, and see how far I’ve come from the past year… but did I feel at peace doing it?

Somehow, I think I just kept wearing a mask over my emotions, like a kabuki theater performer. I never revealed to those closest to me what I truly felt underneath - a process that repeated every day, and I never knew why let alone never bothered to ask. Deep down, I felt like I purposefully distanced myself from everyone.
With the New Year fast approaching, I think it was about time I reacquainted myself with my friends and opened up my emotions. I want to know what others thought of Jim because I would never have met most of these people, were it not for my handler, or more likely, were it not for him. I believe that once I hear their sides of the story, I can piece together the reason why he's been my object of focus.

I am the girlfriend of Jim Eligino. My name is Jamiebel Angkahan... and this is my journey down memory lane.

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Re: A New Year's Resolution

Post by Lyndist on Sun 8 Jan 2017 - 9:46

Good writing. I like it.


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