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Spring 2018 Anime

Post by Kiskaloo on Sun 13 May 2018 - 22:10

Not a round-up this time as the season is still going. And counting carry-overs from last season I'm at a whopping 15 shows. 

3D Kanojo Real Girl
Hikari Tsutsui is a high school boy who is satisfied with the virtual girls he encounters in anime and games. He does not have many friends and he lives in his own world. One day, when he is stuck on pool cleaning duty, he is approached by Iroha, a "real girl" who is showy and popular with boys.
Very much not your standard anime high school romance. The show resonates with me and I find myself pretty invested in the two main characters. 

Amanchu! Advance
The sequel to Summer 2016's Amanchu!, it's just as delightful as the original.

Comic Girls
15-year-old high school student and manga creator Kaoruko Moeta uses the pen name Chaos. After ranking at the bottom of a reader survey, Kaoruko's editor recommends that she enter an all-female dormitory for manga creators. Kaoruko's roommates are shōjo manga creator Koyume Koizuka, teen romance manga creator Ruki Irokawa, and shōnen manga creator Tsubasa Katsuki. The girls support each other as they work to become better manga creators.

Your standard "cute girls doing cute things" show, this thing being drawing manga in a dorm for high-school female mangaka owned by a manga publisher.  The four first-years cover the four major high-school girl tropes and there is the requisite yuri angle. Normally this would be a no-brainer for me, but I just couldn't really get interested in it after three episodes. Then came Episode 4, which was brilliant. And Episode 5 was rather strong, too. So for the moment I am sticking with it.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Nine months have passed since teen soldier Sousuke Sagara first became Kaname Chidori's covert protector. In that time, Mithril has been remarkably successful at thwarting Amalgam's efforts, but this has only made Amalgam more determined. Leonard Testarossa's visits with Tessa and Kaname are just preludes to all-out attacks that begin with global communications disruptions. Kaname's status as a Whispered makes her one of Amalgam's main targets, which means that any semblance of a peaceful life at Jindai Municipal High School is now over for her.

I don't remember much of the 2002 original series, but it can't have been as dark and serious as this series. But that dark and serious tone has made this a great show so far.

GeGeGe no Kitarō (TV 2018)
GeGeGe no Kitarō focuses on the young Kitarō—the last survivor of the Ghost Tribe—and his adventures with other ghouls and strange creatures of Japanese mythology. Along with: the remains of his father, Medama-Oyaji (a mummified Ghost tribesman reincarnated to inhabit his old eyeball); Nezumi-Otoko (the rat-man); Neko-Musume (the cat-girl); and a host of other folkloric creatures, Kitarō strives to unite the worlds of humans and Yōkai.

The sixth televised anime incarnation of Shigeru Mizuki's classic children's horror manga, I really enjoyed the first four episodes thanks to the presence of the human girl Mana as she kind of helps act as an audience avatar. She's missing in the fifth and sixth episodes, but the stories were able to hold their own without her. Fortunately she is back with the next episode.

A super-powered girl named Hina suddenly appears in Nitta's room, a young member of the yakuza. She threatens him with her extraordinary powers. However, they end up living together.

Up until the second half of episode five, this was a dumb anime - but a dumb anime graced with smart writing, snappy directing, snazzy animation and a really unique cast of characters. 

The second half of episode five showed that it could also be a really touching anime. It has been my favorite of the season so far.

Lupin the Third: Part V
Lupin sniffs out a fresh source of income - jacking the digital profits from a pack of dark web drug dealers who distribute narcotics online via an illegal marketplace called Marco Polo. It might be digital cash this time, but there's still a safe – in this case, a fortress-like cloud server in the middle of the ocean – and there's still a key, namely Ami, the hacker who built Marco Polo's payment systems. Lupin's ready to do what it takes to get her to open up, but she's already about to crack – and requests the legendary thief's aid in her escape. Meanwhile, Lupin's foes find that the best way to capture the thief is to turn to social media.

The above actually only covers the story arc of the first five episodes, also known as "Part I". The sixth episode was a throwback to the Lupin the 3rd: Part III era, but with much better production values. Episode 7 looks like it will start the next multi-story arc ("Part 2"). It's an interesting format and so far it has worked brilliantly. Though I will very much miss Ami.

Steins;Gate 0
A few months have passed since the members of the Future Gadgets Lab inadvertently unlocked the power of time travel using a phone and an old microwave, but for Rintaro Okabe it may as well have been an eternity. While his friends' memories remain mostly hazy, Okabe can still clearly recall crossing over hundreds of world lines, watching as his friends suffered and died innumerable times for meddling with the fabric of the universe. Though he ended up saving the life of his best friend Mayuri, Okabe is still suffering from the trauma of being unable to prevent the murder of the brilliant young scientist Kurisu Makise. He has focused on forgetting the past and moving on with his life, but he is constantly reminded by future freedom fighter Suzuha that their current world-line is set to be torn apart by a devastating Third World War, and all of the Future Gadget Lab members will be caught up in the struggle. Okabe must decide whether he will once again fight the future one final time.

In a show about time travel and parallel world lines, this series takes place   in the Beta World line from Episode 23 where Rintaro Okabe, having killed Kurisu Makise by accident, does not make the crucial second attempt that results in the successful "Steins;Gate" outcome. 

The nostalgia is super strong in this one. If you liked the original series, I strongly recommend giving this one a try.

Tada Never Falls in Love
Mitsuyoshi Tada, a boy who has never known love, is taking pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom when he meets Teresa Wagner, a transfer student from Luxembourg. Upon arriving in Japan, she got lost, and separated from her travel companion. Mitsuyoshi helps her and brings her to his grandfather's coffee shop.

Sharing a significant amount of staff with the late, great "Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun", the characters are mostly one-dimensional (if pleasant) so it serves as an acceptable light, comedic romance and I am somewhat skeptical it will ever reach the heights of Monthly Girls.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
Narumi, a female office worker who hides her fujoshi lifestyle, and Hirotaka, a handsome and capable company man who is secretly a game otaku. The two seem perfect for each other, but love is difficult for a nerd.

As a romantic comedy fearuring adult otaku, this show draws immediate parallels to Recovery of an MMO Junkie so if you liked MMO, give this one a try as it is pretty good (especially episode 4).


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