General RPG Rules and Guidelines (Rome RPG)

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General RPG Rules and Guidelines (Rome RPG)

Post by Piero on Sat 8 Mar 2008 - 15:51

Rules and Guidelines for this RPG:

1) This is an RPG, not a collaborative story as in the ‘Lucid Dream’ thread. The essence of an RPG is interaction between characters controlled by different players. Please work towards situations that allow this to occur.
2) Please try to use a format similar to that of a written story or novel in past tense. With the exception of the fact that it changes perspectives frequently, this thread should read a lot like a story. Please try to keep your style reasonably consistent with that adopted by other
players if possible.
3) Do not control other player’s characters without their permission. If they wish, players may agree to share a character between them. (This may be particularly useful it player wishes to control a canon character and an original character, as this allows someone else to roleplay the canon character if there is reason for their original character to interact with the
canon character.)
4) Both original characters and canonical SWA characters are allowable as long as they are appropriate for the time period of the RPG (and, in the case of original characters, have gone through the proper evaluation and approval process), however, original characters that have already appeared in fanfiction are discouraged due to the difficulty of incorporating fanfiction backgrounds (I want to use canon as a jumping off point so that everyone has a common starting point.) If you wish to play a canon character, please inform me so that I can
list you as the player for that character. Also, if you no longer wish to roleplay that character, please let me know so that I can remove you from the list.
5) Try not to disrupt the flow of the RPG too much when you join it. If you have trouble finding a good point in which to join in, then talk to the players involved and sort it out with them. Also, if you plan to do something that would totally alter the direction of the thread, make
sure the other players are okay with it first.
6) If you have a problem, discuss it with the other players.
7) If you need to say something in the thread (for instance asking another player a quick question) use the tag OOC: (Out Of Character:). Once you are back to writing story, use the tag IC: (In Character: ). If you need to say something long or expect your question to start a lengthy discussion, discuss it in the RPG discussion thread rather then the RPG
8) Keep your character’s actions reasonable. This is particularly important if combat occurs. Your characters can be good fighters if it makes sense for them to be good fighters, but don’t
overdo it. Keep it realistic.
9) This RPG begins shortly after the events of Volume Five of the manga. Please keep that in mind when playing or coming up with new characters.
10) The numbers assigned to the RPG threads are a sort of indication of their chronological order. So unless certain events are supposed to happen simultaneously, the higher numbered thread takes place after the lower numbered one. Please keep this in mind.



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